[Atari] Steem SSE 3.5.1 OPT

[1] @ !!! Sobota, 15 Czerwca 2013 14:05 CET [15-06-2013 14:03 CET]

[Atari] Steem SSE 3.5.1 OPT

Emulator Atari ST - STEEM SSE (Steven Seagal Edition) wzbogacił się o jeszcze jedną wersję pliku wykonawczego. Obok wersji skompilowanej pod Borlandem C++ 6 (BCC) i Visual C++ 6, pojawiła się także skompilowana pod VisualC++ z poprawkami usprawniającymi kod wykonawczy. Heh... nie sądze aby posiadacze w miarę nowych komputerów narzekali na pracę Steema SSE w normalnej wersji, więc trochę ta wersja jest na "wyrost". Jednak warto ją odnotować. Brak innych zmian w kodzie, w stosunki do 3.5.1.

Sky Shark (a.k.a. Flying Shark) (Firebird Software Ltd., 1988)

Steem V.3.5.1, 11/06/2013

  • Display: new option 'scanlines interpolated', mixing 'stretch' mode with scanline. That way the picture resembles more the display of a colour monitor on a real ST.
  • The option is available in both low and medium resolutions.
  • The option is not in the SSE option tab but in 'Display', it works (or should) for both windowed and full screen modes.
  • Like some other SSE features, it's more a hack than anything. Please don't change while emulation is running, it could crash Steem.
  • Floppy drive: new option to display current drive, side, track and sector. Yes kid, admit it, it was your fantasy, now it's true!
  • The "on screen display" way has been chosen because it's far less involved than messing with status bar/full screen, it just works. Quick win.
  • The option is not in the SSE option tab but in 'On Screen Display'.
  • Disk image name scrolling (same option tab).
  • Floppy drive slow mode (snails in Disk manager)
  • Bugfixes: Decade, War Heli, Noughts and Mad Crosses, probably others.
  • Improvements, based on technical documentation about controller and disk format (gaps):
  • Japtro - fix copied from Hatari (it worked before thanks to compensating emulation imprecisions).
  • ProCopy "Analyze" function (WD1772 'Read address')
  • Microprose Golf loading speed
  • ST-NICCC 2000 Final by Oxygene (STF+STE version) loading speed
  • Sentinel on Automation 001 is now FIXED in slow disk mode, all TOS. At last!
  • FDCTNF.TOS by Petari, but just a hack (check 'Hacks') Note: WD1772 Commands types III and IV haven't been much modified yet.
  • Pasti: toggling Pasti on/off in the disk manager will not force a reset anymore.
  • Smarter disk manager, setting pasti on/off as needed, displaying all images.
  • New option to make Pasti handle only STX images, Steem being in charge of the rest. Interesting possibilities.
  • Timings: more precise STE CPU frequency, more precise STE DMA sound frequency, more precise MFP timers for shorter intervals (HWTST001.PRG).
  • CPU exceptions: value of PC (program counter) in some provoked crashes now based on Motorola microcode analysis!
  • No more vulgar opcode-based hacks in Steem baby (Blood Money, European Demos, Phaleon, Transbeauce 2, War Heli...)
  • CPU fetching in IO zone (Union demo, Warp STX)
  • CPU Bugfix Death of the Clock Cycles (broken by the Aladin fix in 3.5.0)
  • Shifter: fixed Armada is Dead scroller, broken since 3.3 with 'Hacks' on (hack for Big Wobble was conflicting).
  • Added option in 'startup' page to disable DSP (it's buggy/crash-prone). Attempt to reduce aliasing, eg Star Trek - nog very good! If you're annoyed by cracks in samples caused by the filter, uncheck DSP or Microwire.
  • ACIA emulation making a more explicit use of the chip's registers, with some improvements (MIDI: Notator) and bugfixes (Hades Nebula, broken since 3.4)
  • HD6301 IKBD emulation bugfixes. Because we use 3rd party code, we depend in some measure on its structure, which makes some improvements difficult.
  • To reduce code footprint, removed hack that has demos Dragonnels, Froggies, Transbeauce 2 running without 'true 6301 emu mode'.
  • STE auto set RAM to 2MB, STF to 1MB, for better compatibility. Of course you can still change it at your convenience.
  • Option 'Stealth' renamed 'Emu detect' (opposite effect, maybe clearer so).


