[multi] DSP Emulator 0.17 beta 2

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[multi] DSP Emulator 0.17 beta 2

Parę dni przerwy i Leniad zakończył pracę nad kolejną, pełną wersją multiemulatora DSP pozwalającego pobawić się maszynkami arcade i ośmiobitowcami - CPC, ZX Spectrum (z bardzo fajnie rozwiązanym podglądem plików), a także Colecovision, Nintendo 8 i CGB/GB.

Bomb Jack Arcade

DSP 0.17b2WIP 31/12/16

  • General
    • GFX engine: GFX functions optimizations, more speed
    • UPD765
      • Fixed next sector ID load function
      • Fixed a stupid bug when reading a full track (Fixes Spectrum +3 'Platoon' and many others)
    • Disk loading: Fixed some problems selecting compressed files
    • DSK files: Fixed track number asignation
    • Cleaning and optimizations in many drivers (input, video, controls, etc)
    • Namco sound
      • Converted to clases
      • Fixed some bugs
      • Converted to standard audio functions
    • M680X: Added internal RAM
    • Deco 16ic: Converted playfield RAM to word, changed functions and drivers
    • Mouse: Created new functions to standarize the cursor show/hide and creation
    • M68000: Fixed carry flag on opcode roxr.l
    • OKI 6295: Added snapshot functions
    • Samples: Fixed a bug assigning the audio channel
  • Amstrad CPC
    • Fixed WAV tape file loading
  • Black Tiger
    • Video optimizations
  • Asteroids HW
    • Small audio optimizations
    • A video rewrite needed!
    • Asteroids: Small memory optimizations
    • Lunar Lander: added driver, no sound
  • Express Raider
    • ROMS updated to 'World V4'
  • Gunsmoke HW
    • Added dip switches to all games
    • Added a simulated copy protections
  • Higemaru
    • Added dip switches
    • Added P2 controls
  • Iron Horse
    • Added dip switches
    • Small video optimizations
  • Jackal
    • Added dip switches
  • Jr Pacman
    • Added dip switches
    • Fixed screen rotation
    • Added P2 controls
  • Shoot Out
    • Optimized sprites
    • Implemented IRQ
  • Vulgus
    • Added dip switches
    • Added P2 controls
  • Vigilante
    • Updated ROMS to version 'World E'
    • Fixed background scroll
  • Space Firebird
    • Fixed dip switches
  • Combat School
    • Video optimizations, more speed
    • Added dip switches
  • Twin Cobra HW
    • Implemented video on/off
  • Double Dragon 3 HW
    • Added snapshot functions
  • Double Dragon 3
    • Fixed scroll ('Egypt' screen)
    • Fixed controls
  • The Combatribes: Added driver with sound
NOWSZY [multi] DSP 0.23VIP1 25/03/2024

DSP Emulator 0.23WIP1. 25/03/24

Added 28 new games! Fixed M68000, rewrited MSM5205 and MCS51


  • Misc
    • Fixed preview screen generation
    • Fixed CRC show when a ROM file is not found
  • Snapshot
    • Simplified snapshot system functions
  • Video
    • AVG/DVG: Added new vector draw system. WIP.
    • GFX: Added invert option when convert GFX
  • Sound
    • MSM5205
      • Rewrited all sound playing functions
        • Make all variables, adpcm ROMS, and timing internal, removed all variables from drivers
        • Make standart adpcm play functions by default, removed all repeated funcions from drivers


  • M68000
    • Fixed some timings
    • Fixed 'divs' opcode (Now 'Space Harrier' works fine!)
    • Fixed privilege exception in 'stop', 'move to sr' and 'move from sr' opcodes
  • MCS51
    • Added 8X52 and CMOS CPU types
    • Enhanced internal RAM read/write
    • Fixed IRQ generation
    • Fixed parity calculation
    • Fixed push/pop
    • Fixed timer0 and timer1
    • Fixed many opcodes
    • Added opcodes $84
  • Z80
    • Added some more WZ


  • Sega deCript: Added anoter SEGA ROMs decript


  • Added quick save/load (F7-F8/F9-F10)
  • Spectrum 128/+3 some code cleaning

Amstrad CPC

  • Added quick save/load (F7-F8/F9-F10)

Commodore 64

  • Some memory functions clean
  • Some tape control changes
  • Added quick save/load (F7-F8/F9-F10)

Sega Master System

  • Fixed pause (Fixes 'Bart Simpsons and the Space Mutants')
  • Fixed BIOS loading

88 Games

  • Added driver, screen draw problems... Maybe CPU bugs?


