[psx] NO$PSX 2.2 16/12/22

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[psx] NO$PSX 2.2 16/12/22

Martin Korth autor popularnej serii emulatorów no$cash (no$sns,no$gba,no$nes, no$msx, no$sns, no$cpc, no$c64, no$gmb, no$k2) dorzucił kolejny emulator - tym razem na jego warsztat trafił udawacz konsoli SONY Playstation I - no$psx. 

Jak zwykle Korth generuje dwa pliki swojego emulatora no$psx dla tych, którzy podchodzą do emulacji bardziej poważniej i potrzebują okienek stricte programistycznych, i dla tych, którzy odpalają emulatory dla czystej zabawy (psxtny2).

16 Dec 2022 no$psx v2.2 

  • cdrom/emu/help: chd compression (thanks null for many test cases)
  • cdrom/emu/help: pbp compression (partially supported, without encryption)
  • irq: more accurate port 1F8010F4h dma irq handling (and removed alone_fix)
  • windows: closes child windows (help,iomap,tty,etc) on exit (regain keyb focus)
  • windows: uses SendNotifyMessage instead SendMessage for broadcast (avoid hang)
  • bios clone: cd-audio player shows both left/right waveforms (white/gray)
  • spu: bugfixed capture (voice 3 was accidently written to 400h instead C00h)
  • cdrom/setup: scex mode optionally normal, unlicensed, dumb/stealth modchip
  • cdrom: command 04h,05h,10h,11h,1Dh trigger error 80h when disk is stopped
  • cdrom/emu: allocates larger cue sheet (for many tracks with multiple indices)
  • cpu: conditional jump reserved bits (emulated, with optional warning)
  • cpu: conditional bltzal/bgezal always set ra=$+8 (even when condition=false)
  • cpu: emulates mul/div timings, fixed JALR opcode (for unstable rd=rs)
  • cpu: emulates lwl/lwr as generic 'any_mem_ecx_mac' memory access
  • cpu: emulates irq triggered after NEXT opcode after SR.bit0 changing 0-to-1
  • cpu: emulates opcode.bit26-27 stored in cause.bi28-29
  • cpu: allows/warns on unused/mirrored COP0 opcodes (vs invalid TLB opcodes)
  • timers: fixed cmall clock cycle leak in process_event function
  • gte: supports cop2 disable, emulates cop2cmd timings
  • gte: accurate mvmva glitches for Vx=2 and Mx=3 (thanks mednafen source code)
  • gte: fixed overflow flags for nclip/gpl
  • gte: reading IRGB/ORGB registers takes 1 extra clock cycle (when gte busy)
  • cop1/cop3: supports dummy cop1/cop3 opcodes (when enabled in SR.bit29/bit31)
  • cop0: emulates glitchy jf/jt/lwc0/swc0 opcodes (versus SR.bit28)
  • compression help: added note on BIOS/GUI using same LZSS as Destruction Derby
  • kernel/help: added notes on NOPs in exception handler C(06h)
  • debug/ass/dis: movl/movr opcodes (alias for native lwl/swl/lwr/swr opcodes)
  • debug/iomap: resolves DMA control flags (IE,IF,prio from DICR/DPCR)
  • help: added dtl-h2000-only CDROM kernel functions; in A(79h) .. A(8Fh) range
  • help: added note about faulty SetSession TOC reading in older cdrom firmwares
  • help: added note on undocumented cause.bit30 (branch delay condition)
  • a22i: fixed slt(i)(u) opcode in native asm syntax
  • file formats: blaster master chunks, ape escape sound archives, xz, upx, bm
→ [psx] NO$PSX 1.9
PSX Sony:Playstation:No$PSX:R-Type Delta:Agetec, Inc.:Irem Software Engineering, Inc.:1999:
R-Type Delta (Agetec, Inc., 1999)

