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Cassette 50 for the Atari 8-bit family

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Came also out for: Amstrad CPC Apple II BBC Micro Commodore 64 Dragon 32/64 Electron Oric VIC-20 ZX81 ZX Spectrum Game description: A game compilation that contains 50 games. What I think: Absolutely horrendous game compilation. It is as bad as the infamous Action 52...heck, it might be even worse! This game compilation features: - Games that don't start after the introductions - Games that crash ingame - Games with lousy controls - Games where 3 of the keys don't work, and the only key that works, works just barely. - Games that you can't win - Games that you can't lose - A pointless game (the one with the die) - Games that are too slow - Games that are too fast - Games that you can only play in 2-player - Flickering in som of the games - Cassette 50 features NO menu, where you can choose the game you want to least Action 52 got that right!