[GameBase] Commodore 64 v.16

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[GameBase] Commodore 64 v.16

Nowa, oficjalna, 16 odsłona gamebase dla mikrokomputera Commodore 64. To bagatelka 12GB danych dla fanów C64, dodatkowo jak zwykle dodano nowe naklejki na DVD i manual.


Już nie tylko okładka na boxset z 4 płytami CD, a dodatkowo jeszcze manual towarzyszy nowemu wydaniu GameBase C64. Cóż, ciekawe kiedy ktoś wyda to komercyjnie na AliExpress

Gamebase Commodore 64 v16

New Game Files [1137]

  • #2 v abc, $#!7, $100 Box, :10, 1337 Karate - Premium Deluxe Pro, 1nvader, 2K Race, 31 Fiches, 4kventure, 4M Arena, 64 Gammon, 8192 [Preview], 8-Bit Civilizations [Preview], 8bit-Grubs [Preview], 8bit-Slicks, Abbaye des morts, L', Abu Simbel Profanation, Adding with Objects, Addition Teacher, Addition Tic Tac Toe, Adjective, The, Adventure of the Bunker, Adventures of Blackbeard, The, Age of Heroes, The, Agent 101, Akalabeth [Preview], Algebraic Vectors, Algol, ALI, Aliens, All About Dinosaurs, Alla Ricerca dell'Acqua Eterna, Alone and Dangerous [Preview], Alpha V, Amortization, Analysis, Android Nim, Angry Golem, Animal Stories I, Animal Stories III-IV, Anova, Antarctica, Antarta!, Aplástalo, Aracnida, Araignée - Spider Thief, Argos DX, Argos DX, Argus, Arsonist, Artilleria 64, As de Corazones, Assembloids BASIC v2.0, Asterix, Asteroids, Astro Propulsion, Astroclash, Aterriza Como Puedas, Atlantian [Preview], Atom Heart, Atomic, Attack of the Lysergic Aliens, Attack of the Mutant Cabbages, Auto Game, Aviador, Avventura I, Bacillus [Preview], Backgammon & Acey Deucey, Bad Tiling, Bairstow nth Equations, Baker Street Detective, BakkSlash!!, Balance, Ball, Balle au pied, Balloon Flight, Balrog and the Cat, The, Barriere, Barriers, BASIC Battleships, BASIC Sex, BASIC Tetris, BasicBall, Batalla Naval - Sea Battle, Battle in the Woods, Beach Bar Game, Beanstalk, Bear Essentials, The, Beat Em Up [Preview], Beat the Clock - Add, Beat the Clock - Decimal Fraction, Beat the Clock - Divide, Behind Closed Doors I, Behind Closed Doors II - The Sequel, Behind Closed Doors III - Revenge of the Ants, Behind Closed Doors V, Behind Closed Doors VI, Behind Closed Doors VII - Happiness is a Warm Pussy, Beholder, Beholder II, Bergbert III - The Blue Knight, Better Spelling, Bicycle Rider to Hunt, Big Top, Bigdance, Bigdance, Bingo, Bintris, Birds, Bismarck, Black Hole 3D, Blackjack Casino-Style, Blaster II, Blastmasters, Blastopia, Blastopia DX, Blauwe Bonen, Blazon GameTro, Blazon GameTro [Preview], Block Blaster, Blue and the Gray, The, Bndrsntch [Preview], Boggle, Bomb Run 64, Bombardero Loco, El, Bonds, Bonkey Kong, Boray Gammon, Borcky, Border Blast III, Boter Kaas en Eieren, Bottle Caps, Boulder Dash Junior, Boulder Dash Junior II, Boulder Dash Senior, Brain Strain, Brainway - Find the Way or... Die!, Break Free!, Breakout, Breakout, Breathalyzer, Brick It, Brick the Wall, Brocky's Lawn Job, Bruce Lee - Return of Fury, Bug Splat, Bulbo and the Lizard-King, Bulbo's Intrepid Adventure, Bus Driver, Bus Driver, Bytefest, C=Rex Offline, C64 RPG [Preview], C64 Slicks [Preview], C64gameframework Example [Preview], C64maze, Caccia alla Coppia, Camel's Back, Capital Idea, A, Captain Cloudberry - Episode IV - Helium, Carhadron, Carretera, La, Carretera, La, Carretera, La, Carrier-Bourne Fighter Simulation, Casa al Otro Lado de la Tormenta, La, Cash Register, Cash Register - Australia, Cash Register - New Zealand, Cash Register - UK, Casino Wheel 64, Casse-briques, Castello Incantato, Il, Castle Dracula, Castle of Doom Redux, Catch the Ball, Cats Can Fly, Cave of Death, Cazaly, CBM-64 Unscramble, Cerca la Barca, CETI 21, Chakram, Change in the Weather, A, Charlie Chaplin [Preview], Chef Quest, Chess Board, Chillie-Eater, Choices, Citadel II [Preview], Clash of Wills, Clavier, Clock Exercises, Cloze Technique - Famous Fables, Cluedo, Code Master 64, Codewoord, Coffee Break Shootout!, The, Cold Dead Hands [Preview], Cold Devil [Preview], Colon, Colour Blox, Colpo d'Occhio, Commercial Typewriting - Touch Typing Tutor, Commie UFO Attack, Company