[Arcade] Mame Classic 7.4.0

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[Arcade] Mame Classic 7.4.0

Pojawiła się nowa wersja jednego z najstarszych, o ile nie najstarszy, frontend dla MAME - Mame Classic. MC jest potwornie upierdliwy w konfiguracji, nie lubi się z x64, jednak dla konserwatystów posiada pełen wachlarz ułatwień, które pozwala na ominięcie wszystkich maszyn arcade, które nie znalazły się w kanonie autora Richarda A. Insalaco (od wstrętnego NeoGeo począwszy:):).

Arcade Frontend:Mame Classic:
Mame Classic. Photo@mameclassic

Mame Classic 7.0.2 New In This Version (For MAME version 0.163)

  • Added : A small clickable graphic in the upper right of the game lists that will rotate through the lists
  • Added : Several OpenGL options
  • Changed : Parts of the interface are now "flat" for a more modern look
  • Fixed: : Favorite list would error on loading



→ NOWSZY [Arcade] Mame Classic 9.2.0

New In Version 9.2.0 - 09/02/2018 (For MAME 0..203)

  • Added : Controls for BGFX LUT and BGFX AVI Name in the BGFX Post-Processing section
  • Added : Controls for new Chroma options in the Direct3D Post-Processing section
  • Added : Controls for new LUT and LUT Texture in the Bloom Post-Processing section
  • Fixed : MESS Machine list font size would not change after selecting a different size
→ NOWSZY [Arcade] Mame Classic 9.1.0

New In Version 9.1.0 - 04/02/2018

  • Added: Controls for new Fallback Artwork, Override Artwork and NVRAM Save options
  • Added: Cambria and Segoe UI GUI fonts
  • Changed: The cursor no longer changes to a hand pointer on the main form
  • Changed: The option "Use Link Style GUI" is now "Use Buttonless GUI"
  • Changed: The reports folder has been renamed to output
  • Fixed: Changing to the Classic theme from any other theme would leave the background color of the previous theme in one of the textboxes
  • Fixed: Scroll Bar issue on the Maintenance screen when MAME Classic was restored from maximized
  • Fixed: Vector controls would be disabled in MESS Settings
  • Removed: References to obsolete help files in the Help pull-down menu
  • Removed: MS Sans Serif and MS Serif GUI fonts
→ NOWSZY [Arcade] Mame Classic 9.0.0

New In  Version 9.0.0 - 11/04/2017


  • Added    : MAME Classic can now launch machines formally found in MESS which don't have software lists
  • Added    : MAME Classic will automatically look for a "devices" folder and a "bios" folder in your MAME directory and in the parent directory of your ROMs folder for machines formally found in MESS
  • Changed    : Screenless and mechanical systems are no longer displayed
  • Changed    : The Color column is now Palette
  • Changed    : The Hand Pointer cursor since it was showing as solid black on the Windows 10 Fall Creators Edition
  • Fixed    : Some instances where MAME Classic was unable to determine the device type when trying to launch a machine formally found in MESS
  • Fixed    : Color (Palette), Sound, and Graphics column not displaying proper data after a recent change to the listxml
  • Removed    : The Devices directory path selection box



→ NOWSZY [Arcade] Mame Classic 8.9.0

New In  Version 8.9.0 - 01/29/2017

  • Added    : New PortAudio options
  • Fixed    : The Beam Intensity Weight drop-down had incorrect negative values
  • Fixed    : The ROM Compare function would not close a file if the Cancel button was pushed during the compare


→ NOWSZY [Arcade] Mame Classic 8.8.0

New In This Version (For MAME 0.181)

  • Added: Screen shots for machines formally found in MESS can now be displayed if created with F12 or Alt+F12
  • Added: The BIOS drop-down now lists BIOS for machines formally found in MESS when configuring their options
  • Added: You can now audit all ROMs of the machines formally found in MESS
  • Changed: The Category filter can now filter machines formally found in MESS
  • Changed: The Maintenance screen is now available when viewing machines formally found in MESS
  • Fixed: A parent's screen shot would be displayed even if you didn't chose to use parent screen shots for clones
  • Fixed: Ampersand (&) symbols would not be visible in the game lists
  • Fixed: Changes to the BIOS Filter or Category Filter would not cause the lists to refresh with those changes if the changes were de-selecting everything
  • Fixed: MAME would run on the main display even if another display was set in the screen option
→ NOWSZY [Arcade] Mame Classic 8.7.0

New In This Version (For MAME 0.178)

  • Added: New OSD Video option monitorprovider
  • Added: Additional selections in the Help pull-down menu
  • Fixed: The Help pull-down menu now works with the recent changes in the MAME/docs directory
  • Fixed: Replaced GLSL shader value "None" with "none" in the mame.ini to prevent MAME from reporting that it cannot find "None.vsh"
→ NOWSZY [Arcade] Mame Classic 7.7.0
Arcade Frontend:Mame Classic:
Mame Classic. Photo@mameclassic

New In This Version (For MAME version 0.168

  • Changed: Controller option nows lists all .cfg files in the ctrlr folder instead of just the ones included with MAME
  • Removed: Depreciated HLSL Preset option
→ NOWSZY [Arcade] Mame Classic 7.6.0
Arcade Frontend:Mame Classic:
Mame Classic. Photo@mameclassic

Version 7.6.0 - 01/11/2015

  • Added   : New Core Vector, Direct3D Post and Bloom Post options
  • Changed   : Uninstalled Games list is now called Non-Installed Games
  • Removed   : Depreciated options


→ NOWSZY [Arcade] Mame Classic 7.5.0
Arcade Frontend:Mame Classic:
Mame Classic. Photo@mameclassic

Version 7.5.0 - 09/10/2015

  • Added   : Global Inputs option
  • Added   : Two new themes (Ruby and Sapphire)
  • Changed   : The Status Bar is now "flat" and transparent for a more modern look
  • Fixed   : MAME Classic would not read the mame.ini if it was not in the MAME folder



→ NOWSZY [Arcade] Mame Classic 7.4.1
Arcade Frontend:Mame Classic:
Mame Classic. Photo@mameclassic

Version 7.4.1 - 09/05/2015

New In This Version (For MAME versions 0.163 - 0.165)

  • Fixed : Error 438 would sometimes occur when setting the GUI fonts
  • Fixed : The game list rotation graphic would change to a "w" if the GUI fonts were changed
  • Changed : Redesigned the OpenGL-Specific Options frame



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