[n64] Simple64 v2022.12.6 30/12/2022

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Dawny M64p od 1 września 2022 stał się prostszy - nawet dzięki nowej nazwie - po prostu Simple64. Zmiana nazwy ma zmniejszyć zamieszanie i odróżnić go od innych projektów związanych z kodem muppen64. Pozostałe rzeczy bez zmian dalej to dystrybucja z  paraLLEl-RDP (emulacja chipu graficznego N64, napisanego praktycznie od nowa i wykorzystującej bibliotekę Vulcan, czyli jest ciut szybciej) i frontendu, tak samo jak emulator zmienił on nazwę na simple64gui.

Całość to ciekawa alternatywa dla statecznych, emerytowanych projektów emulacji tej konsoli, dodatkowo moduł gry sieciowej a przede wszystkim ciągła praca i kolejne nowe aktualizację poprawiające udawanie Nintendo 64 - czego chcieć więcej...


Simple64 v2022.12.6 30/12/2022

  • Changes to the build system to support aarch64
  • Move SDL input polling to right before it is needed by the game (may slightly reduce input latency).

Simple64 v2022.12.5 27/12/2022

  • Correction to the cycle counter, courtesy of @Meerkov

Simple64 v2022.12.4

  • Parallel-RDP updated to latest version

Simple64 v2022.12.3

  • MD5 is now appended to new save files to prevent issues with ROM hacks overwriting OG game saves
  • Parallel-RDP updated to latest version

Simple64 v2022.12.2

  • Fix for an issue in the v2022.12.1 release that broke netplay

Simple64 v2022.12.1


Simple64 v2022.11.2 10/11/2022

  • Fix an issue with netplay when people are using different controller pak types

Simple64 v2022.11.1 02/11/2022

  • Just some minor tweaks to the compiler flags

Simple64 v2022.10.4 30/10/2022

  • LLE boot process using PIF ROM
  • New icon thanks to Gasper

Simple64 v2022.10.3 6/10/2022

  • One last fix for Flatpak/Linux as a result of the new build system

Simple64 v2022.10.2 5/10/2022

  • Fixes for some issues related to the switch to CMake for building

Simple64 v2022.10.1 5/10/2022

  • Minor tweaks to UI
  • All projects now built using CMake
  • Minor Parallel-RDP bug fixes

Simple64 v2022.09.6 21/09/2022

Vigilante 8 (Activision, Inc., Mar 17, 1999)
  • Correct an error in cache emulation that should fix some timing issues (Xena (E) now boots and flickering in Vigilante 8 multiplayer is greatly reduced, other games may benefit as well)
  • Update Parallel-RDP to latest version (should be a step closer to Mac support)

Simple64 v2022.09.5

  • Fix for crashes in NHL Breakaway '99 (E) and Mario Story (J)
  • Better libdragon/homebrew compatibility (fixes a number of games from the 2021 Game Jam)
  • Update Discord SDK to 3.2.1
  • Fix for emulation thread being stuck in the background if a game freezes.

Simple64 v2022.09.4

  • Some performance optimizations
  • Support for 64DD cartridge ports. See https://64dd.org/dumps_p.html and https://64dd.org/translations.html. You can safely ignore the warnings about emulator support on that page, simple64 now supports saving with 64DD cartridge ports. This means you can play these 64DD games like you would any other game.
    • Technical details for those interested: 64DD cartridge ports write to the ROM, which is normally not allowed. On flash carts, as far as I know, this is accomplished by modifying the ROM file on the flash cart. simple64 creates an xdelta file and saves it as a .romsave file along with other saves (eep, fla, mpk) if the game writes to the ROM. When the game is loaded, if a .romsave file exists for that game, xdelta is used to apply the differences to the ROM in memory. The xdelta is always taken based on the Big Endian/z64 ROM image, regardless of the file type of the ROM. This should be an emulator agnostic way to save these files, and could be standard used to allow these saves to be cross-emulator compatible.

