[MULTI] Pantheon 5.318

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[MULTI] Pantheon 5.318

Nowa wersja multiemulatora Pantheon, programu autorstwa  Bostjana 'Grandy' Grandoveca, tym razem aktualizacja zainteresuje fanów Mattel Intellivision. Projekt w chwili obecnej obsługuje już 5318 tytułów.

Rockeeter (Photo@Pantheon) czyli JetPack a la Intellivision

Pantheon 5.318

games for Mattel Intellivision: ABPA Backgammon, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Cloudy Mountain, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin, All-Star Major League Baseball, Area Fighter, Astrosmash, Atlantis, Auto Racing, B-17 Bomber, Balloons vs. the Clowns of Christmas Presents, Beamrider, Body Slam Super Pro Wrestling, Bomb Squad, Boxing, Brickout!, Bump 'n' Jump, Buzz Bombers, Centipede, Clowns and Balloons, Christmas Carol vs. the Ghost of Christmas Presents, Commando, Congo Bongo, Crazy Clones, Deep Pockets - Super Pro Pool and Billiards, Diner, Donkey Kong Arcade, Donkey Kong Junior, Dragonfire, Fathom, Goat Nom, Hotel Bunny, Hover Force, Illusions, Intellipongola, Istar, Kool-Aid Man, Land Battle, Loco-Motion, Major League Baseball, Mastermind, Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man!, Motocross, Mouse Trap, Mountain Madness Super Pro Skiing, NHL Hockey, Nova Blast, Number Blaster, PGA Golf, Pinball, Pole Position, Rocketeer, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Royal Dealer, Scarfinger, Sea Battle, Sewer Sam, Shark! Shark!, Sharp Shot, Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball, Slap Shot Super Pro Hockey, Space Armada, Space Battle, Space Cadet, Space Hawk, Space Patrol, Space Shuttle, Space Spartans, Spiker! Super Pro Volleyball, Stadium Mud Buggies, Star Strike, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Stonix, Sub Hunt, Super Pixel Brothers, Super Pro Decathlon, Super Pro Football, Tag-Along Todd, Tennis, The Dreadnaught Factor, The Electric Company: Math Fun, The Electric Company: Word Fun, Thin Ice, Thunder Castle, Tower of Doom, Triple Action, Tris, Tron: Deadly Discs, Tron: Maze-A-Tron, Tron: Solar Sailer, Tropical Trouble, Truckin', U.S. Ski Team Skiing, Utopia, Vectron, White Water!, World Cup Football, Worm Whomper, Zombie Marbles

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Barbarian II (Acorn BBC Micro, Superior Software, 1989)

