[c264] Yape x86/x64 1.1.0c Fix

[1] @ !!! Czwartek, 5 Stycznia 2017 23:21 CET [05-01-2017 22:43 CET]

[c264] Yape x86/x64 1.1.0c Fix

Nowa wersja emulatora YAPE, a w zasadzie szybka poprawka do 1.1.0, autorstwa Atilli Grósz, który pozwala odświeżyć tytuły z maszynek firmy Commodore C116, C+4, C16 - potocznie rodziny określanej skrótem C264.

Hollywood Poker Stephanie (1987)

CHANGES IN 1.1.0c FROM 1.1.0 released on Jan 5, 2017

And again... a nasty sound bug has made its ways to the initial 1.1.0 release 3 days ago. To top it all off the most important novelty, the OpenGL shader, was not even included in the ZIP package! Oh well... Please move ahead to the download page for a new package with the fixed executables as well as the external shader ('crt.glsl'). The new archive bears the same name as the former one, but the EXE-s have a new timestamp and show '1.1.0c' as version number. Besides to that, you shall find there the aforementioned shader which should reside right in the YAPE folder. If you don't like it and prefer the simpler, built-in OpenGL shader simply remove it from the EXE folder. My sincerest apologies for the inconvenience it may have caused, you see I am overall very happy to be able to squeeze some spare time for this silly hobby and my attention is extremely limited. Have fun!

→ NOWSZY [c264] Yape x86/x64 1.2.1 19/11/2021

CHANGES IN 1.2.1 FROM 1.2.0 released on Nov 19, 2021

  • [NEW] rotate screen in OpenGL mode
  • [FIX] sound device selection regression bug
  • [FIX] reduced TED volume to avoid clipping when using all three voice sources
  • [FIX] substandard rasterline count threshold
  • [FIX] #10 and #11 drive selection crashFIX] potential XAudio crash on Win 8+ systems

CHANGES IN 1.2.0 FROM 1.1.8 released on May 2, 2021

  • [NEW] AY-3-8910 (aka YM2149 or "DIGIMUZ") support
  • [NEW] paste from clipboard in the external monitor
  • [FIX] improved performance when running multiple instances
  • [FIX] improved recognition of start address in filename
  • [FIX] CPU regression with SHX ironed out
  • [FIX] potential XAudio crash on Win 8+ systems
→ NOWSZY [c264] Yape x86/x64 1.1.8 11/12/2020

CHANGES IN 1.1.8 FROM 1.1.7 released on Dec 11, 2020

  • [NEW] SID card jostick support (via the active game controller)
  • [NEW] conditional fill command in the external monitor
  • [FIX] improved, more robust and intuitive video recording
  • [FIX] improved command history in monitor
  • [FIX] recent crash on some newer machines/videocards when switching to fullscreen in D3D mode
  • [FIX] minor VIA fix
  • [FIX] some residual TED regression bugs fixed (noise channel, DMA handling etc.)
→ NOWSZY [c264] Yape x86/x64 1.1.7

CHANGES IN 1.1.7 FROM 1.1.6 released on Oct 31, 2019

  • [NEW] updated to new compiler versions (MSVC++ 2019 and MinGW-64 8.1)
  • [NEW] more DPI-aware on Win8/Win10
  • [FIX] digitized palette table lookup
  • [FIX] TED delayed DMA regression glitch
  • [FIX] TED noise regression bug introduced by optimizations in version 1.1.3
  • [FIX] weird bug with autostart code
  • [FIX] maximize window positioning
→ NOWSZY [c264] Yape x86/x64 1.1.6
Motor Mania@GameBase

Revision CHANGES IN 1.1.6 FROM 1.1.5 released on Mar 18, 2018

  • [NEW] Hungarian KERNAL version added
  • [NEW] MTAP pulse length correction in the 'Tape head adjust' dialog
  • [NEW] option to confirm writing back changes to disk images
  • [FIX] couple of TED improvements
  • [FIX] switching to fullscreen mode when in windowed GDI mode


→ NOWSZY [c264] Yape x86/x64 1.1.5
Sex87 (Mega Soft, 1987) - czyli niewyszukany przedstawiciel całkiem sporej rodziny gier instruktażowych.

CHANGES IN 1.1.5 FROM 1.1.4 released on Nov 25, 2017

  • [NEW] saving to raw 121 colour PNG added as new default
  • [NEW] saving video in Direct3D mode now saves window content
  • [FIX] TED regression
→ NOWSZY [c264] Yape x86/x64 1.1.4

CHANGES IN 1.1.4 FROM 1.1.3 released on Jul 14, 2017

  • [FIX] missing TIA 6525 bidirectionality in the 1551 added
  • [FIX] SID wave readout
→ NOWSZY [c264] Yape x86/x64 1.1.3
Freddy Hardest in South Manhattan

CHANGES IN 1.1.3 FROM 1.1.2 released on Jun 3, 2017

  • [NEW] Commodore 264 prototype added (courtesy of Rob Clarke)
  • [NEW] unlimited frame rate option added
  • [FIX] keyboard driver regression fixes and improvements
  • [FIX] TED regressions
  • [FIX] create empty D64 image bug in x64 build
→ NOWSZY [c264] Yape x86/x64 1.1.2

CHANGES IN 1.1.2 FROM 1.1.1  Apr 13, 2017

  • [FIX] CPU and TED timing improvements
  • [FIX] more monitor improvements
  • [FIX] regression bug related to cancelling the autostart dialog
  • [FIX] AltGr got stuck in Message Queue based input mode
  • [FIX] failing OpenGL crash
  • [FIX] speech quality regression
→ NOWSZY [c264] Yape x86/x64 1.1.1
Dizzy III - coś dla lubiących zagadki

YAPE 1.1.1 27/02/2017

This time around with mostly fixes, but the T6721A Toshiba speech LSI emulation also got a little compatibility boost, which is - again - unmatched so far in any other emulator.

But let's have a look what's in there:


  •     implemented proper 48-bit mode for the T6721A speech LSI emulation
  •     somewhat improved vblanking
  •     save window content to 32-bit BMP
  •     awkward TED bitmap DMA bank switching bug corrected
  •     occasional tape creation dialog crash fixed
  •     built-in assembler fix (BRK mnemonic)

Alas, the 48-bit speech encoding was only used in certain built-in words of Magic Voice and A Bee C's cartridges for the C64. So there is some extra work necessary to actually check those one out on the plus/4. Alternatively, why not try creating custom speech with the open source SPTK toolkit. I am not saying it's straightforward, though, in fact that would be a firstie, too.

Tagi: Commodore, C116

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