→ NOWSZY [Atari] Steem Steven Seagal Edition (SSE) 3.9.4

Steem SSE v.3.9.4, 1/12/2017

v3.9.4 Features

  • Dongles: Jeanne d'Arc (French).
  • A DirectDraw build of the Boiler is now available.
  • Notice:
    Option 'Alt YM2149 emu' (MAME-like PSG emulation) moved to sound page.
    Option 'Machine/Wake-up' is now persistent (and the default is STE demo-friendly as requested).

v3.9.4 Emulation improvements

  • CPU: STOP timing and behaviour (Audio Sculpture, thx ijor, npomarede andtroed).

v3.9.4 Bugfixes / Refactoring

  • Can recover from a BLIT ERROR and from 6301 crash in some cases.
  • Video rendering of STE hscroll with normal borders (We Were "distorter").
  • Sound: STE DMA sound in 16bit mono. Pro Sound Designer in 16bit (Wings of Death, Lethal XCess STF).
  • CPU: RTE check new PC for crashes. BTST timing (Phaleon/Chaotic Motion Interferer).
  • GLUE: Timer B in shift mode 0 or 1 on a monochrome display (Audio Sculpture). No left border and no-prefetch hscroll (Hard as Ice)
  • FDC: Only type 1 commands can be changed while the drive is spinning up (Froggies Over The Fence). Run commands even if current drive isn't connected (Audio Sculpture STF).
  • WD1772: Negate motor line on reset (Audio Sculpture SCP - undoubtly the star program of this release if you see all the fixes it caused). Reload first rev at first opportunity (Turrican SCP 2 revs).
  • MFP: Reading a timer when it just looped (Froggies Over The Fence back to menu after disk 2). Make MFP timer latency one cycle longer (Sadeness on STF WU1).
  • 6301: Mouse movement in high resolution and when the ST is much accelerated. Option C1 compatible with non-English keyboards and key combinations.
→ NOWSZY [Atari] Steem Steven Seagal Edition (SSE) 3.9.3

Steem SSE v.3.9.3, 30/09/2017

v3.9.3 Features

  • Record to YM file.
  • 'Advanced Settings' option (D3D). When unchecked, other options are simplified.
  • New Option General/Mute sound when inactive.
  • Notice: 'Macros' option page renamed 'Record Input'. When running a new version for the first time (based on existing ini if any), you get dialogs prompting you for a shortcut, home directories, etc. This is to give you a chance to update the link in the Start Menu, but it's optional and you may skip the rest too.

v3.9.3 Emulation improvements

  • Anti-aliasing filter for YM2149 emu (option 'C2'). This improves the sound with all sample rates, at the cost of some CPU use (Star Trek). Thx Mike Perkins for the C++ class.
  • Hardware Hacks:
    • Support for Freeboot (disk side selector).
    • Support for STF hardware overscan (LaceScan and Autoswitch).
    • Support for STE YM/DMA sound mix fix, useful for Petari's little games ;)
  • STE paddles (thx Petari).

v3.9.3 Bugfixes / Refactoring

  • Blitter start test (Great Giana Sisters STE).
  • 6301/ACIA emulation (Warp STX).
  • Removing some hacks in GLU/Shifter emulation.
  • Floppy drive emulation at fast speed (no snails) is more compatible (Exile, Super Hang-On, Lost Patrol, ...).
  • Multiple screens can have negative coordinates (D3D).
  • Fire button of STE joysticks.
  • Missing macro in OR.W Dn, (D-Bug 117).
  • WD1772: Wrong status after command $D0 (Rogue SCP). Trouble at Index Pulse (some dumps of Gunship SCP).
  • Lost on ST disks with <9 sectors (Wipe-Out-RPL, broken v3.9.0)
  • Black borders in monochrome mode (bug since the origins!) With borders, the screen isn't centred anymore, sorry about that, but centring caused timing problems. It is correct emulation.
  • Removed "multimedia" joystick support as it can cause crashes on some systems, only DirectInput is used now.
  • Record Input and Paste Text with option 'C1'. - Messed display when coming back from optional 16bit Fullscreen.
  • Slow Motion (broken v3.8.2).
  • Possible crash when loading a profile.
→ NOWSZY [Atari] Steem Steven Seagal Edition (SSE) 3.9.2

