[Z80] WinTVC 1.1.0

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[Z80] WinTVC 1.1.0

Attila Grosz, autor całej serii emulatorów mikrokomputerów popularnych na Węgrzech w latach osiemdziesiątych (Yape, WinTVC, Ultimo i HoLa!) dorzucił nową odsłonę swojego udawacza komputerka Videoton TV Computer -  WinTVC 1.1.0. Konstrukcja VTC była węgierskim odpowiednikiem ENTERPRISE 64, tak jak i ona posiadała np. wbudowany dżojstik, a komputerki mogły pracować w sieci.

WinTVC 1.1.0 Wednesday, 01 February 2017

After more than 2 years of rest, WinTVC has been updated again. The CRTC emulation accuracy has been further increased along with other  improvements and bugfixes:

  • implemented most featured of the pixel based CRTC 6845 emulation engine
  • FILE I/O MOPS ROM support to load CAS files from BASIC
  • WaveMapper sound driver replaced with a DirectSound one
  • save emulator window screenshot into 32-bit BMP
  • saving to AVI és WAV improved
  • line based emulation phased out
  • removed statically linked DDRAW.DLL
NOWSZY [Z80] WinTVC 1.4.0 24/12/2023

WinTVC 1.4.0  24/12/2023

To celebrate the 2nd annniversary of the last release, my Videoton TV Computer emulator for Windows has received an update.

The most notable changes in version 1.4.0 are:

  • new interactive monitor and disassembler
  • support for accented characters when using the clipboard
  • support for SID sound (via external reSID library)
  • improved CRTC emulation
  • separate DevTool builds (32 and 64 bit)

WinTVC 1.3.0  13/10/22

  • support for all 4 interface card slots
  • TI SN76489 sound IC emulation via Multisound and Gamecard
  • tape recorder sound improvement
  • snapshot fix (ID, compatibility between 32 and 64 bits)
  • Fix $FD prefix disassembly

WinTVC 1.2.0  13/02/21

  • OpenGL video mode + PAL TV shader
  • hardware accelerated keyboard input (DirectInput)
  • much improved CRTC emulation (interrupt, counters)
  • finetuned TV synch emulation
  • video RAM paging error fix
  • more accurate synch and speed measurement
  • improved saving to video (AVI)
  • saving to GIF fixed
  • full screen mode fixed (was prone to crash under some Win10 machines)
  • B/W switch in GDI video mode fixed
  • command line switch bugs fixed
  • various other bugfixes
→ [Z80] WinTVC 1.0.7

WinTVC 1.0.7 released Sunday, 07 December 2014

  • optional Direct3D driver
  • save D3D surface screenshot as PNG
  • full screen mode (Alt+ENTER)
  • CRT emulation (partial)
  • realtime CRT setup (brightness, contrast etc.)
  • paste text from clipboard (Alt+V)
  • accented character printing fixed
  • customizable TTP folder
  • TTP fixes (works under BASIC 2.2 too)
  • C: and D: disk state change saved


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