Director No.2, Competition Karate, Compu Sport Auto Racing, Computer Studies, Compuzzle - The Magical Torus, Conga 4096, Consonant Couple, Cookie, Corsa Degli Scarafaggi, Cosmos, Coul, Count 1 to 10, Count 'em, Counterweight Kate, Counting Coins, Course automobile, Course d'escargots, Covariance, Cow and Chicken [Preview], Crab in New York, Crack the Code, Crank Crank Revolution, Crazy Music, Crazy Sprite, Critters Company, The [Peview], Cross Chase, Crossfire Canyon, Cruiser-X 79 [Preview], Cruising on Broadway, Crystal Caverns, Cube Caster, Cubic Maxi [Preview], Cybex Escape, Cybex Escape, Dadi Strip, Dados, Dangerous Sports Deadly Sports, Dark Destroyer 2117, Dark Tower, Dark Tower, Dates, Dawn Patrol, Day for Soft Food, A, Death Weapon, Deja Vu, Delta Run, Demon Star II - Interstellar Overdrive, Demons Castle II, Depreciation, Derivative of a Polynomial, Detektyw w Sutannie, Diamond Bucket, Dice, Dice Skater, Dice Throw, Dice8, Diced-64, Digger, Digiloi, Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Division Tic Tac Toe, Doc Cosmos - The Saga Begins, Docster's Digger, Dodge, DOG, Donkey Kong, Donut Shop, Doolhof, Double Trouble, Dow Jones, Downhill Challenge, Downhill Racer, Dr. Spellingstein, Dracula's Castle, Dragon II, Drakulas Juwelen, Dreamworld, Drill SI, Dropout, Drugwar64, dubCRT, Duelo, El, Duizenden, Dungeon of Htam, Dustin', Dyriun T2, Eddy, Ehoja!, El Loco Challenge [Preview], Electric Warrior, Elevator Eric, Emergency Breakthrough, Emlyn Hughes International Soccer, Enchanter, Endless World, Equinox, Erotic Slot Machine, Escape from Colditz, Escape from London [Preview], Everyday Tale of a Seeker of Gold, An, Exodus [Preview], Exploding Fish, Explorer, Exponent Multiplication, Eye of the Gods, Factoring by Decomposition, Factors, Fallen, The [Preview], Fallout Hacker, Famous Phrases, Famous Places in the US, Fantastic 4 International Karate [Preview], Farming Simulator, Fart Escape, Fast-Thrust, Fight Run [Preview], Final Attack, The, Find Exit [Preview], Fint the Pussy, Fire Breath, Fire to Jump, Firefighter Jenny, FireFighter64 Enhanced, Firefox, FIST - First International Singalong Tournament, Flappy Typing, Flipper Giapponese, Flock, Flowers of Crystal, FlyBoy [Preview], Flying Brick, Food Truck [Preview], Foodball, forsche Forscher, Der, Fortress, Fortune Cookie, Frantic Freddie II, Freaky Fish, Freebooter [Preview], French Mistress, The - Level B, Froggy 64, Frogs, Frogs, From Out of a Dark Night Sky, Front Page, Fruitige Frans, Frutty Man, Fuddo & Slam, Fuga nel Deserto, Fulgur, Full Screen Snake, Fun Learning - Biology Quiz, Fun Learning - US Government Quiz, Fun Learning - US History Quiz, Fun Learning - World Geography Quiz, Fun Learning - World History Quiz, Funghevolissimevolmente, Funky Fraktions, FX, G7000 Racer!, Galactic Gallery!, The, Galaxy, Galaxy 09, Galencia, Galencia Khaos Sphere [Preview], Galencia Mini, Game of Life, Game of Life 2017, Gearhead Garage BASIC, Gem-Nightmare [Preview], Generala, Genius - Into the Toy Warehouses, Genius II - Into the Toy Caves, Geografia, Geografia Catalana, Ghosty, Giana Adventure 1 [Preview], Giana-Sisters 30th Anniversary [Preview], Giochi di Guerra, Gioco della Bottiglia, La, GN2P, Goat, Gobang, Gobbo, Il, Goblin, Goblin Towers, Goldrake, Golf, Golf, Gomoku, Gone in 64 Seconds [Preview], GPAC Dementia Defender, Grand National, The, Granny's Teeth, Great American Folk Heroes, Great Giana-Sisters Construction-Set, The, Green Plague, Greenpeace, Gri Grillo, Grilled Until Dead, Grillieren! [Preview], Grot, Gruniozerca, Guess It, Guijon-et, Gunfright, Gunnery, Gym Adventure, Hack Attack, Hangman, Hangman V2 Basic for Kids, Hanoi Tower, Happy Deer Hunter, Harpo, Helicopter Construction Set, Helicopter III, Hell Bound [Preview], Helpless, HERO II [Preview], Heroes & Cowards, Heroes & Cowards, Hexdec, Hibernated 1 - This Place is Death, Hi-Lo Poker, Hit and Run, Hit the Ball, Hockey 64, Homework Math Instructor, Homework Science, Homework Science Instructor, Homework Social Studies Instructor, Hot Nights, House on the Other Side of the Storm, The, Howard