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VGBA to kolejny emulator autorstwa Marata Fayzullina, który spłodził naprawdę spory zestaw emulatorów pod Androida i Symbiana (fMSX, VGB, iNES, MG, ColEm, Speccy, AlmostTI), jak nie trudno zgadnąć po skrócie pozwala on na emulację handhelda firmy Nintendo GameBoy Advance, robi to całkiem przyjemnie i od września całkowicie za darmo (autor uwalnia kolejne swoje emulatory pod okienka - bazując na płatnych wersjach pod Androida)

New in Version 4.8

  • In VGBA-Windows, both full-screen and windowed modes now use Direct3D.
  • Fixed switching between full-screen and windowed modes in VGBA-Windows.
  • Ported fixes from VGBA-Android 4.8 to VGBA-Windows.
  • Removed .STA files from the "Open File" dialog to avoid confusion.
  • Fixed the documentation.

Author's comment

  • The latest version adds texture-based Direct3D rendering, "stretch to full screen" option and better legacy sound.

New in Version 4.7

  • Fixed corrupted background in Golden Sun battles.
  • Fixed hangup and walk-then-roll in Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap.
  • Greatly improved sound quality, fixing audio in many games.
  • Resetting rotation when background priority changes, not size.
  • Added large ring buffer to account for audio jitter.
  • Added correct legacy noise channel emulation.
  • Added configurable random noise generator to EMULib.
  • Fixed restoring legacy sound chip state.
  • Fixed arithmetic bug in the EMULib audio mixing routine.
  • Moved GBA timers emulation into a separate function.
  • No longer muffling legacy noise channel (no more need).
  • Cleaned audio in Metroid Fusion and Metroid Zero Mission.
  • Fixed scratching sounds in Castlevania: Circle Of The Moon title.
  • Fixed distortions in Golden Sun and Golden Sun 2 intros.
  • Removed debug messages from the BIOS emulation, making things faster.
NOWSZY [gba] VGBA for Windows 6.4

New in Version 6.4

  • Fixed audio randomly not working on VGBA-Windows startup.
  • Added "Video | Show Framerate" menu option to VGBA-Windows.
  • Most command line options should now work in VGBA-Windows.
  • Increased synchronization timer precision in VGBA-Windows.
  • Added -fps command line option to VGBA-Linux.

Author's comment

  • The latest version, released on March 10 2021, enables most command line options in the Windows version and adds optional framerate display. I've also fixed random audio initialization failures on Windows.
NOWSZY [gba] VGBA for Windows 6.3
International Karate (Studio 3 Interactive Entertainment Ltd., Nov 30, 2001)

New in Version 6.3

  • Fixed melodic audio playback when DirectSound is off.
  • Fixed sound in International Karate.
  • Fixed sound in Phantasy Star.

Author's comment

  • The latest version, eleased on released on February 11 2021, enables melodic sound emulation while Direct Sound hardware is disabled. This should fix sound in Phantasy Star and International Karate games.
NOWSZY [gba] VGBA for Windows 6.2

New in Version 6.2

  • Added CPU-based simple linear scaling algorithm.
  • Added file drag'n'drop support to VGBA-Windows.
  • Added -linear command line option to VGBA-Linux.

Author's comment

  • The latest version, eleased on September 28 2020, adds drag'n'drop support to the Windows version. There is also a new CPU-based linear interpolation algorithm for cases, where GPU-based linear interpolation cannot be used. .
NOWSZY [gba] VGBA for Windows 6.1

New in Version 6.1

  • Refactored scaling and special effects framework in VGBA-Windows.
  • Optimized scaling for large screens and windows.
  • Added option to force hardware linear scaling.
  • Enabled "Video | Stretch Full Screen" option with effects enabled.
  • Enabled "Video | Force 4:3 Screen" option with effects enabled.
  • Added "Video | Interpolate Video | Linear Scaling" option to VGBA-Windows.

Author's comment

  • The latest version, released on August 27 2020, contains a major rewrite of the scaling and special effects infrastructure. The Windows version has got better support for multiple displays and optimized rendering for larger screens. There is now a separate option for linear image scaling, using hardware if possible.

