Rampage for the Apple II

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Came also out for: Amiga Amstrad CPC Atari 2600 Atari 7800 Atari 8-bit Atari ST Commodore 64 DOS Lynx NES SEGA Master System TRS-80 CoCo ZX Spectrum Game description: George, Lizzy and Ralph were just ordinary Americans, until an experiment went wrong, turning them into a Gorilla, Lizard and Werewolf respectively. Following this, the three of them plan to go round destroying buildings, and up to 3 human players can join in. Smashing at the edges of the buildings for long enough will make them collapse. The police and military are after you, and will shoot at you, so try to destroy them (failing that, you can avoid the bullets). You will need to eat regularly, with things like plants on offer, to avoid shrinking back to being human What I think: Looks great, but plays sloppy.