Pantheon 7.708 28/10/2018

  • games for Acorn BBC Micro: 3D Pool, 3D Tennis, Aabatron, Adventure Anthology, Airbrush, Airline, All the colours of Darkness, American Suds, Ant Killer, Aqua Attack, Astefix, Astro Blaster, Atomic Protector, Ball Game, Battle of Britain, Battle Planet, BBC Mastermind, BeebTrek, Beeline, Beyond Infinity: Cute to Kill, Bill Bounces Back!, Blast!, Block Breaker, Blocker, Boat Race, Boffin, Boffin 2, Boulder Crash, Brainstorm, Buffalo Bill's Rodeo Games, Bullseye, Caesar the Cat, Castle of Nightmares, Cat-Napper, Caveman Capers, Challenger, Circus Games, Citadel, Citadel 2, Christmas Antics, Colony, Colossus Chess 4.0, Contract Bridge, Cops, Corn Cropper, Crazy Caves, Cribbage, Crypton, Dambusters, Dennis in the Mines, Diamonds, Digger, Dingbat, Doctor Who: The First Adventure, Dreamtime, Dungeon Adventure, Empire, Enigma!, Explosion, Father Christmas's Crackers, Fawkes' Run, Five Alive, Flight of the Unicorn, Flint's Gold, Forbidden Fruit, Formula 1, French on the Run, Gateway to the Skies, Grabit, Gridder, Guardian of Doomsday, Gulp!, Harebrain, HatTrix, Hi-Bouncer, History Quiz, Honey Bug, House of Horrors, Hunkie-Egg, In Search of Atahaulpa, Indoor Soccer, International Megasports, Island of Secrets, J.R., Jetman, Journey to Freedom, Jump-Jet, Kidnapped, Krazy John, Legion Adventure, Litterbug, Lode Runner, Lords of Time, Magic Wall, Martian Adventure, Maltese Cross, Maze Invaders, Mixed Grill March, Monster's Gold, Mysterious Adventure: 1. The Golden Baton, Mysterious Adventure: 2. The Time Machine, Mysterious Adventure: 3. Arrow of Death 1, Mysterious Adventure: 4. Arrow of Death 2, Mysterious Adventure: 5. Escape from Pulsar 7, Mysterious Adventure: 6. Circus, Mysterious Adventure: 7. Feasibility Experiment, Mysterious Adventure: 8. The Wizard of Akyrz, Mysterious Adventure: 9. Perseus and Andromeda, Mysterious Adventure: 10. Ten Little Indians, Mysterious Adventure: 11. Waxworks, Nutter, Omniscient, Pearl Harbour, Pipeman, Pitfall Pete, Plig, Pontoon, Programmer's Revenge, Quest for the Truth, Randall Rabbit, Revs, Revs 4 Tracks, Revs 5 Tracks, Robin of Sherwood, Rock Pile, Rocket Raid, Rohak the Swordsman, Runemaker - Codename: Druid, Samantha Fox Strip Poker, Scruge, Shanghai Warriors, Shuggy's Garden, Snorter, Space Escape, Space Station Alpha, SpellBinder, Spooky House, Spy vs Spy, Star Trader, Stop! Thief!, Strike Force Harrier, Suds, Suicide Island, Super Digga, Superior Soccer, Sword Master, Tennis, The Axe of Kolt, The Empire Strikes Back, The Game of Rassilion, The Lost Crystal, The Pay-Off, The Pen and the Dark, The Pyramid, The Secret Garden, The Secret of Arendarvon Castle, The Shrinking Professor's Quest, Thrust, Time Bomb, Tomahawk, Trackman Game, Trivial Pursuit - Baby Boomer Edition, Trivial Pursuit - Genus Edition, Trivial Pursuit - Young Players Edition, W.A.R., Web Runner, What's Eeyore's?, Who Dares Wins II, Wolf Pack III, Yartsie, Zalaga, Zuyder Zee
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Firebird (1983)
  • games for Jupiter ACE: 3-D Maze, Ace Avoider, Ace Invaders, Ace Mines, Ace Star, Aceteroids, Acevaders, Adventure A - Planet of Death, Alien Defender, Alien Invaders, Alien Swarm, Amazing Maze, Antarctica, Asteroids, Astrian Descent, Atic Raid, Balloon Pilot, Black Island Adventure, Blowing up the World, Bomber, Bomber!, Bombs, Brands Hatch, Breakout, Brick Catcher, Casse Briques, Cavern Attack, Centipede, Champs De Mines, Chase, Chess, Cygnus, Demolition, Dodge the Munch, Dot Man, Dual Duel, Duck Invaders, Duckshoot, Firebird, Fish, Flutterer, Forth Surround, Frogger, Fungle Monster, Greedy Gobbler, Green X Frog, Guessing Game, Hangman, Jackpot, Jumpman, Krazy Kong, Light Racer, Lunar Lander, Memory Stars, Meteor, Meteor Racer, Meteors, Micro Maze 1, Micro Maze 2, Micro Maze 3, Millipede, Minefield, Missile Man, Money Matrix, Moo, Moon Buggy, Othello, Overtaker, Owler, Pacman, Puzzle, Quick-Draw, Robohench, Robohunt, Sam and the Time Bombs, Shuttlecock, Snake, SokoACE, Space Battle, Space Fighter Pilot, Space Invaders, Star Trek, Street Race, Sudoku, Superbat+, Tank Battle, Tetris, Titan Defender, Towers of Hanoi, Turbo, Worms, Zapem
→ NOWSZY [MULTI] Pantheon 7.444
  • games for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive: 16t, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, Addams Family Values, Alien3, Arcade Classics, Arrow Flash, Asterix and the Great Rescue, AWS Pro Moves Soccer, Baby's Day Out, Barney's Hide and Seek Game, Batman, Battle Frenzy, Battletech: A Game of Armored Combat, Best of the Best - Championship Karate, Bible Adventures, Blades of Vengeance, Boxing Legends of the Ring, Bubble and Squeak, California Games, Captain Planet and the Planeteers, Championship Bowling, Chess, Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool, Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest, Chuck Rock, Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck, College Slam, Contra - Hard Corps, Crusader of Centy, Darwin 4081, David Crane's Amazing Tennis, Decap Attack starring Chuck D. Head, Devil's Course, Dial Q wo Mawase!, Dick Tracy, Doraemon: Yume Dorobou to 7-nin no Gozans, Dragon Ball: Final Bout, Dragon's Fury, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, Earnest Evans, Escape from Mars, Evander Holyfield's Boxing, F-22 Interceptor, F1 Grand Prix, F1 Super Licence, Ferias Frustradas do Pica Pau, FIFA: Road to World Cup 98, Fire Shark, Frank Thomas: Big Hurt Baseball, Gaiares, Gemfire, Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Grind Stormer, Growl, HardBall '94, HardBall '95, Heavy Unit: Mega Drive Special, High Seas Havoc, Ikasuze! Koi no Doki Doki Penguin Land MD, It Came from the Desert, Janou Touryumon, Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker Challenge, John Madden Football, Joshua and the Battle of Jericho, Judge Dredd, King Salmon: The Big Catch, Lemmings, Lemmings 2: The Tribes, Ling Huan Daoshi, Mamono Hunter Yohko: Dai-7 no Keishou, Marble Madness, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Master of Weapon, Metal Fangs, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Midnight Resistance, MLBPA Baseball, Mr. Nutz, NBA All-Star Challenge, NBA Jam Tournament Edition, New 3D Golf Simulation: Harukanaru Augusta, New 3D Golf Simulation: Waialae no Kiseki, NHL Hockey '95, NHL Hockey '96, Oh Mummy, Osomatsu-kun: Hachamecha Gekijou, Outlander, PGA Tour Golf, PGA Tour Golf II, PGA Tour Golf III, Pokemon Crazy Drummer, Premier Manager 97, Probotector, Psycho Pinball, Pulseman, Pyramid Magic Special, R.B.I. Baseball '93, R.B.I. Baseball '94, Rambo III, Richard Scarry's Busytown, Risky Woods, RoadBlasters, Shadow of the Beast, Shadowrun, Shining in the Darkness, Smash T.V., Snow Bros - Nick and Tom, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Space Harrier II, Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge, Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin, Star Control, Steel Talons, Streets of Rage, Streets of Rage II, Streets of Rage III, Super Battletank, Super Fantasy Zone, Super Mario World, Super Volleyball, TaleSpin, Tecmo Cup Football Game, Tekken 3 Special, Tel-Tel Mahjong, The Earth Defend, The Gadget Twins, The Lawnmower Man, The Lion King, The NewZealand Story, The Ooze, The Punisher, The Terminator, ToeJam and Earl, ToeJam and Earl in Panic on Funkotron, Trampoline Terror!, Turrican, Uzu Keobukseon, V.R Fighter vs Taken 2, Wacky Races, Warrior of Rome, Warrior of Rome II, World Series Baseball '95, World Series Baseball '96, Zero Tolerance, Zhong Guo Xiang Qi Chinese Chess
→ NOWSZY [MULTI] Pantheon 7.298

