[arcade] Mame x86 i x64 0.157

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[arcade] Mame x86 i x64 0.157

Miała być noworoczna, a jest jeszcze tegoroczna wersja Mame 0.157.  Zgodnie z obietnicą MAME team będzie publikować w każdy ostatni czwartek miesiąca nową wersję emulatorów MAME/MESS. 


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 05808: [DIP/Input] (cps1.c) sf2amf: Wrong input 'references'. (darq)
- 05805: [Sound] (cps1.c) dinohunt: [possible] Unused YM2151 chip? (darq)
- 05804: [DIP/Input] (cps1.c) dinohunt: Wrong P3 controls mapping (darq)
- 03659: [Crash/Freeze] (atarisy2.c) All Sets in atarisy2.c: Crashes
when loading autosave with "-str 2" (Osso)
- 01591: [Graphics] (atarisy2.c) paperboy, paperboyr1, paperboyr2:
Flashing text in service mode (Alex Jackson)
- 00380: [Graphics] (atarisy2.c) 720: The sprites in 720 flicker/disappear
sometimes in recent MAME versions. (Alex Jackson)
- 05789: [DIP/Input] (prehisle.c) Wrong vblank IP_ACTIVE_HIGH value. (Alex Jackson)
- 04648: [Flip Screen/Cocktail] (btime.c) All sets in btime.c: Misplaced
graphics for player 2 in cocktail mode (Alex Jackson)

Source Changes
-dreamwld.c: Fill in dipswitches for Cute Fighter and PCB layout.
[Brian Troha]

-Add missing Atari System 1 TTL Motherboard PAL. [Kevin Eshbach]

-Updated location/PAL information for Puzzle Bobble 3 (Japan) in
taito_f3.c. [Kevin Eshbach]

-Add more info to the GitHub readme to prevent confusion. [Justin Kerk]

-add some Smashing Drive hw details [Demul Team]

-redump / verify Fight Fever romsets [DsNo]

-add communication MCU ROM (dumped from a prototype) to the Riding Hero
sets [Brian Hargrove]

-atvtrack.c make Smashing Drive going somewhere instead of hang
emulator [MetalliC, Demul team]

-renegade.c: replace custom sound with MSM5205 [Alex Jackson]

-raiden2cop.c: Endian safety fix [Alex Jackson]

-btime.c: fix flip screen [Alex Jackson]

-naomi.c: use full M4 PIC16 dumps instead of partial "readouts", add
handmade 'dumps' with master keys for not yet properly dumped PICs
[rtw, MetalliC]

-naomi.c: use full M4 PIC16 dumps instead of partial "readouts", add
handmade 'dumps' with master keys for not yet properly dumped PICs
[rtw, MetalliC]

-Chihiro vertex programs update [Samuele Zannoli]

-SDL: Fix build with non-framework SDL 2 issue on OS X [mbcoguno]

-lindbergh: Fake pit and real pci bridges [O. Galibert]

-pci: expansion rom management [O. Galibert]

-lindbergh: Match card and video bios [O. Galibert]

-Fix debugger memory display of little-endian memory regions
[Alex Jackson]

-m68k: disassembler support for FTRAP. [R. Belmont]

-luaengine: add API versioning [Luca Bruno]

-viper.c: added NVRAM and dongle to Police 911 2 [Guru, dogpn]

-pci: Fix some initialisations, valgrind stops complaining [O.Galibert]

-pci: Autodetect multifunction devices [O. Galibert]

-i82875p: toud display fix [O. Galibert]

-redumped "Melty Blood Act Cadenza Version B (GDL-0039)" [rtw, ShouTime]

-changed Melty Blood series game names as per title screen texts [metallic]

-igs009.c - Updated dips and added locations to comply with the manual
for Jingle Bell & Gran Prix '98. [Bad A. Billy]

-82875p: Add overflow device, high smram [O. Galibert]

-pci: Add more pci bridge registers [O. Galibert]

-hikaru.c update add protecton keys for AirTrix and Planet Harriers
[CaH4e3, MetalliC]

-rom labels and ROM_LOADs corrections&cleanup [MetalliC]

-Use consistent logical ID for joystick registration log [tomyun]

