[SEGA] Redream 1.5.0

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[SEGA] Redream 1.5.0

Redream jest kolejnym emulatorem Segi Dreamcast dostępnym dla platformy PC/Mac/Linux i Android, rozwiajnym metodycznie już od paru lat, radzi sobie całkiem nieźle z emulacją tej platformy, pozwala na podbicie jakości tekstur i ma w zanadrzu jeszcze parę gadżetów, które zwiększają jakość gry w tytułach sprzed parunastu lat... W tej krainie miodem i winem aby cieszyć się pełną jakością nowych doznań potrzebujemy wersji płatnej emulatora, która kosztuje kolosalną kwotę 5$, bez uiszczenia tej opłaty pozostaje wersja podstawowa pozbawiona większości wodotrysków jednak całkowicie grywalna... Coś za coś.

Daytona USA (Hasbro Interactive, Inc., Mar 13, 2001) - wersja darmowa emulatora

Redeam v1.5.0 - 2020-02-01

  • Disc swap support.
  • Redump BIN/CUE support.
  • Widescreen hack support.
  • Codebreaker cheat support.
  • Raspberry Pi 4 support.
  • HLE BIOS font support.
  • Exclusive fullscreen support.
  • High DPI support on Windows and Mac.
  • Nintendo Switch controller support.
  • PowerVR trilinear filtering support.
  • PowerVR secondary accumulation buffer support.
  • PowerVR parameter selection modifier volume support.
  • Register aliasing support to improve ARM32 register allocations.
  • Numerous CPU and GPU performance improvements as a result of the Pi bringup.
  • Removed GL_ARB_fragment_shader_interlock dependency for per-pixel sorting.
  • Ignore removable media drives on Windows which have no disk in them.
  • Librray scanning responsiveness improved for large libraries.
  • Library scanning is now limited to a single worker thread.
  • Filter out noisy axes when catching key binds.
  • Major HLE BIOS refactor, fixed all known incompatibilities.
  • Refactored renderer to support rendering shadows before fog.
  • Video output only filling half the screen in some PAL games.
  • Video output flickering over component in some PAL games.
  • Codebreaker main menu not rendering.
  • Langrisser Millenium main menu not rendering.
  • NFL 2K/2K2 field textures not blending correctly.
  • NFL Blitz 2001 shadows not blending correctly.
  • NHL 2K2 ice appearing black.
  • Real Sound framebuffer vertical bands.
  • World Series Baseball 2K2 blurry textures.
  • V-Rally 2 main menu flickering.
  • Numerous AICA stream fixes.
  • Missing CDDA music in a few games.
  • Decoding of ADPCM audio to be bit-perfect.
  • Sega Bass Fishing audio going off the rails.
  • Capcom Fighting Collection hanging on boot.
  • Fast Striker crashing at the end of level 1.
  • Gundam Side Story crashing during third mission.
  • Tech Romancer crashing after a few rounds.
  • Library scanning not working with exFAT drives.

v1.4.0 - 2019-07-30

  • New app icon.
  • New animated background in user interface.
  • PowerVR DMA support (Sonic Shuffle, Simple2000 Series).
  • PowerVR fog support.
  • 32-bit support for Android.
  • GL ES 3.x support for Android.
  • AArch42 and AArch64 JITs for Android.
  • Built in fps counter.
  • Automatic frame skipping.
  • Reset binds option in input menu.
  • Support for Nintendo Switch Joy Cons.
  • Automatic library directory scanning.
  • Touch screen suppport.
  • Virtual gamepad input device.
  • Save state support.

