[Apple IIGS] Kegs 1.34 15/01/2023

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KEGS jest chyba jednym z najstarszych projektów emulatora maszynki Apple IIGS, pierwsze prace odnotowane w changelogu sięgają AD1997) i przyznaje się bez bicia, że poświęcałem mu za mało uwagi - a całkiem niesłusznie. Jest wystarczająco szybki i mały aby spokojnie używać go do przeglądania całkiem bogatej kolekcji gier na ten komputer. Na jego kodzie bazuje również parę innych projektów, w tym całkiem miły GSport. W archiwum znajdziemy wersję dla MacOSX, pod system Linux i wersję pod nasze kochane, bezosobowe Windowsy, które dzięki właśnie tym cechom doskonale nadają się do emulacji maszynek historycznych;) Nie znajdziemy tam romów, ale skoro GsPort bazuje na kodzie KEGS'a to i romy się znajdą;)

Changes in KEGS v1.34 since v1.33 (15/01/24)

  • Fix bug where no config.kegs file could sometimes cause a crash.
  • Richard Bennett fixes:  Change menus to be retina, and add About dialog
  • Save the main window size and position in config.kegs (but not automatically)

Changes in KEGS v1.33 since v1.32 (12/10/23)

  • Add command line argument support to set any disk (-s5d1=Data.po or -s7d12 bigdisk.hdv) or any knob that is listed in config.kegs.
  • Add -cfg path_and_name_of_config_kegs file to use a particular config.kegs file.
  • Fix Code Red when leaving the configuration screen (F4) using the last menu item "Exit Config".
  •  Allow pasting of control-characters such as Ctrl-D and Ctrl-H.
→ [Apple IIGS] Kegs 1.32 22/11/2023

Changes in KEGS v1.31 since v1.30 (22/11/23)

  • Fix (dloc,x) in emulation mode to wrap as described at https://github.com/gilyon/snes-tests/tree/main/cputest
  • Improve virtual hard drive in slot 7 to use a small driver at $C700 which uses WDM $C7,$00 to call back to KEGS for handling commands.
  • Improve SCC8530 emulation to add support for RTxC as clock for higher speeds.
  • Fix a GS/OS visual anomaly with the mouse cursor sometimes disappearing when moving upwards, due to Scanline interrupts not being taken properly.
  • Support qkumba's code to run from $C050 by having get_remaing_opcodes() track time properly, and to have reads to $C050-$C057 call float_bus() before doing the softswitch action.

Changes in KEGS v1.31 since v1.30 (04/11/23)

  • Fix Windows failure where KEGS would quit on startup if config.kegs contained a new ROM path.
  • Fix a Code Red halt running the Printer57.6 driver where KEGS thought it might need to generate a baud rate event every .5 cycles.
  • Fix disk image selection screen bug where s7d10-s7d12 could wrap and make it hard to leave the screen.
  • Add a Slinky RAM card in slot 4 (with no firmware), works even with Mockingboard.
  • Fix scanline interrupts which were happening too early starting with version 1.24.
  • Another false read bug was causing 16-bit RMW cycles to read the next    address (which is incorrect).

Changes in KEGS v1.30 since v1.29 (09/23/23)

Neuromancer (1988, Interplay)
  • Proper emulation of the $C080-$C08F language card soft switches.
  • Improved INTC8ROM emulation, so a2audit passes (with Apple //e ROMs)
  • Fix SCC RR2B register emulation for Colin Leroy-Mira's telnet.system.
  • Fix SCC remote IP mode to restart the connection if the remote side ended it due to idleness, to better handle connecting to printers.
  • RAMRD/RAMWRT/ST80COL/etc. apply to bank $E0 as well as to bank $00.  This was not emulated properly before.  This fixes the AppleLink Terminal application.

Changes in KEGS v1.29 since v1.28 (09/05/23)

  • Improved disk arm emulation for 5.25" disks
  • Enable use of a real serial port on Linux, and improve real serial port  emulation on Mac.
  • Add serial "outgoing IP" to allow slot 1 serial to be sent directly to  a real printer (often port 9100).
  • When mounting an image from a .zip file, you can press Cmd-A and all  subsequent images will also be mounted in consecutive drives. This is useful for the new wita2gs_0_70.zip.
  • Allow "unlocking" locked images from .zip files, to allow code to write to  them (but it's all in memory, so all changes are lost when KEGS exits).
  • Fix DiskCopy4.2 image detection, to handle images of sizes other than 800KB.

