[VCS] Gopher 0.25.0 13/09/2023

[4] @ !!! Czwartek, 14 Września 2023 21:47 CET [14-09-2023 21:20 CET]

Stella ma całkiem rozwiniętego konkurenta, który jak większość multiplatformowych aplikacji potrafi doprowadzić mnie do szewskiej pasji kiedy chce załadować gry z innej partycji;) Po za tym, to całkiem przyjemny emulator ATARI 2600 (w naszym kraju zasłynęła ta konstrukcji dzięki klonowi o pięknej nazwie RAMBO;)) posiadający dość dobry filtr "psujący" obraz i parę dodatkowych ustawień pozwalających na dopicowanie naszego wirtualnego VCS.

Commando (1988, Activision)

Changes from v0.24.2


  •  improved ARM disassembly, particularly for Thumb-2 instructions
  •  implementation of FPU and instructions
  •  registers window in debugger
  •  COPROC STEP command forward by single ARM instruction
    •  useful in conjunction with source window, local/globals window and/or registers window
    •  preparatory work for ARM level quantum control


  •  "byte streaming" of ROM data - leading to significant performance improvement
  •  initialisation sections executed before main() function
  •  Notifications
  •  notification icon for coprocessor development files
  •  transparency setting
  •  fixed conditions under which combinations of notifications are shown

 Bug Fixes

  •  fixed bad image stutter when refresh rate is inconsistent
  •  crash in timeline window when scrubbing past end of rewind history
  •  thumbnailing no longer causes the application to hang if the ARM emulation crashes
  •  FPS measurement was broken if television was being nudged
  •  "fastload" supercharger ROMs (ie. bin files) would crash debugger

 Known Outstanding Bugs

  •  rewinding of ELF ROMs when byte streaming is active sometimes produces a  skewed image
→ [VCS] Gopher 0.24.2 1/07/2023

Gopher v0.24.2 1/07/2023

Bug Fixes

  • fixed debugger crash when loading 8k mnetwork ROMs


Gopher v0.24.1 28/06/2023

Cosmic Ark (1982, Reaction)


  • volume threshold for WAV/MP3 automatically determined
    • this improves the loading of WAV files created with makewav or supercharge


  • more efficient thumbnail generation for timeline window
  • cosmetic change to ARM performance window

Gopher v0.24 18/06/2023

  • Debugger
  • search open windows with CTRL+SHIFT
    • search term is shown in the menu bar
  • tooltips can be disabled
    • indicator in menu bar to indicate tooltip availability
    • holding down shift key will bring up any available tooltip
    • setting persists between sessions
  • added CALLERS option to DWARF command
  • GREP includes bank number if appropriate
  • added COMPARISON command
  • timeline window improvements
    • more visual - frame guides, icons, etc.
    • removed tooltip on hover - replaced with more informative toolbar
    • thumbnail appears in timeline window
    • comparison point can be changed
  • Bug Fixes
  • plusrom failing to adopt a child cartridge no longer crashes the emulator
  • thumbnail animation in ROM selector would not always update (animate) satisfactorily
    • application refresh frequency now takes into account whether ROM selector is open
  • terminal would open if debugger was quit while emulation was running
    • the terminal would still be open when the debugger was restarted


→ [VCS] Gopher 0.23.1 6/06/2023

Gopher v0.23.1 06/06/2023

bug fixes

  • fixed debugger "TV Screen" rewinding
    • bleed through frame was wrong
    • screen resizes correctly when rewound
  • rewind no longer crashes at reset boundaries
    • under certain conditions the program would panic because of missing rewind entries

Gopher v0.23 29/05/2023

Kangaroo (1983, Atari)

Changes from v0.22.0


  • improved rendering stability
    • applies when monitor is similar in refresh rate to emulated TV
  • opengl VSYNC "immediate updates" will synchronise with timer
    • this may improve performance on some systems
  • improved sharpen shader, removing ugly graphical artefacts
    • artefacts were particularly noticeable in games with flicker kernels


  • added new composite screenshot mode
    • composite is very good at capturing motion on the screen
    • activated with CTRL-F12
  • other screenshot modes renamed to 'single' and 'motion'
    • activated with F12 and SHIFT-F12 respectively


  • added SCABS bank switching method

ROM select window

  • thumbnailer shows a smoother image


  • fixed issue with rewind "boundaries" being inserted too often
    • reading from the network queue would insert a boundary
    • a boundary is only needed when data is sent to the network

bug fixes

  • using right mouse button to capture mouse for paddle input no longer
    interferes with context menus for any open windows

Gopher v0.22 8/05/2023

Changes from v0.21.0

  • debugger
  • added JITTER halt target
  • better magnification window
  • better ARM disassembly
    • Thumb-2 disassembly is incomplete but more informative
    • includes snapshot of registers
  • playmode
  • reduced CPU usage when emulation is paused
  • tracker
  • replay selection of tracker history
  • improved display
  • macro system
  • basic scripting of emulator input
  • bug fixes
  • phantom reads could trigger fastloading in CDF cartridges by mistake
  • ARM 'immediate mode' switching while running could crash DPC+ and CDF
  • CDFJ+ supports any sized cartridge
  • corrected adaptive VSYNC. should now work if it's supported by GFX card
  • stack pointer working correctly in the debugger