-Bump version in *nix man pages [wallyweek]

-Initial implementation of "Dona Barata" driver (brazilian whack-a-mole) [Felipe Sanches]

-SH-2: added default SSR value, makes EGWord to boot [Angelo Salese]

-Verified clocks for Yam! Yam!? and Last Day / D-Day [system11]

-Do not check gl_lib() without OpenGL support [Tarnyko]

-k053936.c: fix potential out-of-bounds memory access; remove some dead
code [Alex Jackson]

-Attempt at fixing the new Stepper device to load correctly for AWP
games. This is part 1 of a plan to remove the stepper_interface for a
devcb2 setup. [James Wallace]

-debug: fix the gui for smaller fonts [Fabrice Bellet]

-Using a font pointsize different from 11pt has a consequence that
fontWidth (in pixels) is not an integer anymore. [Fabrice Bellet]

-debug: fix a string overflow in comments [Fabrice Bellet]

-debug: dont update asm view in the start_hook() [Fabrice Bellet]

-The curpc can be in the middle of an instruction being decoded, so it
is not pertinent to recompute the disassembly starting from thi s
address. [Fabrice Bellet]

-debug: fix the avl trees logic [Fabrice Bellet]

-The ancestor heights of a node were not updated properly. [Fabrice Bellet]

-debug: better handling of duplicate memory access [Fabrice Bellet]

-Don't remove and reinsert nodes that correspond to a duplicate memory
access, because tree rebalancing kills performances. Update the node's
element content instead. [Fabrice Bellet]

-debug: fix wrong initial m_topleft.x value in memory view [Fabrice Bellet]

-Significant change to Stepper motor device behaviour, using devcb2
interfaces. [James Wallace]

-cpu: Rewrote Rockwell PPS-4 CPU core based on bitsavers.org
documents. Add led8seg_gts1 (Futaba) to rendlay.c/h and use
them in gts1.lay. Add Rockwell devices 10696, 10788 and A17xx
preliminary implementations [Juergen Buchmueller]

- New functions added:

MCFG_STEPPER_ADD(tag) - add a stepper device
MCFG_STEPPER_REEL_TYPE(type) - the equivalent of the first line in the
old interface, now also takes NOT_A_REEL for printer and similar
applications MCFG_STEPPER_START_INDEX(int index) - the old second line
of the interface, the position (in half steps) where the optic tab
first triggers. MCFG_STEPPER_END_INDEX(int index) - the old third
line of the interface, the last position (in half steps) where the
optic tab triggers. MCFG_STEPPER_INDEX_PATTERN(int pattern) - a coil
pattern in hexadecimal that has to be on the motor for the index to
trigger (0 if no specific pattern is needed)
MCFG_STEPPER_INIT_PHASE(int phase) - starting phase of the motor

All drivers have been updated, testing done to all specific drivers -
Scorpion 4 was particularly complex. [James Wallace]

-qt/debug: Device tree view. Looks cool with mu100 or lindbios
[O. Galibert]

-tms5110.c: implement output and read bit commands. [Lord Nightmare]

-namcops2 updates:
* added BIOS and dongle for Time Crisis 4 [Guru]
* added dongle for Gundam vs. Gundam [Guru, Darksoft]

-debug/qt: Add a per-device window [O. Galibert]

-SDL2: Improved Alt-Enter functionality (now works on all screens at
once) and prefer upper-left placement of windowed mode windows.
[R. Belmont]

-dinohunt: fixed player 3 inputs (MT05804) [darq]

-luaengine: add memory-reading capabilities [Luca Bruno]

-chihiro: added support for zbuffer and stencil plus render target
methods [Samuele Zannoli]

-Fix "-mt" for SDLMAME windows build [Calamity, Couriersud].