Changes in KEGS v1.28 since v1.27 (06/21/23)

Imposible Mission 2 (1988, Epyx)
  • Reduce status lines under the window from 7 lines of text to 4.
  • Fix Windows10 crash when KEGS was minimized (Windows set the window size to 0, which was unexpected, and led to a divide-by-0).
  • Enable live window resizing on Windows64. Speed up the video scaling for X11 and Windows.
  • Allow the ZipGS speed, which was fixed at 8MHz previously), be set to 8MHz, 16MHz, 32MHz, 64MHz, or 128MHz.
  • Fix a false read bug which broke SCC emulation. LDA $BFFD,X where X=$3D was "false" reading $C039, not $BF39 as it should, leading to SCC state being incorrect.

Changes in KEGS v1.27 since v1.26 (06/13/23)

Space Quest 2 (Sierra, 1987)

Better $C030 speaker emulation

  • Ignore WDM 0xfc,0xfd,0xff to avoid HOST.FST causing Code Red.
  • Fix $C019 reading to match Deater's Midline demo
  • Add false reads for RMW instruction, (dloc),y, abs,x, and abs,y modes. Only 8-bit false reads are done currently (this only affect 16-bit RMW, where I know of nothing using the false reads).
  • Fix reported bug where long paths in the file selection screens didn't truncate the files so the endings could always be seen.
  • Allow 140K .SDK images to be selected in the image file selection screen.
  • Fix $C030 speaker toggle emulation to eliminate a 60-Hertz buzz caused by the code being organized around 60Hz screen refresh and not counting on the last toggle correctly in all cases. The $C030 speaker output ramps down to 0 after about 60msec to avoid the annoying "click" 4 seconds later when KEGS pauses sound output.

Changes in KEGS v1.26 since v1.25 (05/22/23)

  • Fix Win64 Dynapro issues (O_BINARY, setvbuf was causing a crash).
  • Fix a KEGS bug in the Bank $E0 memory map which could corrupt data in the Apple IIgs memory from $E0/6000 - $E0/A000 introduced in KEGS 1.20.

Changes in KEGS v1.25 since v1.24 (05/21/23)

  • Actual Win32 support. 1.24 was only Win64.

Changes in KEGS v1.24 since v1.23 (05/17/23)

  • Win64 support. kegswin.exe now part of the standard release. The Windows port is still beta quality.
  • Try to fix jerky video to make KEGS seem smoother.

Changes in KEGS v1.23 since v1.22 (05/05/23)

  • Change the way KEGS tracks time from a double to a unsigned long long, which enables higher speeds.
  • Support video mode changes in the middle of lines.

Changes in KEGS v1.22 since v1.21 (04/27/23)

  • Remove debugging printfs from iwm.c.
  • Fix the way video updates are done to fix Dagen Brock's HDGR demo (which switches pages to double the GR vertical resolution).

Changes in KEGS v1.21 since v1.20 (04/15/23)

  • Fix Antoine's reported issue where KEGS would hang after ejecting 3.5" disks. Caused by a debug statement accidentally left in for the release.
  • Fix Stephan's reported issue with keys repeating forever with French keyboards.

Changes in KEGS v1.20 since v1.19 (03/31/23)

  • Ctrl-F9 is now Copy. The text screen is copied to your host system clipboard. On a Mac, Edit->Copy Text Screen can be selected, too.
  • Fix Mockingboard emulation to pass mb-audit.1.3 (it was a reset-related issue).
  • Fix VOC support for unreleased "Fat Screen" VOC SHR from main-memory to work properly.

Changes in KEGS v1.19 since v1.18 (03/11/23)

  • 'L' on the disk selection screen locks/unlocks images.
  • Ignore case when detecting image extensions like .PO.
  • Allow setting ROM image on command line: -rom=/path/to/rom/file
  • Big changes to disk emulation for better WOZ image compability. Writing to WOZ images works properly now, recalculating CRC correctly. Automatically changes a floppy disk image to .WOZ if writing to the image makes it no longer a standard format. User can rename image to save the new .WOZ changes.

Changes in KEGS v1.18 since v1.17 (02/09/22)

  • Alpha version of KEGSWIN, KEGS can now run on Windows 10 or later. (No binary yet)

Changes in KEGS v1.17 since v1.16 (02/09/22)

  • Implement $C02C "Test Mode" reading of the character ROM. This enables SuperConvert 4 TDM conversions to work properly.
  • Add Video->Swap Command/Option menu item to support Windows keyboards better.

Changes in KEGS v1.16 since v1.14 (01/23/22)

  • Better cursor focus tracking, less likely to have an invisible cursor when KEGS is no longer the active window.
  • F5 now toggles the status display at the bottom on/off. This state can be saved in config.kegs.
  • Added Dynapro image support--mount a host directory as a ProDOS image of up to 32MB, to allow easy moving of files to/from emulation. See README.dynapro.txt.
  • Add limited Video Overlay Card (VOC) support to add new SHR mode of 640x400 (interlaced).
  • You can "D"uplicate any disk image to a new file, and "V"erify any ProDOS image.

