[multi] Pasofami 2.13

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[multi] Pasofami 2.13

Nowa wersja Pasofami, japońskiego multiemulatoa konsol NINTENDO (SNES/NES/GB/N64[???]), w którym jak w każdym szanującym się projekcie z kraju kwitnącej wiśni tak naprawdę nigdy do końca człowiek nie wie jak to działa i co zostało zmienione. Dla hardcorowców...


Up version of the content Pasofami (v2.13) (2013/08/18)

  • Emulator bug fixes.
  • Creating RIKI's illustrator cartoonist "" glitter register - The modification of the sound of it in the title screen of the Night "is because I was making a funny sound way.


NOWSZY [multi] Pasofami 2.27

Pasofami (v2.27) (2016/07/19)

  • Reading and writing of the battery backup file of the GBA is now possible.
  • MBC1, MBC2 type of GBC now also be able to read and write of the battery backup file.
  • GBAの電池バックアップファイルの読み取りと書込が出来るようになりました。
  • GBCのMBC1,MBC2タイプも電池バックアップファイルの読み取りと書込が出来るようになりました。
NOWSZY [multi] Pasofami 2.20
NOWSZY [multi] Pasofami 2.18
NOWSZY [multi] Pasofami 2.17

Upgrade contents of Pasofami (v2.17) (2014/07/08)

  • I want to enable any extension of the backup data is 1.NES (BBU).
  • Bug fixes of writing save data 2.GB, of the GBC (SAV)

Upgrade contents of Pasofami (v2.16) (2014/03/30)

Draft NES was slow draft speed in response to the medium of cassette ROM of the initial time.

  1. Adding a title CRC matches automatic draft becomes to be able to (about 30 pieces)
    • Karaoke studio basic set
    • Karaoke studio dedicated cassette 1
    • Kids of any finished Oeka Kids Anpanman
    • Hiragana love Oeka Kids Anpanman
    • Family Basic V3
      • Three Kingdoms
      • Treasure of Erunaku
    • Super Mole Mole Tatakipo~tsukun -
    • Jump heaven Kakefu kun
      • Outlander's
    • Ball Blazer
    • Columbus
      • Uddeipoko
    • Quadruple family quiz rival
    • Predator
      • Surprised fervor new record
      • Mappy Kids
    • 89 Cyber​​-horoscope fortune-telling
    • Tokyo Adventure Pachi
    • Karnov-
    • And railway King
      • ASO
      • The Untouchables
    • Wild Gunman
    • E. Al Kung Fu
    • And Challenge to Ⅱ brave spelunker
      • People who see the stars
      • Yatsura
    • Pajamas Hero
    • Power Blazer
    • Banana
    • Tiny Toon Adventures
  2. Cassette of hacker International
    • Mahjong Summit
      • AV World Soccer
      • AV Pachislot
    • Idol Sichuan Mahjong
    • Japanese playing cards, heroism transfer your dragon
      • AV Hanafuda Club
      • AV Poker
    • Thorpe panic
    • Mahjong companion
    • Papillon Gals
      • AV Super Real Pachinko
      • AV Dragon Mahjong
      • AV Mahjong Club
    • Pyramid Cleopatra crisis
    • Mi speech World
    • Metal Fighter mu (KINEMA MUSIC)
  3. Titles can be sucked out by the slow speed draft (Xevious)
  4. Title (laughter life theater 2, Mappy) chip inside is different with the same title
  5. (Non-release cassette that was sold at 250,000 yen at auction) Love Quest
  6. Glitter Star Night of RIKI's Glitter Star Night 2
NOWSZY [multi] Pasofami 2.15


up version of the content Pasofami (v2.15) (2013/10/20 )