Pantheon 7.298 11/07/18

  • games for Atari 8-bit computers: A Day at Manor Grange, A Day at the Races, A.E., Accion, Acey-Deucey, Adebar, Adventure in the Fifth Dimension, Agent USA, Air Raid!, Alien Blast, Amazing, Andromeda Conquest, Arex, Astra Phantasm, Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, Baby Dash, Ballbender!, Baseball, Basketball, Beach Landing, Beneath Apple Manor, Bigfoot, Black Jack, Blackjack, Blockbreaker, Bomb Fusion, Broadsides, C'est la Vie, Candy Factory, Castle Assault, Cavern Commander, Caverns of Callisto, Caves of Rigel, Cells and Serpents, Checker King, Chopper Raid, Claim Jumper, Cloud Hopper, Collision Course, Computer Quarterback, Concentration, Cosmic Life, Cranston Manor Adventure, Cribbage, Crypts of Egypt, Cybernome, Dam Trouble, Deathzone, Deimos, Demon Adventure, Destiny - The Cruiser, Digi Duck, Diver, Doctor Who Adventure, Doofy, Dr. Goodcode's Cavern, Dragonlord, Drol, Dziedzictwo Gigantow, Easy Money, Electra-Ball, Environment-X, Escape, Evolution, Fairy Castle, Fifty Mission Crush, Fire Fox, Five Card Stud Poker, Flappy, Flying High, Fortress, Frantic!, Frenesis, Fusebox, Gabi, Galactic Gloop, Gangstersville, Get Up!, Glip, Go Cart, Golden Gloves, Gossip, Green Beret, Guardian, Gwobby Strikes Back!, H2O, Hawkmoon, Hickory Dickory Dock, Hockey, Honky, Hulk Out, Indiana Jones - The Last Crusade, Intruder Alert!, IQ Master, Jenny of the Prairie, Joe's Adventure, Juice!, Jumping Jim, Jungle Boy, Kampania Wrzesniowa, Key-Man, King of the Ring, Kitten, Klondike Solitaire, Kosmonauti, Labyrinths, Lancelot, Lava Run, Leap'in Lizards!, Lemmings, Light Up!, Loco, Lookahead, Lunar Lander, Magic Dimension, Magnex, Maneuver, Marathon, MasterType, Math Busters, Maximillian B., Maxit!, Mental Age, Meteor Storm, Micro Sailing, Milk Nuts, Miniature Golf, Mission on Thunderhead, Monarch, Monopoly, Moon Beam Arcade, Mountain Bike, Mr. Bear, Mr. TNT, My First Alphabet, Nasen Jack, Night Mission Pinball, Ninja, North Atlantic Convoy Raider, Nuclear Mountain, Opera House / Qa!, Operation Wolf II, Pang, Parsec XL, Paul and the Dummy, Peanut Butter Panic, Pengon, Picnic Paranoia, Plague Attack, Planetary Defense, Pogo Joe, PokerSAM, Pontoon, Prizrak Nuly, Problem Jasia, Problem Jasia II, Quatro, Queen of Hearts, R.O.T.O., Raster Blaster, Reader Rabbit and the Fabulous Word Factory, Rear Guard, Rescue Mission, Revenge of the Plutonian Flies, Richard Petty's Talladega, River Rally, Robomash, Rocket Raiders, Roll'em!, Rosen's Brigade, Sammy the Sea Serpent, Scrabble, Screaming Wings, Sea Horse Hide'n Seek, Serpentine, Shatablast, Shit!, Show Down, Skunk, Sky Blazer, Snark, Snark Hunt, Snooper Troops: The Granite Point Ghost, Snooper Troops: The Disappearing Dolphin, Solo Flight, Solo Flight - Second Edition, Space Ace, Space Mission Problem Solving, Space Station Quest, Spare Change, Speed King, Spindizzy, Spy Plane, Star Maze, Star Trek 3.5, Starblade, Steeple Jack, Stoneguard, Submarine Commander, Sultan's Palace, SuperFrogs Funspeller, SuperWurm, Survivor, Syntron, TactWar, Tank Battle, Taxicab Hill, Telengard, The Bean Machine, The Casebook of Hemlock Soames, The Day After, The Dragon's Den, The Flintstone's Adventure, The Jewels of Darkness, The Last Chance, The Lost City, The Ninja Master, The Pay-Off, The Scrolls of Abadon, The Spectre of Castle Doomrock, The Temple of Apshai Trilogy, The Vaults of Zurich, The Wizard of Id's WizType, Through the Looking Glass, Tigris, Time Bomb, Toskanec, Toyshop, Train Dispatcher, Trolls and Tribulations, Tron - The Race!, Tube Baddies, Twilight World, Uptown Manager, V.C., Video Vegas, Viro-Mania, Vultures III, Wargle!, Waterloo II, Wheel of Fortune, Who Dares Wins II, World Soccer, Wustoy's, Yar's Strike, Zahrcon, Zone X, Zyclop
→ NOWSZY [MULTI] Pantheon 7.050

