[Arcade] Arcade x64 0.251 30/12/2022

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[Arcade] Arcade x64 0.251 30/12/2022

Jeden z najlepszych klonów MAME wcześniej rozwijany przez MameSick jako MameUIFX a teraz przez Robbberta (MameUI32, MessUI, HomebrewMame).


ARCADE64 x64 0.251.0 30/12/2022

  • Sync Mame 0.251
  • Added protection against bad snapshots
  • Tidied up some treeview code by removing hard-coded strings.

ARCADE64 x64 0.250.0 30/11/2022

Moon Patrol (Williams Electronics, Inc., 1982). Artwork to ciekawy dodatek, ale tylko dodatek;)
  • Sync Mame 0.250

ARCADE64 x64 0.249.0 27/10/2022

  • Sync Mame 0.249
  • As mentioned last month, a review of the inbuilt hacks was undertaken, and about half were found to be no longer needed and have been removed.
  • The audit window has been made larger to the same size as was in MAMEUI.
  • The cause of freezing when an incorrect input was made at the command line has been traced to a mainline commit 11 months ago. This has been corrected.
  • The lack of text in the F4 graphics viewer has been traced to a mainline commit 4 months ago. This has been corrected.

ARCADE64 0.248.0 28/09/2022

GUI Arcade (mameUIFX)
  • Another change to shortcut keys - the key to scan roms has been removed. Alt-A will scan just the selected game. Scanning the entire collection of roms is something that's generally only done at release time, so there's no need for a shortcut key.
  • I've noticed that there's barely any development work done on arcade games these days, therefore the decision has been taken to release new versions of ARCADE64 only when there's been a noticeable improvement to arcade emulation.
  •  While we wait for such an improvement, all the existing hacks will be identified, we'll find out what they do, and if they're still needed. There will be a new thread created for this, so that we all know exactly what's in this build.
  •  Fixed: MT08368: phantasm: Game speed is always half
  • jumpbug: added back the shooting and explosion sounds that were lost to MAME years ago in some rewrite.
  • Proper sounds for zerohour, redclash, and ozmawars. (These are in MAME but not publicised)
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