ParaJVE 0.7.0

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ParaJVE 0.7.0

Parabellum (Franck Chevassu) opublikował nową wersję swojego emulatora konsoli Vectrex (a te cudowne wektory z lat osiemdziesiątych:)). Program korzysta ze środowiska JAVA.


ParaJVE 0.7.0 29/12/2010 - Version 0.7.0

  • Added several command line parameters (described in the User Guide).
  • Added a "Welcome Dialog" that pops up when the emulator is launched for the first time. It sums up the basic settings information, so that users don't have to go through the documentation (or configuration dialog) to discover the default key mappings.
  • Implemented a mechanism to perform an automatic deployment of the native libraries, depending on the execution environment (32 or 64 bits JVM).
  • Created two native executable launchers for Windows: One to launch the emulator in a console, the second to start it as a "windows" application.
  • Better Mac OS X integration: added some callbacks to handle the About/Preference/Quit "system" menu items.
  • Implemented a fallback method used when the fullscreen mode is reported not to be supported by the system (eg. Ubuntu 8.x with sun JRE).
  • Added support for game saves (Standard Save and Quick-Saves).
  • Upgraded the emulator memory model in order to support dual-banked and multi-banked games.
  • Improved the configuration file handler so that it can fetch binaries from zipped files, and support multi-banked games (either as a big raw file, or as a list of 32K files) as well as crypted files (games that are theoretically not intended to be made publicly copyable).
  • Included the freeware version of the games "War of the Robots" and "Vector 21" by Fury Unlimited, and created two original overlays for both games.
  • Included the freeware version of the games Protector and Y.A.S.I by Alex Herbert, and created one original overlay for YASI.
  • Included the 64K (dual-banked) versions of John Dondzila's cartridges "VecMania" and "VecTopia".
  • Implemented a special "interlaced" rendering mode, targeted at the so-called bitmap-vectors oriented games (eg. YASI).
  • Corrected the emulation speed issues for all games ... hopefully :-).
  • Fixed a bug that caused the shots sound in Solar-Quest to be silenced.
  • Fixed another bug that caused the sound output in Star-Hawk to be totally inaudible.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when two different memory areas were accessed at the same time (by reading a 16 bits number at the end boundary of one memory area). For instance, Polar Rescue attempting to read 2 bytes at $FFFF with an "LDD 0,Y" instruction.
  • The main window position/size is now persistent (including its maximized state) + added a window size optimisation feature.
  • The vectors are now sorted by brightness, and the darkest ones are drawn first (to avoid that a dull vector darkens brighter ones).
  • Created all the overlays pictures from scratch, and packed them in a single resource file.
  • Better Overlay rendering: the transparent colors are now more visible (giving true colors to the vectors), and you can now select the overlay rendering method (8 choices) that best fits your monitor.
  • The overlays are now loaded only when they are first displayed. If you play the games with the overlays disabled, the emulator starts much faster.
  • Added an option to display a special overlay simulating a part of the Vectrex front frame (and its rounded screen, with a bit of refraction).
  • Implemented an OpenGL glow Shader for a better simulation of the Vectrex screen properties (available only if your 3D card is not too old). A settings editor is also included so that you can create/save/load your own shader profiles.
  • Added several user-editable settings for tweaking the monitor gamma correction, as well as the vectors brightness factor and thickness...
  • Added two display options to simulate some common Vectrex defects (Vectors Wobbling and Brightness Flickering).
  • A full core dump is now saved into a file when the engine raises a fatal error, thus allowing post-mortem diagnostics if you send me the file.
  • Added an experimental debug menu called "Inject RAM in cartridge". It generates a binary derived from the original cartridge, that embeds the current RAM & CPU registers. These values are restored whenever a button is pressed on the 2nd joystick. This works on a real Vectrex, too.
  • Changed default keymaping for joystick #1 buttons (AZER for French/Belgium keyboards, or QWER for other countries). The mapping settings dialog now also detects and handles the duplicate keys correctly.
  • Created a public bug tracker for ParaJVE & ParaJVD.

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