[NES] MyNes x86 v7.0.6

[39] @ Sobota, 11 Listopada 2017 21:16CET

[NES] MyNes x86 v7.0.6

Al Hadid opublikował nową wersję emulatora NINTENDO8 - MyNes, gdyby to jeszcze z samo siebie obsługiwało archiwa.

MyNes Version 7.0.6516 03, Nov, 2017 00:04.

  • Emulation engine rebuild from scratch, the code is now optymized and faster than ever... along with more accuracy.
  • My Nes now is one package that can run on all platforms that support SDL and mono. Thanks to SDL2 to make this happening.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs related to emulation, check out the commits in the source code for more details.
  • My Nes now include a simple GUI engine, that allows to access games and config almost all emu settings without the need of leaving the app, even in fullscreen mode.
→ [NES] MyNes x86 v6.3.10

Version 6.3.10

  • Added: new handler for BlipBuffer, blipbuffer updated to the latest version. My Nes now sounds even better.
  • Improved: emulation speed control.

Version 6.2.300

  • Improved: emulation threading code to reduce cpu usage (it was using full cpu power).
  • Fixed: sound playback pitch and sync loosing. MyNes now adjust the pitch automatically to avoid sync loose.
→ [NES] MyNes x86 v6.2.150

Version 6.2.150

  • Improved: emulation code generally, the emulation now should work faster.
  • Improved: sound playback, now it's more accurate and the emulation goes faster.
  • Fixed: a bug in sprite 0 hit, the bkg enabled flag was never checked when sprite 0 hit flag sets.
  • Fixed: a bug when the emu crashes sometimes when attempting to open a rom and already running a game.

Version 6.2.55

  • Added: TheGamesDB.net integration, ability to search and download images and info from TGDB for each info tab and/or using "Detect TGB" new feature.
  • Added: support for X Controllers (XInput, XBOX360 controllers)
  • Added: Band-Limited Sound Buffer "Blip_Buffer" <http://www.slack.net/~ant/> for sound playback downsampling.
  • Added: auto synchronization method for sound playback, fixed the sound synchronization lose issue.
  • Fixed: bug when attempting to show the boards list.
  • Improved: sound playback, now it's more accurate and the emulation goes faster.
  • Improved: image viewer (snapshots and covers) in the Launcher with nearest-neighbor interpolation.
  • Improved: assigning and adding files for database entries optimized in the Launcher, now it's faster with compressed files.
→ [NES] MyNes v6.1.2

What's New in version 6.1.2

  • Added: Support for these mappers: # 41 and 42
  • Added: High quality downsampler for audio output. Now My Nes sounds better.
  • Added: Options in Audio options allow to change sound channels playback enable.
  • Added: Ability to show boards/mappers status with My Nes via the new Boards List dialog.
  • Added: New option in input settings, allows to switch back to keyboard mapping for a device when mapped device disconnected.
  • Fixed: mappers # 23, 24, 26 and 90.
  • Fixed: MMC 5 (mapper 5) external sound channels
  • Fixed: Interrupts issue, branches was delaying nmi and irq instead of irq alone. some games are now playable (Dragon Quest III is one of them)
  • Fixed: Bug in Inputs settings, never save device selection for joypad1.
  • Fixed: Bug with inputs when trying to play in fullscreen sometimes inputs disconnected.
  • Fixed: Soft reset for internal sound channels.
  • Fixed: Bugs in few mappers.
  • Improved: external sound channels of mapper 19 (Namco 163), still choppy but works.
  • Improved: Few things in the video renderer such as 'cursor now it hides when entering fullscreen mode'.
  • Improved: Input settings when trying to set mapping for all buttons sometimes the same mapping assigned to more than one button.


→ [NES] MyNes v6.0.1

What's new in Version 6.0.1

  • Fixed: Triangle sound channel curroption for low frequencies (freq < 4)
  • Fixed: "Battletoads" hangs on stage 2 fixed, the problem was in 'DMC DMA occuring and game asserts other DMC DMA'
  • Fixed: The "Detect" window for the Launcher never work when the default installed Language in Windows is not English (US)


→ [NES] MyNes v6.0 Build 5384 (158)

What's new in Version 6 (5484) SVN158

  • My Nes rebuild with new optimized code, it should run with about 60 fps or faster than before.
  • My Nes style changed, return to the classic emu mode with more powerful launcher.
  • Added Launcher with ability to store data in SQLite using NesCartDB info to organize games and roms.
  • Added ability to use palette files instead of limitation to palette generator.
  • Fixed some emulation engine issues, My Nes can pass new tests like sprdma and dmc dma and dmc dma during read4 tests.
  • Fixed a lot of internal bugs, you'll notice the difference on application use.
→ [NES] MyNes 5.1

What's new in Version 5.

  • Added: Net play ability. (prototype)
  • Added: ability to show FPS and notification texts on render screen at play time.
  • Added: new video options: Keep aspect ratio, Show fps and Show notifications.
  • Improved: SlimDX renderer; now it can render video stretched in fullscreen mode.
  • Improved: the target .net framework version changed to 4.0 for compatibility with windows xp.
  • Improved: the speed limiter for more performance.
  • Improved: reduced the size of state files by using zlip compressing.
  • Fixed: SDL .NET renderer; crashes when attempting to switch to fullscreen.
  • Fixed: INES header fixer get wrong chr count number from database.
  • Fixed: when taking a snapshot, the older snap file get replaced instead of creating new one.
  • Fixed: when pressing a shortcut button (like take snapshot shortcut), the input keep executing without break.
  • Fixed: issue when loading state using the welcome window with fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed: issue when pause/resume emulation the sound muted sometimes.
  • Fixed: issue in emulation shutdown.
  • Fixed: issue when toggling the speed limiter, the sound delays.
  • Fixed: issue when attempting to load state that not exist, the emulation engine crashes.
  • Fixed: issue when attempting to load state using the Welcome Window, sometimes the emulation engine crashes.


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