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The Amstrad CPC Story begins way back in 1947, with the birth of Alan Michael Sugar. We then meander through Alan Sugar's early working career, the start of his trading business, AMS Trading, and then the formation of Amstrad. From there, between stereos and CB radios we land with the fabulous Amstrad CPC464 in 1984. A machine often cast aside as an "also ran", but in reality, anything but. Selling some 2 million machines, it comes in third place behind the Sinclair Spectrum and Commodore 64, but dominated in parts of Europe. So, let us delve in to the Amstrad and Amstrad CPC story concentrating mainly on the early days of Amstrad and the launch of the Amstrad CPC464 Home Computer...

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Book reference: Alan Sugar, the Amstrad Story -
The Amstrad Times -

00:14 Robocop (CPC464)
01:08 Invisible Pieces (YT Library)
02:40 Good to Go (YT Library)
05:03 Strange Stuff (YT Library)
06:41 First in Line (YT)
08:59 Prog Climation (YT)
10:53 Cassette Loader (CPC)
14:38 Savage (CPC)
19:39 Shufflepuck Cafe (CPC)
21:27 Tensions (CPC)
22:37 L'Aigle D'or (CPC)
24:30 Short Circuit (CPC)
27:25 Sapiens (CPC)
28:08 Battle Squadron (CPC)
31:00 Bubble Bobble (CPC)
Some CPC464 tracks sourced from:

Various images under CC from Wikipedia/Wikimedia - Poel & Perry - Ambit International Catalogues - William Poel - Gorillas Amstrad CP/m (Vincent GR)

Videos - Gorillas.bas CP/M footage (Vincent GR onYoutube) - Japan Episode 1 (Electronics) - Office Footage - Interview with Chris Curry

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