[VBA] VisualBoy Advance - M 1.8 SVN1201[2]

[1] @ Niedziela, 15 Września 2013 14:57CET

[VBA] VisualBoy Advance - M 1.8 SVN1201[2]

Ukazała się nowa, repozytoryjna i oficjalnie skompilowana przez team VBA-M wersja beta emulatora konsol NINTENDO (CGB,GB,GBA). Udało się zmusić parę dodatkowych tytułów do poprawnej pracy pod emulatorem.


VisualBoyAdvance-M [SVN 1201] 15/09/2013

Core and code improvements

  • Improvements to ARM/Thumb ASM (and C_CORE if the given preprocessor is set) that have improved various hardware behavior.
  • Improvements to Memory access resolving issues with the wrong bytes being returned and fixes to a DMA Fetch that was not behaving properly.

Games fixed


  • Croket 2 - would freeze when walking to the left of the snowman
  • Jurassic Park Builder/Creator - text would be scrambled
  • Lufia - scrambled text on main menu after cancelling the load screen
  • Moto GP - register not implemented
  • Phantasy Star Collection - text regression introduced and subsequently fixed
  • V-rally 3 - graphics regression introduced and subsequently fixed


  • Duke Nukem - Hud and menu now work. GBC video emulation needs more work however, the hack used is not correct and might cause issues elsewhere.

Not a bug


  • Digimon Racing EU - freezes during intro's
  • Resolution: Enable Linking, this game checks the serial bus to see if link cable and gba's are connected at start and will not progress if the interface reports a invalid/nulled value.


  • Links Awakening - Sprite issues when sword beaming and when moving around with chomp
  • Resolution: Accurate Emulation. This occurs on real hardware and is because the Line/Sprite limit is reached. Other emulators use a hack to show all sprites - we may investigate such a hack in the future but for now this is not a real issue.

VisualBoyAdvance-M [SVN 1202]

Author: squall-leonhart | Date: 15 września 2013 10:33:32

  • normatt was missing from readme

VisualBoyAdvance-M [SVN 1201]

Author: normmatt234 | Date: 15 września 2013 09:15:31

  • Move the cpuDmaHack assignments into doDMA. (Fixes Croket 2 regression)

VisualBoyAdvance-M [SVN 1200]

Author: normmatt234 | Date: 14 września 2013 10:00:19

  • Re-added the DMA Prefetch buffer. This fixes Phantasy Star Collection.

VisualBoyAdvance-M [SVN 1199]

Author: squall-leonhart | Date: 17 czerwca 2013 06:17:12

  • another tom harder patch, fixing some warnings in the gvbam and wxvbam

VisualBoyAdvance-M [SVN 1198]

Author: squall-leonhart | Date: 17 czerwca 2013 06:05:37

  • commiting Tim Harders patch for libav/ffmpeg

VisualBoyAdvance-M [SVN 1197]

Author: squall-leonhart | Date: 4 maja 2013 17:31:45

  • bring branches into line
  • fixes duke nukem on bgk-link and silences gcc warning on trunk
  • ignore a few more files

VisualBoyAdvance-M [SVN 1196]

Author: bgk | Date: 30 kwietnia 2013 19:44:36

  • GB: Fix a GCC warning


→ NOWSZY [VBA] VisualBoy Advance - M 2.2 FixBuild 13/03/18
Ray-Man (Ubi Soft Entertainment Software, Jun 11, 2001)

[2.0.2] Bug fix release 03/13/2018

  1. Eleuin - Modify max_threads sanity check to better handle erroneous values
  2. rkitover - change default audio driver to SDL

Revision 3353

Author: zachbacon | Date: środa, 14 marca 2018 04:49:17

  • update changelog for 2.0.2 release
  • Signed-off-by: ZachBacon

Revision 3352

Author: zachbacon | Date: środa, 14 marca 2018 04:49:17

  • update changelog for 2.0.2 release
  • Signed-off-by: ZachBacon

Revision 3351

Author: rafael.kitover | Date: środa, 28 lutego 2018 23:53:55

  • change default audio driver to SDL
  • A Linux user (Eleuin) has reported menu lockups with the default OpenAL (probably thread related) and no lockups with SDL.
  • A Windows user has reported popping noises with all audio drivers except SDL (#178).
  • Change the audio driver default to SDL for the time being until these issues can be looked into.

Revision 3350

Author: eleuin | Date: środa, 28 lutego 2018 23:18:52

  • Modify max_threads sanity check to better handle erroneous values

Revision 3348

Author: zachbacon | Date: niedziela, 25 lutego 2018 19:38:25

  • implemented the fix from nhdailey, should resolve #153. Will put up a test build soon.
→ NOWSZY [VBA] VisualBoy Advance - M 1.8 SVN1204

VisualBoyAdvance-M [SVN 1204] 17/09/2013

Author: squall-leonhart | Date: 17 września 2013 17:23:47

  • This fixes the colour issue when using opengl and a HQ3 or 4x filter.

Revision 1203

Author: normmatt234 | Date: 16 września 2013 20:44:46

  • Revert changes to the ioReadable table from r1200 which broke Megaman Battle Network series.
→ [VBA] VisualBoy Advance - M 1.8 SVN1159[95???]
wstecz15/09/2013 14:57
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