28 May 2014 no$psx v1.9 [download]

  • webpage: moved from http://nocash.emubase.de/ to problemkaputt.de
  • hc05: low-level cdrom sub-cpu emulation (motorola mc68hc05 with cdrom bios)
  • hc05: setup: allows to select new low-level emu, older/faster high-level emu
  • hc05: setup: ignores hc05 low-level option if file MC68HC05.ROM is missing
  • hc05: setup: forces reset when changing between low-level and high-level emu
  • hc05: setup: prevents skipping mips-bios-intro in low-level cdrom emulation
  • hc05: cpu: emulates motorola hc05 opcodes and hc05 onchip I/O ports and timer2
  • hc05: cpu: switches between mips/hc05 (on interval and on 1F80180xh access)
  • hc05: io: emulates servo amplifier and signal processor CX(nn) commands
  • hc05: io: emulates servo/signal SENSE result (with SERIAL SENSE on new chips)
  • hc05: io: emulates decoder cmd/param/reply fifos and sector data transfers
  • hc05: io: emulates SUBQ spi bus transfers (for position and table of contents)
  • hc05: scex: simulates serial scex bitstream (when DISK,near POS0,SINGLE speed)
  • hc05: scex: simulates new subq channel "encrypted" scex signal (version vC3)
  • hc05: disc: creates SUBQ data for TOC (with point A0h,A1h,A2h,01h..NNh)
  • hc05: disc: skips nonsense track 0 (lead-in) entries in .nrg "CUES" chunks
  • hc05: sled-mech: supports sled move via FastSled and TrackJump commands
  • hc05: sled-mech: supports sled brake (with reduced kick and move voltages)
  • hc05: sled-mech: computes non-linear sector number versus sled seek distance
  • hc05: mech: simulates DOOR OPEN switch period (required to sense disc changes)
  • hc05: mech: simulates POS0 switch (required for sled reverse lead-in seeking)
  • hc05: mech: nag feature: simulates GFS=bad on spindle speed change (eg.spinup)
  • hc05: mech: nag feature: forces GFS=bad and FOK=bad when disc missing
  • hc05: audio: forwards xa-adpcm data (on adpmnt) and cd-da data (when demuted)
  • hc05: tty: logs incoming cmd/param fifo and outgoing irq/reply fifo transfers
  • hc05: tty: logs CX(nn) commands (with description on known command/params)
  • hc05: tty: logs most recent MM:SS:FF alongsides with CX(nn) commands
  • hc05: bios: cdrom-image-loader treats 16.5K ".ROM" files as cdrom bios-images
  • hc05: bios: autodetects chipset and oscillator (via CXDnnnn strings in BIOS)
  • hc05: debug: supports f6-key set pc, f4-key break, f7-key trace
  • hc05: debug: ctrl+t toggle between MIPS and HC05 debug view (if low level on)
  • hc05: debug: optional bad I/O warnings (with CODE window moved to fault addr)
  • hc05: debug: integrated low-level mode in debugger (re_read_io, vac, iomap)
  • hc05: snapshots: saves hc05 registers and memory and low-level/chipset type
  • hc05: help: added summary of used CX(nn) values for vC1,vC2,vC3 versions
  • hc05: help: add notes on sled motor control methods (move, brake, nonlinear)
  • hc05: help: add info on vC3 specials (TzcOut, NewScex, CX(nn0000)-padding)
  • hc05: help: add info on oscillator clocks, and openbus-reading effects