Steem SSE v.3.9.2, 30/06/2017

v3.9.2 Features

  • Can copy from the 'readme' texts to the clipboard.
  • Can use Steem on a second monitor (D3D).
  • Optional borderless window fullscreen mode for even more compatibility (D3D).
  • 'Laptop' fullscreen mode renamed 'Max Resolution', now with correct aspect ratio + optional ST aspect ratio (DD).
  • Sound: more sampling rates are managed, up to 384Khz.
  • Higher rates depend on your hardware. They can reduce aliasing in some cases (Star Trek, Union Demo).

v3.9.2 Emulation improvements

  • Hardware Expansions:
    • Support for MonSTer alt-RAM.
  • Blitter:
    • Further improvements of blit mode bus arbitration. Note that those improvements increase overhead while having no practical use (game, demo...), but that's the price of more precise emulation. Thx Cyprian for good test programs.
  • YM2149:
    • If option'C2' is checked, an alternative, lower level YM2149 emulation inspired by MAME is used. Thx Couriersud.
  • Timings: NTSC clock for the Mega ST, PAL clock for the STF and the STE.

v3.9.2 Refactoring

  • Former options 'Interpolated Scanlines' and 'PAL Aspect Ratio' have been
  • merged into a new option 'ST Monitor'.
  • MFP: Timer B tick better following the 'DE' signal.
    • More precise timers when the CPU is accelerated (sound routines).
    • Some timing changes.
  • CPU: 64bit cycle timers (Win64).
    • This makes older memory snapshots incompatible.

v3.9.2 Bugfixes

  • CPU timing destination = .W (-An).
  • GUI crash on select MIDI in (Win64).
  • DC offset: sound is now centred on zero, start/stop shouldn't click.
    Note: PSG emulation produces positive-only values, DMA sound samples are signed.
  • 2.5MB memory setting was forgotten at second cold reset.
  • More compatible, less trashy fullscreen GUI (DD & D3D).
  • Some other Fullscreen bugs (trash, wrong size...).
→ NOWSZY [Atari] Steem Steven Seagal Edition (SSE) 3.9.1
Fire & Forget II - The Death Convoy. Ależ to ładny obrazek.

Steem SSE v.3.9.1, 28/02/2017

v3.9.1 Features

  • Save PNG or JPG screenshots without FreeImage.dll (D3D).
  • Fullscreen: new option to use the desktop refresh rate (D3D).

v3.9.1 Emulation improvements

  • Delay before bus error triggers.
  • Blitter: In blit mode, the blitter can interrupt an operation between read and write. The CPU can surrender bus control during an instruction. Steem emulates this, but it’s not 100% accurate.

 v3.9.1 Bugfixes

  • Option ‘Fullscreen/Triple buffering’ not updated.
  • Microwire volume effect on PSG sound (Antiques). To allow volume effects while avoiding clicks, Steem will adapt the
  • volume only progressively, this is not correct emulation, it’s a compromise.
  • CPU exception stack frame for MOVE ,(xxx).L.
  • TRACE.txt appearing in local directory when Steem launched by association.
  • NVDI 5 failing to boot.
  • BMP screenshot having wrong size with borders off (D3D).
  • Screenshot having bad proportion with option ‘Interpolated Scanlines’ (D3D).
  • Option ‘Minimum Size Screenshots’ not operating (D3D).
  • Save screenshot to clipboard not operating (D3D).
  • JPG quality option not operating (DD).
  • ‘Ports’ options messed up.
  • Crash on deassociating Steem.
  • On Screen Display centring in fullscreen mode, medium resolution, scanlines (D3D).
  • Strange triangle in crisp fullscreen mode with scanlines (D3D).
  • Crisp fullscreen rendering in medium resolution (D3D).
  • Fetching from wrong address in IO zone (White Spirit).
  • Steem thinking you’re using the mouse when pressing joystick 0 fire (TNT).
  • Some potential CPU timing errors.
  • Sound recording totally broken.
  • Monochrome extended monitor.
  • Steem’s Pasti options messed up at start-up.
→ NOWSZY [Atari] Steem Steven Seagal Edition (SSE) 3.9.0