the Coder, Humpy64 [Preview], Hunter!, The, Hunter's Moon Remastered, Hunting for the Small Box, Hyper Blitz, Hyperbirn, HyperZap 2018, Hypnotist, The, I Am the Flashing C64 Cursor, I Ate the Purple Berries, I Found a Moon Rock In My Nose, Ice Cold Beer, Iceblox Plus, Ictinius - Rescate Submarino, Ictinius - Rescue Submarine, Idéés, Identirambo, Idol of Orion, The, Illsavior [Preview], Imagery!, Imagery! Adventure Designer, Incredible But True, Indovina la Parola, Innuh's Pyramid, The, Inpsector Clew-So, Integer Tic Tac Toe, Intelligenztest, Interlox, International Karate Ultimate, Irmen's Teh-Triz, Ironclad Bastards [Preview], Island Adventure, ISS Emergency!, Italian is Fun, Italiano Poker, Itchtris [Preview], It's About Time, Jack the Ninja [Preview], Jackpot Reels, Jake the Snake, Japanese Pinball, Jaska Maekirako, Jazzycat's Anal Attack, Jeff's Panel, Jerusalem, Jet Society, JetPac Wars, Jeu du 21, Juego de los Chinos, Jump Man BASIC, Jump to Fire [Preview], Jumpy64 [Preview], Junior Mathemat, Kalle Kloakk 4k, Kami, Kangaroe, Kangaroe, Ketting 64, Killer Bees, Kinderen van de Wind, De, Kinetix, Kleurenhit, Knack den Code, Knight Fight, Knight Lore, Knight Lore [Preview], Knobelei, Known Your Own Psi-Q, Kocka Poker, Kodeknacker II, Kokos, Kop van Jut, Kubus 64, Kung Fu Pixel, Laberinto, El, Labyrinth, Labyrinth, Das, Labyrinth, The, Ladders to Learning - Add-Subtract II, Ladders to Learning - Adjectives, Ladders to Learning - Alphabet Know-How, Ladders to Learning - Correct Spelling I, Ladders to Learning - Correct Spelling II, Ladders to Learning - Division I, Ladders to Learning - Explorers I - Early Sea Exploration, Ladders to Learning - Explorers III - A Coastline Mapped the Mountains Crossed, Ladders to Learning - Explorers IV - The Land Beyond the Mountains, Ladders to Learning - Explorers VI - Go West Young Man, Ladders to Learning - Flying Instructor, Ladders to Learning - Hangman VI, Ladders to Learning - Matchmates, Ladders to Learning - Moving Pictures, Ladders to Learning - Phone Book Skills, Ladders to Learning - Sentence Building, Ladders to Learning - Sorting, Ladders to Learning - Word Power, Lagrangian Point - The Messenger from Outer Space, Lala Prologue, Las Vegas-Style Blackjack, Laser X1-9, Last Hugger, The, Laura64 [Preview], Le Mans, Learning to Add & Subtract, Legion of the Damned III, Lernaia, Lerppu Game, Let's Invade II, Letterstorm, Life, Life of a Stickleback, The, Lighthouse Adventure, Lights Off, Lights On, Lights Out!, Lights Out!, Limbo [Preview], Little Professor, Lo Scudo d'Oro, Locators Synd [Preview], Logo's War, Looter - Haunted Castle [Preview], Los Chinos, Lost Caves 11, The, Lost Vikings, The [Preview], LOVE [Preview], LuftrauserZ, Lumberjack, LumberJack BASIC, Lumberjack Deluxe [Preview], Luna III, Luna III, Lunar Lander, Lunar Lander, lustige Saufspiel, Das, M4573R84G3L5, Mach-Tank, Mad Crash Racing [Preview], Mad Race, Mad Run, Mad Run II, Madam Psychic, Magdomnad, Magic Squares, Magic Turtle, Magisches Quadrat, Mago delle Segrete, Il, Main Ninja, Mancave, Manhattan, Manoeuvre, Mansion, Mashed Turtles 64, Master Game, Master Match, Master Mind, Master Mind, Master Mind, Mastermind, Mastermind, MasterType's Figures and Formulas, Matatu, Matching Words, Matchmaker - Biology Facts, Matchmaker - Spanish Vocabulary Skills, Matchmaker - US Government Facts, Matchmaker - Vocabulary, Math Maze, Math Run, Mathematics Practice, Mathe-Stunde 1, Die, Mathe-Stunde 3, Die, Mathimatika G' Gymnasiou, Mathquiz, Maths Teacher, Matteo's Land, Maze of Death, Mazinger Z - The C64 Game [Preview], Medway, Megatanoi [Preview], Memo, Memory, Memory, Memory, Memory-Safe, Mercenary Warriors, Meurtre à Grande Vitesse, Microfair Madness, Microwave64 [Preview], Mike the Cave-Man, Mind the Mines, Mine Cave, Mine Zone, Minefield Maze, miniMIKE [Preview], Mini-Nim, Mini-Nim, Minor Jumper, Missile Blasta - Remastered, Mission XZ1, Mitoszok Gyemantja, Mixed World, MLsnake [Preview], Modulot, Modulot II, Molly - Snake-a-Space, Money Wise, Monkeynews, Mono, Monopoly [Preview], Monster Combat, Monster Defense BASIC, Monster Hunt, Monsterjagd, Moon Madness - Episode II, Moon Over Afghanistan, MoonShadow II - Septerios Revenge [Preview], Moonspire - The Draxx War [Preview], More... What!?, Morgulos, Mosquendo al Mosquito, Movie Maker, Moving Maze, Mr. Readwell - Set III, Mr. Readwell - Set VII, Mr. Robot - Junior Edition, Mr. Wong's Loopy Laundry, MultiMan [Preview], Multiplication Tic Tac Toe, Mummy, The, Munchkin 64 [Preview], Murdlok, Murdlok, Musculos, Musical Simon, Mystic Crystal, Nazi Revenge, Neptune's Caverns - Enhanced, NERO, Nervios, Neutron, Nevermind, New York, New Zealand Story [Preview], Night of Sex, A, Ninja, Ninja Invasion Simulator [Preview], Nono Pixie, Noun, The, Nucleo 447, Number Dot, Nyordax, Obras Maestras, Obstacle Course, Online, Ooie Gooie, Op Tel en Sprong, O-Pat-Ko-No, Operation Metalstorm, Operation Omega Blast [Preview], Orbs, Organism, Ornament Man, Osvaldo, Out of INK, Out Run II [Preview], Outlaw, Overhead Racer [Preview], PAC - Parking Assist Chicken, Pacman [Preview], Padvinder, Pagoda Warrior II, Painless Punctuation, Pains'n'Aches, Painter, Painter, Pak-Spel, Panzer, Panzer Patty's Pink Tank Adventure, Para el Reloj, Parachute Hunter, Paranoids, Parcoursrace, Park Adventure - The Search for the Missing Items, Paroliamo, Partimonium, Partygames, Pasillo Mortal, Paul's Gamble Machine, Pearl's Fisher, Pengo+, People Eage's, Perfect Practice, Perfect Typing, Personal Computer Space Transactor 2001, Petunia Pickle's Pumpkin [Preview], Phantom of the Blasteroids, Phantonfire, Picross, Picture Parts, Picture Phonics Set I, Piramide di Innuh, La, Pix-Mas, Planet X2, Platform Game, Platman Worlds, Play and Read - Level 1 - Learn to Read with Prof - Part 1 - Prof Plays a New Game, Playboy, PlayWriter - Adventures in Space, Plumber's Nightmare, Plunko, Pocket Dungeon, POD - Planet of Death [Preview], Poker, Poker, Polybius [Preview], Polygon Battles, Pomalo Pogolemo, Pong, Pong [Preview], Pontoon, Pooy4K, Pooyan-4KB, PooyASCII, Portal, Poursuite, PowerStation, Pozo, El, Precinct 20 - Dead Strange, Pretzel Shop, Prime Suspect Reading Adventure, Princess Saver 2000, Proofreading for Errors I, Protox-1, Prueba tu Fuerza, Puces savantes, Pullout, Pundit, Punk-Man, Push It [Preview], Puzzeleien, Q*Bert's Qubes [Preview], Quad Core, Quadriga, Quattrow, Quazyvar II, Quintet, Qwerty's Alphabet Adventure, Rabbyte, Rabid Robots 4K, Race, Race Through Space, Race+, Race7 [Preview], Raceway, Rad het Woord, Railroad Signals, Railtour Scotland, Railtour West, RAM Memory, Ramsbottom Smith and the Quest for the Yellow Spheroid, Random Runner, RCHS 64 - Remote Control Helicopter Simulator, Reaction Race, The, Read Right Away - Reading Pack 2, Red Alert, Red Baron 3000 [Preview], RedKnight, Rekenpen, Relentless 64, Rescuing Orc, Retaliate [Preview], Retaliate DX [Preview], Retarded Creatures and Caverns, Retrocycle!, RetroGameDev Platformer, RetroGameDev Space Shooter, Return of the Roach, Revenge of Moriarty, The, Reversi, Riches to Rags, Rise and Shine Professor Miggles, Road Dodge, Road Racer, Robby's House, Robo Form X, RobotLand, RobotLand, Robots Rumble, RoboZZle64! [Preview], Rob's Life, Rockit, Rock'n Roll Trivia - Volume 1, Rock'n Roll Trivia - Volume 2, Rock'n Roll Trivia - Volume 3, Rock'n Roll Trivia - Volume 4, Rock'n Roll Trivia - Volume 5, Rocky IV, Rocky Memphis - The Legend of Atlantis, RodMän, Rogue Burger One, Rogue Ninja, Roll On, Roll Roll Roll, Rowman, Royal Hunt, The, Rumpelball, Run Demon Run, Runman Construction Set, Running Out of RAM, Rush [Preview], Ruski Meltdown, Sabotaje Nuclear, Sadistomatic, SAFTS - Spin All Four Table Soccer, Sam's Journey, Santa Paravia and Fiumaccio, SAT Score Improvement System - Algebra, SAT Score Improvement System - Geometry, SAT Score Improvement System - Quantative Comparisons and Word Problems, SAT Score Improvement System - Reading Comprehension, SAT Score Improvement System - Vocabulary, Saturno, Save Our Sal!, Scegli il Look e Ti Dirò Chi Sei, Schietspiel, Schlimeisch Mania II, Schuifspel, Sciencepack I, Sculptor, Scultore, Lo, Scuttlebutt 64 - Behind Enema Lines, Search for the Nether Regions, The, Search for the Ruby Chalice, Seconds Out, Secret Agent, Secret of Little Hodcome, The, Secrets of the Pyramid of Light, Seek'n'Destroy [Preview], Sei il Tipo di Madonna, Sei il Tipo di Simon Le Bon, Sei un Tipo Seducente, SEJD [Preview], Seventh Parallel, Sexy Puzzle, Shadow Switcher, Sheep is a Key, Sheeps!, Shell Game, Shinobiden Gaiden [Preview], Shoot Out, Shooting Gallery, Shotgun - X-Mas Edition, SID Hero, Sidelines, Siete y Medio, Silence of the Stones, The, Silicom Tunnel, Simon, Sizzler, Sjoelen, Sky Diving, Sky is Falling BASIC, The, Sky is Falling, The, Sky Scrape Diving, Slalom, Slavia, Slavia II Deluxe, Sleepwalker, Slimy, Slipstream, Smack, Small Getaway, A [Preview], Snafu '64, Snake [Preview], Snake 360 [Preview], Snake Byte, Snake Eyes, Snakebird [Preview], Snakegame, Snek, Snow [Preview], Soccer War, Soda Shop, Solitaire, Solving Word Problems in Math, Sopa de Letras, Soucoupes, Les, Soundware Checkers, Space Crumpets, Space Game [Preview], Space Hunter, Space Mission, Space Moguls, Space Orbs, Space Poker, Space Shooter, Space Traveller, Space Trip 2085, Space Trip 2086, Spaceshot Nimbus, Spaceshuttle, SpaceWare - Shuttle Designer, Special-Race, Speed Racer, Speed Reading, Spelling Time, Spelling Words, Sphinx, Spider Maze, Spikes, Spooky [Preview], Spyders, Spyders II [Preview], Squad I, Squash, Squibblies III - Revenge of Mucus, Squiz, Stack Up BASIC, Star Chase, Star Lanes, Star Lanes, Star MIG, Star Toast, Star Wars - Version 1981, Star Wars [Preview], Star Wars Wings, Stareggs, Starfysh, Starlanes, Star-Wars [Preview], States and Traits, Steel Ranger, Stercore 64, Stercore XD, Stick Breaker, Stop de Klok, Stow, The, Stranded, Strange Encounters, Street Defender, Study Skills I, Substraction Tic Tac Toe, Subtracting with Objects, Sum-Ka, Summit Fever, Sums, Super Ace 1942, Super Bonkey Kong, Super Burgy, Super Galax-I-Birds, Super Goatron, Super Hyperzap, Super Mario Bros 64, Super Marioahner Sisters, Super Silverfish, Super Ski, Super Stardust [Preview], Super Toboggan Challenge, Supernova [Preview], Super-Penetrator, Swarm 16K, Swords and Sorcery, Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe, Synonym Game, Szamtoto, Tacky, Tacky BASIC, Tafels 64, Take'em Out [Preview], Tank Blasta, Tank Combat, Techno Sport Steeple Chase, Tenebra Macabre, Tennis-Cat, Tensor 64, Terminal Fighter [Preview], Terrore nel Castello Maledetto, Test della Personalità Sessuale, Test Partner Ideale, Tetris, Tetris, Think, Thinker 2018, Third Planet from Altair, The, This for a Birdie! - Beechings Golf & Country Club, Thunder Bolt III, Tikkertje, Tiles, Tini Mini, Tinyrinth Escape! [Preview], Tir sur cible, Toepen, Tomb Chaser, Tombstones, Top 20 - Time Racing on the C64, Top 20 - Zeitfahren auf dem C64, Tor Cars [Preview], Torussa Life, Total Refill, Touch Type Tutor, Tour de Europe, Tower of Rubble 64, Tower Snake [Preview], Town Dragon, The, Toxic 4K, Toz Muz Line, Tra Due Giorni la Gara, Trade!, Traffico, Tragaperras, Trainsmission, Trampoline, TrapThem64, Tricky Dices, Trolley Follies, Tronscii [Preview], TRSE Vertical Shooter [Preview], True Spit, Trump Tower, Trzask Tensorskiego 64, Turtle Tracks, Two Days to the Race, Two Man Chess, Uff, Ultimate, Unix-250, Unusual Dream, An, UP - Uncontrolled Platormer, Valentine's Day Shopping Simulator, Valkyrie II - The Templar, Valkyrie III - The Night Witch, Vangbal, Vector Runner, Vegetables, Velcro, Veldslag, Vier gewinnt Meister, VII Legio, Vingervlug, Vita dello Spinarello, La, Vitrex, Vocabulary Builders, Von Helzing, VVVVVV, VW-ler, Waahk, Walking Death, The, Wall, The, Wally the Wunda Worm, Warball [Preview], Watschinator, Wave Hero, Welcome to the Rat Race, Wild West Games BASIC, Williamsburg, Winco, Winky Blinky, Wizard, Wizard's Dominion, Woestijnrace, Wolfling, Word Hunt, Word Spinner, Words Words Words, Working with Basic Addition Facts, Wormwood [Preview], Writing Fundamentals, WTF, X-Base, X-Bazis, Xiendres3, X-Invaders, XXV, Yahtzee, Ya-Yahtz - Yet Another Yahtzee Game, YDAS II - The Galaxy of Corruction, Yet Another One Button Game [Preview], Yogi's Big Clean Up, Yoomp! 64, Zagor - The Fortress of Smirnoff, Zahlenraten, Zahlenraten, Zahlenraten, Zap Fight II - Zapped to Oblivion, Zap 'n Load, Zap Zone, Zatacka, Ze-III [Preview], Zilspleef, Zilvervloot, Z-Machine Interpreter, Zombie [Preview], Zombie Calavera Prologue, Zombie Garden, Zombie Massacre, Zulp [Preview]

Updated Game Files [480]

  • 1917, 2048, 3-D Skramble, Addams Family, The, Adventure, Africa Nera, AGCK - Arcade Game Construction Kit, Agent USA, Air Rescue I, Alf - The First Adventure, Algebra I, ALI 1001, Alien, Alloyrun, Amato Inferno, Android Control, Animali per lo Zoo, Ant Attack, Apple Cider Spider, Aquaplane, Aralzac, Archon, Archon II - Adept, Argos, Arhena! The Amazon, Arno Dash 01, Arno Dash 02, Arno Dash 03, Arno Dash 04, Arno Dash 05, Arno Dash 06, Arno Dash 07, Arno Dash 08, Arno Dash 09, Arno Dash 10, Arno Dash 11, Arno Dash 12, Arno Dash 13, Arno Dash 14, Arno Dash 15, Arno Dash 16, Arno Dash 17, Arno Dash 18, Arno Dash 19, Arno Dash 20, Arno Dash 21, Astex 64, Athanor, Athena, Atom Shoot, Avaruuden valtaus, Aviator Arcade, Aviator Arcade II, Avventuriero, Axe of Rage, Ballblazer, Balzerella, Barbie, Barnsley Badger, Basi Sotterranee, Batman - The Caped Crusader, Battaglia Lunare, B-Ball, BC Bill, Beads in a Jar, Bear's Night Out, A, Behind the Front, Bewitched [Preview], Black Thunder, Blast-Off!, Blok Copy, Blue Baron, Bombe, Boom, Bop'n Wrestle, Bosconian 87, Bubble, Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom, Budokan - The Martial Spirit, Bugs Bunny - Private Eye, Bumble Plot, C-2048, C64 Space Shooter [Preview], Cabal, Caddi, Cannone Laser, Card Sharks, Catalypse, Cauldron II - The Pumpkin Strikes Back, Cave of the Ice Ape, Caverns of Khafka, CBM Asteroids, Centurio, Championship Wrestling, Cherry Dash, Chilly Willy, Coil Cop, Color Overload, Comic Bakery, Company Director 64, Conflict in Vietnam, Con-Quest, Contraerea, Cops, Count Duckula - No Sax Please, We're Egyptian, Count with Oliver, Crack Down, Crazy Cars II, Crosca, Crossfire, Crusade in Europe, CRX Race, Cubis, Daley Thompson's Decathlon, Dan Dare III - The Escape, Dandy, Dare Devil Denis - The Sequel, Darkman, Dave Winfield's Batter Up!, Death in the Carribean, Death Sword, Decision in the Desert, Demon Blue, Dhat!, Die Hard II - Die Harder, Dig Dug, Dino Eggs, Di's Baby, Discs of Daedalus, Donkey Kong, Doughboy, Drag Race Eliminator, Dragon's Eye, The, Druido, Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge, Enforcer - Fullmetal Megablaster, Enigma, Errare è Umano, Escape from New York - Die Klapperschlange, Eskimo Eddie, Exodus, Express Raider, Face-Off, Factor Trinomials I, Falchi, F-Clash, Feud - Battle of the Wizards, Fist II - The Legend Continues, Fizz Bomb, Flying Ace, For Speed We Need v2, Forgotten Worlds, Fort Django, Frank Bruno's Boxing, Frantic, Frogger, Frogger Arcade, Fun Learning - US Geography Quiz, Galaxy, Game of Trivia, The - Trivia Book 1, Gameboy Tetris [Preview], Garfield - Big, Fat, Hairy Deal, Gates of Dawn, Gauntlet, Gauntlet - The Deeper Dungeons, Get Off my Garden!, Gigablast!, Give that Dog a Bone [Preview], Goblin Towers, Grand Monster Slam, Great American Cross-Country Road Race, The, Great Escape, The, Grell & Falla, Gribbly's Day Out, Gribbly's Special Day Out, Grotte Sotterranee, Guardian II - Revenge of the Mutants, Guzzler, Gyruss, Hard Drivin', Harpo, Haunt House, Heartland, Hellcat Ace, Hercules, Hermetic, HERO - Helicopter Emergency Rescue Operation, Hessian, Hexenküche, Hidden Doors [Preview], Highlander, Highnoon, Highway Encounter, Holiday Games, Hollywood or Bust, Hover Bovver, Hunt the Wumpus, Ice Busters, Ignition, Illgen, IndeflataBall, Indiana Jones in the Lost Kingdom, Inner Space Plant Attack, Intrusi, Invasione Aliena, Iridis Alpha, Jail Break, Jars Revenge, Jeep Command, Jet-Boys, Jewel Raiders, Joe Gunn, Judge Dredd, Jumpin Jack, Jungle Drums, Jupple Dust [Preview], Karateka, Katakis, Katapult, Kevin in the Woods [Preview], King's Valley [Preview], Kobo64, Kodann, Labman, Lady Tut, Laser Gunner, Last Ninja II, Last Ninja III, Law of the West, Le Mans, Legend of Sinbad, The, Legend of the Amazon Women, Lemmings, Let's Invade!, Lightforce, Lode Runner, Lode Runner's Rescue, Lost Caves 01, The, Lost Caves 02, The, Lost Caves 03, The, Lost Caves 04, The, Lost Caves 05, The, Lost Caves 06, The, Lost Caves 07, The, Lost Caves 08, The, Lost Caves 09, The, Lost Caves 10, The, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, Lunar Lander, Lunari, Maelstrom, Magnum Force, MAH, Maniac Mansion, Manic Miner, MASH, Master of the Lamps, Matador16, Matchmaker - Elementary Science Facts (Grades 5+6), Matchmaker - French, Matchmaker - US Geography Facts, Matchmaker - World Geography Facts, Matchmaker - World History Facts, Mayhem in Monsterland, Maze of the Mummy, Meganova - The Weapon, Memory, Mental Moons, Metal Dust, Metamorphosis III - The Creators Revenge, Metro Blitz, Mickey Mouse, Mig Alley Ace, Minima Reloaded, Misfortune, Missile Command, Monsterjagd, Moonspire, Moonstone [Preview], Motomondiale, Motorman [Preview], Mountain King, Mountaineer Mack, Mr. Wimpy - The Hamburger Game, Ms. Pacman, Mutants, My Life, Navy Moves, Neoclyps, NetRacer, Neutralizor, Night of the Valkyrie, Night Racer, Ninja, Ninja Massacre, Northeast Corridor, Operation Hormuz, Outpost, Over the Net, Pacman, Pacman II, Paranoid, PC Fuzz, Penetrator, Pengo, Pengon, Penguins, Pentagram, Persian Gulf Inferno, Petch, Peter Pack Rat, Petscii-Poker, Phantasm [Preview], Phantom of the Asteroid, Phase Out, Picture Phonics Set II, Pirates of the Dark Water, The, Pit, The, Planet Golf, Planetoids, Platoon, Pong 1.0, Pooyan, Poseidon - Planet Eleven, Potsworth, Pour le Merite, Power Gate [Preview], Protectoid, Protocol [Preview], Psi 5 Trading Company, Quarx, Quest for Quintana Roo, Quod Init Exit, Qwak, Rabbit Pie, Radiazioni, Raid on Bungeling Bay, Rambo - First Blood Part II, Rambo IV, Red Heat, Rent-a-Cop Reloaded, Repton III, Rescue at Rana, River Raid, Roadtoad, Robotics, Rock'n Wrestle, Rocky Horror Show, The, Rogue, Rogue Trooper, Rollin, R-Type, Rubicon, Run Like Hell, Sabre Wulf, Saliva Kid, Sally's Garden [Preview], Samurai Warrior - The Battles of Usagi Yojimbo, Sanxion, Saracen, SAT Score Improvement System - Sample Tests, Scarper!, Scary Monsters, Scooby and Scrappy Doo, Scroll of Akbar Khan, The, Sea Wolf, Seabase Delta, Seahorses, Sentence, Shackled, Shinobi, Shoot Em Up Destruction Set, Shoot Em Up Destruction Set II, Shotgun, Sibilla, La, Sixgun Shootout, Skate Crazy, Skull and Crossbones, Sky Runner, Slalom, Slime Deluxe, Slot Machine, Slug, Smaragd, Smurfs, Solar Fox, Space Comets, Space Doubt, Speedball II, Speedway, Spellcast [Preview], Spiderbot, Split Second - Double or Nothing 3, Spy Hunter, Squid Jump [Preview], Stacker, Star Fortress, Star Rank Boxing, Stealth IV, Step by Step, Street Gang, Strikkespillet, Subterranea, Summer Games, Summer Games II, Suoniamo, Super Mole, Supernatural, Super-Penetrator, Survive, Sylphwyrm, Sysiphus in Ägypten, Take Down, Tank Defender, Tass Times in Tonetown, Tau Zeta, Tetris, Thing on a Spring, Think Twice, Thomas the Tank Engine's Fun with Words, Tiger Heli, Tink! Tonk! - Castle Clobber, Tink! Tonk! - Tinka's Mazes, Tink! Tonk! - Tink's Adventure, Tink! Tonk! - Tink's Subtraction Fair, Tink! Tonk! - Tonk in the Land of Buddy-Bots, Tink! Tonk! - Tuk Goes to Town, TKO, Tobruk - The Clash of Armour, Toccata, Tower of the Antics, Transformers, Transporter, Trigon, Triz, Tunnel of the Birds, The, Tunnel Pericoloso, Turbo Out Run, Twin Kingdom Valley, Ultima II - The Revenge of the Enchantress!, Ultimate Wizard, Uni Games, The [Preview], Vado Lontano, Valentino, Vándorlások az Elveszett Bölcsesség Földjén [Preview], Vault Man II, Vendetta, Viking Raider, Viljo, Vitamin, Voivod Attack, Vortex Crystals, VVVVVV [Preview], Walker, Walliball, Warehouse, Warp, Weasel, Western Games, Wizard, Wizard of Wor, Wizball, Wizerior II [Preview], Working Stone, The, Worms, Wurmli, Xerons, Xertyn-X, Yatzy, Yie Ar Kung-Fu, Yogi Bear, Zack!, Zagor - La Fortezza di Smirnoff, Zamzara, Zenji, Zeta-7, Zig-Zag, Zombi Terror, Zone Runner, Zwob

