[Lynx] Felix 0.4.5 5/11/2021

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[Lynx] Felix 0.4.5 5/11/2021

Pojawiła się pierwsza, a w zasadzie już druga, publiczna edycja nowego emulatora handelda firmy Atari - Atari Lynx, dość fajnej zabawki, którą zapamiętam przede wszystkim przez jej niesamowity i nienasycony głód na baterie paluszki;)

Emulator jest jeszcze w fazie prealpha, sporo tytułów nie działa jednak myślę, że to kwestia czasu - za jego powstanie i rozwój odpowiedzialny jest Waldemar 'Laoo' Pawlaszek z grupy demoscenowego New Generations (I nagroda za demo na Lynxa na Silly Venture 2020+1), który swego czasu kodował bardzo fajną konwersję na Atari XE gry Time Pilot.

Emulator jest w obecnym momencie pozbawiony całkowicie elementów interaktywnych - wystarczy obraz dla Atari Lynx przeciągnąć na Felixa, sterowanie jeśli gra wystartuje (prealpha, pamiętajmy) odbywa się klawiszami kursora i przyciskami Z/X.

Felix 0.4.5 5/11/2021

  • EEPROM support reworked. Fixed bad write status

Felix 0.4.4 04/11/2021

  • Support for rotation flag in LNX header

Felix 0.4.3  04/11/2021

  • single instance feature can be disabled in configuration file in c:Users[user-name]AppDataLocalFelixWinConfig.lua and is disabled by default
  • fixed a math bug that resolves the issue with apfel_2a.o

Felix 0.4.2

  • Suzy math corrections
  • Palette corrections
  • EEPROM support

Felix 0.4.1

This is a first public release.
Keep in mind that it's inherently "pre-release" and isn't production ready before reaching version 1.0

Joust (Shadowsoft, 1992)
Lemings (Psygnosis Limited, 1993)
Battlezone 2000 (Atari Corporation, 1995)
NOWSZY [Lynx] Felix 0.6.2 4/01/2021

Felix 0.6.2 4/01/2024

  • Loading symbols from .lab files generated by mads
  • Ability to access symbols through Lua
  • Added monitor window
  • Fixed handling of lua errors

Autor' comment



Felix 0.6.1 2/01/2024

  • Fixed long-lasting bug that resulted in too fast emulation and audio glitches (#109)
  • Added WAV and VGM dumping commands to Audio menu

Autor' comment

I'm working on SDL2 migration at the moment, but meanwhile I've managed to diagnose the nasty bug producing audio glitches.It was due to the fact, that current emulation is audio driven - I call emulation loop to render given number of samples. But Suzy sprite blitting could not be interrupted which resulted in compressing the time occupied by Suzy and loss of generated samples. Nevertheless I've fixed it and added two commands in Audio menu - to save WAV file and VGM file, as VGM now officially supports Mikey.

Those two changes are in 0.6.1 release which includes also 32-bit build. Before I'll manage to setup an automated build on the GitHub infrastructure all builds are done on my personal PC. So just in case: antiviruses I am using do not recognize any problems on my machine, but Virus Total does report some issues and only I can offer now is my word that they are false positives

NOWSZY [Lynx] Felix 0.6.0 19/12/2021
Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf (1993, Telegames Inc)

Felix 0.6.0 19/12/2023

A new Felix release after two years and ten days!

Many changes and improvements with respect to debugging and stability.

Known issues:

  • Awesome golf and Scrapyard Dog hangs,
  • audio/video synchronization has a defect resulting in crackling,
  • few debugging features does not behave as flawlessly as they should.

This is the last (major-ish) release before much anticipated migration of the rendering engine to something multiplatform (likely SDL2).


NOWSZY [Lynx] Felix 0.5.0 08/12/2021
Rygar (Atari Corporation, 1990)

Felix 0.5.0 8/12/2021

  • Introducing simple GUI
  • Fixed XOR sprites drawing
  • Redefinable key mapping
  • Simple gamepad support
  • Automatic key remapping depending on rotation
  • Giving Felix the focus for keyboard after a drag&drop
  • Cpu corrections (fixes Dracula)
  • Ability to change rotation and eeprom properies (can't be saved yet)
  • Extended lua debugging facilities

Felix 0.4.8 16/11/2021

  • DX9 Renderer

Felix 0.4.7 14/11/2021

PaperBoy (Tengen Inc., 1991). Jeden z tytułów, który nie chciał się uruchamiąc przed 0.4.7
  • Fixed many games hanging after title screen
  • Got rid of D3DCompiler library dependency (might fix some DXError problems)

Felix 0.4.6 13/11/2021

  • Fixed math bug related to unsafe register access (demo0006.o now works)
  • Fixed bug in counters
  • Slightly improved CPU timing
  • Fixed multiple errors related to hardware collisions (fixes Flappy Bird and other)


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