STEEM v3.9.0 Features

  • Gamma correction settings. Steem SSE also includes controls for gamma correction, one slider per RGB colour. Comparing with a CRT display, I couldn't confirm that Steem needs gamma correction, but it's always a handy setting. Option 'Brightness/Control' has been renamed 'Colour Control'.
  • Support for the sound playing cartridges MV16 (B.A.T I, B.A.T II, Music Master) and Replay 16 (Microdeal). Fake STC dumps of these are included in the download.
  • New cartridge options 'Switch off' and 'Freeze' (Multiface, Ultimate Ripper Cartridge).
  • Support for some special adapters ('Ports' option page): Dongles for B.A.T II, Leader Board, 10th Frame, Cricket Captain, Rugby Coach, Multi Player Soccer Manager, Music Master.'Freeze' switches for Ultimate Ripper Cartridge, Multiface ST.Pro Sound Designer, playback only (Wings of Death, Lethal Xcess).
  • Disk manager: new option to show/hide extension.
  • Disk manager: new right click option to convert a DIM, MSA or ST image to STW.
  • Fast drive mode for HFE and STW disk images if 'Accurate Disk Access Times' option isn't checked.
  • New patches for: Alcatraz, Archipelagos, Fish!, Flood, Gauntlet III, The Guild of Theives, Jinxter, Rainbow Warrior, Substation, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. No guarantee as usual. If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster.

v3.9.0 Internal

  • Cycle precision system ("events") for all ACIA I/O (6301, MIDI) whenoption C1 is checked (it doesn't mean the emulation is 100% accurate).
  • Some refactoring and source code simplification.

v3.9.0 Bugfixes

  • Remove HD/TOS warning (a 'bad idea' fix).
  • No warning for STF/T206, they're compatible.
  • Reorganisation of option names in steem.ini (example, there were "Options" and "Option" sections). Because of that, first startup may be confusing, but it had to be done  one day.
  • If, unlikely as it is, Steem crashes, it will report the exception number  and position in a message box, and then close cleanly if possible.
  • Auto select TOS on load snapshot: try to match country.
  • Clicks on some DMA sounds (Talk Talk 2).
  • Reading Joypads when the program doesn't respect conventions (Substation).
  • WD1772: delay on SEEK when DR=TR (Suretrip II STW).
  • ACIA transmission on accelerated ST (option C1 for 6301 and MIDI).
  • MC68000: some timing corrections (using Yacht table).
  • Drive speed in "accurate" mode (Necrosys, Oh No More Froggies).
  • Joystick port 0 with option C1 (TNT).
  • Screenshot with normal (small) size (D3D build).
  • Win64 build: fix some GUI crashes.
  • File handle leak when using ArchiveAccess.dll.
  • CAPS some drive sounds missing.
  • Some crashes on load snapshot (option C2).
  • Crash on change R/W when STW/HFE disk inserted.
  • Save as Neo: save correct resolution.
  • Resetting in medium resolution could cause shifted planes, low resolution display.
  • Fullscreen crisp rendering: trash when switching resolutions
  • DefaultSnapshot in ini file interfering with dropping disk image file on Steem
→ NOWSZY [Atari] Steem Steven Seagal Edition (SSE) 3.8.2
Atari ST Steem:Turbo Outrun:U.S. Gold Ltd.:SEGA Enterprises Ltd.:1989:
Turbo Outrun (U.S. Gold Ltd., 1989)

STEEM SSE v3.8.230/06/16

v3.8.2 Features

  • New OSD option 'Time'.
  • New Fullscreen mode option 'Fullscreen GUI'.
  • DirectDraw build: fullscreen working with 32bit-only video card drivers.
  • New SSE option 'VM-friendly mouse' to help when Steem is run in a
  •   virtual machine (works with VirtualBox). The cursor isn't bound
  • by the window frame. You don't need a VM to use this option.
  • Thx galax for tests.
  • CPU: stabler E-clock emulation.
  • New TOS flags for Czechia, Finland, Greece, Norway (thx Dima Sobolev).

v3.8.2 Internal

  • Remove hack for high frequency tone waves in YM-2149 emulation (YMT-Player).

