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Kat5200 doczekał się nowej aktualizacji. Emulator autorstwa Briana Berlin pozwala udawać 8bitową konsolę Atari 5200. Nowa odsłona to patrząc na listę zmian to porządna dawka bugfixów. Zdarza się.

[02/18/17] kat5200 version 0.7.1 released!

  • Fixed: Xbox360 style controllers cause Auto-Detect exit in GUI
  • Fixed: GUI Stick Left not set on first try
  • Fixed: Controls can get fixed up when setting up multiple players
  • Fixed: Keyboard setup for keys with Up/Down/Left/Right in name
  • Fixed: Screen colors in video config preview window
  • Update: Mouse Wheel in GUI lists works
  •  Fixed: Check for SDL2 version 2.0.5 and disable function if older (SDL_SetWindowResize)
  • Fixed: multiple controllers control player 1 on startup
  • Fixed: Player 3/4 keypad not working
  • Fixed: Player 3/4 axis weirdness (Simulate Analog forced on)
  • Fixed: Bounty Bob works again (and works for 8-bits)
  • Fixed: Unified Win32 release (XP and above works with one build)


  • Special thanks to Paul Rataczak for controller and multiple player testing for this release!
  •  Check version 0.7.0 for other notes
→ [ATARI] kat5200 0.8.1

kat5200 version 0.8.1 released!

This release contains the following bug fixes and changes:

  •   Fixed: Database issue causing poor sound and crashes for new installs
  •   Fixed: GUI: List scrolling in GUI
  •   Fixed: GUI: Wizard sets input profile after use
  •   Fixed: GUI: Input profile shows default correctly
  •   Added: Initial Android support
→ [ATARI] kat5200 0.8.0

[12/17/17] kat5200 version 0.8.0

This release contains the following bug fixes and changes:

  •   Added : RetroArch GLSL shader support
  •   Added : Redesigned sound module
    •   improves sound for many games
    •   added 48kHz Sound sample frequency
    •   Improves (fixes?) Linux sound using ALSA
  •   Added : Combo Inputs
  •   Added : User warned when input conficts occur
  •   Added : User can make kat5200 portable
  •   Added : -reset_config command line parameter
  •   Added : Several conversions/homebrews to default database
  •   Changed: -config loads alternate db3 config file
  •   Fixed : Atari 800 Pitfall crash on start (Added LAX CPU op)
  •   Fixed: CPU cycle counts for page crossing
  •   Fixed : Input conflicts on 8-bit computer default profile
  •   Fixed : Atari 800 'A' key updates not loaded
  •   Fixed : Recall state loads incorrect video/input profiles
  •   Fixed : Simualte Analog needs to respect Sensitivity
  •   Fixed : Couple of potential crashes


  • Only supporting modern OpenGL, no shaders on Raspberry Pi
  • When obtaining shaders from the RetroArch site above, download the zip and extract somewhere reachable by kat5200
  • See Manual for portable use and importing shaders
  • Check version 0.7.0 for other notes
→ [ATARI] kat5200 0.7.0
River Raid (1983, Activision)

kat5200 version 0.7.0 released!

  • Update to SDL2
  • Mac 0S X support
  • Fixed: Remapped PC keypad keys don't work
  • Fixed: Joystick D-pad/Axis to Atari keypad /
  • keyboard doesn't work
  • Fixed: No keypad/keyboard after Load State
  • Fixed: Windows version AppData directory issue
  • Video: Passively use current display mode
  • Video: Auto fit to mode (no zoom needed)
  • Video: Allow window resize (no zoom needed)
  • Video: Don't stretch video, letterbox
  • Added: Config file location to GUI
  • Updated: Various 8-bit cart settings


  • The database is updated after install if found. This may take several seconds depending on how big the database is. Trying to go backwards to 0.6.2 with an updated database may result in crash. If you have spent considerable effort creating your config, I suggest backing up the kat5200.db3 file just in case.
  • Sound under Linux with ALSA is not good with SDL. Install PulseAudio and set the appropiate SDL environment variable (SDL_AUDIODRIVER=pulseaudio).
  • Windows users need to install the Visual C++ 2015 redistributable (x86 version). Get here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145
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