  • Fixed CPU clock


  • CPU map cleaning

Appoooh HW

  • Appohhh: Added driver with sound
  • Robo Wres 2001: Added driver with sound

Asteroids HW

  • Added new vector system
  • Lunar lander: added AVG-DVG prom

Bank Panic HW

  • Bank Panic: added driver with sound
  • Combat Hawk: added driver with sound

Bionic Commando

  • Fixed background wrong colors

Blue Print HW

  • Blue Print: added driver with sound
  • Saturn: added driver with sound
  • Grasspin: added driver with sound

Calorie Kun vs Moguranian

  • Added driver with sound

Dooyong HW

  • Blue Hawk: added driver with sound
  • The Last Day: added driver with sound
  • Gulf Storm: added driver with sound
  • Pollux: added driver with sound
  • Flying Tiger: added driver with sound

Galaxian HW

  • Fixed background
  • Fixed NMI clear
  • Fixed sprite calculation procedures
  • Fixed bullet draw
  • Fixed scramble protection
  • Ant Eater: added driver with sound
  • Armored Car: added driver with sound
  • The End: added driver with sound
  • Battle of Atlantis: added driver with sound
  • Calipso: added driver with sound
  • Cavelon: added driver with sound


  • Fixed sprites

Pirate Hihemaru

  • Added screen priorities

Karnov HW

  • Added IRQ assert/clean

Legendary Wings HW

  • Legendary Wings: Update ROMs names
  • Trojan: Fixed palette
  • Avengers: added driver with sound, some sync problems...

Popeye HW

  • Fixed DMA
  • Popeye: Fixed screen draw
  • Sky Skipper: adder driver with sound

The Simpsons

  • Fixed CPU clock

Snowbros HW

  • Come Back Toto: added driver with sound
  • Hyper Pacman: added driver with sound

Steel Force HW

  • Mortal Race: added driver with sound

Sega System 1/2 HW

  • Removed Z80 special timings, added adjust cycle function, remove all CPU clock hacks
  • Fixed palette
  • Wonder Boy: removed decript procedures, now using new SEGA deCript
  • Gardia: added driver with sound


  • Better collisions functions
  • Some CPU map cleaning
  • Fixed CPU clock

Unico HW

  • BurglarX: added driver with sound
  • ZeroPoint: added driver with sound
NOWSZY [multi] DSP Emulator DSP 0.22VIP6 2/11/2023

02/11/23 - DSP Emulator 0.22WIP6

Updated Windows binary and source.

  • General
    • CPU
      • lr35902
        • Added snapshots
        • Change ime flag to 'disabled' on reset (Fixes Hook)
      • MCS48
        • Added external IO, and fixed internal IO
        • Fixed conditional jumps
        • Fixed ROM reads with and without PC increment
        • Fixed CPU clock init
        • Fixed IRQs
        • Added opcodes $25, $45, $70, $71 and $90
        • Fixed opcodes $80, $81, $a3, $b3 and $e3
      • na2a03
        • Added snapshots
        • Rewrited sound part
        • Fixed audio buffer
        • Fixed dpcm sound... But clicks a lot
  • Gameboy/Gameboy Color
    • Added snapshots
    • Modernized mappers, better mapper reset
    • Changed a bit screen timings
    • Added 'Wisdom Treee' mapper
    • Added partial mapper MBC6
  • NES
    • Added snapshots
    • Modernized mappers
    • Added black&white palette
    • Changed a bit screen timings
  • Pacman HW
    • Birdiy: added driver with sound
  • Irem M63 HW
    • Wily Tower: added driver with sound
    • Fighting Basketball: added driver with sound

22/08/23 - DSP Emulator 0.22WIP5

  • General
    • New main Snapshot system
      • New unified ROM/game/snapshot/tape load/save system
      • New unified snapshot data extractor system
    • Video
      • Sega VDP (SMS/GG): Added snapshots
    • CPU
      • UPD7810: Added snapshots
    • Sound
      • UPD1771: Added snapshots
    • Misc
      • I2Cmem: Added snapshots
  • Amstrad CPC
    • Added the new ROM/tape/snapshot load system
  • Commodore 64
    • Added the new ROM/tape/snapshot load system
  • Oric HW
    • Added the new ROM/tape/snapshot load system
  • Chip 8
    • Added the new ROM load game system
    • Added snapshot
  • Coleco
    • Moved to new snapshot system
    • Added eeprom to snapshot (if present)
  • GameBoy/GameBoy Color
    • Added the new ROM load game system
    • Added snapshots (still not working)
    • Fixed ROM loading
  • NES
    • Added the new ROM load game system
    • Added snapshots (still not working)
  • Sega SG-1000
    • Added the new ROM load game system
    • Added snapshots
    • Added a new game file format '.MV'
  • Sega GameGear
    • Added the new ROM load game system
    • Fixed CPU and sound creation order (emulator can crash)
    • Added snapshots
  • Sega Master System
    • Added the new ROM load game system
    • Added snapshots
    • Fixed BIOS+Game loading, now supports all extra BIOS+Game for all systems
    • Fixed international detection, now detects the system via $3F port
    • Fixed ROM loading
    • Fixed model change NTSC/PAL
    • Fixed CPU and sound creation order (emulator can crash)
  • SuperCassete Vision
    • Added the new ROM load game system
    • Added snapshots
    • Fixed ROM loading, all available games now works
  • Casio PV-1000
    • Added new console, supports sound, controls
    • Added snapshots
    • All available games working
  • Casio PV-2000
    • Added new console, supports sound, controls, keyboard...
    • Added snapshots
    • All available games working