v3.8.2 Bugfixes

  • Fix Steem SSE crash on some long switches between HIRES and LORES
  • (stf1pix_512k).
  • Extended monitor hack: ignore VBASE changes (potential crash).
  • ACSI: reload TOS to remove "no ACSI" patch.
  • Fix stop icon staying on screen after stopping Steem SSE (bug v3.7.0).
→ NOWSZY [Atari] Steem Steven Seagal Edition (SSE) 3.7.3
Atari ST STeem:UN Squadron
UN Squadron

v3.7.3 Features

  • Heavy compiler (VS2008) optimisation. Your processor needs to be SSE-enabled (of course)
  • SCP randomise start of track (War Heli)
  • New steem.ini-only option TosVersionWarning
  • Shortcuts for disk image selection

v3.7.3 Bugfixes

  • Extended monitor in D3D fullscreen
  • crash when using D3D without DirectDraw
  • reading video counter in some case (20 years STE intro)
  • stupid compiling bug in MOVEM (Sea of Colour STE)
  • 6301 emu + ACIA timings (Snork/Defulloir)
  • some bugs in PRG, TOS, STW support
  • Blitter hack for Relapse broke several programs (but it was fine without option Hacks) - sorry, it was a relapse, the worst being that I knew it... can't help it
→ NOWSZY [Atari] Steem Steven Seagal Edition (SSE) 3.7.2
Atari ST Steem:Warlock the Avenger
Warlock the Avenger

v3.7.2 Features

  • HFE images support/.File format of HxC floppy emulator
    Copy file HFE_boot.bin to your Steem directory for new disk image creation
  • Improvements in SCP images support
  • Ghost disks. More systematic handling of data around index pulse (I Ludicrus)
    Simpler system for weak bit protections
  • Support for 7Z, BZ2, GZ, TAR, ARJ compression formats. The feature uses ArchiveAccess.dll.The included DLL has been fixed by you know who so that it also works with BZ2 files. Guess it will spread... You still need unzipd32.dll and unrar.dll for ZIP and RAR archives.
  • New option for crisp Direct3D fullscreen rendering
  • Links updated in general info; don't forget to copy steem.new
    (feel free to delete the silly brags and mean-spirited Chuck Norris

v3.7.2 Bugfixes

  • Bugfix MFP spurious interrupt on STOP after CLR int. mask (Return STE -HMD)
  • Bugfix fail to properly remove previous disk image on some insertions: could explain some strange bugs, when two disks are in the same drive it can't be good...
  • Bugfix WD1772 writing data bytes with missing clock bit on Format
→ NOWSZY [Atari] Steem Steven Seagal Edition (SSE) 3.7.1
Atari ST Steem:F16 Combat Pilot:Digital Integration Ltd.:Digital Integration Ltd.:1989:
F16 Combat Pilot (Digital Integration Ltd., 1989)

Improvements of v3.7.1

  • CPU exception stack frame legit fix for Aladin instead of previous hacks
  • Bugfix RAM 14MB no display
  • Bugfix sound volume sliders start at 0
  • Bugfix PSG noise delays with ‘Sampled YM-2149′ option (Dungeon Master)
  • Bugfix PSG quantize for low periods (Union Demo text screens)
  • Bugfix RAR5-compatible version of unrar.dll not recognised.
  • Bugfix Microwire read data (Sleepwalker STE)
  • Bugfix floppy disk gaps on READ TRACK (ProCopy on ST, MSA images)
  • New patch: Gunship STX protection
  • Links updated in general info;


Please report bugs, especially broken programs, here: http://www.atari-forum....25093 (Steem SSE 3.6 bug reports).
No more email/PM please, the more activity on the Atari forum the better. Please read the 'SpecificHints' and 'KnownBugs' files and the SSE FAQ, the answer to some questions is already in there.


→ NOWSZY [Atari] Steem SSE 3.7.0

Improvements of v3.7.0 [via Emu-France]

  • More options in control mask browser
  • eg Mute sound: PSG noise, envelope; DMA
  • Some debugging of IO R/W detection
  • Fix crash if drag icon on boiler icon
  • CPU Trace refactoring: « step » and « breakpoint » will work on the instruction being traced
  • TRACE.txt: date and time of each runtime
  • Far user-friendlier IO trace, you must also select chips you want to trace (MMU, MFP, Floppy, Shifter…) -> no more bloated TRACE
  • Better CPU trace (with registers and stack if you want)
  • Pseudo-stack based on interception of push/pop, recording only PC; no L/S
  • Names of internal ST/TOS variables in low memory
  • Show ‘vectors’ in the ‘reg’ column of memory browsers/boiler eg: the address where the VBI routine starts, TB for timer B, …
  • Option to skip TOS exceptions (at last)


Please report bugs, especially broken programs, here: http://www.atari-forum....25093 (Steem SSE 3.6 bug reports).
No more email/PM please, the more activity on the Atari forum the better. Please read the 'SpecificHints' and 'KnownBugs' files and the SSE FAQ, the answer to some questions is already in there.

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