Terminator 2 ZX Spectrum

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In 1991, Ocean Software, one of the leading software houses in the 8-bit home computer era were attempting to hit the market with yet another movie licensed game, but one that would set the boundaries in computer programming, one that was to break new ground, one that was to set new heights, a game that would change the face of computer gaming forever. They failed. Yep while Terminator 2 succeeded in breaking new ground in the film world, in gaming terms it turned out to be a complete misfire from Ocean Software and a total dud of a license. Ocean released a number of high quality movie licensed games, Robocop and Batman the Movie to name two, then came this debacle that I paid £11 for. Boring fight scenes, tedious driving levels, only the puzzle games stand out but it still doesn't save this from being crap and all done and dusted in just seven minutes, alright it took me 20 years but still I finished it at least.