  • hc05: help: add motorola bootstrap info and cdrom bios dumping info/link
  • cdrom: doesn't set stat.read/play bits until seek completion (gran turismo 1)
  • cdrom: slightly more accurate setloc (kept pending after seek_l/seek_p)
  • cdrom: computes average time per seek distance (faster than real hw though)
  • help: added note on DTL-H2000 using a Sony SPC700 sub-cpu (not Motorola HC05)
  • setup: allows to select 0,1,2,or 8 memcards (workaround for problem in "One")
  • debug: optional MIPS and HC05 tracelog function in TTY window (as in no$sns)
  • debug: new TTY buffer size option (1/10/100MB limit, with optional stop/wrap)
  • debug: resolves ASCII datazones and a0h/b0h/c0h jump lists for DTL-H2000 bios
  • tty: added "tty_force_newline" at begin of auto-generated (non-user) lines
  • cdrom: always uses low-level sector buffer (removed high-level buffer relicts)
  • help: added info on DTL-H2000 memory and atcons/dip/led/etc I/O ports
  • help: added 176-pin CXD2941R pinouts (SPU+CDROM+SPU_RAM on PM-41(2) boards)
  • help: notes on missing cdrom commands in vC0 (1Dh+1Eh+5xh + 19h,22h..25h/7xh)
  • help: fixed apu min/max typos, and cpu j/jal F0000000 typo (thanks mitikoro)
  • help: note on cache/cop0 info in LR3330/L64360 datasheets (thanks LostTemplar)
  • a22i: added ".pack_crc32 result,initial" directive (use with ".pack_org")
  • a22i: added ".pack_chksum_xor8bit result" and ".pack_chksum_add8bit result"
  • snapshot: bugfix: removed duplicated "SECT" chunk name (cdrom sector buffer)
  • help: added new "PSX Dev-Board Chipsets" chapter (for DTL-Hnnnn boards, etc)
  • debug: fixed tty bios patch for cex-1000 (opcode 0FF019CDh instead 0FF019E1h)
  • bios: gui doesn't mute cd-audio (eg. required for games like wipeout 2097)
  • bios: recognizes GetID result for unlicensed mode2 disks WITH audio tracks
  • debug: allows editing values in REGS window (alternately rx=nn in CODE window)
  • bios clone: sends secret unlock commands (works/tested: boots without modchip)
  • a22i: added mc68hc05 assembler (for testing/re-assembling cdrom sub-cpu bios)
  • a22i: resurrected nocash-syntax in online assembler (if disass in nocash mode)
  • help: hardware numbers: added sony's DTL-Hxxxx developer tool hardware numbers
  • gpu/dma2: pre-checks linked-list size (and abort/warn if endless-link-chain)
  • spu: supports multi-block manual ram write (repeated spucnt=C010h; bios intro)
  • spu/irq: emulates i_stat edge-triggering (gex,finalfantasy9,tokimekimemorial2)
  • cdrom/irq: emulates i_stat edge-triggering (though rarely needed in practice)
  • emu: emulates dirt effects on 8bit/16bit/32bit writes to various I/O ports
  • help: added details on multi-block manual spu ram writes, and on spu ram addr
  • help: extra note on I_STAT bits being edge triggered (was already mentioned)
  • help: unpredictable things: added details on 8bit/16bit/32bit write effects
  • help: memctrl correction: 1F801020h.16-17 and FFFE0130h.8,11-31 are fully R/W
  • spu: ignores writes to "read-only" registers (SPUSTAT and ENDX voice flags)


