[MULTI] MESS 0.150

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[MULTI] MESS 0.150

Obok MAME, jak zwykle pojawiła się również aktualizacja siostrzanego projektu - multiemulatora MESS, pozwalającego zaemulować bardziej lub mniej dokładnie sporą ilość mikrokomputerów 8- i 16-bitowych, konsol, a także tak egzotycznych konstrukcji jak komputery szachowe (przynajmniej w naszej strefie Europy). 

Mess 0.150 17/09/2013

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed


  • --------------------
New System Drivers Supported:


  • Lola 8A [Zarko Zivanov, Miodrag Milanovic]
  • Mattel HyperScan [Sandro Ronco]
  • Ampro Little Z80 Board [Robbbert]
Systems Promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING:


  • (none)
Skeleton drivers:
  • Hilger Analytical AB6089 Mk. 1 (LSI Octopus) [Robbbert]
  • Davidge DSB-4/6 [Al Kossow, Curt Coder]
  • Genrad Futuredata 2301 Network Control Processor [Al Kossow, Robbbert]
  • Control Data Corporation CDC721 Terminal [Al Kossow, Robbbert]
  • Seattle Computer SCP-300F [Al Kossow, Robbbert]
  • Onyx C8002 [Al Kossow, Robbbert]
  • Intertec SuperBrain [Al Kossow, Robbbert]
  • IBM6580 DisplayWriter [Al Kossow, Robbbert]
  • Telcon Zorba [Cowering, Robbbert]
  • Microtek Mice [Al Kossow, Robbbert]
  • ICS8080 Trainer [Robbbert]
  • Millennium Systems 9540 [Al Kossow, Robbbert]
  • Wicat [Al Kossow, Robbbert]
  • Callan PM68K [Al Kossow, Robbbert]
  • LFT 1230 LFT 1510 [Robbbert]
  • Televideo TS816 [Robbbert]
  • Televideo TV950 [Robbbert]
  • Imsai MPU-B [Robbbert]
  • Jade JGZ80 [Robbbert]
  • Jonos Escort [Robbbert]
Source Changes
  • Emulated the SSE HardBox, a Corvus interface for PET [Mike Naberezny]
  • at: preliminary PS/1 support [Carl]
  • sage2.xml: Added Sage Sources floppies. [Chris Burrows]
  • Mac: cleaned up and fixed NuBus IRQ handling for machines with fake VIA2s. [R. Belmont]
  • Mac: convert ASC to devcb2 IRQ output, some minor modernization. [R. Belmont]
  • Softlist Updates: [Kaylee] amigaxxx_flop: Added two recently released files and corrected wrongly placed sets.
  • studio2.xml: Added MPT-02 dumps. [ranger_lennier, Charles MacDonald]
  • Apple II: Support for the PCPI Applicard. [R. Belmont, Alex Freed]
  • Fixed XML validation in studio2.xml [Kaylee]
  • sms.c: Enhancements for Sega Scope and LCD persistence and fix SMS Light Phaser TH read bug. [Enik Land]
  • studio2: Fixed loose .bin/.rom cartridge file loading, and supported loading ROMs to multiple base addresses in the software list. [Curt Coder]
  • visicom: Added cartridge software list. [ranger_lennier, Charles MacDonald]
  • mpt02: Fixed CDP1864 colors. [Curt Coder, Guru]
  • Added skeleton for the C64/128 version of the Star NL-10 printer interface cartridge. [Curt Coder]
  • a7800.c - Green miscalculated proportions fixed. [Robert Tuccitto]
  • Ensoniq 16-bit: SQ series are 21-voice, not 32. Fixes tuning vs. h/w. [R. Belmont]
  • PC200: Added v1.3 bios [Phill Harvey-Smith]
  • visicom: Fixed colors and video. [Curt Coder]
  • visicom.xml: Fixed cartridge data bit order. [Charles MacDonald, Marcel van Tongeren]
  • wd_fdc: Don't switch off the motor when the fdc doesn't have a motor control pin [O. Galibert, Duke]
  • rainbow.c: [Bavarese]
    • Added 4 DIP switches (W13, W14, W15 and W18) present on the DEC-Rainbow 100-B board. W18 not wired to DSR yet.
  • ES5510: fixed saturating ALU operations, greatly improving the behavior of many programs. [Christian Brunschen]
  • added skeleton 'Yamaha Mixt Book Player Copera' to the Sega Pico driver, it appears to be similar to the Pico but with extra sound hardware (a complete Sound Blaster clone) on the MB. Added a preliminary Softlist. Added board layouts for both [Team Europe]
  • MPU-401: preliminary checkpoint. [R. Belmont, kevtris]
  • MPU-401: Preliminary working MIDI out. [R. Belmont]
  • mpt02: Fixed CDP1864 background color sequence. [Curt Coder]
  • MIDI: System Common messages should not override running status, fixes Sierra games crashing with the MT-32. [R. Belmont]
  • megaduck.xml: new card dumps added [Anna Wu]
  • a7800.c - Normalized contrast and brightness, providing a standardized grayscale and adjusted color values. [Robert Tuccitto]
  • Separate Ensoniq "pump" device out from esq5505.c [R. Belmont]
  • Rainbow updates:
    • add beeper, NVRAM. LED output for keyboard, Z80 and 8088 [Bavarese]
    • correct NVRAM mirroring [R. Belmont]
    • DC012 48 line mode. 3 new character attributes (reverse, blink, underline) [Bavarese]
