Amiga Longplay [082] Smurf Rescue (PD)

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Subscribe: Twitter: My website: Yet another Amiga game by Hipoonos. His previous one (and his very first game ever) was "SuperTed: The Search for Spot"; this time it's Smurf Rescue. Expect low frame rate, bad collision detecton, etc, as it IS made in Backbone after all. Overall, I think this game is a step-up from SuperTed in several ways. Good work, Hipoonios! I had a hard time jumping high enough (always released fire a millisecond too soon) to land on platforms, and even LANDING on them. I either kept missing or gliding off them. I personally would not have used Backbone's "acceleration", which is used for making the player slide on the ground. I missed the second smurf in the beginning on level 1 and had to go all the way back :P It was supposed to be a practice run so didn't pay attention. I found some things that bothered me (as I'm a nitpicker), which I've told him about, but he feels the game is good enough and he will probably not fix them. I will mentioned them anyway in case he ever feels like doing it, so he will have a handy list ;) 1. The images in the game is 320x240, but the game itself (when playing) is 320x256, so the game will have black space above and below. He said he first planned on having the game in 320x240, but later forgot to change the pictures when he made the game taller. 2. Some of the pictures (like the 2 after the floppy disk loading screen) doesn't have pure black in them (not talking about the text), it's instead dark-grey. He should have made the image darker or just changed the dark-grey to black. (also green pixels around the S and F that should have been removed). 3. Smurfette on the "GET READY TO SMURF!" picture is WAY too dark. 4. The color area behind the 3rd smurf to the right in the panel has blue, it should be green. 5. The squirrel is missing his top part of the tail. Maybe the game it's from doesn't have anything there, but I would have drawn the missing piece, or at least drawn a rounded black line to top it off. 6. I killed the cat boss first before taking the smurf, or you would not get to hear sound he makes when he's defeated as the game just skips to the next level immediately. I could have gotten the present if I jumped on the bird to get over the cage (but would just have lost a heart anyway, which I then would have regained, so didn't matter), or skipped an earlier smurf. He could have fixed this sound issue if he had placed the same death frame several times in the animation for as long as the sound lasts, as the game doesn't go to the next stage until all frames has been played. 7. Smurfette's crawling animation is a SWIMMING animation :P Yeah, she didn't have a crawling animation so he went with the swimming one instead, which he told me he should just have left out instead, as crawling/crouching is not really needed in this game anyway. 8. Minnie Mouse has just one frame for crawling, so it doesn't animate. Wouldn't have taken many minutes to make a second frame, just move the arms and legs a bit ;) That's enough :) You can get the game here: