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Super Stardust (Amiga cd32) longplay

Opis filmu

The original Stardust demoed neat graphics for A500 and Super Stardust improves graphics even further. Unfortunately only additions are new levels with new enemy types. No gameplay innovations over the original. Still a great Asteroids remake by Finnish team Bloodhouse (Housemarque).

Differences between CD32 and AGA version are CD music, intro and short cutscenes between sectors. CD music isn't bad, but I prefer the AGA version tracks. Unfortunately speech samples are really quiet for some reason.

03:30 Title
08:32 Sector 1
16:08 Sector 2 - Starbase Foak 474
26:08 Sector 3 - Cybercity
33:35 Sector 4 - Cyberpolis
43:49 Sector 5 - Starship Schav 1
49:49 Ending

Developer: Bloodhouse
Publisher: Team 17 (1995)