  • Mac builds are now distributed as app bundles.
  • Mac builds now write out internal files to ~/Library/Application Support/redream.
  • Make options save before shutting down in the off-chance that there's a crash during shutdown.
  • Improved per-strip accuracy.
  • Optimized texture conversion routines.
  • Lowered per-pixel requirement to GL 4.3+ / GL ES 3.2+.
  • Improved framebuffer presentation accuracy and raw framebuffer write detection.
  • Numerous rendering performance improvements as a result of Android optimizations.
  • Improved AMD rendering performance when using per-pixel sorting. RX 480 at 1440p x 64 layers improved from ~50 fps to ~190 fps in Sonic Adventure main menu.
  • Avoid persisting the pc to the context as frequently.
  • Avoid persisting the cycle count to the context as frequently.
  • Avoid unnecessary page permission changes when applying memory watches.
  • Inline hot MMIO paths.
  • Inline constants during code compilation.
  • Added constant materialization optimization pass.
  • Reduce register pressure in MACL / MACW operations.
  • Use floating-point instructions for floating-point data transfers to reduce redundant SH4 context accesses.
  • Run at a fixed 60hz in the UI.
  • Improved indexing of disc box art.
  • Raised maximum input devices to 32.
  • Refactored virtual memory system to work with only a 29-bit address space.
  • Filter out single-session CDIs in the UI which require a boot disc to use.
  • Improved frame pacing and performance by tightening up the audio and video sync.
  • Turbo button is now a toggle.
  • SLEEP instruction not waking correctly (Psyvariar 2, Shikigami no Shiro II).
  • Linux build unnecessarily linking with optional libraries (libXinerama, etc).
  • Linux build using the incorrect directory for internal files when using a symlink.
  • Mac build flashing on startup when fullscreen.
  • More robust self-modifying code detection (Shenmue, Shenmue II).
  • More robust culling of degenerate vertices (Wacky Races, Soul Calibur, Headhunter).
  • Artifacts along the 1-pixel edge of the viewport in some games.
  • Garbage data outside of the viewport in games attempting to compensate for overscan.
  • Numerous HLE BIOS issues (MSR, 2K sports games).
  • Corrected TOC for GDI and CHD disc images, fixes missing audio tracks in BIOS music player (MDK2).
  • Crash when the texture cache reset mid-game in libraries with more than 512 games.
  • Incorrect polygon winding for background plane (MDK2).
  • Geist Force hanging during intro.
  • Jet Set Radio crashing during graffiti free paint.
  • Pro Pinball Trilogy hanging on boot.
  • Monaco Grand Prix hang on startup.
  • NHL 2K2 hanging in the main menu.
  • NHL 2K2 pause menu rendering.
  • Slave Zero failing to boot.
  • Toe Jam and Earl crash on startup.
  • Audio clicking in Sonic Adventure menus.
  • Music in MDK2 and Stupid Invaders not playing.
  • Music in Maken X cutting out during intro and beeping.
  • Music in Walt Disney World Quest not pausing in menus.
  • Music in Test Drive Le Mans going off the rails after ~10 minutes of play.

v1.3.1 - 2018-09-29

  • Combined per-mesh and per-triangle polygon sort options into a new and improved per-strip option. This new option isn't as accurate as our per-pixel option, but it improves on both of the previous options for users without OpenGL 4.5 support.
  • Refactored thread synchronization code between emulation and graphics thread to reduce CPU usage and improve performance on dual core systems.
  • Added support for JIT compiling the AICA's ARM CPU code for a ~10% perf gain.
  • Optimized scheduler code for a ~5% perf gain.
  • Optimized basic block linking code.
  • Sort mode of passes not always being correctly honored (Tony Hawk menus).
  • Sorting of punch through polygons (Test Drive Le Mans car decals, SGGG Segagaga menus).
  • Alone in the Dark rebooting when selecting a character with the HLE BIOS.
  • Ignore window resize events on minimize to avoid renderer restarts.
  • License screen not showing when using the HLE BIOS.

v1.3.0 - 2018-09-09

  • Window size option.
  • Support for SSCTL audio channel register (What's Shenmue).
  • 16:9 aspect ratio for using widescreen hacks on non-16:9 monitors.