Gopher v0.21 13/02/2023

Changes from v0.20.0

  • Performance
  • significant performance increase when built with pgo file. the "release" target in the Makefile does this
    • 18% for regular ROMs
    • 13% for a typical ARM ROM
  • DPC+ could return formatted errors on calls to Access(). this had a significant performance impact on cartridges that triggered the error
  • Display
  • new render pipeline
  • better scaling
  • screenshotting method altered
  • improved input latency
  • Controllers
  • support for stelladaptor
    • joystick and paddle only (driving controller is not yet supported at all)
  • Debugger
  • magnification of debugging screen
  • Setup Database
  • TV entry type changed. existing setup database entries will need to be altered
  • Database
  • entries can be commented out
  • DWARF / local variables
  • calculation of call frame address is now correct in more (all?) instances
  • Bug Fixes
  • fixed ARM memory read bug that was most likely to be encountered during DWARF parsing/loading
  • WATCH command would halt on a check of an address, even when other conditions (read/write) were not met
  • behaviour of STEP BACK in HBLANK area
  • behaviour of random pins


Gopher v0.20 12/02/2023

Changes from v0.19.3

  • DWARF Support for ARM Source
  • added const types
  • breakpoints can be set on executable source lines
  • local variables visible when execution breaks
  • 6507 Disassembly
  • fixed how entries are displayed under video cycling in disasm window
  • CPU window shows partially decoded instructions correctly
  • DASM symbols are no longer mapped to the primary mirror
  • automatic correction of misaligned DASM symbols
  • Playmode
  • mouse pointer disappears when not in use
  • Cartridges
  • implemented ACE and ELF formats
  • cartridges can now stuff the data bus
  • 1k atari files
  • simplified EF format
  • cartridges can now leave pins on the data bus undriven
  • implemented WD format
  • Audio
  • fixed obscure bug related to RSYNC
  • improved stereo output
  • PlusROM
  • network transmission delayed in order to allow the send buffer to be overwritten by badly behaving ROMs ( this is an emulation of a bug in the PlusROM)
  • improved send buffer display in GUI (receive buffer removed)
  • RIOT Emulation
  • small correction to RIOT register masking
  • ARM Emulation
  • immediate mode toggling is safe at any time
  • Profiling/Performance window
  • reset statistics now happens at the start of new TV frame rather than immediately
  • cumulative figures option, including warnings indicating whether optimisation might affect the accuracy
  • Terminal
  • added SWAP command
  • CARTRIDGE DUMP command (atari derived cartridges only for now)
  • refined output of TRACE and WATCH commands
  • added COPROC and DWARF commands
  • STEP OVER no longer crashes emulation when 6507 is not at a cartridge address
  • Terminal (GUI)
  • insert mode fixed
  • error messages on quit no longer printed to terminal. this caused the terminal to open just before the program ended, meaning the terminal would be open the next time the debugger was opened
  • Timeline Window
  • clearer indication of scanline jitter
  • added "Save Timeline to CSV" in popup menu

Gopher v0.19.3 5/10/2022

Gopher Attack (1982, U.S Games Corporation)
  • implemented CommaVid cartridge mapper
  • no fingerprinting so -mapping CV command line required
  • or, change the file extension of the ROM file to .cv
  • RIOT timer
  • PA7 bit reset immediately on TIMINT access
  • previously the reset was delayed to when the timer expired
  • Debug Screen
  • element reflector works in HBLANK when debug colours are enabled
  • RAM window
  • RTS prediction no longer affects debugging information for the memory subsystem.
  • inm particular this fixes the information presented in the 6507 Pinout window
  • GUI
  • window is raised and selected on mode switch

Gopher v0.19.2 28/08/2022

Harbor Escape (aka River Raid) (1983, Panda) z włączonymi efektami CRT (ale bez najnowszych, źle wyglądają przynajmniej dla mnie:P)

CRT effects

  • added bevel and shine option
  • both disabled by default

The rounded corners option was added in v0.19.1 but on its own it's not very effective. Applying the bevel and the shine option completes the effect. More control to both these options will be added in the future.


