[Arcade] RomCenter 4.0 Stable

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[Arcade] RomCenter 4.0 Stable

RomCenter sprawdza, czy posiadana przez nas wersja jest w porządku, czy też znowu natrafiliśmy na uszkodzony plik, co wcale do rzadkości nienależy. Pozwala zarządzać kolekcją dla emulatorów platform takich jak: AAE Alpha Build 87, Capcom Play System 3 Emulator v1.0a, Commodore - 64 (20061106), Commodore - Amiga (20081218)_CM, Commodore - Amiga (Numbered) (20081218)_CM, CPS-1 20081018, CPS-2 20081018, DSP v0.9, FBA v0.2.96.99, M1 v0.7.8a6, Nebula v2.25b, Neo-Geo 20081018, Nintendo - Game Boy (20081015), Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (20080614), Nintendo - Nintendo 64 (20080521), Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System (20080712) (CM), Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System (20081015), RAINE v0.50.15, Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis (20080228), Sega Master System - Sega Mark III (20081003_CM), SEGA Model 2 Emulator v0.7, WinKawaks v1.59, ZiNc v1.1.
Siedem lat od ostatniej pełnej wersji, fiu, fiu...

RomCenter 4.0.0

What's new from

  • Add 27 systems datafiles generated from mame 208
  • Add more precise log messages
  • Extend text filter search to more games and files columns
  • Faster operations when a lot of items are selected
  • Add backup strategy selection on startup
  • Improve container remove method to reliably handle on-success db operation.
  • Rewrite version comparison
  • Update some components
  • Faster dat import
  • Clean and fix games selection
  • Clean files/fileroms view selection
  • Handle operations exceptions. Display only one dialog and cancel.
  • Disable 'remove zip comment' by default
  • Fix deleted items not sent to recycle bin
  • Fix refresh database deadlock
  • Fix settings when backup path not selected
  • Fix filters not working with grey disks
  • Fix some views not translated
  • Fix crash when opening a db from a non existent folder
  • Fix error when temp folder deleted
  • Fix a bug causing an index error
  • Fix crash when 'backspace' typed in view
  • Fix detail view not updated when master is empty
  • Fix loading error with some utf-8 dat
  • Fix invalid cast when updating view data
  • Fix loading libretro mame2003 dat (double <driver>)
  • Fix no detail item selected after operations
  • Fix wrong files identification when fixing from a rom selection
  • Fix plugin not always detected when dat is filtered
  • Fix ribbon staying active after trying to open a missing db
  • Fix unzipped files not renamed
  • Fix wrong file status for single files
  • Fix db name not changed when updating dat.
  • Fix detail view not cleared when filtering the selection.
  • Fix empty backup folder settings blocking save in options.
  • Fix items selection identification when rom selected
  • Disable for now usage of extension calculated by plugin (use datafile rom extension instead).
  • Bug #10: Issues When Archive Folder Runs Out of Space
  • Bug #111: RC3 trying to rename files that have correct name
  • Bug #124: Writing gamename in FILTER box is not working for many games.
  • Bug #128: MAME 2003 PLUS libretro core xml error
  • Bug #129: Crash opening "settings" dialog when a non-existent database is selected.
  • Bug #136: Cancel running operation, buttons (yes/not) are inverted
  • Bug #137: Selected file when playing with filters
  • Bug #140: NES plugin not working/triggering when selecting only USA region
  • Bug #142: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.
  • Bug #143: Splash screen "BACKUPED" should be "BACKED UP"
  • Bug #144: Fix process extremely slow on large collections
  • Bug #145: Romcenter doesn't recognize Roms it should
  • Bug #148: InvalidOperationException: Added item does not appear at given index '0'.
  • Bug #151: Directory not found - RomCenter will now close
  • Bug #153: Problems with paths longer than 260 characters
  • Bug #154: Cannot create database from latest TOSEC dat
  • Bug #156: Adding the same folder twice leads to a buggy state
NOWSZY [Arcade] RomCenter 4.1.1

What's new in 4.1.1:

This is a bug fix release. It also includes a command line version of romcenter.

Here are the main changes:

  • Fix error when backup path is not defined.
  • Fix region order not saved
  • Fix temp folder not found
  • Fix tosec filter
  • Add command line version (rc.exe). Support db creation, update, adding rom paths and fixing.
  • Improve data Grid grouping
  • Improve tosec parser log
  • Improve tosec year/region parser
  • Upgrade data grid component


NOWSZY [Arcade] RomCenter 4.1.0

What's new in 4.0.1:

  • Update database core to v3
  • Add 'empty games' filter button in view toolbar
  • Add 'folder' in preferred format setting
  • Display expected folder in files view for uncompressed files.
  • Keep same path displayed after path refresh
  • Fix 'nodump' devices problem
  • Fix operations are faster
  • Fix and improve gfix command for clean up db.
  • Fix bad type for device rom
  • Fix crash when a unique operation is done on more than 1500 items
  • Fix max thread limit handler
  • Fix fields validation on global settings page
  • Fix empty paths in settings on new install
  • Catch more 7zip exception
  • Improve operation cancellation
  • Improve moving rom
  • Improve files and rom deletion
  • Tune database configuration to improve speed.
  • Update 7z library
  • Update zip library
  • Update 32 machines datafiles generated from mame 226
NOWSZY [Arcade] RomCenter 4.0.1 Fix

What's new in 4.0.1:

  • Add support for samples with extension in datafile
  • Add new arcade datafiles: itech32, namco s12, nmk16, seta 1, sony zn1/2
  • Update arcade datafiles to 0.213
  • Fix progress bar when filtering games
  • Fix missing rom in provided arcade datafiles
  • Fix error message during dat import when temp path is not found
  • Fix greyed 'ok' button in backup path option
  • Fix backup mode hint not updated in status bar
  • Fix and improve 'delete' tool with unique rom
  • Fix rom view empty after fixing (merging) a file
  • Fix a crash when loading dat with nodump device rom
  • Fix 'delete' operation of unique rom
  • Fix 'cancel' button not working when moving/copying files
  • Fix double extension samples files
  • Fix file wrongly identified as sample in merge mode
  • Fix items not found error
  • Fix bug with unique names
  • Fix wrong merged flag for clone bios
  • Fix wrong rom cases
  • Fix slow start when removing rom
  • Fix stack overflow when leaving rc
  • Fix status bar empty after loading db
  • Fix possible null reference at startup
  • Fix unzipped roms dump status sometimes wrong
  • Fix rom view sometime empty after a fix
  • Force sample extension to lowercase in 'database' case mode
  • Smooth grids navigation with keyboard
  • Update external components
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