Pantheon 7.050 02/05/18

  • games for MSX computers: A1 Spirit, Aaargh!, Addicta Ball, Adven'chuta!, Alter Ego, Antares, Atoms 2, Back to the Future, Bakerman, Banana Worm, Bastard, Binary Land, Boulder Dash II, Break-Out, Butamaru Pants, Camelot Warriors, Cannon Fighter, Car Jamboree, Cetus, Cheating Wives, Checkers in Tantan Tanuki, Chuckie Egg, Con-dori, Crazy Bullet, Daiva Story 4: Asura's Bloodfeud, Deep Dungeon, Delta Force, Desolator, Devorado, Dimies, Draughts, Dynamite Bowl, Eat Blue!, Eddie Kidd's Jump Challenge, Eggy, Enchanted, Enigma, F-1 Spirit: The way to Formula-1, Factory Infection, Feud, Fighting Rider, Flight Deck, Football Manager, Fruity Frank, Galaxia, Galleon, Gekitotsu Pennant Race 2, Gemini Wing, Gomoku Narabe, Greatest Driver 2D Special, Grid Wars, Gunjin Shogi Gunshin Mars, Hacker, Hans' Adventure, Happy Fret, Haradius, Hercule, Highway Encounter, Howard: The Duck, Hyper Rally, Icicle Works, Indianquest, Infernal Miner, Invaders, Iron Star, Je Compte!, Jigsaw Set, Jotunn, Jump Jet, JumpinG: The Tutorial Game, Jyankyo, Kick It!, Knuckle Joe, Konami's Mahjong Dojo, Kralizec Battle Tetris, Lady Safari, Lazer Bykes, Le Mans, Legendly Knight, Livingstone Supongo, Livingstone Supongo - MSX2, Lode Run, Los Jardines de Zee Wang Zu, Mars II, Maths Invaders, Mayhem, Mecha Taisen on planet Oldskool, Megaphoenix, Miner Machine, Mission A, Mo-Karimakka. Bochibochidenna Sport, Monster's Fair, Moving Squares, Mr. Mole, MSX Baseball, MSX Baseball II, Nemesis 3: The Eve of Destruction, Neo Zeta 2000, NeoPong 512, Ninja Kun: Ashura no Shou, No Fuss!, North Sea Helicopter, Nuts and Milk, Obliterator, Oh No!, Out Run, Out Run - MSX2, Paccy, Palamedes, Panther, Parachuteless Joe, Pentagram, Pico Pico, Pinball Blaster, Pine Applin, Plumber, Poker, Punchy, Queen's Golf Training Center, RadX-8, Rai Rai, Rekenwonder, Replicart, Retaliot, Rock'n Roller, Roller Ball, Sa-Zi-Ri, Safari-X, Scentipede, Score 3020, Shougi Sinan 1, Shout Match, Sink King, Skyfox, Slot Machine, Soko, Sorcery, Spirit Power, Stan the Dreamer, Stardust, Stray Cat, Super Golf, Super Laydock: Mission Striker, Super Racer, T.N.T., Talisman, Tao, Tensai Rabbian Daifunsen, Terminus: The Prison Planet, The Demon Crystal, The Double Vision, The Fighting Wolf AT, The Great Gianna Sisters, The Heist, The Key, The Price of Magik, The Spider, The Tower of Angel, The Tower of Druaga, Tiles of Shalom, Traffic, Trick Boy, Triversi, Txupinazo!, Uchi Mata, Ultima III: Exodus, Urusei Yatsura: Koi no Survival Birthday, Vampire's Empire, Vectron, Vestron, Vigilante, Water Driver, Who Dares Wins II, Whopper Chase, World Golf, XORZ, Xybots, Young Sherlock: The Legacy of Doyle, Zakil Wood, Zanac v2, Zone TNT, Zorax
→ NOWSZY [MULTI] Pantheon 6.868
International Karate 2000 (Studio 3 Interactive Entertainment Ltd., Oct, 1999)

Pantheon 6.868 11/03/18

  • games for Nintendo Color GameBoy: 10-Pin Bowling, 1942, Aladdin, Animorphs, AquaLife, Asteroids, B-Daman Bakugaiden: Victory e no Michi, B-Daman Bakugaiden V: Final Mega Tune, Balloon Fight GB, Beatmania GB, Beatmania GB2: GotchaMix, Beatmania GB: GotchaMix 2, Bob the Builder: Fix It Fun!, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Cardcaptor Sakura: Itsumo Sakura-chan to Issho, Cardcaptor Sakura: Tomoeda Shougakkou Daiundoukai, Carmageddon, Checkmate, Columns GB: Tezuka Ozamu Characters, Cyborg Kuro-chan: Devil Fukkatsu, Cyborg Kuro-chan 2: White Woods no Gyakushuu, Data-Navi Pro Yakyuu, Data-Navi Pro Yakyuu 2, Dejiko no Mahjong Party, Diva Starz: Mall Mania, Dracula: Crazy Vampire, Dungeon Savior, Dx Monopoly GB, E.T. and the Cosmic Garden, Egg Racer, F-1 World Grand Prix, F-1 World Grand Prix II, Fire Gear, Frogger, Gakkyu Ou Yamazaki, Ganbare Goemon: Mononoke Douchuu Tobidase Nabe-Bugyou!, Ganbare Goemon: Tengu-tou no Gyakushuu!, Golf Daisuki!, Gute Zeiten - Schlechte Zeiten, Hamster Club, Hamster Club 2, Honkaku Hanafuda GB, Honkaku Taisen Shougi Ayumu, International Karate 2000, Jankyuusei - Cosplay Paradise, Jet Set Willy, Jurassic Boy 2, Kaijin Zona, Kandume Monsters Parfait, Kelly Club: Clubhouse Fun, Kirikou, Koto Battle: Tengai no Moribito, Lego Racers, Little Magic, Logical, Magi Nation, Marble Madness, McDonalds Monogatari: Honobono Tenchou Ikusei Game, Men in Black: The Series, Men in Black 2: The Series, Microsoft Pinball Arcade, Moomin's Tale, Ms. Pac-Man, Nakayoshi Cooking Series 1: Oishii Cake Okusan, Nakayoshi Cooking Series 2: Oishii Panya-San, NBA Jam '99, NFL Blitz, NSYNC: Get to the Show, Oddworld Adventures 2, Othello Millennium, Pakus, Perplex Deluxe, Pocket Color Mahjong, Pocket Hanafuda, Pong: The Next Level, Puchi Carat, Puzzle de Shoubuyo! Wootama-chan, Q-bert, Race Time, Real Pro Yakyuu!: Central League, Real Pro Yakyuu!: Pacific League, Rhino Rumble, Robin Hood, Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths & Legends, Sakata Gorou Kudan No Renju Kyoushitsu, Sanrio Timenet: Kako Hen, Sanrio Timenet: Mirai Hen, SD Hiryu no Ken Gaiden EX, Shantae, Soccer Manager, Space-Net: Cosmo Blue, Space-Net: Cosmo Red, Star Tex, Starfight, Super Bombliss DX, Sweet Ange, Tabaluga, Taxi 2, Taxi 3, The Black Onyx, The F.A. Premier League Stars 2001, The Land before Time, The Mask of Zorro, The Shutokou Racing, Thunder Blast Man, Toki Tori, Tokimeki Memorial Pocket: Culture Hen, Tokimeki Memorial Pocket: Sport Hen, Trouballs, Tweety's High-Flying Adventure, Ultimate Paintball, V.I.P., Warau Inu No Bouken: Silly Go Lucky!, Wendy: Der Traum von Arizona, Wetrix GB, Who wants to be a Millionaire, Wizardry Empire, Wizardry Empire: Fukkatsu No Tsue, WWF Attitude, Zok Zok Heroes
→ NOWSZY [MULTI] Pantheon 6.748
F15 Strike Eagle (MicroProse Software, Inc., Jun, 1993). Photo@Pantheon