→ [psx] NO$PSX 1.8

03 Mar 2014 no$psx v1.8 [download]

  • new: plain gaming-version (miniaturized nonsense emulator without debugger)
  • snapshots: doesn't touch cdrom status/door on cdrom-loading (preserve snap)
  • sound: currently disabled new zigzag for slow 18900Hz xa-adpcm (eg. dracula)
  • dma: fixed crash on num_blks=0 (should act as 10000h) (Where's Derpy spu/dma)
  • dma: updates dma address/length registers in special sync/chopping modes
  • setup/sound: volume slider (optionally hardware/mixer or software/multiply)
  • gpu/bugfix: wraps when DisplayBase+DisplayHeight exceeds 512-lines vram size
  • disass: shows valatcur for load/store opcodes (now also in native syntax mode)
  • a22i: recognizes native mips assembler syntax (alternately to nocash syntax)
  • a22i: fixed crash on complex numeric expressions with missing close bracket
  • a22i: works without space character between labels and greater/less symbols
  • a22i: uses predef in opcode list, refuses 'pop' if SP-load-delay busy
  • gpu/speedup: omits rectangle tex-blending on color=808080h (eg. Where's Derpy)
  • iomap: adds rect/fill/vram2vram time to gpu emu load (formerly only poly/line)
  • bios clone: dummy A(9D) opcode for "set_conf_without_realloc" (Roll Boss Rush)
  • help: added info on homebrew "set_conf_without_realloc" bios hack/patch
  • snapshots: survives snap loading even if old cdrom-image folder doesn't exist
  • snapshots: added better (but slower) LZ-based .SNA file compression (optional)
  • snapshots: includes BIOS ROM (for loading regardless of bios versions/clones)
  • expansion rom: prevents skip_intro patch on expansions (which may hook intro)
  • expansion rom: prevents tty_enable patch for caetla (which needs bios chksum)
  • expansion rom: supports actionreplay and xplorer io ports (namely switch=on)
  • expansion rom: supports actionreplay 2x128K mapping and normal xplorer mapping
  • bios-clone: fixed rename-function (added mov r4,r16)(ridgeracer sav overwrite)
  • gpu: prevents better-than-real-quads on concave/twisted quads (crashbandicoot)
  • timers: supports separate dest/overflow events, completion flags, dest changes
  • help: added specs and cautions on cdrom autopause (or autostop) feature
  • cdrom: implemented autopause feature with INT4(stat) on end of track (Rayman)
  • gpu: CpuToVram wraps from x=3FFh to X=000h with Y=SAME (Alundra memcard save)
  • gpu: fixed polygon height limit (don't draw if height>=512) (for Spiderman)
  • cdrom: implemented authentic 2nd_response timings (Gundam Battle Assault 2)
  • help: added 'CDROM - Response Timings' chapters (some min/max/average timings)
  • help: corrected cdrom GetID description (only one response on DoorOpen/SpinUp)
  • vram viewer: forces "swap_buffers" after timeout (avoids dracula mem overflow)
  • cpu: emulates cop0 bpc/bpcm opcode fetch breaks (for cheat device booting)
  • help: fixed cop0 debug break description (bpc-then-bpcm, not vice-versa)
  • bios-clone: added dummy "add r4,0,385h" opcode at (for Xplorer bios hook)
  • bios-clone: moved gui-entrypoint to 80030000h (for Action Replay bios hook)
  • cdrom/bugfix: bugfixed new cdrom-dma timing; minus intcount (dino crisis 1-2)
  • fileloader: allows to load/debug/emulate expansion roms (.rom and .fcd files)
  • help: new Cheat Devices chapter (code formats, i/o ports, decryption, etc)
  • web: new no$psx forum: http://ngemu.com/forums/no-psx-discussion.147/


→ [psx] NO$PSX 1.7
Sony PSX:Playstation:No$PSX:Final Fantasy VIII:Square Electronic Arts L.L.C.:Square Co., Ltd.:Sep 09, 1999:
Final Fantasy VIII (Square Electronic Arts L.L.C., Sep 09, 1999)

