[TAS] SMS My Hero by enderpal7 & ThunderAxe31 in 04:50.29

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This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For more information, see https://tasvideos.org/5013M
TAS originally published on 2022-12-23

My Hero, known as known as Seishun Scandal (青春スキャンダル) in Japan, is a beat 'em up arcade game that was released in 1985 and later ported to the Sega Master System in 1986. You play as a guy named Steven (Takeshi in Japan), whose girlfriend Remy (Mari in Japan) suddenly gets kidnapped by some gang leader. Steven must now go across town to save Remy, beating up any thugs that try to stop him, and defeat the gang leader.

Unique to the arcade version is the inclusion of a hostage that can be rescued mid-stage and fight for you until they are defeated. It also has extra stages that change the setting and enemies, with the second stage involving ninjas in Edo period Japan and the third stage involving ape-beings in a far-off future a la Planet of the Apes.

In this run, enderpal7 ( https://tasvideos.org/Users/Profile/enderpal7 ) and ThunderAxe31 ( https://tasvideos.org/Users/Profile/ThunderAxe31 ) both complete a single loop of the game in record time, kicking everything off the screen.