-Changed sdl_window_info to be closer to C++ [Couriersud]:
* Made some members private
* moved static functions into sdl_window_info
* extended work_param struct with constructors for better readability

-Fixed save state regressions in the following drivers [Osso]:
* arcadecl.c, batman.c, eprom.c, foodf.c, liberatr.c, atarisys2.c, gstream.c,
pasha2.c, f-32.c, lastfght.c, bfm_sc1.c, bmcpokr.c, centiped.c, jangou.c, merit.c,
segas16a.c, asteroid.c, seibuspi.c

-Started developing a CPU core for the series of processors based on the
ARCompact instruction set, namely the ARCtangent A-5. This is still preliminary,
the disassembly is mostly complete but the output could still be tidied, and
many instructions are not yet implemented and based on code execution some of
the ones that are could be incorrect. This is currently used by the 'leapster'
driver. [David Haywood]

-m68k: generate the correct kind of stack frame for 68010 bus errors. [R. Belmont]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Cute Fighter [system11, David Haywood]
Su Ho Seong [system11, David Haywood]

New clones added
Star Wars (set 3) [Andrew Welburn]
Mortal Kombat (Yawdim bootleg, set 3) [Guru]
Brick Blast (bootleg of Wall Crash) [Edcross & Rockman (from Aumap)]
D-Day (Dooyong) (Korea) [system11]
Yam Yam (Korea) [system11]
Space Duel (version 1) [Mariusz Wojcieszek]
Space Duel (prototype) [Mariusz Wojcieszek]
Montana Choice (MG0183) Multi-Game [BrianT] (not working)
Player's Edge Plus (X002478P+XP000154) Joker Poker - French [BrianT]
Player's Edge Plus (X002479P+XP000154) Joker Poker - French [BrianT]
Player's Edge Plus (X002478P+XP000154) Joker Poker (Aces or Better) - French
Player's Edge Plus (X002485P+XP000154) Standard Draw Poker - French
Guilty Gear XX #Reload (GDL-0019) [rtw]
Melty Blood Act Cadenza (GDL-0028) [rtw, ShouTime]
Ridge Racer V Arcade Battle (RRV2 Ver. A) [Guru, Darksoft]
Atari Football II [Mariusz Wojcieszek]
Super Street Fighter II Turbo (Asia 940223 Phoenix Edition) (bootleg) [Anonymous]
F1 Exhaust Note (Japan) [ShouTime, The Dumping Union]
Radikal Bikers (Version 2.02) [Ricky2001 (from AUMAP)]
Dharma Doujou (World) [rtw]
Dominos 4 (Cocktail) [Mariusz Wojcieszek]
Super Breakout (Cocktail, prototype) [Mariusz Wojcieszek]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
House of the Dead 4 (Export) [soyandroid, Guru]
Virtua Fighter 5 (Export) [soyandroid]
After Burner Climax (Export) [soyandroid]
Let's Go Jungle (Export) [soyandroid]
Outrun 2 SP SDX [soyandroid]
Power Smash 3 / Virtua Tennis 3 (Export) [soyandroid]
Virtua Tennis 3 (Japan) [Guru]
Initial D4 (Rev D) [Guru]
Initial D4 (Rev C) [Guru]
Sega Race-TV (Export) [soyandroid, Guru]
House of the Dead EX (Japan) [soyandroid]
Rambo (Export) [soyandroid, Guru]
Hummer Extreme [soyandroid]
VBios updater [Guru]
2 Spicy [Guru]
Ghost Squad Evolution [Guru]
Primeval Hunt [Guru]
Star Horse Progress Returns (satellite) [CaH4e3]
Pride GP 2003 (PR21 Ver. A) [Guru, Darksoft]
Quiz Mobile Suit Gundam: Monsenshi (QG1 Ver. A) [Guru, Darksoft]
Time Crisis 4 [Guru]
Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection [Guru, Darksoft]

NOWSZY [arcade] HqMame 0.157 2.18
HqMame Filter comparision
Porównanie działania różnych filtrów wbudowanych w HqMAME


  • Scale from 2-5x using xBRZ and GDI or DirectDraw
  • Scale from 2-4x using HQx and GDI or DirectDraw
  • Uses all CPU cores for image scaling
  • "skip_gameinfo" active by default
  • "multithreading" active by default
  • Removes limit of showing 15 games only in selection screen
  • Sorts games in selection screen by ROM name
  • Excludes BIOS entries from selection screen

HqMAME 2.18 (MAME 0.157)

  • Updated Intel TBB to version 4.3 Update 2
  • Updated MAME to most recent version


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