Gopher v0.19.1 25/08/2022


  • Apple Macs with an ARM chip will no longer use freetype font rendering
    when built with the build or release targets
  • see issue #19


  • changed relationship between the frame rate limiter and monitor
    synchronisation. this may result in a performance improvement on some systems
  • uncapped FPS no longer uses input buffer. this resulted in choppy visuals
  • fixed visual bug seen when switching from playmode to the debugger when
    one or the other mode had a "maximised" window


  • missile sprites were not plumbed to player correctly after gameplay
    rewinding. this affected missiles that rely on RESMPx for positioning


  • joystick and gamepad controllers resume from a neutral position after
    gameplay rewind

ARM Developer

  • statistics more carefully collated during rewinding to avoid spikes in
    the data

CRT effect

  • added rounded corners option

As of this version I will no longer be compressing the linux/amd64 version with UPX

Gopher v0.19.0 30/05/2022

small performance improvements

  • uncapped frame rate increase
    • 16% to 18% (6507 only ROMs)
    • 13% to 16% (a typical ARM ROM)

change of WAV implementation

  • this affects the loading of Supercharger tapes
  • and the recording of audio to disk
  • neither should be noticeable changes

Gopher v0.18.0 21/05/2022

ARM Developer

  • debugging window added for global variable inspection
  • collision detection of ARM stack with program variables
  • static areas window improved
    • clearer indication of memory addresses
    • labeling of named variables in memory
  • performance window improved
    • raw ARM cycle values in addition to percentile values
    • kernel focus (VBLANK, Visible Screen, Overscan)
    • performance relative to frame
  • access of address 0x00 is treated as illegal (probably null dereference)
  • visualisation of CDF streams

VCS RAM and Cartridge RAM Window

  • indicates labeling of addresses (using ASM symbol file)
  • illustration of 6507 stack usage


  • choice of attached peripheral can be overriden on startup

TIA bug fixes

  • corrected missile reset to player position for double-width player


  • EEPROM window (savekey data) works correctly for AtariVox


  • BREAK NONEXE to halt execution on 6507 execution if PC address is not in the Cartridge or RAM areas

Debugger GUI

  • better window management in the debugger
  • window state (open/close) saved between sessions

Playmode GUI

  • non-integer scaling reintroduced - improved scaling method to avoid uneven scanlines
  • bugfix (Windows and MacOS)
    • window repainted during window resizing meaning better visual feedback for the user
  • audio can be muted (could already be muted in the debugger)
  • state of FPS overlay will carried over between sessions
  • "active" pause screen readded as an option (in the prefs window)

Gopher 0.17.0 07/04/2022

Changes from v0.16.0

  • ARM Developer
  • requirement for .obj and .map files replaced with DWARF data
  • performance and source windows improved
  • ARM
  • improved accuracy of T1TC timer
  • cycle counting corrected (by one color clock) on CALLFN exit
  • clock speed definable
  • AtariVox
  • added support for AtariVox
  • currently only supports Festival for voice synthesis
  • missing some AtariVox sounds and effects
  • 6507
  • all 256 opcodes implemented
  • SaveKey
  • removed (small) performance bottleneck
  • PlusROM
  • update network headers to emulate firmware >= v2.1.1
  • GUI
  • default Dear Imgui font replaced with JetBrainsMono
  • font size definable
  • Documentation

Gopher 0.16.0 30/01/2022

H.E.R.O (Activision, Inc., 1984)


  • added support for obj and map files for ARM based ROM projects requires that obj and map file to be created as part of the ROM file's compilation process
  • see https://github.com/JetSetIlly/Adventureland-2600 for example of a project setup for this
  • added source code, performance and illegal access window. for ROMs where obj and map files are available
  • fixed: crash was possible if cart was changed from ARM to non-ARM when
  • coprocessor disasm window was open - a race condition with the "lazy data" system


  • zero-page indexed addressing causes phantom read correctly this corrects the read values of the TIA registers (collision registers etc) when read with a zero-paged indexed instruction other addressing modes already caused correct phantom reads


  • port B is now writable from the CPU

Debugger GUI

  • ports window replaces chip registers window timer window improved. fixed bug in ticks remaining display and added TIMINT field disassembly window improvements peripherals window replaces controllers window 6507 Pinout window showing the state of the address and data bus on any given color clock


  • audio will always play regardless of frame stability
    • an extra condition testing for stability on startup meant that some ROMs never outputted sound if they never reached stability. this rarely matters but it affected the tunabit demo ROM in particular
  • added 'Sync On Power' CRT option
    • this will cause the screen to roll on startup


  • VBLANK latch bit applies only to INPT4 and INPT5
  • added support for Genesis controllers
  • automatic detection of controllers (using Stella fingerprints)

Cartridge Formats

  • added support for EF (with or without superchip)
  • cartridges with superchip now respond correctly to phantom memory
  • accesses (causing phantom writes in some cases)
  • tigervision (3F) now uses the correct method of switching banks
  • missing Supercharger BIOS handled gracefully

Bots (WIP)

  • added rudimentrary support for bots capable of playing ROMs independently. still a WIP but example bots for spacejockey and video chess have been implemented

ROM Comparisons (WIP)

  • two ROMs can now be run in parallel and the output compared and differences highlighted. very specialist use and probably not of much interest


  • linter. existing version was unused and underdeveloped. will reimplement in the future


wstecz14/09/2023 21:47
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