26 Nov 2013 - no$psx v1.7

  • gpu/detail: added dithering for tex-blended POLYs (unlike tex-blended RECTs)
  • gpu/detail: added dithering for monochrome LINEs (unlike mono POLYs and RECTs)
  • gpu/detail: faster gouraud rendering when dithering is off (no dummy dither)
  • gpu/bugfix: swapped setmask/chkmask in cpu-to-vram transfer (fixes RC Revenge)
  • gte/detail: supports 32bit rtps/rtpt overflows (fixes R4 Ridge Racer Type 4)
  • dma: added delay before DMA1 IRQs (fixes DinoCrisis1+2,FearEffect,Xenogears)
  • dma: pauses CPU during DMA (more accurate and releases cpu emulation load)
  • dma: accepts non-standard control values (with warning) (instead of rejecting)
  • mdec: low level IDCT emulation (slow, used only for nonstandard scaletable)
  • mdec: accurate RLE emulation (with rounding, saturation, and quant disable)
  • mdec: emulates status bit31 (data.out.fifo not empty) (for manual reading)
  • dma/mdec: removed pusha/popa pairs (allows to modify mips intcount register)
  • help: gpu: corrected dithering info (different cases for polys/lines/rects)
  • help: add notes on CPU being stopped during DMA (and resumed between blocks)
  • help: added info on the two DMA "start" flags (start/busy and start/trigger)
  • help: added list of commonly used DMA control register values for DMA starting
  • help: added basic info on DMA transfer timings and DRAM hyper page mode
  • help: added info on DMA chopping mode (runs CPU during gaps in DMA transfer)
  • help: mdec/y_to_mono: supports only max 9bit (bigger values aren't saturated)
  • help: mdec/idct: added note that scaletable uses upper 13bit only (not 16bit)
  • help: mdec/idct: low level idct formula (diagonally mirrored matrix multiply)
  • help: mdec/rle: rle result is rounded up (plus 4 before div 8)
  • help: mdec/rle: rle result is saturated to signed 11bit range
  • help: mdec/rle: q_scale=0 forces n*2 instead of n*qt[k], or n*qt[k]*q_scale
  • help: fast mdec decoder: simplified idct_core (flipped src/dst instead of x/y)
  • help: fast mdec decoder: fixed "scalezag" pseudo code (divide entries by 8)
  • help: added IC703 "SONY CXA1791N" pinouts (RF Amplifier on PU-18 boards)
  • help: added notes on Garbage Area at Address 00000000h (for R-Types/FadeToB)
  • debug: profiler supports dma transfer logging (shown as "DMAn.subfunctions")
  • debug: iomap resolves timer clock-source, sync-mode, and some timer flags
  • debug: tty irq-logging shows dma channel names(s) that have caused dma-irq3
  • debug: tty gpu-command-logging (can log more than 1 frame, unlike vram viewer)
  • screenshot: fixed num_colors entry in truecolor bmp header (1 SHL bpp AND 1FE)
  • screenshot: fixed auto-generated screenshot filenames (.bmp instead .gif)
  • bios: fixed messed-up stack in bios clone's do_exec (fixes developers demo)
  • bios: applies [00000004h]=275A0C80h garbage (required for bugged FadeToBlack)
  • bios: applies [00000000h]=00000003h garbage (required for bugged R-Types)
  • bios: skips "patch_missing_cop0r13_nonfunctional" (bugged hitmen/minimum demo)
  • cd/loader: accepts cue/bin with 920h-byte sectors (eg. pdx-rh.cue demo)
  • controls: changed default to digital joypad (avoids incompatibility issues)


→ [psx] NO$PSX 1.6
Sony Playstation:PSX:No$PSX:G-Police: Weapons of Justice:Psygnosis Limited:Psygnosis Limited:Sep 24, 1999:
G-Police: Weapons of Justice (Psygnosis Limited, Sep 24, 1999)