Added Missing Entries [217]

  • 3D Shift, 4 Op ein Rij, Aanvallen, Addition & Subtraction, Advanced Calculations, Adverbs & Adjectives, Animated Arithmetic, Apenspel, At Wit's End, Avonturen voor Kinderen, Ballon Expeditie, Ballonsommen, Basic Machines I, Basic Machines II, Battlestar, Blackjack, Bowlen, Bowling, Candy-Cat, Cardes, Cijfermuur, Climber, Club JR's, Comsopac - The Guadalcanal Campaign, Count & Add, Count Down, Count Down, Decimal Equivalents, Decimals, Diamantenjacht, Dollars & Sense I, Dollars & Sense II, Domino, Don't Break It!, Dungeons of Doom, Duo-Bal, Early Math, Early Numbers, Earth Science I, Earth Science II, Endzeit III, Engels, Exod - The Rift in the Rock, Explosieven, Factors & Multiples, Firestorm, Fraction Frenzy I, Fraction Frenzy II, Fraction Skills I, Fraction Skills II, French, Fun Learning - Science Quiz, Fun Learning - Vocabulary Quiz, Galgje, Geheugentester, German Master, The - Level A, German Master, The - Level B, Golf, Graphic Math, Grenzend, Groeislang, Hack Driver, Hangman, Happelaar, Herby, Hide & Seek, History Flash, Hoger Lager, Hoofdrekenen, Hooray for Henrietta, Hoverlords, Human Body, The I, Human Body, The II, Husselaar, I Predatori della Valle dei Re, Italian, Jigsaw Joggle, Jump the Devil, Jungle, Key Maze, Kleine Solitair, Kubus, Labihint, Latin, Letters & Words, Lingo, Lockin Man, Mad Max, Maladan the Invander, Map Skills, Master Key, Master Match - LearningWare Library, Mastermind, Mastermind, Math Challenge I, Math Challenge II, Math Logic I, Math Logic II, Math Pack Drills, Measures 'n Metrics, Measuring Energy, Measuring Power & Mass, Memorytus, Mensergjeniet, Micro Maths, Middle School Maths II, Mission: Survival!, Molletje, Money Matters, Monkeybuilder, Motocross, Mountaineer, Mr. Readwell - Set I, Mr. Readwell - Set II, Mr. Readwell - Set IV, Mr. Readwell - Set V, Mr. Readwell - Set VI, Multiplication & Division, Muziekspel, Muzikale Hel, Nouns & Verbs, Overlopertje, Paard op Schaakveld, Penalty, Physics - O-Level Revision and CSE, Pioneer Progress, Play and Read - Level 1 - Learn to Read with Prof - Part 2 - Prof Looks at Words, Play and Read - Level 1 - Learn to Read with Prof - Part 3 - Prof Makes Sentences, Play and Read - Level 1 - Learn to Read with Prof - Part 4 - Prof Hunts for Words, Play and Read - Level 2 - Part 1, Play and Read - Level 2 - Part 2, Play and Read - Level 2 - Part 3, Play and Read - Level 2 - Part 4, Play and Read - Level 3 - Part 1, Play and Read - Level 3 - Part 2, Play and Read - Level 3 - Part 3, Play and Read - Level 3 - Part 4, Pop Quiz 85, Prepositions & Modifiers, Pre-School Concepts, Priceless Scrolls, Primary Maths Course, Prime & Composite Numbers, Prof Makes Sentences, Prof Plays a New Game, Race Dag, Raider, Read Right Away - Reading Pack 1, Reading & Rhyming, Reading References I, Reading References II, Recent Unpleasantness, The, Reflektor, Reken-Motief, Roller Rink, Ruimte Landing, Ruimterace, Sagittarius II, Salvage I, Salvage II, Schietschijf, Schuiven, Scuola di Scacchi, A, Shiftgame, Shoot a Skeet, Shoot'em, Shuttle Pilot, Snake Jump, Snakes, Solitair, Solitaire, Space Game, Space Wuppie, Spanish, Spanish Tutor, The - Level A, Spanish Tutor, The - Level B, Sparks, Spelling Bee, Springbeest, Spring-Sprong, Spyik Mini, Star Words, Stars & Stripes, Starter Wordsplits, Sterren Slaan, Subject Agreement, Tafels, Tales of the Windmill, Tempo-Typen, Thunderball, Time Traveller, Toren Spel, Toverlijn, Trading, Trimula, Type Kursus, UFO Attack, UFO Strike, Vampyr Motel, Verb, The, Vier Op een Rij, Vierkant, Weather I, Weather II, Wegwezen, Wiebel, Woorden, Woordspel, Woordtraining, Words and Pictures, Wormy, X-Invaders, Yahtzee, Yathzee, Your Adventure, Zeeslag, Zeskant

Removed Database Entries [16]

  • Block Blaster, Cav-Doom, Fal, Gauntlet, Good King, Humanoids II, Indiana Jones in the Lost Kingdom, Jet-Boys, Joe Gunn, Old Shell Game, Plants of Death [Preview], PQ - The Party Quiz Game, Sistemi Bi-ridotti, Soccer Match, Tiro al Blanco - Target Shoot, Turbo Track
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