  • Introduced heuristic to detect and fix numerous issues that result in visible seams on the edges of polygons when upscaling games. These seams are commonly seen in user interfaces and most 2d games.
  • Improved handling of bad vertices that were discarded by the PowerVR (Soul Calibur intro, Mortal Kombat Gold).
  • Improved accuracy of floating-point operations, fixes numerous bugs in multiple games. Common issues were bad vertices in Soul Calibur models, bad animations in Sword of the Bersek and physics issues in Sonic Adventure - light speed dashing out of the sewer is now a breeze.
  • Refactored texture cache, improving the performance of many 2d fighters, in particular the King of Fighters series of games which really thrash the cache. On some machines, these games went from single to triple digit frame counts.
  • Hang On now runs.
  • Powerdrift now runs.
  • Atelier Marie and Elie now runs.
  • Intermittent South Park Rally load hangs.
  • Crash in D2 during initial hunting tutorial.
  • Shenmue 2 releases with widescreen hacks now run.
  • Sonic drifting left in Sonic Adventure 1 and 2.
  • Background flickering in Alice's Mom's Rescue.
  • Background plane parsing (Sega Worldwide Soccer 2000).
  • Handling of invalid CDDA sector reads (many CDI images).
  • Handling of Maple RESET pattern.
  • Handling of invalid VMU block accesses.
  • Bumpmap calculations (Death Crimson OX).
  • Regression with raw framebuffer write support (Neo XYX).
  • Serial communication interface interrupts (diagnostic discs).
  • Shadow volumes parsing errors (Daytona USA, Virtua Fighter).
  • Clamping of intermediate blends when using per-pixel blending (Virtua Tennis).
  • Sorting of multi-disc games where the product name / version hash is different between discs.

v1.2.6 - 2018-08-09

  • Incorrect bilinear filtering along v axis.
  • Amplitude envelope step timing tweaks.

v1.2.5 - 2018-08-08

  • Support for mono output was added by popular demand.
  • Support for CDDA attenuation registers, fixes music volume not working in many games.

  • Partially offloaded texture decoding to the GPU - speeds up some fighting games such as SF3 - Double Impact by more than 200%.
  • Further optimized per-pixel sorting for AMD users.
  • Optimized FTRV op implementation.
  • Optimized SH4 store queue operations.
  • Avoid branches when linking adjacent blocks in the code cache.
  • Reduced number of cached shaders by a factor of 4.
  • Sort multi-disc games in the UI based on their disc number.
  • Amplitude envelope step timing, fixes audio running for too long / repeating in numerous games.
  • DPAD camera controls in Sonic Adventure.
  • Crashes on load in Test Drive Le Mans on Windows.

v1.2.4 - 2018-07-13

  • Window resize support.
  • Ability to bind keypad keys.
  • Horizontal black bars when the aspect ratio is less than 4:3.

  • Don't minimize window on focus loss for multi-monitor setups.
  • Per-pixel sort inaccuracies in many game menus.
  • Space Harrier game in Shenmue / Yu Suzuki Game Works.
  • Test Drive Le Mans runs at the correct frame rate.
  • Looney Tunes - Space Race in-game audio now plays.
  • Moekan is now playable.
  • Sakura Taisen 4 is now playable.
  • Sega Bass Fishing is now playable.
  • Tenohira wo, Taiyou Ni is now playable.

v1.2.3 - 2018-07-05

  • New "multi-sync" presentation which synchronizes both audio and video to provide tear-free emulation without the overhead of vsync.
  • Amplitude envelopes, fixes audio cutting out / not mixing correctly in many games.
  • Processing polygons in "two volumes" format (Rez, Sakura Taisen 4, Skies of Arcadia).
  • CDDA support for HLE bios.

  • Default keyboard profile now applies to the first connected keyboard, not just the keyboard on port 0.
  • AMD performance issues when using per-pixel polygon sorting.
  • Performance regressions when using per-triangle polygon sorting.
  • Excessive audio lag when using the video sync.
  • Game scan not recognizing uppercase file extensions.
  • Crash when adding game directory containing CDI discs with a single session.
  • Crash when adding more than 1024 games.
  • Looney Tunes - Space Race not playing audio.

v1.2.2 - 2018-06-13

  • Per-mesh polygon sorting option for slower machines.