Changes in KEGS v1.14 since v1.13 (11/14/21)

  • Better support for disk images inside .zip files.
  • Linux sound fixes to make PULSE_AUDIO work a little better.
  • Better handle being run from the Finder, and go right to the Config page to select a ROM file if no ROM is found.
  • Add NSHighResolutionCapable=False to speed up graphics operations on some Macs
  • Fix serial port code to properly return the DCD status as a modem.

Changes in KEGS v1.13 since v1.12 (09/23/21)

  • Better support for joysticks on Macs. Select Native Joystick 1.

Changes in KEGS v1.12 since v1.11 (08/22/21)

  • Preliminary support for joysticks on Macs. Select Native Joystick 1.
  • Fixes for Keypad Joystick to work again (the non-US keyboard support broke them).

Changes in KEGS v1.11 since v1.08 (08/19/21)

  • KEGS should support many non-US keyboards, converting your local keys to the US equivalents: [,],|, etc. Italian works least well, sorry.
  • KEGS can choose character ROMs out of a ROMX-compatible file. Use F4, "Character ROM Selection", and then pick the file and font. If you pick an unreadable font and cannot undo it for some reason, quit KEGS, and using a text editor, delete g_cfg_charrom_* lines from config.kegs.
  • Taking an IRQ logs the stack accesses in the datalog properly.
  • Fixed BRK and COP exceptions to always pull their vectors from ROM. Bug was found by Applecorn: https://github.com/bobbimanners/Applecorn

Changes in KEGS v1.08 since v1.07 (06/29/21)

  • Fixed a stupid bug in iwm.c that would cause KEGS to crash when many WOZ images were mounted.

Changes in KEGS v1.07 since v1.05 (06/26/21)

  • Can create new disk images while running: press N in the disk image selection screen.
  • Support for loading disk images directly out of .zip archives (read-only). In the disk image selection dialog, select the .zip file, and then it will step into the archive and you can select the file inside.
  • Major rewrite of IWM routines to now add support for WOZ version 1 and version 2 5.25" disk images.
  • Many Mockingboard fixes to enable mb-audit v0.7 to pass. https://github.com/tomcw/mb-audit

Changes in KEGS v1.05 since v1.04 (01/24/21)

  • The Mac executable is now universal, support M1 silicon and x86_64.
  • F8 works again to confine the mouse to the KEGS window. Press F8 again to release the cursor.

Changes in KEGS v1.04 since v1.03 (01/10/21)

  • Paste works from the host to the emulated machine. On the Mac, select text in another app, do Cmd-C, and then in KEGS select the Edit menu->Paste. On X11, select the text in another application, then in KEGS, click the middle mouse button to paste. Up to ~32KB can be pasted, but I recommend smaller amounts.
  • On the Mac, the Config menu item will bring up the Configuration screen (same as pressing F4).
  • Fix bug where Nox Archaist running on 5.25" floppies with fast_disk_emul on (which is the default) would cause KEGS to halt and not write modified data back to the disk image. Nox Archaist doesn't read the entire sector header, waits about 7 disk nibble times, then writes new sector data. This confused fast disk emulation which doesn't move the emulated disk position just by waiting. Now, when a write begins, KEGS will move the emulated disk position.
  • Added logpc debugger command in the F7 debugger window. KEGS can keep track of all registers after each instruction for up to 2 million instructions. This is dumped out to the file pc_log_out in the directory where config.kegs was found. In the debugger window "help logpc" gives basic help. "logpc on" turns on logging, and "logpc save" writes out the last 2 million instructions.
  • Reading $C020 and $C030 return a floating bus value. This fixes Beyond Castle Wolfenstain randomness as reported by Vladimir Ivanov. https://groups.google.com/g/comp.sys.apple2/c/3gH0dUpLI3Q/m/JJYnhRYBrY4J

Changes in KEGS v1.03 since v1.00 (12/11/20)

This is beta quality

  • Add Mockingboard support. In the IIgs control panel, set slot 4 to Your Card, and KEGS will emulate a stereo Mockingboard A.
  • Disk images can be gzip compressed (master.dsk.gz, for example) and KEGS can load them as readonly.
  • .sdk disk images can be loaded directly (read only). Only the first disk image in a .sdk archive will be opened.
  • Debugger is now a separate window. Press F7. "bp" allows setting a range, so "bp c400-c4ff" sets breakpoints on all addresses in that range.
  • If the debugger window pops up, it means emulation has halted. Press 'g' and then return in the debugger window to try to restart KEGS. It may just halt again. This area needs improvement, you will likely need to quit out of KEGS and start over if 'g' a few times doesn't continue emulation.
  • KEGS allows resizing windows. On Linux X11, KEGS does the scaling.
  • Removed HP PA-RISC assembly, which simplifies compiling a bit.
  • 2.8MHz speed now emulated at 2.8MHz, which is a little fast, but makes some very timing-sensitive code in the NFS Megademo work better. --------------------------------------------------------------------

