[retro] ScummVM 1.8.1

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[retro] ScummVM 1.8.1

Nowa aktualizacja środowiska ScummVM (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion), które pozwala na nowo odkrywać czar starych gier typu "point and click", na praktycznie każdej platformie, począwszy od Amigi a skończywszy na urządzeniach mobilnych. 

W downloadzie wersja dla PC, a dla pozostałych platform należy odwiedzić repozytorium sourceforge.

Scumm - I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream
I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream. Photo@Project

ScuMM Virtual Machine 1.8.1 (2016-05-24)

New ports:

  • Added Nintendo 3DS port.
  • Added Android SDL port.


  • Removed TESTING flag from several supported games.
  • Added Chinese Pinyin translation.
  • Fixed cursor stuttering in the launcher that occured on some systems.


  • Fixed game restart.


  • Fixed sound effect loading.


  • Fixed text alignment to be faithful to the original.
  • Fixed character walking off screen.
  • Fixed loading savegames in the Pendulum scene.
  • Fixed wrong background for inventory items during chapter 6 in the Spanish version.
  • Fixed animations speed (they were running two times slower than in the original engine).
  • Fixed noise at start and/or end of speech. This was most noticeable with the Spanish speech.
  • Fixed delay when interacting with the verb menu and the inventory.
  • Fixed possibility to pick up the axe in the castle multiple times.


  • Fixed lock up for some games during sound initialization.


  • Fixed potential crash when using swamp snake potion on the rat in Hand of Fate. (NOTE: This fix was included in version 1.8.0, but it was not added to the NEWS file).
  • Fixed missing voice reactions when hitting enemies in CD version of Lands of Lore.


  • Fixed lock-up during ending sequence.
  • Improved internal game controls.
  • Fixed lock-up during some in-game animations.


  • Fixed user interface colors in the French and German versions of I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream.


  • Make cursor workarounds work properly on OpenPandora (and other devices, that support touch screen and analog sticks/mouse at the same time)
  • Script patch to fix broken ending battle in multilingual King’s Quest 5 (French, German + Spanish versions are all broken)
  • Fixed invalid memory access, when loading broken King’s Quest 5 credit music track
  • Fixed lowres/hires issues in King’s Quest 6 when saving, changing the lowres/hires
  • setting and restoring the saved game afterwards.


  • Fixed detection of Maniac Mansion from Day of the Tentacle in the Windows version of ScummVM.
  • Fixed a sound effect not stopping in Loom EGA with AdLib.

Broken Sword 2.5:

  • Added option to use English speech instead of German one when no speech is available for the selected language.
  • Fixed resource releasing on game exit.
  • Fixed game restart after language change in-game.
  • Fixed flickering in main Menu.
  • Fixed long save time on Windows.

Windows port:

  • Fixed bug in MIDI device listing affecting cases where MIDI devices were not usable.


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