[LOUD] Fantasy World Dizzy Speedrun (17m21s)

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Please forgive the potato quality of the video, but if you had seen the set-up I had to jury-rig together just to do this run....a ZX Spectrum hooked up to a VCR, hooked up to a 13 year old PC (via Playstation Speaker cables), and the PC only boots in Safe Mode...yeah. The quality of the video was what I had to endure while playing. And I STILL managed to get a sub 17.5 minute run. I'm on course to getting a -17 minute run... BTW Any advice on software I can use to record speedruns in the future would be invaluable. I've tried OBS, but it doesn't like my Toshiba laptop (Satellite L300 running Vista). And ZX Spin, an emulator that has a built in video recorder, crashes a lot when I try it.