09/08/23 - DSP Emulator 0.22WIP4.1. Fast fix...

Updated Windows binary, OSX and source.

  • General
    • Updated SDL2 library for windows
    • Updated the documentation, 'DSP small guide' and 'DSP how to compile'
    • Lazarus
      • Fixed compile i2cmem module
    • Fixed press 'ESC' for close pop-up windows
    • Fixed some spellings
    • Some cosmetical changes
    • ROMs export
      • Fixed 'future spy' ROM info (thanks to Neville)
      • Added 'gaplus' sample info, was missing
    • Fixed controls, when pressing left+right or up+down at the same time
  • Spectrum
    • Fixed screen refresh when changed screen resolution
  • Donkey Kong HW
    • Fixed screen flip

29/07/23 - DSP Emulator 0.22WIP4


  • Added a new section 'How to compile DSP Emulator'
  • Started to implement parent drivers (ROMs loading and ROMs export), for example Xevious and Super Xevious, they share ROMs, but they are not the same arcade.
  • Namco IO 56XX-58XX-59XX
    • Changed to classes
    • Added IO 59XX
    • Implemented timers to internal

Galaga HW

  • Added DIPs to all drivers
  • Added all remain controls to all drivers
  • DigDug: Simplified background render
  • Super Xevious: Added driver with sound

Galaxian HW

  • Added DIPs to all drivers
  • Added all remain controls to all drivers
  • Amidar
    • Updated ROMs
    • Added background color


  • Added driver with sound

Gun.Smoke HW

  • Added sound CPU reset line

Mappy HW

  • Added DIPs to all drivers
  • Added all remain controls to all drivers
  • Changed to new Namco 5X IO driver
  • Grobda: added driver with sound
  • Pac & Pal: Added driver with sound


  • Added DIPs switches
  • Fixed a stupid bug with palette change
  • Change screen parameters
Gaplus (1984, Namco)


Xevious (1983, Namco)


Pac-land (Namco, 1984)


08/07/23 - DSP Emulator 0.22WIP3


  • Updated Preview Images
  • CPU
    • Added a new counter to count all timings of the CPU, used in Asteroids, Circus Charlie, Gyruss, Hypersports, and many others...
    • LR35902: fixed HALT opcode, fixes many Gameboy Color Konami games
  • Sound
    • Konami Sound: video line not needed any more
    • Samples: added volume
  • Video
    • Changed rol90 name to rot270
    • Added rot180 to rotate screen 180 degrees
    • Fixed main screen flip x and flip y, now can be used both
  • Disk: added DSK format for Oric disks
  • GFX: fixed gfx rotate when graphics are not square

Oric HW

  • Added preliminary disc support, not working

Centipede HW

  • Centipede
    • Fixed dip
    • Fixed video
    • Fixed controls
    • Fixed colors, now using indirect palette
  • Millipede: added driver with sound

Circus Charlie

  • Fixed sprites


  • Enhanced IRQs

Legendary Wings HW

  • Section Z: fixed audio

Mega Sys 1 HW

  • 64th Street: fixed sprites

Missile Command

  • Missile Command: added driver with sound
  • Super Missile Attack: added driver with sound

Taito SJ HW

  • Added DIPs
  • Updated to use gfx buffers
  • Fixed controls, added buttons
  • Optimized maps
  • Fixed sound NMI
  • Fixed DAC
  • Elevator Action: updated ROMs

Time Pilot

  • Added DIPs
  • Added video enable


  • Fixed DIPs

Zaxxon HW

  • Fixed sound
  • Fixed DIPs
  • Fixed video
  • Added samples volume
  • Super Zaxxon: added driver with sound
  • Future Spy: added driver with sound
Super Zaxxon (1982, Sega)
Milipede (1982, Atari)
Missile Command (1980, Atari)

22/05/23 - DSP Emulator 0.22WIP2

DSP Emulator (Tape GUI)



  • CPU
    • M6502
      • Fixed timings before internal timer call
      • Added some opcodes for 2xNOP and 3xNOP
    • -Z80
      • Fixed timings before internal timer call
      • Some updates to internal procedures
  • Tape System
    • Added procedures to call before tape play and after play
    • Fixed WAV format tapes loading
    • Added Oric TAP file format support
    • Fixed main speed changes when a tape is playing
  • Devices
    • VIA6522: Added device

Amstrad CPC

  • Enabled Z80 timings (fixes Saboteur II and many others)
  • Rewrited video to update screen pixel by pixel
  • Fixed tape loading with new Z80 timings


  • Black Onix: Added 24C08 eeprom
  • Boxxled: Added 24C256 eeprom

Commodore 64

  • Swapped joystick 0 and joystick 1
  • Added F1 to start/stop tape loading


  • Fixed mapper 9
  • Added partial mapper 10 (thanks to Neville)

Oric HW

  • Added support for tape loading, AY-8910 sound and keyboard
    • Oric 1: added driver with sound
    • Oric Atmos: added driver with sound

Sega System 1/2 HW

  • Changed Z80 timings, fixes Pitfall II intro

25/04/23 - DSP Emulator 0.22WIP1


  • Updated wiki
  • Updated preview images (thanks to Nevile)
  • Update SDL2 library to 2.26.5


  • NEC V20/V30/V33
    • Implemented sound timers
    • Added NMI
    • Added many EA types
    • Fixed PUSH/POP CPU flags
      • Added opcodes $0f18, $0f19, $0f1a, $0f1b, $0f1c, $0f1d, $31, $34, $68, $6a, $6b, $82, $8308, $8320, $8330, $8d, $91, $92, $93, $94, $95, $97, $c008, $c020, $c028, $c120, $c128, $c8, $c9, $d110, $d200, $d220, $d228, $d3, $e3, $e4, $ec, $ee, $ef, $f2a4, $f2a5, $f2af, $f618, $f620, $f630, $f720, $f728, $f730 and $f738
  • Z80
    • Added (again) functions to change CPU timmings
    • Fixed some timmings and timming calculation
  • Sound
    • Seibu sound
      • Rewrited and converted to class
      • Added internal Z80, ADPCM, sound chip and controls
      • Changed CPU mappers to internal
      • Removed fake adpcm, using standar MSM5205
    • MSM5205
    • Converted to class
  • Devices
    • Added i2c eeproms
  • File engine
    • Changed CRC variable to unsigned 32bits

Amstrad CPC

  • Fixed keyboard matrix reads (Fixes 'Night Shade')
  • Added specific Z80 timmings, but breaks tape loading, so they are disabled

Bloodbros HW

  • Added new seibu sound system


  • Added new seibu sound system


  • Added new driver, but have some CPU bugs, sounds fails and controls are not working

Shadow Warriors HW

  • Shadow Warriors: added driver with sound
  • Wild Fang/Tecmo knight: added driver with sound


  • Added new seibu sound system

Twins HW

  • Twins: added driver with sound
  • Twins (Electronic Devices): added driver with sound
  • Hot Block - Tetrix II: added driver with sound


NOWSZY [multi] DSP Emulator DSP 0.21VIP6 12/02/2023

12/02/23 - DSP Emulator 0.21WIP6


  • Updated SDL library to 2.26.3
  • Updated preview images
  • Remove arcade keys when not using arcade drivers


  • M68000
    • Split read/write byte flags
      • Enhanced timings
      • Fixed opcodes addi.l, addq.l, sbcd.rr, abcd.rr, roxr.w, roxl.w, rol.w, asr.b, lsr.b, roxr.b, ror.b, asr.w, lsr.w, ror.w, asr.l, lsr.l, roxr.l, ror.l asl.b, lsl.b, roxl.b, rol.b, asl.w, lsl.w, asl.l, lsl.l, roxl.l, rol.l
    • Added movem.w $38 efective address
  • MCS51
    • Added opcodes $38..$3f, $62, $63, $64 and $b1
    • Fixed external get/put byte with no function
  • fd1089: Updated decode functions
  • Sound
    • SEGA PCM: Added stereo
    • SN76496: Added stereo
    • VLM5030: Added stereo
    • YM2203: Added stereo
  • Updated key redefine names
    • 'COIN' --> 'COIN/SELECT'
    • 'START' --> 'P1/START' or 'P2/START'
  • Gauntlet
    • Gauntlet: Renamed ROM zip to 'gauntlet'
    • Gauntlet II: Updated ROMs to v2
  • Hang-On HW
    • Hang-On: added driver with sound
    • Enduro racer: added driver with sound
    • Space Harrier: added driver with sound, some sprite problems (M68000 bug?)
  • Mega System 1 HW
    • Fixed all video issues
      • Fixed graphics layers
      • Fixed scroll
      • Fixed sprites
    • Fixed graphics decode
    • Rod Land
      • Updated ROMs
      • Added graphics decrypt
    • 64th Street - A detective story: added driver with sound
  • Outrun
    • Fixed tile buffer size and activation
    • Fixed missing sprites
    • Fixed tiles transparency
    • Fixed tiles priority
  • Sega System 16A HW
    • Fixed graphics decode
    • Fixed sprite ROMs and decode to 16bits
    • Fixed tiles transparency
    • Fixed tiles priority (very obious in WB3 end zone)
    • Alien Syndrome: Updated fd1089 ROM decode key
    • Wonder Boy III: Updated fd1089 ROM decode key
  • Sega System 16B HW
    • Fixed disabled screen
    • Fixed tiles transparency
    • Fixed tiles priority
    • Fixed tile buffer activation
Space Harrier (Sega, 1986)


Super Hang On (1987, Sega)
EnduroRacer (Sega, 1986)
64th Street: A Dectective Story (Jaleco, 1991)

10/01/23 - DSP Emulator 0.21WIP5

  • General
    • Change between drivers is faster now
    • Fixed joystick SDL 2 support! Changed hint function before SDL init, and works with all SDL 2 versions (removed SDL 2.0.16)
    • Added start and coin/select in player redefinition page
    • Start and coin/select keys can be mapped to joystick buttons
  • Sega Master System
    • Remapped 'Pause' button to coin/select button
  • Sega Game Gear
    • Removed 'Pause' button (doesn't have it)

8/01/23 - DSP Emulator 0.21WIP5

Super Duck (Comad, 1992)
  • General
    • Find a bug on new releases of SDL 2 library, joystick stop working when main window loses focus. Changed to SDL 2.0.16, works fine with this version
      • Added SDL 2.0.16 for download
    • Enhanced joystick support
      • New redefine buttons system, select and press the button to use it
      • Rewrited joystick internal functions
    • Windows: Removed mouse cursor, slows down everything when enabled
    • Lazarus: Added 'follow me' window style. The main emulation window follows select window when it moves.
  • CPS1 HW
    • Added 3 extra players buttons, 'Street Fighter II' now works with all buttons
    • Better row scroll, still not working
  • Super Duck
    • Added driver with sound
  • Tiger Road
    • Added sprite buffer

6/12/22 - DSP Emulator 0.21WIP4.2


  • Fixed - Emulator losses focus and keyboard stop working (Thanks to Neville)
  • Updated SDL library to 2.26.1


  • Fire button 1 and 2 switched
  • Fixed error message loading a cartridge

5/11/22 - DSP Emulator 0.21WIP4.1


  • Fixed image preview error
  • Fixed linux sort games
  • Added check for SDL2 Mixer present, needed for linux and MacOS


  • Fixed - Emulator stops with no reason (Thanks to Neville)
  • Better console game files loading, better error handling
  • Better tape files loading, better error handling
  • Fixed remembering last open dir for all systems
  • Better fullscreen mode (Press F6)

25/10/22 - DSP Emulator 0.21WIP4

  • General
    • Update preview images, added images for new drivers
    • Konami K051316
      • Begin implementation, still WIP
    • CPU
      • HD6309: Fixed opcodes $2c, $2d and $2f
      • Konami CPU
        • Fixed opcodes $66, $67, $6e, $6f, $76, $77, $7e, $7f, $b4 and $b5
        • Added opcodes $74, $bc, $be, $c6, $cc, $cd and $ce (Fixes 'The Simpsons', it's playable to the end)
        • M6809: Fixed opcodes $2c, $2d, $2e and $2f
      • Konami 053246
        • Fixed shadows
      • Sound
        • AY8910
          • Added gain per channel
          • Fixed AY8912 PORTB channel
  • Ajax
    • Added K051316 video chip
  • Ambush
    • Added driver with sound
  • Kyugo HW
    • S.R.D. Mission: Added driver with sound
    • AirWolf: Added driver with sound
  • Mag Max
    • Added driver with sound
  • Nemesis HW
    • Rewrited screen flip, fixes TwinBee
  • The Simpsons
    • Fixed video settings
    • Added sprites dma interrupt enable/disable
  • Thunder Cross HW
    • Fixed sprites priority
Vendetta (1991, Konami)


TwinBee (1985, Konami)
S.R.D Mission (1986, Taito Corporation)
Ambush (1983, Nippon)
Airwolf (1987, Kyugo)

09/10/22 - DSP Emulator 0.21WIP3

  • General
    • Update preview images, added images for new drivers
    • Update SDL library to 2.24.1
    • Added sort options in game list menu. You can sort computers, Game & Watch, consoles and arcade (and arcade subtypes sport, run & gun, shot, maze, fight and drive)
    • CPU
      • Konami CPU: Fixed opcodes $6f, $76 and $7e. Fixes 'The Simpsons', which it's fully playable now.
    • Konami 052109
      • Fixed scroll, now 'Ajax' works fine.
  • China Gate
    • Added driver with sound
  • Side Arms
    • Added driver with sound
  • Speed Rumbler
    • Added driver with sound
The Simpsons Arcade (Konami, 1991)
Speed Rumbler (1986, Capcom)
Sidearms Hyper Dyne (1986, Capcom)
Lighting Fighters (1986, Capcom)

04/09/22 - DSP Emulator 0.21WIP1

  • General
    • Update preview images
    • New option for consoles, now you can choose if you want start the driver with the window for loading games open or not
    • Sound options simplified, now you can choose 'enabled' or 'disabled'
    • Fixed label 'load disk' in console cartridge 'open' icon, now shows 'load game'
    • If no game is loaded, shows a image, not just an empty window
    • Fixed window priority, if a option window is active, the window behind is disabled
    • Added some languaje translations in main config menu
    • Changed 'Show game list', 'Configure DSP' and 'Save screen' icons
    • Changed 'Show game list' and 'Configure DSP' position in main window
    • Sound: removed 11025Hz and 22050Hz sample quality, they are useless!
  • CPU
    • M6805: Added opcodes $21, $56, $6a, $7a, $7f and $c1
  • Amstrad CPC
    • If a CDT tape is loaded and there is no pause block at the beginning, a 2000ms pause is added to the virtual tape
  • -Arkanoid
    • Added driver with sound (Not correct sound chip)
  • Renegade
    • Fixed input
    • Fixed sprites
Arkanoid (1986, Taito)

01/08/22 - DSP Emulator 0.21WIP1. Updated Windows 32 and source update.

  • -General
    • +Z80 CTC: converted to classes
    • Added close function to many devices
    • Sound: Make internal sound buffer bigger
    • CPU
      • M6809: Added opcodes $01, $29 and $1X2e
      • M680X:
        • Added opcodes $47,$c2,$c9,$d9,$f0 and $fb
        • Opcode $f3 is not for M6808
  • -Senjyo HW
    • Update driver to new CTC
    • Senjyo: Fixed ROMs export size (thanks to okurka)
  • -MCR HW
    • Tapper: added driver with sound
  • -Williams HW
    • Fixed sound
    • Joust: added driver with sound
    • Robotron: added driver with sound
    • Stargate: added driver with sound
Robotron (1982, Williams Electronics)


Joust (1982, Williams Electronics)
Tapper (1983, Midway)


NOWSZY [multi] DSP Emulator DSP 0.20VIP9 29/06/2022

DSP Emulator 0.20WIP9. 29/06/22

  • -General
    • Updated SDL library to 2.0.22
    • CPU
      • UPD78XX
        • Added many, many opcodes and fixed many others
        • Added UPD7801 opcode timing tables
        • Fixed IRQs
        • Fixed outports
  • -Amstrad CPC
    • Rewrited CRT video emulation
    • Added green monitor option
    • Fixed scroll hardware
  • -Super Cassete Vision
    • Added video emulation
    • Added Sound
    • Added input
    • Added ROM banking
    • Everything moves slow... And I dont know why...
Professional Wrestling (Epoch, 1986)


Y2 Monster Land (Epoch, 1986)


Mappy (Epoch, 1986)


Nekketsu Kung Fu Road (Epoch, 1985)


Xyphoes Fantasy (Silmarils, 1991)


Action Force (Virgin Games, 1988)

DSP Emulator 0.20WIP8. 01/05/22


  • ROMs export
    • Fixed Sly Spy ROMs info (Thanks to Neville)
  • CPU
    • Z80
      • Added M1 raise signal (read opcode)
    • M6800
      • Added HD63701Y0 CPU
      • Fixed internal read/write registers
      • Fixed opcodes BHI and BLS (ouch!)
      • Added opcode RORA

Amstrad CPC

  • Speed up video
  • Dandanator added initial support

Black Tiger

  • Fixed MCU CPU clock
  • Added video HW specs


  • Fixed main CPU clock
  • Added video HW specs

Ghost'n Goblins

  • Added video HW specs

Gun.Smoke HW

  • Added video HW specs

The Legend of Kage

  • Rewrited video driver
  • Fixed proirity BG/FG/Sprites
  • Fixed disable screen

Outrun (Thanks to Neville)

  • Fixed palette
  • Fixed shadows

Senjyo HW (called StarForce before)

  • Fixed video buffer
  • Added BG stripe and radar
  • Added char flip
  • Added Senjyo driver with sound
  • Added Baluba-louk no Densetsu driver with sound

Super Dodgeball

  • Added driver with sound

Sega System 16A HW (Thanks to Neville)

  • Fixed palette
  • Fixed shadows

-Sega System 16B HW (Thanks to Neville)

  • Fixed palette
  • Fixed shadows


Dandator CPC - emulacja w DSP


Super Dodge Ball (Technos, 1987)
Senjyo (Tecmo, 1983)


NOWSZY [multi] DSP Emulator DSP 0.20VIP7 27/03/2022

27/03/22 - DSP Emulator 0.20WIP7

  • -General
    • Simplified drivers initialization
    • Deco BAC06
      • Added video buffer
      • Fixed sprite RAM size
      • Fixed row & col scroll
    • Samples
      • Now you can specify the source file (fixes sample load from 'New Rally X')
  • CPU
    • M68000
      • Added opcode 'ror.w' (fixes E-Swat)
    • -M6800
      • Fixed opcodes LSR, ROR, LSRD, ASLD, DAA, BHI and BLS
      • Fixed flags from RTI (Fixes 'Knockle Joe')
  • Act Fancer
    • Updated ROMs
  • Contra
    • Fixed Sound CPU clock
  • -Deco 0 HW
    • Fixed many graphics issues
    • Changed FPS, adjusted lines
      • Sly Spy: Added driver with sound
      • Bouder Dash I/II: Added driver with sound
  • Epos HW
    • The Glob: Added dip switches
    • Superglob: Added dip switches
  • Megazone
    • Fixed CPU clock
    • Fixed scroll
    • Updated ROMs names
  • Pengo
    • Added dip switches
  • Popeye
    • Fixed CPU NMI
  • Route 16 HW
    • Fixed DAC reset
  • Slapfigth HW
    • Removed sprites buffer
    • Added dip switches and P2 controls
    • Fixed video lines
    • Fixed IRQ generation
    • Fixed CPU memory map
    • Added sound CPU reset
  • -TNZS HW
    • Fixed YM2203 init
  • -Twin Cobra HW
    • Added dip switches


Sly Spy (Data East, 1989)
Boulder Dash (Data East,1990)


20/02/22 - DSP Emulator 0.20WIP6.

Win32 and source update.

Happy 20th aniversary!

  • More than 200.000 code lines
  • More than 300 arcade games
  • 10 8bits computers
  • 8 home consoles
  • 19 CPUs emulated
  • 29 sound chips
  • And more to come!


  • General
    • Updated SDL library to 2.0.20
    • Analog control: Addded selection of X or Y axis inverted
  • Genesis/Megadrive
    • Started a new driver
  • Mr Do!
    • Fixed colors
    • Added dipswitch
  • Crystal Castles: Added driver with sound
    • Flower: Added driver with sound
  • Mr Do Castle Hardware
    • Mr Do Castle: Added driver with sound
    • Do! Run Run: Added driver with sound
    • Mr Do Wild Ride: Added driver with sound
    • Jumping Jack: Added driver with sound
    • Kick Rider: Added driver with sound
    • Indoor Soccer: Added driver with sound
Indoor Soccer (Universal, 1985)
Flowers (Komax, 1986)
Mr. Do's Castle (Universal, 1983)
Crystal Castles (Atari, 1983)
Do! Run Run (Universal, 1984)
Mr. Do's Wild Ride (Universal, 1984)
Kick Rider (Unversal, 1984)
Jumping Jack (Universal, 1984)

DSP Emulator 0.20 WIP 5 22/11/2021

  • General
    • CPU
      • MCS48
        • Added I8042 CPU type
        • Fixed IRQs
          • Added opcodes $02,$08,$22,$35,$40,$41,$60,$61,$65,$86,$89,$8a,$90,$c7 and $d6
        • Fixed opcodes $10,$11 and $57
  • Sega GameGear
    • Added Master System video compatibility
    • Added CodeMasters Mapper extra RAM
  • NinjaKid II HW
    • Added dipswitches
    • NinjaKid II: Added PCM sound
    • Atomic RoboKid: Added driver with sound
  • -StarForce
    • Updated ROMs names
  • Sega System 16a
    • Added PCM sound
  • The New Zealand Story HW
    • Extermination: Added driver with sound
DSP Sega OutRun
DSP Mickey Mouse Castle Of Illusion
Atomic RoboKid