  • 1. As an additional extension of the NSF
  • I was able in the last version for creating the NSF split files as a function up this time
  • was to be able to at 60 times normal speed (1) division process.
  • I was doing a split while listening at the time of the song playing in order to split in the past,  it has been changed to be able to create at 60 times faster degree as a state that does not listen to this.  So I can be created as all NSF file split in 5 minutes 3 ​​minutes through the NSF file in about 50 songs.  
  • Is created, this NSF split file, can be heard in any NSF player.
  • Delete function of the part which has been duplicated in the NSF file that you (2) split  playing the same content was repeated when you play a-normal NSF file but  this time, file by removing the part by detecting the overlap I added a function to be saved in the.
  • NSF player (3) Pasofami
  • I support the player NSF file of general-purpose, NSF split files, integration of NSF file.
  • You can set the playing time of the song when you listen to the Settings · · · NSF player playing time.
  • Cooperation with (4) NSF integrated software  you have created a software separate from the Pasofami to make NSF files one by integrating the NSF file that-split.
  • · NSF split file that you can listen to any NSF player of course  possible to NSF files of one of them to choose favorite songs NSF split separate files that  you have created the integrated software. (The free software is separate from the Pasofami)  Thus, for example few songs of one Dragon Quest, few songs of Dragon Quest 2, the number of tracks of Dragon Quest 3, few songs of 4 Dragon Quest  you can make the Dragon Quest series integration NSF file by collecting.  Of course, NSF integration file, is possible to listen on any of the NSF players hear the sound of your own taste.
  • Description of NSF integrated software  output is integrated NSF files in multiple input files of
  • 1.NSF split file.
  • 2. If the input file is not a NSF or NSF integrated file split file, it does not become a target of the input.
  • 3. I will write to NSF integrated file summarizes the split multiple files 1024K bytes constraints as the NSF file size  restrictions apply within.
  • 4. The information is written to Heder part of an integrated file if you are using an extended sound source in each split file.
  • 5. Of the total in Heder part of the integrated file if you are using the extended sound different to split each file   it becomes the Specify Advanced sound source.
  • 6. NSF split files will be added to the list if you do drag-and-drop the file name.
  • 7. Order of the song playing is the order of the list, but you can swap the order in the D & D operation in the list.
  • 8. I can specify whether to play from any track number of integration file.
  • 9. I can be in the Heder part of the integrated file, is specified in the "Song Title", "Artist name" and "author's name".
  • 10. Number of songs integrated file is split number of files that you have added, but "output as one song continuously tracks"  is output on a song together a number of songs if specified. Interval of 1 second is possible between songs.
  • 11. Start the NSF player in the integrated file immediately after creation, you can confirm the creation content.
  • 12. NSF player can register up to four full path name of the player to advance in the Preferences.
  • 13. You can listen in the player to choose only the songs you can click each row in the list.
  • 14. List information of the split files can be saved.
  • 15. By specifying a folder in the "NSF file list" details the NSF file if you need  NSF list of all of the underlying display, NSF player will be started click on the filename.
  • 16. I can view detailed information on each port 1 of each sound source port information written in the split file.


NOWSZY [multi] Pasofami 2.14


up version of the content Pasofami (v2.14) (2013/09/03)

  • (extended from V2.10) extension of the NSF creation
  • you can create NSF files of each song to another by selection of music from · NSF file.
  •  I can create the NSF file at any time the sound of playing in the NES file.
  • You can be heard on NSF favorite player because there is versatility NSF file that you created.
  • You can write to the file the sound port output of playing the NSF file or playing, of NES file (NSD file).
  • Therefore, by reading this NSD file, you can output MP3, WAV, MID, etc. to the processing of their own.
  • I can save to a file DMC information automatically if there is a DPCM output from the NSF / NES.
  • Is easy to operate in conjunction with the NSF player.
  • Changed to be easy this time and that I was not able to select only one song in the last version, the operation was so troublesome.
  • Modification of NSF player bug
  • fixes bug in silent determination time of the song when switching · NSF player
  • (additional) selection of enable or disable-silent judgment time
  • selection of enabled or disabled, the maximum playing time (added)
  • As a result of the · NSF extension, I change the specifications and internal change of the screen.
  • Bug fixes settings joypad input
  • it was the state that it can not only set of keyboard-only input device settings.


→ [multi] Pasofami 2.11

Contents of version upgrade (v2.11) Pasofami (2013/04/04)

  • Up version of the content Pasofami (v2.11) (2013/04/04)
  • Corresponding failure of suction function.
  • Defect in (cartridge HuC-3) Game Boy Color
  • I-Fixed a bug "Robopon series" and "pocket family series".
  • Corresponding defect in the Super Nintendo
  • I-Fixed a bug that checksum does not match the draft I could, "Stake in the ring (Messiah · NP rewrite)" in the SF memory cassette.
  • I-Fixed a bug that checksum of "Mega Man X" does not match.
→ [multi] Pasofami 2.1

Contents of version upgrade (v2.10) Pasofami (2013/03/16)


  • (This function is also available in the trial version Pasofami.) 2 enhancements create NSF
  • You can create a NSF file by selecting the file play anywhere in the NES.
  • You can create NSF files to another song selection from NSF file.
  • One song each from all the songs from NSF file, you can create a separate file as NSF. (Additional functions)
  • NSF file that you create can be heard in your favorite NES emulator and NSF player.
  • Or while playing NES files can be written to a file in the output sound ports play NSF files (NSD file).
  • By reading this NSD file, you can output MP3, WAV, MID, etc. Thus the processing of their own.
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