Pantheon 6.648 05/02/17

  • games for Nintendo GameBoy: 4-in-1 Fun Pak, 4-in-1 Fun Pak: Volume II, Adventures of Lolo, After Burst, America Oudan Ultra Quiz, America Oudan Ultra Quiz 2, America Oudan Ultra Quiz 3, America Oudan Ultra Quiz 4, Arctic Zone, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Baseball, Batman, Batman Forever, Battle Unit Zeoth, Bionic Battler, Block Kuzushi GB, Boulder Dash, BreakThru!, Captain Tsubasa J: Zenkoku Seiha Heno Chousen, Castelian, Chalvo 55, Choplifter II, Choplifter III, Cool Ball, Crazy Burger, Dexterity, Dirty Racing, Doraemon: Taiketsu Himitsu Dogu!!, Doraemon 2: Animal Wakusei Densetsu, Dr. Franken, Dr. Franken II, Dragon Ball Z: Goku Gekitouden, Dragon Ball Z: Goku Hishouden, Duck Adventures, Elevator Action, F-15 Strike Eagle, Family Jockey, Family Jockey 2: Meiba no Kettou, Final Reverse, Fire Dragon, Flappy Special, Frank Thomas: Big Hurt Baseball, Frisky Tom, Game Boy Gallery, Game & Watch Gallery, GB Genjin Land: Viva! Chikkun Oukoku, Gem Gem, Ginga, God Medicine: Fantasy Sekai no Tanjou, Grander Musashi RV, Hayaoshi Quiz: Ouza Ketteisen, Hero Shuugou!! Pinball Party, Home alone, Home alone 2: Lost in New York, Hyper Lode Runner: The Labyrinth of Doom, In your Face, Ishida Yoshio Tsumego Paradise, J. League Big Wave Soccer, Janshirou, Janshirou II: Sekai Saikyou no Janshi, Joe & Mac, Joshua & the Battle of Jericho, Kamen Rider SD: Hashire! Mighty Riders, Kirby's Dream Land, Kirby's Dream Land 2, Kitchen Panic, Koi Wa Kakehiki, Last Action Hero, Lingo, Lock 'N' Chase, Lunar Lander, Madden 95, Madden 96, Madden 97, Marble Madness, Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible, Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible II, Midori no Makibao, Milon's Secret Castle, Money Idol Exchanger, Mr. Chin's Gourmet Paradise, Namco Classic, Navy Blue 90, Navy Blue 98, NFL Football, Nintama Rantarou GB: Eawase Challenge Puzzle, Oddworld Adventures, Onigashima Pachinko-Ten, Othello World, Pac-Attack, Panel Action Bingo, Peetan, Penguin Land, Pinball: Revenge of the Gator, Pocket Mahjong, Pocket Shogi, Power Racer, Prophecy: The Viking Child, Puzznic, Quiz Sekai wa Show by Shoubai!!, R-Type, R-Type II, Rainbow Prince, Ring Rage, Roadster, Rock'n! Monster!!, Same Game, Sanrio Carnival, Sanrio Carnival 2, Serpent, Shinseiki GPX Cyber Formula, Skate or Die: Bad 'n Rad, Skate or Die: Tour de Thrash, Solar Striker, Spirou, Square Deal, Super Black Bass Pocket, Super Black Bass Pocket 2, Super Pachinko Taisen, Tamagotchi, Tamagotchi 2: Game de Hakken!!, Tekkyu Fight! The Great Battle Gaiden, Tesserae, Tetris 2, The Smurfs, Tokoro's Mahjong Jr., Tokyo Disneyland: Fantasy Tour, Tokyo Disneyland: Mickey no Cinderella Shiro Mystery Tour, True Lies, Tumblepop, Uchuu Senkan Yamato, Universal Soldier, Uno: Small World, Uno 2: Small World, Vattle Giuce, Versus Hero: Kakutou Ou e no Michi, Waterworld, Welcome Nakayoshi Park, Wizardry Gaiden 1: Suffering of the Queen, Wizardry Gaiden 2: Curse of the Ancient Emperor, Wizardry Gaiden 3: Scripture of the Dark, Wordtris, World Beach Volley: 1992 GB Cup, World Circuit Series, Xenon 2: Megablast, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Yuu Yuu Hakusho Dai-Ni-Dan: Ankoku Bujutsu Kai Hen, Yuu Yuu Hakusho Dai-San-Dan: Makai no Tobira, Yuu Yuu Hakusho Dai-Yon-Dan: Makai Toitsu Hen, Zoop
→ NOWSZY [MULTI] Pantheon 6.598