Simple64 v2022.09.3

  • Some performance optimizations
  • Fix for refresh rate calculation, see #299 for details (NTSC games now refresh at slightly under 60 FPS, as per the NTSC standard)

Simple64 v2022.09.1 01/09/2022

The emulator has a new name! simple64. People were often confused about the difference between the upstream mupen64plus project, and m64p. This new name should help people differentiate the 2 when discussing them. I think the auto updater should work, but to be safe, I would recommend downloading this release as a fresh install. A big thanks to @DarthSidious666 for doing the artwork.

The exe is now called simple64-gui.exe. If you use the auto-updater, your folder will still have the old mupen64plus-gui.exe. You can delete the old exe, or just download a fresh copy of the emulator to clean up the folder.

M64p v2022.08.9

  • A huge thanks to @DarthSidious666 who went through the USA games list to compile a list of known issues: #288
  • Some performance improvements that should slightly lower the CPU usage
  • Fix for a regression in the last release (caused freezing/lockups in some games)
  • This release marks the removal of the last game-specific hack/setting. There was a hack in place that prevented flickering in San Francisco Rush, which is no longer required.

M64p v2022.08.8

  • Tweaks to how RDP (graphics) are timed. Fixes Tetris 64, may provide slightly improved performance when SynchronousRDP is enabled.
  • Tweaks to memory access timing based on https://github.com/rasky/n64-systembench

M64p v2022.08.7

  • Fixes for some tests in Lemmy's system-test ROM (https://github.com/lemmy-64/n64-systemtest). Probably won't impact any commercial games but you never know.

M64p v2022.08.6

  • Fixes for the following games: NFL Quarterback Club 1999/2000/2001, The Powerpuff Girls - Chemical X-Traction. Thanks to @Petersilientroll for pointing out issues with these games.

M64p v2022.08.5

  • Performance improvements for games that make heavy use of TLB addressing (Indiana Jones for instance)
  • Some small timing corrections

M64p v2022.08.4

  • Some performance improvements based on code analysis

Pro Tip: If you're struggling with performance, try unchecking "SynchronousRDP" in the Settings->Core and Video Settings->ParaLLEl Video. Some games require this option, many don't, disabling it can increase your FPS.

M64p v2022.08.3

  • Improved synchronization between CPU and RSP tasks (fixes a lock-up in Pilot Wings and hopefully other unreported issues)

M64p v2022.08.1

  • Fix for shader stutter on Nvidia GPUs
  • Further tweaks to timing, removed game-specific hacks for some RSP and audio timing issues that existed in the past
  • Properly emulate PI DMA timing
  • Better estimation of RSP task timing

M64p v2022.07.12

  • Fix for an error/freeze created in the last update

M64p v2022.07.11

  • Further tweaks to timing (emulating RDRAM and cartridge CPU read times)
  • FPS counter (bottom right when you're in window mode)
  • Enforce synchronous RDP during netplay. As the name suggest, having this option disabled can cause things to desync

M64p v2022.07.10

  • Further tweaks to timing
  • Extremely rough estimation of RSP timing

I want to be clear that "better timing" doesn't mean "perfect timing". m64p is still not cycle accurate, and never will be, it's just much better at guessing the correct cycle count now. There still may be areas where the cycles aren't counted correctly.

M64p v2022.07.8 12.07.2022

  • Fix save states
  • More timing tweaks
  • Fix for HiDPI screens
  • Fix randomization

Changes in this release:

This is a significant reworking of the timing code in the emulator. "CountPerOp" has been removed. The N64 instruction and data cache have been fully emulated. Timings for DMAs have been corrected.

Timing is now much more accurate, for example, in the DK64 intro, Donkey Kong now correctly grabs the vines and swings across the water.

This was the result of many weeks of work. I looked at CEN64, Ares, and lots of independent research. It's definitely not perfect, but a massive step toward accurate timing in the emulator. I would appreciate bug reports if issues are discovered.

m64p strives to be an accurate emulator. Many original N64 games lagged at times. If a game has a low framerate, but the audio sounds good, this is likely in-game lag, and it is not a bug. Choppy/popping audio is likely a bug.

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