  • codata: added a terminal, system responds to commands. [Robbbert]
  • Fix GD-Rom booting in DC US and PAL [PsyMan]
  • sms.c: Reduce tagmap lookups for sscope and fixed validation error when using the lphaser controller on a driver with sscope support. [Enik Land]
  • Fixed crashes from reading the reset port on some drivers. [Wilbert Pol]
  • c64: Emulated the SFX Sound Expander External Keyboard. [Curt Coder]
  • c64: Emulated the Wersi Wersiboard Music 64 / Siel CMK 49 Keyboard. [Curt Coder]
  • AppleII: Correct the TMS5220 clock rate to 640khz on the EchoII and EchoIIplus AppleII cards [Jayson Smith]
  • socrates.c: Add note that the Vtech Socrates' speech cart speech chip is a Toshiba TC8802AF with between 1 and 3 T6684F mask rom VSMs attached [Lord Nightmare] [epiphany brought on by Kevtris, Team Europe, Stiletto]
  • socrates.c: add internal and vsm german speech cart dumps [Team Europe, Lord Nightmare]
  • vtvideo.c: 132 column mode uses compressed characters with 1 filler pixel instead of 2. Bold implemented: 3 color palette and separate device_reset() on Rainbow. Double width line attribute fix. [Bavarese]
  • vtvideo.h: separate device_reset(). New variable m_height_MAX for those parts of the code shared with VT-100. [Bavarese]
  • rainbow.c: changed GAME_NO_SOUND to GAME_IMPERFECT_COLORS [Bavarese]
  • ampro: The system starts up and commands can be entered [Robbbert]
  • Softlists added for ampro and wicat systems. [Kaylee]
  • sms.c: [Enik Land]
    • Added expansion slot and implemented the gender adapter to allow regular cartridges to be played through the expansion slot. Usage example: mess sms1 -exp genderadp -cart2 wcup90
    • Made the cartridge slot on the sg1000m3 driver to no longer be mandatory allowing the driver to also be started with media in the cardslot.
  • cat.c: switched driver to use the new DUART n68681 core [Lord Nightmare]
  • cat.c: Fix a silly issue with the video ram mapping on the IAI Swyft; now it does visible I/O accesses; the peripherals need to be figured out and hooked up still. [Lord Nightmare]
  • cat.c: more swyft WIP, still doesn't do very much. Found out it uses an ACIA (by looking at the rom code, 'init6850' function is kind of a giveaway), plus found where the control register for it lives. [Lord Nightmare]
  • sms.c: Enabled crosshair display on all screens. This makes missil3d playable on the plain '2D' view with scope emulation enabled. [Enik Land]
  • c64: Emulated the digital parts of the Magic Voice cartridge. Speech synthesis is not supported yet. [Curt Coder, Stefan Uhlmann]
  • wd_fdc: Fix ready handling, allow ready connected to vcc [O. Galibert]
  • wd_fdc: Data overrun drops drq [O. Galibert]
  • kaypro: Fix motor on line, connect ready to vcc, disable the floppy delay [O. Galibert]
  • ampro: Fix fdc [O. Galibert]
  • Added preliminary S+core CPU emulation. [Sandro Ronco]
  • cat.c: significantly updated the IAI Swyft driver: added preliminary guru-style readme of the swyft pcb, prepared for hooking up the VIAs [Lord Nightmare, Sandy Bumgarner, Dwight Elvey]
  • Renamed IDE8 to XTIDE. [smf]
  • dectalk.c: DECtalk DTC-01: updated to use n68681, and to use proper device for x2212 NVRAM; updated various comments [Lord Nightmare, R.Belmont, Robbert, smf]
  • esq5505: Sorted out BIOSes for the SD-1 family: newly dumped 3.0 for 21
  • voice, allow selecting 4.02 or 4.10 for 32-voice. [Christian Brunschen, R. Belmont]
  • a7800.c: Stored data for 26.7 & 27.7 phase shifts with corrections and label for 25.7 values. Made 26.7 (medium) default. Phase shifting falls outside the realm of video controls and hope to implement a selectable toggle hardware option similar to Donkey Kong TKG02/TKG04. [Robert Tuccitto]
  • rainbow.c: RAM OPTION (up to 896K) now emulated; DIP switch enhancements; cold / warm boot OK now. [Bavarese]
  • sms.c: Improved I/O handling for Japanese and Korean drivers (Pause button for sg1000m3, TH input for sg1000m3 and smsj, and output via controller ports for Japanese and Korean drivers) [Enik Land]
Software list update [ReadOnly]
  • new softlist: snes_vkun.xml (Voice-Kun audio compact discs) first Voice-Kun public dump from King Mike added
  • snes.xml: new prototype public dump from SNES Central
  • c128: Added support for double-sided Commodore GCR images to be used with the 1571 disk drive. Images can be created with e.g. "copy /b side0.g64+side1.g64 disk.g71" [Curt Coder]
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