Pantheon 6.598 30/12/17

  • games for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive: A Q Renkan Awa, Action 52, Air Diver, Alisia Dragoon, Astro Duel, B.O.B., Barbie Super Model, Barbie Vacation Adventure, Bimini Run, Blue Almanac, Brian Lara Cricket '96, Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball, Call of Duty Ghosts, Castlevania: Bloodlines, Championship Pool, Chibi Maruko-Chan: Waku Waku Shopping, College Football's National Championship, College Football's National Championship II, Congo - The Game, Dangerous Seed, Dino Dini's Soccer, DJ Boy, Donald Duck in Maui Mallard, Dynamite Duke, Ecco the Dolphin, Ecco: The Tides of Time, Exodus: Journey to the Promised Land, F1 Circus MD, Fantastic Dizzy, Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury 2, FIFA Soccer 97, Flicky, G-LOC - Air Battle, Gem Quest, Ghostbusters, Gunstar Heroes, HardBall!, HardBall III, Hercules 2, Hyper Marbles, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Jammit, Jeopardy! Sports Edition, Joe Montana II: Sports Talk Football, Last Action Hero, Ma Qiao E Mo Ta: Devilish Mahjong Tower, Magic Bubble, Mahjong Cop Ryuu: Shiro Ookami no Yabou, Mallet Legend, Mario Andretti Racing, Mega SWIV, MIG-29 Fulcrum, MK5: Mortal Combat - Sub Zero, NHL Hockey '94, No Escape, Pac-Mania, Paperboy, Paperboy 2, Pocket Monster, Pocket Monster II, Premier Manager, Pyramid Magic, Pyramid Magic II, Pyramid Magic III, Rampart, Rise of the Robots, Rolling Thunder 2, Rolling Thunder 3, Samurai Shodown, Samurai Spirits II, Sesame Street: Counting Cafe, ShiKinJou, Shougi no Hoshi, Slap Fight, Sonic Jam 6, Sorcerer's Kingdom, Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2, Strider, Strider Returns: Journey From Darkness, Super Baseball 2020, Taikou Risshiden, Tecmo Super Bowl, Tecmo Super Bowl II: Special Edition, Tecmo Super Bowl III: Final Edition, Tetris, The Jungle Book, The King of the Fighters '98, Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII, True Lies, Twin Hawk, Uncharted Waters, Virtual Pinball, Wacky Worlds Creativity Studio, Waterworld, Whip Rush, Yi Men Ying Lie: Yang Jia Jiang, Zoom!
→ NOWSZY [MULTI] Pantheon 6.500

Pantheon 6.500 1/12/17

  • games for Acorn BBC Micro: 3D Grand Prix, 3D Munchy, 3D Noughts & Crosses, 3D Tank Zone, A Maze in Space, Adventureland, Alien Jailbreak, Anion 3, Antique Freak, Artemidorus, Asteroid Miner, Atlantis, Awari, Backgammon, Banjax, Bar Billiards, Barrel Battle, Beebgammon, Bio-Chip, Blackjack, BMX on the Moon, Boris in the Underworld, Botanical Gardens, Bridge Master, Builder Bob, Burger King!, Burger Time, Captive, Car Race, Castle of the Skull Lord, Charlie Chan visits the Wock Factory, Checkout, Cheese, Chesster, Colditz Adventure, Colossus 4 Bridge, Commando, Confuzion, Cordelia, Cosmic Fighter, Cosmic Guerillas, Cosmic Kidnap, Cowboy Shootout, Crazy Clowns, Cruncher, Crystal Sea, Death in Poglovia, Desperate Dan's Dungeon, Diamond Quest, Dickie Brickie, Dictator, Dinosaur Adventure, Dominoes, Drop In, Dug Dig, Eddie Kidd's Jump Challenge, Egg Mania, Elevasion, Elixir, Espionage, Explorer Eddie, Farmer Jo, Farmyard Fun, FirienWood, Flex, Flitty Flea, Footballer of the Year, Fred Drip, Future Shock, Garden Quest, Giantkiller, Gnasher, Gnome Adventure, Goldminer, Graham Gooch Match Cricket, Happy Puppy, Harry the Helpful Hippo!, Harvey Headbanger, Helter Skelter, Hitch Hiker, Hold Up, House - It's quite good, really, I.J.K. Casino, Impossible Mission, Insomnia, Invatron, Jason Mason, Jeremy goes Jumping, Jumbo, Jungle Journey, King's Quest, Kitchen Capers, Knight Game, Landfall, Last Days of Doom, Lemons, Liberator, Lost in Xanadu, Luna Zone, Magnetic Moon, Manic Mansion, Martians, Minefield, Miner Bill, Monaco, Monstermania, Monsters of Murdac, Moonbase Beta, Mr. Wimpy, Nyan Sid, Omegas, Oozeman, Palace of Death, Paranoid, Pass Go, Pipeline!, Pirate, Pirate Adventure, Planet of Muton, Pogo Pete, Predator, Professor Blubble, Pyramid and Casino, Radium, Rally Driver, Reluctant Hero, Return to Doom, Roboman, Robot Ronnie, Roller Coaster, Roller Rally, Rubik Cube, Saloon Sally, Santa's Workshop, Save your Bacon, Scrabble, Seek, Shipwrecked, Shipwrecked II: Jupiter 3, Sinbad, Slatter, Slippery Sam, Snaker, Snakes and Ladders, Space Hi-Way, Space Kingdom, Spitfire '40, Spitfire Command, Star Maze, Star Trek: The Adventure, Star Warp, Starship Quest, Storker's Run, Sub Killer, Superman: Man of Steel, Superman: The Game, Swamp Monsters, Tanks!, Telephone Mania, The Antagonists, The Arena, The Banana Game, The Big K.O., The Cube of Zoth, The Darkness of Raven Wood, The Gate, The Ghouls of Azzod, The Hobbit, The Island, The Little Kingdom, The Mad Painter, The Moonstone of Arkra, The QEGS Adventure, The QEGS Adventure 2, The Sentinel, The Tombs of Tutankhamen, The Valley, The Warlord, Up, Up and Away, Vortex Demo, Warp-1, Weenies, Wheeler Dealer, Winter Olympics, Wordsearch, Zen.