Changes in KEGS v1.00 since v0.91 (12/15/19)

This is pre-alpha quality

  • Major rewrite of how the host interacts with the KEGS emulation code.
  • Now supports MAC OS X Swift native compiles on Mojave (and later) --------------------------------------------------------------------

Changes in KEGS v0.91 since v0.90 (12/06/04)

  • Fixed serious bug in engine_c.c that could cause Finder file copies to silently corrupt data.
  • Virtual Modem support--modem appears on serial port, allows outgoing and incoming connections.
  • Sockets (and Virtual Modem) supported on Windows.
  • Fixed various reset bugs (where pressing Ctrl-Reset would cause infinite beeps, etc).
  • Allow user to select ROM file from config panel if not found.
  • Improved Mac OS X interface: Full Screen support and error dialogs.
  • Better floppy support by always having 5.25" read nearest track regardless of head position (supports Last Gladiator game bad crack by emulating other emulators).

Changes in KEGS v0.90 since v0.89 (10/19/04)

  • Make Keypad Joystick the default joystick emulation
  • Fix timezone calculation on Mac OS X for central time zone.
  • Fix handling of long paths in config panel, reported by David Scruffham.
  • Always call joystick_init at startup.
  • Fix F2 keymappings for X Windows, to fix some issue reported by David Wilson.
  • Fixed some documentation issues reported by David Wilson.
  • Fixed a bug in joystick_driver.c reported by Doug Mitton.
  • Add README.a2.compatibility to discuss known issues with programs.

Changes in KEGS v0.89 since v0.88 (10/17/04)

  • Make old mouse button presses disappear after .5 seconds.
  • Add Keypad Joystick, along with configuration menu choices to enable it. The keypad numbers move the joystick to the indicated direction, with chording allowing in-between values. The keypad '0' is button 0 and keypad '1' is button 1.
  • Also add jostick scaling factor and trim adjustment.
  • Allow user to increase keyboard and mouse scan rate to 240Hz from 60Hz for some better game response.

Changes in KEGS v0.88 since v0.87 (10/13/04)

  • Add configuration setting to debug halt on code red halts. Also add configuration mode (on by default) to shadow text page 2 on ROM 01, which is an enhancement over a real IIgs.
  • Handle mac binary header on images. Handle compressed .po images.
  • Fix refresh rate to 59.923Hz from 60Hz so that exactly 17030 1MHz cycles pass in one screen refresh period.
  • Enhance trace-to-file function to also write out data values stored using the Data_log info.
  • Debugger adds memory move and memory compare functions.
  • Support "floating bus" where reading certain $C0xx locations returns the current video data. This allows Bob Bishop's split-screen demos to run and enables Drol's between-level animations to work fully.

Changes in KEGS v0.87 since v0.86 (10/05/04)

  • Remove all of Jonathan Kalbfeld's and Gilles Tschopp's contributions. All of Solaris audio is removed.
  • Fix config screen not drawing correctly if emulator was currently displaying video page 2.
  • Fix STP instruction.
  • Fix mouse-joystick which was halving the Y dimension.

Changes in KEGS v0.86 since v0.85 (03/23/04)

  • Add patch for Solaris sound by Jonathan Kalbfeld.
  • Fix so that F4 enters config panel even while running Prosel-16
  • Major mouse pointer changes, based on some ideas from Geoff Weiss. The GSOS mouse now exactly tracks the host pointer automatically.
  • Fixed an accidental debug halt when Prosel-16 disables the keyboard/mouse.

Changes in KEGS v0.85 since v0.84 (01/09/04)

  • Fix some minor 65816 bank-crossing bugs.
  • Add -noignhalt to allow user to stop on code red halts.
  • Fix Win32 capslock problem as reported by Edward Moore
  • Fixed DreamVoir app on the sample image (it was corrupt)

Changes in KEGS v0.84 since v0.83 (11/21/03)

  • Add new speed, 8.0MHz directly using right-clicking or F6.
  • Sim speed and Video update interval added to Config panel.
  • Various cycle timing bugs in engine_c.c fixed.
  • Add Config Panel entry to mask serial output to 7-bit, to enable PR#2 to work better with an external telnet.
  • In Config Panel file selection, typing a letter jumps to the first file beginning with that letter.
  • Fixed various serial socket bugs. Now you can disconnect a telnet session and start a new one, and a Linux hang is fixed.
  • Default GS memory size increased to 8MB.
  • Small fix to double-hires color table.
  • X windows can now send displays to other-endian X servers.

Changes in KEGS v0.83 since v0.82 (11/19/03)

  • Add Memory Size to config panel, with support for up to 14MB of memory (Geoff Weiss)
  • Add $C04F EMUBYTE support which Bernie II the Rescue defined. (Geoff Weiss)
  • Fix $CFFF code red's reported by David Wilson.
  • Add smartport $C70A Format routine (David Wilson).