  • Renamed pixelsort option to autosort.
  • Lowered audio period size to improve frame pacing.
  • Optimized per-pixel sorting.
  • DST_* blending modes regression when not using per-pixel sorting.
  • Render to texture requests when using per-pixel autosort.
  • Loading CDI images using 2368 and 2448 byte sectors.
  • Mouse cursor not being hidden after toggling fullscreen with Alt + Enter.
  • Keys not being released when half of a joystick axis was bound to them.
  • User interface scrolling when toggle fullscreen.

v1.2.1 - 2018-06-01

  • Reenabled per-triangle (instead of per-mesh) sorting of transparent polygons as the fallback path when per-pixel sorting is not available.

v1.2.0 - 2018-06-01

  • New user interface.
  • Hot-plugging audio devices.
  • Per-pixel sorting of transparent polygons.
  • CDDA music support.
  • Support for G2 -> SH4 DMA (Dragon Riders).
  • Automatically write output to redream.log.

  • Lowered minimum OpenGL version to 3.1.
  • Lowered audio sample batch sizes (MVC2 background music).
  • Loading CDIs with more than two sessions.
  • Old Intel drivers rendering only a black screen.
  • Depth buffer issues around extremely small z values (Sonic Adventure UI).
  • SDL2 ALSA backend generating hardware parameters with an excessive number of periods. Improves Linux performance on some machines by upwards of 25%.
  • AICA channel state not being reset correctly after KEY_OFF event (Star Wars Episode I - Jedi Power Battles).
  • Unaligned memory accesses on ARM (Chu Chu Rocket, Oooga Booga, NFL 2K, NHL 2K).
  • GD-ROM DMA timings (Ultimate Fighting Championship, Skies of Arcadia).

v1.1.9 - 2018-04-24

  • Binding inputs with negative maximum values.
  • Using half axis as digital button input.

v1.1.8 - 2018-04-22

  • Custom controller binding user interface.
  • Binds for going back to the main menu and exiting the emulator.
  • Support for recompiling blocks of code when a speculative optimization becomes false (Sakura Momoko Gekijyo, Carrier, Shenmue 2).
  • Several major issues in self-modifying code detection (Shenmue 2).
  • Edge cases in TA parameter parsing (NFL 2K, DOA2 LE).

v1.1.7 - 2018-04-04

  • Custom controller binds.
  • Binds for fast forwarding and taking screenshots.
  • Shortcut to toggle fullscreen with Alt + Enter.
  • Support for processing joystick events when the window isn't in focus.
  • Asynchronous GD-ROM DMAs to help reduce stutters on network shares.

  • Raised texture cache size to accommodate Street Fighter III Double Impact.
  • Green tint to polys in Capcom vs. SNK 2.
  • Hide the cursor in fullscreen mode when in the UI.
  • Famebuffer size calculations on interlaced PAL games (Sega Worldwide Soccer 2000, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire).

v1.1.6 - 2018-02-26

  • TRAPA support (Propeller Arena).
  • Less aggressive idle skip detection to prevent false positives (Spiderman, Army Men: Sarge's Heroes).
  • TA global parameter persistence (NHL 2K characters are no longer completely black).
  • Daytona USA and Crazy Taxi hanging after the first ~30 seconds.
  • Banked register issues on ARM (NBA Hoops, Silver).
  • Black menus on Speed Devils and POD 2.

v1.1.5 - 2018-02-19

  • Asynchronous Maple DMAs.
  • Support for honoring per-channel attentuation and panning registers.
  • MACL / MACW instruction support on the SH4 (Legacy of Kain, POD 2, F1 Racing Championship).

  • Optimized palette memory invalidations to substantially increase performance on almost all sprite-based fighting games.
  • Optimized AICA sample processing.
  • ADPCM audio decoding issues (Legacy of Kain, Gauntlet Legends, Red Dog).
  • Blue Stinger not booting with the HLE bios.
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