→ NOWSZY [MULTI] Pantheon 6.314

Pantheon 6.314 15/10/17

  • games for Commodore PET: 17 und 04, 3D Noughts and Crosses, 3D Tic-Tac-Toe, A Scrambled Word Game, Acigol, Adventure 1: Cavern of Riches, Adventure 2: The Great Pyramid, Adventure 3: Haunted Mansion, AFO, Alligator Moeras, Android Nim, Artillery, Atlantic Patrol, Awari, B-29 Bomber, Ballon Redden, Baseball, Battleship, Bets, Bjack, Blackjack, Blockade Special!, Bonzo!, Break-Out, Breakout, Breakthru', Brick, Bridge, Bridge Bidding Trainer, BShip, Buggy, Bulls and Bears, Canyon, Capture!, Car Race, Civil War, Cluedo, Concord Landing Simulation, Cops n' Robbers, Cosmic Fighter, Crash, Demon!, Destruct, Diamond Hunt II, Dog Star Adventure, Dominos, Donuts, Doolhof, Dot Racer, Drag, Draw Poker, Epidemic, Fantastic Voyage, Fifteen, Flash Attack, Flight Simulator, Fluglandung, Football, Forest, Frog!, Frogger, Function Machine, Galactic Attack, Game of Deflection, Ganzen Schieten, Golf, Gribbet, Guess, Gunner, Gunners, Hamurabi, Hang Man, Hangman!, Hartenjagen, Heart's Desire, Hit the Target, Hockenheimrenner, Horserace!, Hunter, Hurkle, Jackpot, Jumbo Lander, Keno, Labyrinth!, Laser Tanks, Lizzard, Luna Lander, Lunar Lander, Lunar Lander X, Master Mind, Mastermind, Matches, Maxit, Mazer, Meteorites, MicroChess 2.0, Microjump, Mind, Miner!, Mousemaze, Mugwump, Night Drive, Nim, Noughts and Crosses, Off-the-wall, Outpost, Pac-Man, Pesten, Petals around the Rose, PETChess 4000, Picture Kingdom, Pinn-Ball, Pinball Wizards, Pirate Adventure, Pizza, Planet Probe, Poker, Pontoon, Power Boat, Qubic, Racebaan, Racer!, Radler, Rebount, Rescue!, Roboter Jagd, Rollercoaster, Rotate, Row of Four, Sargon II, Saucer War, Schieten, Schlange, Sea Battle, Seabattle, Shark, Shoot, Sinners, Ski!, Slalom, Slot Machine, Snark, Space Attack, Space Fight, Space Shooter, Spukhaus, Squash, Star Fighter, Star Trek v17, Star Wars, Sternenfalle, Stomper, Super Doolhof, Supertank, Target Golf, Target Practice, The Postperson's Route, Thunt!, Toker, TRON: Journey to the MCP, Vector Chase, Volcano, Voyage to Atlantis, Will 'o the Wisp, Wipeout, Zap

Pantheon 6.148 31/08/2017        

  • games for Sega Game Gear: Ariel - The Little Mermaid, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S, Bust-A-Move, Buster Fight, Casino FunPak, Castle of Illusion, Cheese Cat-Astrophe, Chicago Syndicate, CJ Elephant Fugitive, Cliffhanger, Crystal Warriors, Desert Strike, Doraemon Waku Waku Pocket Paradise, Dynamite Headdy, Earthworm Jim, Evander Holyfield's Boxing, Fantastic Dizzy, FIFA Soccer 96, Fire Track, Frank Thomas: Big Hurt Baseball, From TV Animation Slam Dunk, Garfield: Caught in the Act, Global Gladiators, Godzilla - Kaijuu Daishingeki, Greendog - The Beached Surfer Dude!, Gunstar Heroes, Heavyweight Champ, Honoo no Doukyuuji: Dodge Danpei, J. League GG Pro Striker '94, J. League Soccer Dream Eleven, James Pond 3: Operation Starfi5h, Jungle Strike, Magical Taruruuto-kun, Man Overboard!, Marko's Magic Football, Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible, Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible Special, Micro Machines, Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, Monster Truck Wars, NFL Quarterback Club, NFL Quarterback Club 96, Ninku Gaiden - Hiroyuki Daikatsugeki, Paperboy, Paperboy 2, Pet Club: Neko Dai Suki!, Pete Sampras Tennis, Phantom 2040, Pocket Jansou, Popeye Beach Volley Ball, Pro Yakyuu GG League, Pro Yakyuu GG League '94, Quest for the Shaven Yak, Sassou Shounen Eiyuuden Coca Cola Kid, SD Gundam Winner's History, Sensible Soccer, Shinobi, Shinobi II - The Silent Fury, Solitare FunPak, Sonic Blast, Sonic Spinball, Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble, Spirou, Sports Illustrated: Championship Football & Baseball, Star Trek: Generations - Beyond the Nexus, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Super Battletank, Super Golf, Super Kick Off, Super Momotarou Dentetsu III, Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Swabby - A Snail Tale, Sylvan Tale, Taisenkei: Daisenryaku G, Tama & Friends - 3 Choume Kouen Tamalympic, Taz-Mania, Taz in Escape from Mars, The Adventures of Batman & Robin, The Berenstain Bears' Camping Adventure, The Incredible Crash Dummies, The Itchy & Scratchy Game, The Lucky Dime Caper, The Majors Pro Baseball, The Pro Yakyuu, The Simpsons: Bart vs. The Space Mutants, The Simpsons: Bart vs. The World, The Simpsons: Bartman Meets Radioactive Man, Tintin in Tibet, Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap, World Cup USA 94, World Series Baseball, World Series Baseball '95, WWF WrestleMania: Steel Cage Challenge, Zan Gear