11 Oct 2013 - no$psx v1.6

  • cd/help: added notes on sub-cpu mainloop/response/priority/timing/queue/flags
  • cd/emu: simplified 1st/2nd/3rd response slots (instead overcomplicated queue)
  • debug: optional IRQx logging to tty window (plus detailed cdrom INTxx info)
  • cd/emu: emulates exact filter/realtime handling for adpcm and data sectors
  • cd/help: added notes on data/adpcm sector filtering/delivery on cdrom-reading
  • cd/help: added almost perfect xa-adpcm zig-zag-interpolation formula/tables
  • cd/help: added note on unitialized six-step adpcm interpolation counter
  • cd/help: added flowchart for using sound map mode (with random 3-slot caution)
  • cd/emu: emulates 8bit xa-adpcm decompression (unlike normal 4bit xa-adpcm)
  • cd/emu: emulates xa-adpcm zig-zag-interpolation (37.8 to 44.1kHz resampling)
  • cd/emu: bugfixed xa-adpcm (did destroy sixstep "extra_offhold" inside of lop)
  • cd/emu: emulates newly discovered MotorOn command (and its various errors)
  • cd/help: added some basic notes and waveform example for xa-emphasis feature
  • cd/emu: emulates invalid xa-adpcm filter=4..15 and invalid shift=13..15 values
  • cd/emu: added basic soundmap emulation (works at least to play one 900h unit)
  • cd/help: added notes on invalid xa-adpcm filter=4..15 and shift=13..15 values
  • spu: bugfixed cd.audio.capture buffer (is NOT affected by cd.audio volume)
  • cd/help: added notes on newly discovered secret_unlock feature (command 5xh)
  • cd/myth/help: eliminated "Standby" myth (actual function of cmd 7 is MotorOn)
  • cd/help: added notes on peak bytes for Play+Report (and incomplete GetQ peak)
  • cd/help: added details on purpose/function of all cdrom test commands
  • cd/help: discovered more test commands (supported on older PSX consoles only)
  • cd/help: added specs for CXA1782BR cdrom servo amplifier registers
  • cd/help: added specs for CXD2510Q cdrom signal processor registers
  • cd/help: added specs for CXD2545Q cdrom combined servo + signal processor
  • cd/help: added specs for CXD1199BQ/CXD1815Q cdrom decoder/fifo registers
  • cd/help: added specs for MC68HC05 on-chip I/O Ports (and their usage in psx)
  • cd/help: added notes on GetID's ATIP byte, and on POS0 flag in sub_func 21h
  • cd/help: removed nonsense sub_function numbers from ancient cdinfo.txt
  • cd/help: added info on some formerly unknown CD-XA bytes (in the LEN_SU area)
  • cd/help: added subheader CI coding info bits (adpcm emphasis and 8bit/sample)
  • cd/help: added notes on more cd-xa fields in primary volume descriptor
  • poc/help: added some pocketstation details (LED, mirrors, exceptions, etc)
  • help: added notes on PU-7 chipset (different cdrom/spu/gpu/cpu/bios chips)
  • bios: added patch_uninstall_early_card_irq_handler_efficient (thanks shendo)
  • gui: setup uses asia-compatible TabControl instead of unreliable PropertySheet
  • dma3/cdrom and dma6/otc: treats len=0 as length=10000h words (=256 kbytes)
  • cdrom data fifo: uses [800h-8] or [924h-4] as padding-byte after sector end
  • gui: fullscreen mode preserves real aspect ratio (padded with black border)
  • gui: fullscreen mode moved to context menu (instead of old setup option)
  • gui: created mouse-shape-less No$helpClass (avoid flickering mouse pointer)
  • debug: supports MC68HC05.ROM bios loading (16.5K) (for disasm at 50001000h)
  • debug: re-arranged gte registers in iomap (fixed overlapping text fields)
  • debug: added dummy-mappings: 50000000h=mc68hc05 memory/mc68hc05 disassembler
  • debug: added dummy-mappings: 60000000h=vram, and 70000000h=spu-ram
  • debug/help: added disassembler and specs for mc68hc05 cpu (cdrom coprocessor)
  • spu/help: corrected spu-irq description (irq9 does trigger also on spu-dma)
  • credits: big thanks to psxdev.ru for cdrom 68hc05 sub-cpu decapping


