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How to - ZX Spectrum Composite Video Mod

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This is a quick guide to demonstrate how to convert the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 16k or 48k RF output to a Composite Video output more suited to modern televisions. I made this guide with an absolute tech novice in mind so if you find some points obvious then I apologies in advance. To perform this mod you will need... a soldering iron. a little bit of solder a phillips head screwdriver. about 2 inches of fairly thin wire. a pair of scissors. a small flat head screwdriver (optional but useful). a de soldering tool (optional but useful). a small amount of blu tack (optional but useful) a wire stripping tool (optional but useful) BE WARNED This modification will remove RF functionality from your Spectrum so if you would like retain that function then this is not the mod for you, although today I can't see many reasons why you would want to I would just like to make this crystal clear before anyone starts poking around with a soldering iron unaware of this fact. I take no credit for discovering this mod, I found out about it through "Womble's Retro Repair Shack" who in turn credits his discovery of the mod to a 1986 issue of "Crash Magazine" but I thought that I would create a video to make performing the mod as simple as possible to a complete electronics novice and also to spread the word of how easy it is to get your beloved Spectrum up to 2011 spec.