Pantheon 6.052 04/08/2017        

  • games for Nintendo GameBoy: 2nd Space, Aa Harimanada, Aerostar, Aretha, Asteroids, Balloon Kid, Battle Bull, Beetlejuice, Bill Elliott's NASCAR Fast Tracks, Boggle Plus, Boxxle, Boxxle II, Castlevania - Legends, Castlevania - The Adventure, Chacha-Maru Panic, Chiki Chiki Tengoku, Cool Spot, Cult Jump, Dan Laser, Darkman, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Double Yakuman, Double Yakuman 2, DragonHeart, Exodus: Journey to the Promised Land, F-1 Race, Felix the Cat, FIFA International Soccer, FIFA Soccer 96, Frogger, Gamera: Daikaijuu Kuuchuu Kessen, Gear Works, Go Go Ackman, Golf, Great Greed, Hatris, Hercules, Hiden Inyou Kikouhou: Ca Da, Hon Shogi, Hong Kong, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Initial D Gaiden, Jack Nicklaus Golf, Janken Man, Jeopardy!, Jeopardy! Sports Edition, Jinsei Game Densetsu, Jungle Wars, Kaijuu-Oh Godzilla, Kandume Monsters, Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba, King James Bible, Kirby's Block Ball, Kwirk, Legend, Loopz, Mario's Picross, Mario's Picross 2, Metal Masters, Miner 2049er, Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II, Mortal Kombat III, Ms. Pac-Man, NBA Jam, NBA Jam Tournament Edition, Nemesis, Nemesis II, Ninja Gaiden Shadow, Othello, Operation C, Pac-Man, Pachio-kun, Pachio-kun 2, Pachio-kun 3, Palamedes, Penta Dragon, Prince Yeh Rude, Pro Mahjong Kiwame Gb, Q-bert, Racing Damashii, Renju Club: Gomoku Narabe, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Sagaia, SD Hiryu no Ken Gaiden, SD Hiryu no Ken Gaiden 2, Shi Kin Jyo, Snoopy's Magic Show, Sonic 3D Blast 5, Spiritual Warfare, Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Tetris, The Addams Family, The Battle of Olympus, The Flash, The Jungle Book, The Lawnmower Man, The Lion King, The Pagemaster, The Shinri Game, The Tower of Druaga, Torpedo Range, Trap & Turn, Uchuu no Kishi: Tekkaman Blade, Un Indien Dans La Ville, Vex Block, WCW: The Main Event, Wheel of Fortune, Worm Visitor, X - Xekkusu, Yoshi's Cookie, Zoo Block
wstecz06/12/2016 11:02
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[MULTI] MessUI x86/x64 0.196 [MULTI] MessUI x86/x64 0.196
Nieoficjalna dystrubucja MESSa, którą zaopatrzono w przyjazny interfejs graficzny, zbliżony do starego gui, jednak nieznacznie poszerzony doczekał się kolejnej odsłony - oprócz wszystkich zmian z messa poprawiono działanie także gui - dzięki, któremu podczas działania poszczególnego drivera dostajemy pasek górny z podstawowymi ustawieniami danej ...
[ATARI] Altirra x86 i x64 3.10 test XVI [ATARI] Altirra x86 i x64 3.10 test XVI
Nowa wersja testowej Altirry, emulatora ATARI XE/XL/5200.  Ostatnia pełna wersja tego emulatora, jaka publicznie została udostępniona to Alirra 3.00 z 28 grudnia 2017 r.
Komputer: Dodatek Specjalny 44 gry na Atari Komputer: Dodatek Specjalny 44 gry na Atari
No dobra, jakoż, że wypadałoby trochę odpocząć od tematyki Bajtka na tapętę zawędrował specjalny numer Komputera, z grudnia AD1987, poświęcony grom na Atari. Ktoś kto miał wówczas Atari - miał i ten dodatek, był on swoistym i chyba pierwszym kompedium tego, co należało posiadać w swoich zbiorach na swoje ulubione XE/XL, prawdzowa pozycja obowiązkowa i wybitnie często ...

[reduks] Komputer: Dodatek Specjalny 44 gry na Atari [reduks] Komputer: Dodatek Specjalny 44 gry na Atari
Kolejna pozycja została dodana do biblioteki reduksów - tym razem specjalny dodatek do "Komputera" poświęcony grom na ATARI XE/XL. Do pobrania na stronie magazynu
[ATARI] Altirra x86 i x64 3.10 test XVII [ATARI] Altirra x86 i x64 3.10 test XVII
Nowa wersja testowej Altirry, emulatora ATARI XE/XL/5200.  Ostatnia pełna wersja tego emulatora, jaka publicznie została udostępniona to Alirra 3.00 z 28 grudnia 2017 r.
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