New in Version 6.0

  • Added "File | Clear Settings and Quit" option to VGBA-Windows.
  • Fixed small windows behavior in VGBA-Windows.
  • Fixed window position behavior in VGBA-Windows.
  • Saving physical joystick/gamepad selection in VGBA-Windows.
NOWSZY [gba] VGBA for Windows 5.9
LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game (Eidos, Inc., Giant Interactive Entertainment, Ltd., Apr 02, 2005)

New in Version 5.9

  • Fixed bug when writing bytes to palette RAM.
  • Fixed bug when reading words from BIOS.
  • Recompiled sources with "-Wall" and fixed warnings.
  • Deprecated -DNEW_STATES and -DSOUND options.

Author's comment

  • The latest version, released on May 10 2018, fixes a bug when writing bytes to palette memory, and another bug that occurred when reading words from the BIOS area (something no sensible person should do, but some games have done). I also removed outdated code, rebuilt the program with strict compiler warnings, and fixed them.


NOWSZY [gba] VGBA for Windows 5.8

New in Version 5.8

  • Added remaining time display during replay.
  • Added shadow underneath the time display.
  • Stopping replay when menu opens on Windows.
  • Fixed replay rollover mechanism.

Author's comment

  • The latest version, released on February 7 2018, adds remaining replay time display and fixes several problems with the replay mechanism.


NOWSZY [gba] VGBA for Windows 5.7

New in Version 5.7

  • Fixed rotated backgrounds bug (scenery in Top Gear Rally, etc).
  • Fixed default window position to the middle of the screen in VGBA-Windows.
  • Fixed DirectInput joysticks support in VGBA-Windows.
  • Made directional pads work on XBox gamepads.

Author's comment

  • The latest version, released on November 30 2017, fixes rotational backgrounds in Top Gear Pocket and other racing games, fixes support for DirectInput joysticks, and makes directional pads work on Xbox gamepads


NOWSZY [gba] VGBA for Windows 5.6

New in Version 5.6

  • Added multiple monitor support to VGBA-Windows.
  • Fixed disappearing window in VGBA-Windows.
  • Fixed best full-screen mode detection in VGBA-Windows.
  • Fixed window flicker that appeared after recent Win10 updates.
  • Switched VGBA-Linux to using PulseAudio sound.
  • Updated old PulseAudio driver for 64bit Linux.

Author's comment

  • The latest version, released on October 30 2017, adds support for multiple monitors on Windows, fixes the best full-screen mode detection and window flicker that appeared after the latest Win10 updates. The Linux version now uses PulseAudio sound, so you won't need to use /dev/dsp emulation any more.


NOWSZY [gba] VGBA for Windows 5.5
Ninja Five-0 (Konami of America, Inc., Apr 22, 2003)

New in Version 5.5

  • Added support for DirectInput joysticks to VGBA-Windows.
  • Moved all input-related options to the "Input" menu in VGBA-Windows.
  • Fixed crash when changing audio sampling rate in VGBA-Windows.
  • Added "Draw 65% Frames" option to VGBA-Windows.
  • Fixed screen updates after changing scaling algorithm in VGBA-Windows.

Author's comment

  • The latest version, released on June 26 2017, adds DirectInput support for joysticks and gamepads, fixes changing of the audio sampling rate and special effects, adds the option to draw 65% of frames, and moves all input-related options to a separate "Input" menu.


NOWSZY [gba] VGBA for Windows 5.4

New in Version 5.4

  •  Added "Interpolate Video | Nearest Neighbor" option to VGBA-Windows.
  • Added "Force 4:3 Screen" option to VGBA-Windows.
  • Added -4x3 command line option to VGBA-Unix.
  • VGBA-Windows will not overwrite last software file name with other names.
  • Fixed file associations on Windows 8+.
  • Updated VGBA-Windows application icon.  

Author's comment

  • The latest version, released on January 26 2017, lets you force 4:3 "television screen" format and switch off linear filtering by selecting "Video | Interpolation | Nearest Neighbor" option. I have also fixed file associations on Windows 8+ computers and stopped VGBA from trashing the last opened file name.
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