Changes in KEGS v0.82 since v0.81 (11/06/03)

  • Fix superhires display glitch introduced in v0.81.
  • Improved border handling--XMAS demo looks great.
  • Fix some X build problems introduced in v0.81.

Changes in KEGS v0.81 since v0.80 (11/04/03)

  • Code Red/Yellow warnings about emulation stability
  • Windows file browsing fixes
  • Built-in C600 ROM for Apple II 5.25" game compatibility
  • Turns key repeat back on when exiting from X-windows version
  • Windows F8 captures the cursor

Changes in KEGS v0.80 since v0.71 (10/31/03)

  • Configuration Panel means no more hand-editing configuration files
  • All emulator state is now saved in "config.kegs"
  • 3200 color pictures! Video system much improved for display accuracy.
  • F8 Pointer grabbing works on Mac
  • ZipGS emulation

Changes in KEGS v0.71 since v0.70 (11/20/02)

  • Improved double-hires colors a lot. -dhr140 is no longer the default
  • Airheart relies on the PC going from 0xffff to 0x0000, so I undid the change from KEGS v0.54 which allowed PC to overflow to 0x10000. This slows KEGS down by about 5%.
  • Fixed X shared memory bug in KEGS v0.70 with fix from Jonathan Stark.

Changes in KEGS v0.70 since v0.60 (11/18/02)

  • New buttons: Middle button is enter-debugger, and right button changes speed
  • New function key mapping (see README.kegs)
  • Mac OS X port
  • Win32 port
  • Centralized much of what had been "xdriver.c" code into video.c, to move true platform-specific stuff into the various *driver.c codes. Kimage struct tracks video display buffers in a dev-independent way. From video.c, the calls to the platform code start with "x_" mostly. Code in video.c cleaned up somewhat. Borders are now always in native buffer format, while text/hires/ and superhires are in 8-bit buffers and translated to native later.
  • Mac and Windows sound are all done in one process--no child sound process.
  • Revamped key press handling and mouse clicks--all is now handled in adb.c for a consistent user interface. Now KEGS implements the same function keys on all platforms. See README.kegs for fn key maps.
  • I copied the debugger help from Frederic Devernay's KEGS-SDL port.
  • Fixed an old IWM bug causing bad nibblization due to using uninit vars.
  • Gilles Tschopp workaround to use corrupted 2IMG files (from KEGS-OSX).
  • Gilles Tschopp provided code to zero //gs memory at startup (from KEGS-OSX)
  • Simple code to try to use Mac Diskcopy format disks
  • Ignore writes to 0xc0a8
  • Search in $HOME and the launch directory (for mac) for kegs_conf/ROM
  • Remove font65.sim file by integrating it into kegsfont.h.
  • "-bw" option forces black and white hires mode.

Changes in KEGS v0.60 since v0.59 (10/03/00)

  • The 16-bit colors were still wrong due to another coding error. It would be much easier to get this right if I had a 16-bit color display... A user says it works now.

Changes in KEGS v0.59 since v0.58 (7/07/00)

  • Added support for multiple paths to the default files and also multiple names for many default files. This should make the .rpm distribution work better.
  • Add another keycode to mean break according to [email protected].
  • Add support for various ROMs to get plugged into slot 1-7.
  • Fix code so that it should compile on 64-bit platforms.

Changes in KEGS v0.58 since v0.57 (2/08/00)

  • Setting the execute bit on the disk image no longer means no-write-thru. Too many new users were getting confused by this.
  • Fixed another bug with Apple //e bank switching created by v0.56 Reported by phoenyx.
  • Add command line option "-v" to turn on some verbose debugging flags.
  • Fixed potential core-dump bug with non-8 bit visuals.
  • Fixed double-lo-res color problem.
  • The X driver should work with any visual depth display now and get the colors right. Ian Schmidt reported his 16-bit card had bad colors.

Changes in KEGS v0.57 since v0.56 (12/27/99)

  • Another try at making timezone stuff work across all Unix variants. Let me know if the time in the Apple //gs control panel doesn't match your real local time.
  • Fix a bug created in v0.56 where the fast //e bank switch code had a typo. This prevented ZBasic from working correctly.

Changes in KEGS v0.56 since v0.55 (10/31/99)

  • Faster Apple //e bank switch emulation.
  • Simplified number of global variables for various softswitches.
  • Fixed a bug which made 3.5" and 5.25" disk access much slower than necessary.
  • Improved scan-line interrupt accuracy (lets MEGADEMO run).
  • Improved sound interrupt accuracy (was hoping this would fix some sound issues, but it doesn't seem to help).
  • Add Mode_switch as an alias for the Option key
  • I noticed the //gs self-tests were broken again--fixed.

