The Many Secrets (and Bugs) of Bruce Lee for the Commodore 64 and Other 8-Bits

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Today we explore the many secrets, oddities, and bugs in Bruce Lee for the Commodore 64, and other 8-bit versions.

Massive thanks to Neil at RMC - The Cave for demonstrating the bug in the Amstrad CPC version of Bruce Lee. Check out his channel here: and his video "My Ultimate FPGA Desktop for Retro Gaming - Part 1" here:

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The closing track is "Saved" from Bedford Level Experiment's album "Place Without A Computer":

0:00 Intro
1:13 The Licensed Datasoft Platformer Quadrilogy
2:39 Directory and Loading Oddities
5:09 Loading Observations
6:13 Four Game Modes and Left-Handed Joystick Settings
8:40 Bruce Lee Revisions
9:39 Atari-Style Screensaver
10:27 Bruce Lee Bugs on Atari 1200XL
13:32 Amstrad CPC Bugs - Special Guest: RMC
15:48 Extra Falls
16:21 2nd Playthrough Difficulty Changes
17:13 Copy Protection: "Weak Bits" aka "Bad GCR"
18:05 Bruce Lee's Appearance in Exploding Fist
19:01 PAL Crashes
25:34 Thanks To My Patrons