→ [psx] NO$PSX 1.5

25 Apr 2013 no$psx v1.5 [download]

  1. multimachine: implemented cdrom load to "all machines" option (default)
  2. multimachine: fixed cdrom loader load to "1st/2nd/3rd/4th machine" options
  3. multimachine: bugfix: doesn't try to use "seed_vals" for newly added machines
  4. multimachine: bugfix: doesn't hang on invalidated windows of removed machines
  5. multimachine: apply autostart/reset only to machines with newly loaded cdroms
  6. multimachine: apply_bios_patches now applied to ALL machines (eg skip intro)
  7. sizing: added fullscreen mode, and added sizing/maximize in multimachine mode
  8. memcards: now saved as *.mcd in new MEMCARD subdirectory (formerly no$psx.mcN)
  9. memcards: first card: .mcd (auto-excluding "(DiscN)" etc.)
  10. memcards: others: "_MM_N_X_mcd" (MM=machine1..12, N=slot1/2, X=sub-slotA..D)
  11. memcards: prevents .mcd creation on sector 03Fh dummy writes
  12. memcards: added support for multitap memcards (IDs 82h..84h in slot 1..2)
  13. gpu: help/emu: added textured-rectangle-xyflip feature (thanks William Birkin)
  14. gte: help/emu: reproduced real GTE division inaccuracies (thanks ogamespec)
  15. cdrom: help/emu: cdrom is initially demuted (fixes missing audio in v1.3+v1.4)
  16. cdrom: ignores nonzero writes to unused bits (without suppressing other bits)
  17. cdrom: removed "cdrom response overkill" warning (some games may survive it)
  18. spu: emulates spu-capture-buffer interrupt (needed for crash team racing)
  19. spu: allows glitchless spu-ram-read (as far as [1F801014h].bit24-27=nonzero)
  20. spu: added "generate_sample_till_now" for updating spustat and endx on reads
  21. spu: better key_on handling (supporting lead_delay, and forced adpcm start)
  22. spu: better LOOP-END behaviour (ENDX flag, plus optional mute+release)
  23. spu: implemented fully functional 8bit/32bit reads from 16bit spu registers
  24. spu: help/emu: dumped/documented gauss_table and emulated adpcm interpolation
  25. spu: help/emu: tested/documented pitch_modulation effect and emulated it
  26. spu: help/emu: max adpcm pitch (clip values in range 4000h..FFFFh to fastest)
  27. help: added info on no$psx debug hotkeys and memory access breakpoints
  28. help: added info on glitchless spu-ram-read (used by Herc's Adventures)
  29. help: added info on cdrom sector buffer (has 8 slots, but only 2 accessible?)
  30. help: added some basic notes on psx-based arcade cabinets
  31. pinouts: added IC106-109, IC202, IC303, IC305, IC307, IC309, IC501, IC701, IC723,ICsss
  32. pinouts: improved IC304,IC602 pinouts (also IC405, but it's still unclear)
  33. gui: created own help engine (instead of microcrap's suicidal windows .hlp)
  34. gui: discovered and fixed major resource leak (destroymenu on context menu)
  35. debug: added user cycle-counter in iomap (profiling purposes), added ctrl+e
  36. debug: added optional DMA logging in TTY window (shows chn,addr,len,ctrl,name)
  37. bios: tweaked "bizarre_outdated_pad" function to accept joypads in analog mode
  38. vram viewer: bug-fixed "@@app_raw_blend" (test bit0, instead of test "al")
  39. webpage: updated info on my current monetary stats (small donations welcome)
  40. webpage: updated txt/htm versions of the psx-spx playstation specifications
→ [psx] NO$PSX 1.4