Changes in KEGS v0.55 since v0.54 (10/19/99)

  • In LOG_PC debug aid, add cycles to the trace
  • Fix MEGADEMO bug where 3.5" disks weren't properly ejected. Needed to look at iwm.motor_on35 not iwm.motor_on.
  • Temp fix for MEGADEMO to not halt if shadow-in-all-banks is on in $c036.
  • Another MEGADEMO fix to not take a scan-line int if the SCB was cleared right before the raster got to this line.
  • Fix bug in smartport.c that was causing core dumps if you tried to init a disk is s7dx.

Changes in KEGS v0.54 since v0.53 (10/10/99)

  • Add support for Out Of This World's direct reading of ADB RAM loc 0xb to get key status. This lets shift/control work in OOTW.
  • Code simplification to get rid of most set_halt() calls and use halt_printf.
  • Speed improvement: track kpc (merged kbank and pc in one 32 bit variable) which makes the inner loop faster. This does make KEGS not accurately model a 65816 code crossing bank boundaries, but just about every other emulator gets it wrong, and the speed improvement is 5-10%. And I don't know of any code which relies on it working correctly.
  • Fix to allow better GS/OS compatibility: after each smartport call, set 0x7f8 = 0xc7.
  • Fixed ZipGS emulation bug where KEGS was not re-locking Zip at the right time, which made double-hires not work after booting GS/OS.

Changes in KEGS v0.53 since v0.52 (8/3/99)

  • Move all the "fcycles" timing calculations to use double instead of float.
  • Fix display shadowing bug reported by "phoenyx" which caused the text display to not always be updated correctly with funny bank switching.
  • Added the "Home" key as an alias for the '=' on the keypad.
  • Changed the way X modifiers are interpreted to increase compatibility of Caps Lock to more X servers.
  • Add -dhr140 option to use old double-hires color mode that results in exactly 140 horizontal pixels with no bleeding. It's set default to "on" for now while I work out double-hires colors.
  • Started adding some ZipGS compatibility--control panels run, but all the controls are effectively ignored by KEGS.

Changes in KEGS v0.52 since v0.51 (6/27/99)

  • Small speed-up of interpreter loop to avoid checking the global variable "halt_sim" after every instruction.
  • Smartport fixes to avoid halts when the SCSI CD player NDA is installed.
  • Fix to autodetect X visual depth (it didn't work at all in v0.51).
  • Fix to HP binary--KEGS v0.51 hit an HP linker bug which caused the executable to not run correctly. (It didn't obey an assembly- language alignment command correctly). Re-ordering the object list works around the problem.

Changes in KEGS v0.51 since v0.50 (6/1/99)

  • Fixed many bugs that crept into scanline interrupts over the last few months.
  • RAM size is now settable on the commandline: -mem 0x400000 will use a 4MB expansion RAM card (giving you 4.25MB of memory with ROM 01).
  • VBL time used to be a variable (which was wrong)--it's now always the same number of cycles.
  • Typo preventing joystick_driver.c from compiling fixed.
  • Auto senses X visual depth, searching for 8 bit, then 15 bit, then 24, then 16 bit visuals. Can still override this with commandline.

Changes in KEGS v0.50 since v0.49 (5/31/99)

  • Added Linux joystick support with code provided by Jonathan Stark. Activate with "-joystick" command line option.
  • Small improvements in s7 device handling. If you have no s7 devices or no bootable devices, KEGS launches Applesoft.
  • Bug fix in scan-line interrupts--they were occurring at the wrong time previously.
  • Rewrote double-hires color routines. They're still not quite right, but it's a lot better than it used to be.

Changes in KEGS v0.49 since v0.48 (5/3/99)

  • Fixed a key-repeat bug in v0.48 caused usually with shift-key sequences.
  • Fixed bug where GNO would not work with ROM 03. ROM area at $C071-$C07F is different from ROM 01.
  • Ian Schmidt pointed out a special Ensoniq case where an oscillator in one-shot mode can cause it's partner to start if it is in swap mode.
  • Integrated in Geoff Weiss's Solaris x86 ports. I might have broken it making a few last-minute changes...

Changes in KEGS v0.48 since v0.47 (4/13/99)

  • Even better ADB key repeat--key rollover works more like a real Apple //gs.
  • IWM fix: some "smarport" modes were being activated sometimes during normal 3.5" accesses, resulting in some games not loading correctly.
  • Some fixes to serial port emulation to handle programs writing to the serial port in MIDI mode when the chars will not be consumed.
  • Smartport fix to set zero-page locations $42-$47, needed by some poorly- written game loaders
  • The "oscilloscope" effect in some sound-demos now shows the sounds being played.

