Faust @ 11/03/2021 00:52

[GameBase] Vectrex
Kolejna praca dax'a (ponownie wrzucona), który poprawił i zaktualizował gamebase dla minikonsoli Vectrex, paczka zawiera gry, screenshoty i manuale dla tego wektorowego raju z początku lat osiemdziesiątych.

Faust @ 30/12/2010 13:08

ParaJVE 0.7.0
Parabellum (Franck Chevassu) opublikował nową wersję swojego emulatora konsoli Vectrex (a te cudowne wektory z lat osiemdziesiątych:)). Program korzysta ze środowiska JAVA.   ParaJVE 0.7.0 29/12/2010 - Version 0.7.0 Added several command line parameters (described in the User Guide). Added a "Welcome Dialog" that pops up when the emulator is launched for the first time. It sums up the basic settings information, so that users don't have to go through the documentation (or configuration dialog) to discover the default key mappings. Implemented a mechanism to perform an automatic deployment of the native libraries, depending on the execution environment (32 or 64 bits JVM). Created two native executable launchers for Windows: One to launch the emulator in a console, the second to start it as a "windows" » więcej
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