19 Mar 2013 no$psx v1.4

  • gpu: vram-fill-cmd: fixed size/wrapping/rounding/masking for GP0(02h)
  • gpu: vram-copy-cmd: fixed size/wrapping (die hard trilogy 2 uses xsiz=FFFEh)
  • cdrom loader: loads some relevant cdrom "root" sectors (with date/region info)
  • cdrom: for .exe files, forwards region from EXE header to cdrom licence sector
  • cdrom: produces SCEx string matched to region (from cdrom licence sector)
  • cdrom: supports setloc+play (without seek command) (used by Tactics Ogre)
  • video: matches game-window-height to pal/ntsc region (and width to 4:3 ratio)
  • video: allows free game window sizing (with snapping near N*100% zoom factors)
  • controls: automatic analog/digital joypad mode support (based on iso date)
  • controls: emulates analog joypad (with analog axes, config cmds, and L3/R3)
  • controls: emulates analog joystick (with ID=5A53h, without L3/R3 buttons)
  • controls: emulates namco-guncon-lightgun (via mouse)
  • controls: emulates sony-mouse-controller (via mouse)
  • controls: emulates dancemat (via Q,W,E,A,D,Z,X,C or numeric keypad)
  • controls: suppresses L3/R3 buttons in digital joypad mode
  • help: added caution on delay between slot.sel and 1st.cmd.byte (analog pad)
  • help: added plugging and unplugging cautions for controllers and memory cards
  • help: added info on analog joypad range (mechanical/digital/centering areas)
  • help: added dance mat specs (as far as known; which leaves many questions)
  • help: added notes on unknown mouse bits and on konami lightgun "x0h" byte
  • help: added lots of basic info on the different psx fishing controllers
  • help: added some basic info on i-mode adpator (part number and list of games)
  • help: added note on super-early irq10 lightgun patch (hooked 00000080h vector)
  • help: added multitap specs (memcard access, and two controller access methods)
  • help: added note on BIOS "buNN:" support (and problems) for multitap slots A-D
  • help: added note on cdrom auto-pause function for end-of-audio-tracks
  • help: added component list/chipset pin-out for multitap and digital/analog pad
  • help: corrected guncon specs (VERY different as in sporting clays source code)
  • help: corrected gpu vram fill/copy command specs (size/wrapping/rounding/etc)
  • help/cdrom: specs and support for older v1 (and v0) .cdz file format versions
  • controls: allows to assign analog-PC-axis as digital-PSX-button (xbox 360 pad)
  • debug: added optional joypad-command logging to TTY window (see TTY menu bar)
  • bios: pad_card_sweep_stuck_ack (when possible sweep stuck ack before access)
  • bios: pad_card_timeout_value (prevent hanging on stuck ack during access)
  • bios: pad_card_post_sel_delay (for slow devices like mouse and analog joypad)
→ [psx] NO$PSX 1.2

06 Jan 2013 no$psx v1.2



  • audio: supports 16bit sound output (less noisy on compressed adpcm samples)
  • audio: supports mono output or disabled sound output (without crashing emu)
  • emu: avoids triggering f8_brk_handler upon sp=FFFFFFFFh (Crash Bandicoot 3)
  • emu: avoids warnings on writes to invalid io ports (unless warnings enabled)
  • video: supports GP0(35h,37h,3Dh,3Fh) unused-shading commands (castlevania)
  • video: added display brightness option (nonlinear bright, or linear dark)
  • video: overscan: skips hidden upper scanlines (mainly for NTSC games)
  • video: underscan: draws black upper/lower borders (mainly for PAL games)
  • debug: memorizes old PC on emulation start (for undo "jump" via cursor left)
  • debug: input boxes recognize hi,lo,pc registers (eg. for ctrl+g, goto pc)
  • debug: option: allows to disable single, or multi-word disass pseudo opcodes
  • debug: added optional cdrom-command logging to TTY window (see other options)
  • setup: enabled automatic-save-options by default, removed fixed settings
  • a22i: rejects overflow-trap-flag (t) on logical commands (via mipass_logi_inj)
  • bios: fixed "extract_device_name" return value (for castlevania's "sim:")
  • bios: fixed "krom_2_offset" calculation: (msb-88h)*BCh+(lsb<7Fh)+lsb-9Fh
  • bios: added "patch_install_lightgun_irq_handler_inefficient" (dqm)
  • bios: added "patch_uninstall_early_card_irq_handler_inefficient" (raiden dx)
  • bios-font: 1st choice: use copy of font from psx-bios.rom (if present) (fast)
  • bios-font: 2nd choice: use formerly created no$psx.chr (if present) (fast)
  • bios-font: 3rd choice: create no$psx.chr from japanese 4Mbyte MS Gothic (slow)
  • bios-font: 4th choice: otherwise use non-japanese font from Courier New (fast)
  • bios-font: 5th choice: dummy rectangles (non-blanks required for castlevania)
  • selftest: shows CPU, GPU, and SPU emulation load (in iomap "timers" window)


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