Changes in KEGS v0.47 since v0.46 (4/7/99)

  • ADB fix #1: reading $c010 should give key-down status better
  • ADB fix #2: key repeat was stopping if modifier key pressed
  • ADB fix #3: The game "Pirates" was crashing on startup due to a small bug.
  • Bard's Tale 2 was freezing on startup due to a bug in the WAI instruction.
  • Major serial port rewrite. Diversi-Tune now runs and sound OK (but there are some small problems) and serial port emulation is better.

Changes in KEGS v0.46 since v0.45 (3/21/99)

  • Fix for undefined var in engine_c.c. Oops.
  • Fix for old bug in engine_c.c causing KEGS to sometimes misinterpret instructions which cross page boundaries. Was causing Thexder not to work, at least.

Changes in KEGS v0.45 since v0.44 (3/20/99)

  • Fix for COP instruction in engine_c.c. Pointed out by Kelvin Sherlock.
  • Major fixes to Ensoniq emulation, SynthLab sounds much better.
  • Fix to iwm.c to deal with corrupt 2IMG archives a little better.

Changes in KEGS v0.44 since v0.43 (2/23/99)

  • -audio 0 option would often cause programs to hang. Bug was that the audio rate was defaulting to '0' which confused KEGS.
  • Made keycode 0x072 be the XK_Break key for XFree86

Changes in KEGS v0.43 since v0.42 (2/19/99)

  • Support .nib 5.25" format as read-only
  • Faster 3.5" nibblization routines (should make startup faster)
  • Fixed a very-old 3.5" disk writing bug that made bit-copiers not work

Changes in KEGS v0.42 since v0.41 (2/1/99)

  • Include to fix Linux compile problem
  • Fix relative branch timing bug that was making IWM emulation flaky (backward branches should count as 3 cycles if to the same page, and 4 if to a different page in emulation mode. Bug always counted them as 4)
  • Gave up on fast 5.25" writes--KEGS always slows to 1MHz for 5.25" writes since the timing and kludges just got too annoying.
  • add "-arate 22050" option to change audio sample rate on the command-line. Slower audio rates can hit more audio bugs (I'm working on them).
  • fixed little-endian bug in smartport.c and partls.c
  • fixed side border redraw bug that would sometimes leave super-hires images on the right-side border.

Changes in KEGS v0.41 since v0.40 (1/19/99)

  • Fixed bug where fill-line mode would not always redraw the screen correctly
  • Changed some // comments to /* */ to help David Wilson's Solaris port
  • Fixed little-endian bugs in smartport.c preventing mounting of parititioned disks. Fix submitted by Jonathan Stark.
  • Christopher Neufeld noted that fast space/delete option in the control panel caused KEGS to hit breakpoints. I fixed this and fast arrows and fast mouse options (they are now just ignored).
  • Solaris port by David Wilson now provides a Makefile_solaris

Changes in KEGS v0.40 since v0.39 (10/25/98)

  • 15 and 24 bit depth displays now supported (though somewhat slower than 8 bit displays). But Super-hires displays now show 256 simultaneous colors on a 16- or 24-bit X display. Select a 15-bit display with the cmd line option "-15" and a 24-bit display with "-24". Otherwise, KEGS defaults to looking for an 8-bit display, and fails if it cannot find one.
  • Some border fixes--border colors now update correctly when palette changes occur (like via F10).
  • Alias F1 to ESC for OS/2.

Changes in KEGS v0.39 since v0.38 (9/13/98)

  • OS/2 port by Tschopp Gilles - handle cr&lf better in disk_conf - Drive letters work and are not confused with partition names, so s7d1 = D:imagescd:1 will open partition 1 correctly. - KEGS no longer uses system() to do file copies, it does it all using POSIX calls. - Unix-specific socket calls moved from scc.c to scc_driver.h - Default X handler re-installed properly now for better debug
  • Nasty core dump bug found and fixed by Tschopp Gilles in disk switch code

Changes in KEGS v0.38 since v0.37 (7/28/98)

  • IWM bugs: - fast_disk_emul off under GS/OS caused I/O errors. KEGS was always slowing down to 1MHz when 5.25" drive was on, when it should have been obeying the $C036 register. - bug in IWM on little-endian processors
  • disk ejection should now work, but a beta user claimed some bugs on x86 Linux.
  • 2IMG support, but only lightly tested.
  • Removed some internal breaks on access to $C0B0 for tool033.
  • Modulae also stumbled into some breakpoints by writing to $C02F, which does nothing.
  • Screen refresh simplified (for me) by redrawing the screen while raster is on first scan-line, rather than line 200. However, a side effect is some of the graphics during the XMAS DEMO look a bit choppier.
  • More SCC fixes to avoid breakpoints under GNO.
  • Start support for sound under Linux, but it sounds horrible right now. Any Linux sound gurus want to help out?
  • Fixed possible array-overrun bug in video.c around border effects. Maybe shared memory works under x86 Linux now?
  • Made changes for OS/2 port to fopen() text files. From Blue Neon.

