[util] C64 65XE Debugger v.

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Marcin Skoczylas, znany jako Slajerek/Samar ze sceny C64, wypuścił nową wersję C64/65XE Debuggera. Zestaw narzędziowy wykorzystuje emulatory WinVice, Atari800 4.2.0 i Nestopia dla debuggera Nintendo 8.

v0.64.58.4 (2021/02/22), a celebration of my birthday

  • Added: Possibility to rewind emulation to state when memory was last written by Alt+Ctrl+click on value in memory dump/memory map view, or last read by Alt+Ctrl+Shift+click
  • Added: You can click a few pixels above bottom Timeline to make it sticky and always visible, click again to hide it
  • Bug Fixed C64: -autorundisk command line option was not working properly, thanks to Franck Gotthold
  • Added NES: New layouts, emulation rewind, back-stepping code, Nametables view, PPU state, APU and piano view, etc.

v0.64.58.2 (2020/12/24) X-mas release!

  • Added C64: Key shortcut to insert next disk from current folder (Ctrl+Alt+8)
  • Added C64: Bitmaps, screens, charsets and sprites sheet in All Graphics layout at Ctrl+Shift+F7 (thanks to Digger/Elysium for the idea)
  • Added C64: SIDs layout with piano keyboard at Ctrl+Shift+F8 (thanks to me and Alex Goldblat for the idea and pushing this forward)
  • Added C64: C64/Drive Memory debugger layout at Ctrl+Shift+F9 (thanks to Brush/Elysium for the idea)
  • Added C64: Setting to skip drawing of VIC sprites (thanks to Isildur/Samar for the idea)
  • Added C64: Show raster breakpoints and VIC IRQs as lines in VIC Display (shown using BADLINES switch)
  • Added C64: Drag-drop of *.REU files on debugger window
  • Added: New command line option -fullscreen (requested by Gary Metheringham)
  • Added: M command (print memory) and tweaks for D command in monitor, Enter key continues memory and disassemble
  • Added: Setting to select decimal or hex representation of raster and sprite positions (default is hex now)
  • Added: Setting to restart audio engine on emulation reset, needed when selected audio out device changes its properties (thanks to Brush/Elysium for the hint)
  • Bug fixed: Backwards stepping (Alt+F10) was not pausing code when it was running
  • Bug fixed: Rewinding to not available frame (f.e. negative time) using keyboard caused video refresh to be blocked (thanks to Alex Goldblat)
  • Bug fixed: Mouse scroll and multitouch zoom on a raster/zoomed C64 screen (Ctrl+Shift+F1, Ctrl+Shift+F2) was not receiving zoom events
  • Bug fixed: When C64 emulation speed was below 100% then C64 Debugger crashed on startup (thanks to Steve West)
  • Bug fixed Linux: Open/Save file NFD library was crashing in new GTK3, replaced default method to use Zenity instead (thanks to Compyx for help)
  • Changed: Updated *.dbg parser to reflect new KickAss label format (thanks to Yugorin/Samar for checking this)
  • Changed: Performance tweaks for images re-binding mechanism
  • Added Windows: Remember window position and size
  • Added NES: NestopiaUE v1.50 integrated, new views added, NES Debugger first alpha release!
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