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Co prawda projekt KindRed ma już ponoć 15 lat, a ja słyszę o nim pierwszy raz - zdarza się i nie jest to zdecydowanie powód do dumy, na osłodę dodam, że program zmienił nazwę dwa lata temu, kiedy nazywał się "Super Slueth". W zamierzeniu KindRed ma pozwolić zaemulować nam większość konsol z rodziny Nintendo - póki co, pozwala spokojnie pograć w gry z Super Nintendo i Game Boy Color. Jak dla mnie i na pierwszy rzut oka program ma jedną wadę w grach SNES brak skalowania okna.

Nintendo 8 Nes:KindRed:River City Ransom:American Technos Inc.:Technos Japan Corp.:Jan, 1990:
River City Ransom (American Technos Inc., Jan, 1990) w nowej wersji emulatora KindRed

Version 1.06 Preview Build 1 10.08.2014

  • [FDS] Added Famicom Disk Drive
  • [FDS] Added RAM Adapter
  • [NES] Many Picture Processing updates
  • [NES] Updated Audio Sequencer
  • [NES] Added custom mapper (Bandai DATACH)
  • [NES] Added Famicom Basic Keyboard
  • [NES] Updated WRAM power-on default (fixes Minna no Tabo, River City Ransom)
  • [ALL] Added Joystick support (Preliminary)
  • [ALL] Rewrote virtual device system
  • [NES] Added Bus Conflicts
  • [NES] Added Save State system (Preliminary)
  • [NES] Added custom mapper (Taito TC0690)
  • [NES] Added board (SZROM)
  • [NES] Updated SRAM initialization (fixes Famicom Wars)
  • [SFC] Added board (SHVC-2K0N)
  • Updated kindred.db
  • Updated ninja.exe
NOWSZY [Multi] kindred 1.12 Preview Build 3 28/12/2020

Version 1.12 Preview Build 3 (2020-12-28)

  • [IBM] Fixed Sound Blaster 2.0 DSP DMA issue
  • [ALL] Added more IDE data files
  • [ALL] Updated Scheduler
NOWSZY [Multi] kindred 1.12 Preview Build 2 29/11/20

Version 1.12 Preview Build 2 (2020-11-30)

  •   [IBM] Added Sound Blaster 2.0 DSP and DAC
  •   [IBM] Redirected IRQ 2 to IRQ 9 for AT class
  •   [IBM] Fixed a bug in AT state descriptor
  •   [IBM] Updated ibmreadme.txt
  •   [RT ] Added ROMP, MMU, IOCC and Keyboard/Locator Controller
  •   [X86] Updated DMA request protocol
  •   [C64] Rewrote 6502 core
  •   [ALL] Added 65C02 core
  •   [ALL] Added User Preferences Dialog
  •   [ALL] Added Virtual Devices
  •   [ALL] Added Audio Device options
  •   [ALL] Added Runtime and re-enabled folder options
  •   [ALL] Added option to hide/trap the windows mouse cursor
  •   [ALL] Added the option to save and restore the last session
  •   [ALL] Added more Quick Load/Save hotkeys
  •   [ALL] Updated Window Sizes
  •   [ALL] Added more config.ini options
NOWSZY [Multi] kindred 1.12 Preview Build 1 08/11/19

Version 1.12 Preview Build 1 (2019-11-11)

  • [PCW] Added Pocket Challenge W
  • [PCW] Added MPU, row and column drivers, LCD, sound, mappers
  • [ALL] Added TLCS-90 disassembler
  • [ALL] Updated the single step process for all cpu cores
  • [All] Cleaned up the inspector code
  • [ALL] Updated kindred.db
NOWSZY [Multi] kindred 1.11 Preview Build 6(f2) 19/09/19

Version 1.11 Preview Build 6 (2019-09-19)

  •   [IBM] Fixed VGA line compare register


NOWSZY [Multi] kindred 1.11 Preview Build 6(f) 11/08/19
Renegade (1993, Sega)

Version 1.11 Preview Build 6 (2019-08-11)

  •   [SFC] Updated CPU and PPU interrupt timing
  •   [SFC] Fixed a bug when DMA and HDMA trigger on the same cycle
  •   [ALL] Updated Scheduler
  •   [ALL] Added Laptop mode (economy mode)
  •   [ALL] Lots more code cleanup
NOWSZY [Multi] kindred 1.11 Preview Build 5 23/04/19

Version 1.11 Preview Build 5 (2019-04-23)

  •   [SFC] Fixed another WRAM bug introduced in the last release
  •   [ALL] Rewrote the audio streaming code
NOWSZY [Multi] kindred 1.11 Preview Build 4 07/04/19


Captain Commando (1995, Capcom)

Release information for kindred version 1.11 Preview Build 4 (2019-04-07)

  •   [SFC] Reworked mapping code
  •   [SFC] Adjusted timing scheme to match other systems
  •   [SFC] Further extended scheduler (increased performance of coprocessors)
  •   [SFC] Fixed a recent change to WRAM transfer code (Secret of Evermore)
  •   [SFC] Fixed a bug in the Super Wildcard split file loading code
  •   [ALL] General code cleanup
  •   [ALL] Updated kindred.db
NOWSZY [Multi] kindred 1.11 Preview Build 3 29/01/19

Release information for kindred v1.11 Preview Build 3

  •   [IBM] Fixed virtual floppy disk mounting at startup
  •   [IBM] Added some undocumented instructions to 8088 core
  •   [IBM] Updated parallel port interrupt to match hardware
  •   [N98] Added Mapper, PIC, PIT, RAM, DMA
  •   [ALL] Updated the terminal window
  •   [ALL] Updated toolsninja.exe
NOWSZY [Multi] kindred 1.11 Preview Build 2 28/08/18

Version 1.11 Preview Build 2 (2018-08-28)

 Happy 20th Birthday

  • [IBM] Updated PIT
  • [IBM] Added .ini files for XT and AT
  • [IBM] Added all standard floppy formats
  • [IBM] Added ibmreadme.txt, ideinfo.txt
  • [ALL] Fixed OpenGL driver (white screen on some systems)
  • [ALL] Added Parser for INI files
NOWSZY [Multi] kindred 1.11 Preview Build 1 28/05/18
Aerial (SEGA of America, Inc., 1990)

Version 1.11 Preview Build 1 (2018-05-28)

  • [IBM] Added IBM PC AT
  • [IBM] Added some more EGA/VGA mapping modes
  • [IBM] Added RTC for IBM PC AT
  • [ALL] Added more screen rendering options, Direct3D and OpenGL
  • [ALL] Fixed Screen Capture Buffer Overrun

At the moment there is only support for IDE harddrives (an AT compatible bios that supports IDE is needed). Not all AT compatibles will work due to advanced features not yet supported. Protected Mode is nowhere near complete, don't bother trying to install Windows 3.1 just yet.

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