[multi] Common Source Code Project (2014/09/09)

[1] @ Wtorek, 9 Września 2014 23:41CET

[multi] Common Source Code Project (2014/09/09)

CSCP Takedy Toshiy został znów zaktualizowany. Coś dla fanów emulacji japońskich maszynek - w stajni Takedy znajdziemy praktycznie wszystkie wążniejsze konstrukcje z kraju kwitnącej wiśni. Nowa aktualizacja dotyczy przede wszystkim emulacji PCEngine (eX1twin, eX1turbo, ePCEngine). Gdzieś wśród materiałów opisowych o tym projekcie trafiłem na świetne podsumowanie CSCP - został on nazwany jednoosobowym, japońskim odpowiednikiem projektu MESS.

Ilość emulowanych platform robi naprawdę wrażenie:
Emu5 - SORD m5 emulator, EmuGaki - CASIO PV-2000 emulator, EmuLTI8 - MITSUBISHI Electric MULTI8 emulator, EmuPIA - TOSHIBA PASOPIA emulator, EmuPIA7 - TOSHIBA PASOPIA7 emulator, EmuZ-80B - SHARP MZ-80B emulator, EmuZ-80K - SHARP MZ-80K emulator, EmuZ-700 - SHARP MZ-700 emulator, EmuZ-800 - SHARP MZ-800 emulator, EmuZ-1200 - SHARP MZ-1200 emulator, EmuZ-1500 - SHARP MZ-1500 emulator, EmuZ-2200 - SHARP MZ-2200 emulator, EmuZ-2500 - SHARP MZ-2500 emulator, EmuZ-2800 - SHARP MZ-2800 emulator, EmuZ-3500 - SHARP MZ-3500 emulator, EmuZ-5500 - SHARP MZ-5500 emulator, EmuZ-6500 - SHARP MZ-6500 emulator, EmuZ-6550 - SHARP MZ-6550 emulator, eBabbage-2nd - Gijutsu Hyoron Sha Babbage-2nd emulator, eFamilyBASIC - Nintendo Family BASIC emulator, eFM16pi - FUJITSU FM16pi emulator, eFMR-30 - FUJITSU FMR-30 emulator, eFMR-50 - FUJITSU FMR-50 emulator, eFMR-60 - FUJITSU FMR-60 emulator, eFMR-70 - FUJITSU FMR-70 emulator, eFMR-80 - FUJITSU FMR-80 emulator, eFP-200 - CASIO FP-200 emulator, eFP-1100 - CASIO FP-1100 emulator, eHANDY98 - NEC PC-98HA emulator, eHC-20 - EPSON HC-20/HX-20 emulator, eHC-40 - EPSON HC-40/PX-4 emulator, eHC-80 - EPSON HC-80/PX-8/Geneva emulator, eJ-3100GT - TOSHIBA J-3100GT emulator, eJ-3100SL - TOSHIBA J-3100SL emulator, eJX - IBM Japan Ltd PC/JX emulator, eMAP-1010 - SEIKO MAP-1010 emulator, eMYCOMZ-80A - Japan Electronics College MYCOMZ-80A emulator, eN5200 - NEC N5200 emulator, ePC-8001mkIISR - NEC PC-8001mkIISR emulator, ePC-8201 - NEC PC-8201/PC-8201A emulator, ePC-8801MA - NEC PC-8801MA emulator, ePC-9801 - NEC PC-9801 emulator, ePC-9801E - NEC PC-9801E/F/M emulator, ePC-9801VM - NEC PC-9801VM emulator, ePC-98DO - NEC PC-98DO emulator, ePC-98LT - NEC PC-98LT emulator, ePC-100 - NEC PC-100 emulator, ePCEngine - NEC-HE PC Engine / SuperGrafx emulator, ePHC-20 - SANYO PHC-20 emulator, ePHC-25 - SANYO PHC-25 emulator, ePV-1000 - CASIO PV-1000 emulator, ePX-7 - PIONEER PX-7 (MSX1 + laser-disc player) emulator, ePyuTa - TOMY PyuTa/PyuTa Jr. emulator, eQC-10 - EPSON QC-10/QX-10 emulator, eRX-78 - BANDAI RX-78 emulator, eSC-3000 - SEGA SC-3000 emulator, eSCV - EPOCH Super Cassette Vision emulator, eTK-80BS - NEC TK-80BS (COMPO BS/80) emulator, eX-07 - CANON X-07 emulator, eX1 - SHARP X1 emulator, eX1twin - SHARP X1twin emulator, eX1turbo - SHARP X1turbo emulator, eYS-6464A - SHinko Sangyo YS-6464A emulator...