Changes in KEGS v0.37 since v0.36 (7/13/98)

  • Linux PPC port completed and functional. KEGS has been tested to run quite well and quite fast on a 240MHz 604e running MkLinux pre-DR3.
  • Change LITTLE_ENDIAN define to KEGS_LITTLE_ENDIAN since Linux always defines LITTLE_ENDIAN as a silly macro.
  • Dumb bug in IWM 3.5" routines could cause core dumps if disk arm moved from outer track to inner track very quickly.
  • Deleted some breakpoints that some Second Sight searching code would hit.
  • Ignore some SCC reset commands GNO would use that caused KEGS to stop.
  • Handle odd partitions better--some //gs formatted Zips had a blocksize of 0, which defaults to 512 now.
  • Handle some keysyms better to avoid MkLinux bug with keysym 0.

Changes in KEGS v0.36 since v0.35 (5/30/98)

  • Linux x86 port completed and functional with help from Karl Pfleger
  • Linux clock fixes--should handle daylight savings better on Linux
  • LITTLE_ENDIAN defines
  • Start making fixes for NeXTStep due to Eric Sunshine
  • Fixed bug in HP asm code with I/O fetches--caused //gs selftests to fail and a bug in scc.c was also causing self-tests to fail.

Changes in KEGS v0.35 since v0.34 (5/17/98)

  • engine_c.c fully implemented--KEGS now has a version completely written in C, and now portable to other Unix machines.
  • KEGS got another 5% faster with more tweaks to the asm dispatch loop.

Changes in KEGS v0.34 since v0.33

  • KEGS is 10-15% faster due to finally implementing a planned recoding of the dispatch loop.

Changes in KEGS v0.33 since v0.32 (5/7/98)

  • Fixed bug in engine_s.s that prevented compiling on pre-10.20 systems.
  • ADB mouse interrupts work now. Fixed "bug" where GSHK would think mouse button was depressed at startup. (GS/OS is looking at mouse button 1 status, which accidentally was reading as down).
  • ADB emulation of read char_sets and read_kbd_layouts now matches a real //gs.
  • optimization to allow dereferencing page_info[] even if BANK_IO is set, to get a small speed improvement in engines_s:dispatch().
  • SCC logs are 'Z' at the disas prompt.
  • Tool decoded is 'T' at the disas prompt.
  • SCC changes to support slot 1 == port 6501 and slot 2 == port 6502, with limited interrupt support. Most serial tasks won't work still, but some do. PR#1/2 and IN#1/2 work fine. getty under GNO doesn't.
  • -audio [0/1] forces audio off/on. This just stops the sound playing-- internally all Ensoniq interrupts/etc are fully emulated. If display is not using shared memory (i.e., it's remote), audio defaults to off. (but can be forced on with -audio 1).
  • -display {foo} sends X display to {foo}.

Changes in KEGS v0.32 since v0.31 (10/23/97)

  • Faster dispatch loop, for a 10-15% overall performance improvement
  • Fixed sound bug where Oversampler would make KEGS halt (Oversampler said turn on 128 oscillators, and KEGS tried to...)
  • Fixed bug where KEGS would not work on 24-bit displays due to a typo.
  • Added frame skipping support (-skip n) and auto frame skipping if you are not using shared memory (like displaying KEGS to a remote machine).
  • Added -noshm support for forcing off shared memory, so you can see how much it helps.

Changes in KEGS v0.31 since v0.30 (9/23/97)

  • New mouse handling--Press F8 to hide X windows cursor and constrain cursor inside window. Makes using the mouse much easier. F8 toggles back to normal.
  • Add revision to status area.
  • Remove "slow memory" calculation. KEGS was emulating slowing down to 1MHz to write to slow memory (bank $E0 or $E1). But true //gs accelerators have a smarter trick, so I just removed it from KEGS. KEGS still slows down for I/O reads and writes. This eliminates the confusing 40MHz speed numbers you'd sometimes get. KEGS can also now run faster when it would have slowed down to 1MHz before.
  • Turn off accurate IWM emulation be default, for much faster emulation. Bit copiers won't work by default now. Toggle accurate IWM with F7. Accurate IWM forces 1MHz speed for 5.25" and 2.5MHz for 3.5", but less accurate IWM runs as fast as possible.
  • Add optional size to s7dx entries in disk_conf, to allow using /dev/rfloppy.
  • Allow mounting partitions by number, instead of just by name, since some Mac-formatted Zip disks don't have partition names.
  • Add -ignbadacc to ignore bad memory accesses.
  • Increase MAX_C030_TIMES. Otherwise, fast workstations could generate too many clicks per VBL, causing an assertion to fail.
  • Small speed increase detecting changes in the superhires screen.
  • Alt_L is now Open-Apple, and Alt_R is Closed-Apple. KEGS now uses just one private colormap, so xwd can get screendumps.


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