  • [WIN32/DEBUGGER] support debugger console
  • [VM/DEBUGGER] support common debugger object
  • [VM/EVENT] fix to check ownew of event before it is canceled
  • [VM/I8080] support debugger
  • [VM/I86] support debugger
  • [VM/I86] remove code for i186 and i286
  • [VM/I286] fix for i8086/i8088/i80186
  • [VM/I286] fix not to quit REP when remained icount is less than 0
  • [VM/I286] support debugger
  • [VM/I386] support debugger
  • [VM/MB8877] fix not to cancel event registered by other device
  • [VM/MCS48] support debugger
  • [VM/UPD7801] support debugger
  • [VM/Z80] support debugger


  • [COMMON] fix all vcproj files to set WholeProgramOptimization option
  • [WINMAIN] support 320x240 full screen mode
  • [VM/FMGEN] update fmgen.cpp from v1.49 to v1.50 (thanks Mr.Rururu-Tan)
  • [VM/FMGEN] update opna.cpp from v1.68 to v1.70 (thanks Mr.Rururu-Tan)
  • [VM/DATAREC] support NEC PC-6001 cas/p6 format tape image
  • [VM/I386] fix memory leak
  • [VM/I386] fix x87 opcodes FPREM and FPREM1 based on MAME 0.154
  • [VM/MC6847] support enable/disable signal
  • [VM/PC6031] support NEC PC-6031 and PC-6032 (thanks Mr.Nishida)
  • [VM/UPD765A] fix to compare all of C/H/R/N to search sector (thanks Mr.Haserin)


  • [VM/I286] reimplement based on MAME 0.149
  • [VM/I286] support disassembler
  • [VM/I386] reimplement based on MAME 0.152
  • [VM/I386] support disassembler


  • [WINMAIN] fix resource leak issue (thanks Mr.Redart)
  • [EMU/WIN32] fix resource leak issue (thanks Mr.Redart)
  • [VM/FMGEN] fix compiler dependent issue
  • [VM/YM2203] support full sound generator dll features (thanks Mr.Redart)


  • [EMU/WIN32] support to map keys to joystick buttons


  • [EMU/WIN32] support to capture the movie sounds in DirectShow codes
  • [VM/DATAREC] support SORD M5 cas format tape image
  • [VM/LD700] support PIONEER LD-700 laser-disc player
  • [VM/PCM1BIT] fix noise occurs when input signals top
  • [VM/YM2203] support to overwrite i/o mode to fixed value


  • [WINMAIN] fix issue in the case that menu bar becomes multi line
  • [VM/DATAREC] fix to output no sound signal when tape image reaches end of tape
  • [VM/YM2203] fix build error in YM2608 case


  • [VM/TMS9918A] fix mode1 and mode1+2 to fill out of screen with back color
  • [VM/YM2203] fix i/o port codes for AY-3-8910/8912/8913
  • [VM/YM2203] fix assert issue in fmgen module (thanks Mr.Mamiya)


  • [EMU/WIN32] improve video recorder timing to sync to sound recorder
  • [EMU/WIN32] improve video recorder to compress frames in another thread
  • [EMU/WIN32] support to play a movie file
  • [EMU/WIN32] support Fgets() in file i/o class
  • [EMU/WIN32] support new function to get the file path without extension
  • [VM/TMS9918A] support super impose


  • [VM/DISK] fix cpdread converter to check cylinder/side in track info block
  • [VM/DISK] fix cpdread converter to check deleted mark
  • [VM/MB8877] fix to seek one track when force interrupt is done


  • [EMU/WIN32] support printer interface


  • [VM/MC6840] support MC6840 (partial)


  • [EMU/WIN32] fix access lamp renderer for Direct3D9
  • [VM/HD46505] fix to initialize frequency if vline is lesser than 400
  • [VM/MB8877] fix not to show record not found status after drive is changed
  • [VM/MB8877] fix to activate access lamp while searching target sector
  • [VM/MC6847] add function to load external cgrom image
  • [VM/MC6847] support to request bus to cpu in display timing
  • [VM/MC6847] support color bleed in black/white pattern (thanks Mr.tanam)


  • [WINMAIN] fix to use GetFullPathName() to get the parent directory
  • [VM/MB8877] modify contant period for searching sector


  • [VM/DISK] add ugly patch for X1turbo ARCUS
  • [VM/MB8877] fix to use contant period for searching sector if disk has no skew
  • [VM/MB8877] fix to show busy status while searching sector if sector not found
  • [VM/Z80DMA] fix dma stop condition


  • [VM/DATAREC] fix not to skip frames while doint ff/rew
  • [VM/DATAREC] support ff/rew for cas and tap images
  • [VM/DATAREC] support APSS signals and doing APSS for SHARP X1


  • [EMU/WIN32] improve debug log function
  • [VM/Z80DMA] fix not to reset all registers in reset command


  • [VM/DISK] fix not to convert standard disk images to d88 format images
  • [VM/DISK] add ugly patch for X1turbo ALPHA
  • [VM/HD46505] reset registers and timings in reset()
  • [VM/MB8877] fix to use contant wait to search sector for standard disk image
  • [VM/MB8877] add ugly patch for X1turbo ALPHA
  • [VM/YM2151] fix to show busy status in a moment
  • [VM/YM2203] fix to show busy status in a moment
  • [VM/Z80DMA] fix dma stop condition


  • [EMU/WIN32] fix to create new avi file when current file is close to 2GB
  • [VM/DISK] support 1.20MB/1.44MB/2.88MB floppy disk images
  • [VM/DISK] fix to add index mark in track image
  • [VM/UPD765A] fix read data command when sector size or number is invalid
  • [VM/UPD765A] fix seek time for MZ-3500


  • [VM/DEVICE] support virtual function to set or get expend cpu clocks
  • [VM/DEVICE] support virtual function to get passed usec
  • [VM/DEVICE] support virtual functions for dma access with i/o wait
  • [VM/DISK] support function to get perid to transfer specified bytes
  • [VM/DISK] support functions to get drive rpm and track size
  • [VM/DISK] improve make track image
  • [VM/DEVICE] support function to get passed usec
  • [VM/I86] support function to get and set expend cpu clocks
  • [VM/I86] fix single mode dma when busreq is active
  • [VM/I286] support function to get and set expend cpu clocks
  • [VM/I386] fix single mode dma when busreq is active
  • [VM/I386] support function to get and set expend cpu clocks
  • [VM/I386] fix single mode dma when busreq is active
  • [VM/MB8877] improve timing of index hole, seek, search sector and transfer data
  • [VM/MB8877] improve to raise drq signal for each data
  • [VM/MB8877] improve timing of index hole, seek, search sector and transfer data
  • [VM/UPD765A] improve read data command to read sector gaps among sectors
  • [VM/UPD765A] improve read id command to read id of first found sector
  • [VM/Z80] support function to get and set expend cpu clocks
  • [VM/Z80] fix single mode dma when busreq is active
  • [VM/Z80DMA] improve timing of data transfer, bus request and release


  • [WINMAIN] support 320x240 fullscreen mode
  • [EMU/WIN32] support multiple quick disk drives and cart slots
  • [CONFIG] support to read/write ini file


  • [WINMAIN] simplify codes for boot mode and device type menus
  • [EMU/WIN32] fix sound recorder not to output the old samples
  • [VM/HD146818P] fix not to save backuped ram if it is not modified
  • [VM/MCS48] fix to divide the given clocks in MCS48 class
  • [VM/MCS48] fix not to run cpu if enough clocks are not given
  • [VM/RP5C15] fix not to save backuped ram if it is not modified


  • [VM/I286] reimplement based on MAME 0.148
  • [VM/I386] reimplement based on MAME 0.148
  • [VM/I8255] improve mode #1 and #2
  • [VM/MCS48] support mcs48 based on MAME 0.148


  • [VM/DATAREC] fix mzt image converter based on Bin2Wav


  • [WINMAIN] support to show a message on title bar post from vm or emu class
  • [WINMAIN] disable close media menu when media file is not opened
  • [EMU/WIN32] add function to post a message onto title bar
  • [VM/DATAREC] fix mzt image converter to add 1sec space after header block
  • [VM/DATAREC] support to post the tape status message onto title bar
  • [VM/Z80PIO] fix handshake signals in bidirectional mode
  • [VM/Z80PIO] fix masks follows bit in control register
  • [VM/Z80PIO] fix to disable interrupt until the mask register is written


  • [VM/DATAREC] fix issue that sample number in recorded wav file header is 0
  • [VM/DATAREC] improve recording wav file
  • [VM/DATAREC] improve wave shaper function to support dB-BASIC
  • [VM/EVENT] fix issue that continuous event causes invalid event clock
  • [VM/Z80PIO] support handshake mode
  • [VM/EVENT] fix not to skip frames when the sound is outputted


  • [WINMAIN] fix to support max 30 screen resolutions
  • [VM/DATAREC] support wave shaper function
  • [VM/EVENT] fix not to skip frames when the sound is outputted


  • [VM/I8080] support disassembler


  • [VM/DATAREC] fix to skip the fact chunk in wave file header


  • [WINMAIN] destroy window before emulation core is released


  • [EMU/WIN32] remove the function to play media files
  • [VM/DATAREC] support fast forward and rewind
  • [VM/DATAREC] support playing wav file
  • [VM/HD146818P] fix to restart timer event when date/time is modified
  • [VM/MSM58321] fix to restart timer event when date/time is modified
  • [VM/RP5C01] fix to restart timer event when date/time is modified
  • [VM/UPD1990A] fix to restart timer event when date/time is modified
  • [VM/UPD4990A] fix uPD1990A compatible mode
  • [VM/Z80] revert modifying clocks for interrupt in mode2
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