DSP Emulator 0.20 WIP 4 30/10/2021

  • General
    • Seta Sprites: Added new device
    • CPU
      • M6502
        • Added M65CE02 CPU type. Added many specific opcodes
    • Lens Lock
      • Fixed Amstrad decode mode
    • Seta X1-010
      • Added new sound device
    • Spectrum
      • Spectrum 16K/48K fixed screen timings
  • Dec0 HW
    • Super Real Darwin: Inverted coin input
  • Karate Champ
    • Added driver with sound
  • Pacman HW
    • Enhance IRQs
    • Ms Pac Man Twin
      • Added driver with sound
  • Renegade
    • Fixed dipswitches
  • Seta HW
    • Thundercade
      • Added driver with sound
    • Twin Eagle
      • Added driver with sound
    • Thunder & Lightning
      • Added driver with sound
  • StarForce
    • Fixed X scroll in background
  • The New Zealand Story HW
    • Rewrited video system, now uses Seta Sprite device
Arcade DSP Karate Champ
Ms Pac Man Twin
Twin Eagle
Thunder & Lightning

DSP Emulator 0.20 WIP 3 27/08/2021

  • General
    • Joystick: Some changes to enhance configuration
  • Commodore 64
    • Snapshots: Initial support for VSF (Vice Snapshot File)
  • Burguer Time HW
    • Code cleaning
    • Burguer Time: Update decryption, more speed
    • Lock'N'Chase: Added driver with sound
    • Minky Monkey: Added driver with sound
  • Mario Bros.
    • Added quick snapshots
  • Sega System 1/System 2
    • Fixed slowdowns and clean code
    • Added quick snapshots
    • Enhanced video buffer, more speed
DSP MinkyMonkey
DSP Lock'n'Chase

DSP Emulator 0.20 WIP 2 31/05/2021


  • CPU
    • UPD78XX
      • Added sub CPU 7801
      • Added many opcodes, and fix others
  • Sega Master System
    • Fixed IRQ in SMS video mode (Fixes 'Nemesis', 'The Simpsons - Bart vs. the Space Mutants', etc)
    • Fixed memory initialization with value $f0 (Fixes 'Alibaba and 40 Thieves', 'Micro Xevious', etc)
    • Change palette of TMS video mode
  • Super Cassette Vision
    • Added preliminary console driver (to fix CPU 78XX and enhance Taito CChip!)
  • Toaplan 1
    • Added preliminary driver for the system
      • Hellfire: Basic driver

DSP Emulator 0.20 WIP 1 22/04/2021

  • General
    • CPU
      • LR35902
        • Add 4T when take an IRQ and comes from HALT
  • Gameboy/Gameboy Color
    • Fixed background/window/sprites prorities. Finally understood how it works and renders the screen and objects
    • Fixed window line draw (Fixes 'Star Trek', 'Marblemadness', 'International Karate' and many others)
    • Fixed stupid bug in Gamboy Color video RAM
    • Fixed Gameboy Color background color (Fixes 'Yoda Stories')
    • Fixed sprite/sprite priority
    • Fixed when LCD is disabled, LCD-stat is 0
    • DMA - Fixed data origin
International Karate (GameBoy) (2000, Virgin Interactive)
Yoda Stories (Color Gameboy) (LucasArts, 1997)
Star Trek 25th Anniversary (GameBoy) (1991, Konami)


NOWSZY [multi] DSP Emulator DSP 0.18b3 28/03/2021
DSP Arcade HardHead
DSP Arcade HardHead
DSP Arcade Outrun

DSP Emulator 0.18b3 WIP 28/03/2021

  • General
    • Samples: simplified samples loading functions
  • Suna 8 HW
    • Added DIP switches
    • Fixed sound clock
      • Hard Head
        • Fixed DAC samples
        • Fixed FPS
      • Hard Head 2
        • Fixed ROM decode
        • Fixed video (only remains palette color problem)
        • Added DAC samples
  • Tiger Road HW
    • Added DIP switches
  • Outrun
    • Fixed gear button

DSP Emulator 0.18b3 WIP 13/03/2021

  • General
    • Sound
      • Sega PCM: Added sound chip
  • GameBoy/Gameboy Color HW
    • Now you can choose between original GB green palette and GB pocket BW (Thanks to Francisco José Martí Terrón)
  • Amstrad CPC
    • Fixed screen flickering (Thanks to Francisco José Martí Terrón)
  • Spectrum
    • Fixed low border size, was 8 pixels too long (Thanks to Francisco José Martí Terrón)
    • Fixed fast speed and no border draw, now don't draw any border
  • Amstrad CPC
    • Resize screen size, it was too big, now it's 384x272 pixels (Thanks to Francisco José Martí Terrón)
  • Sega Master System
    • Fixed zip ROM load (Thanks to Francisco José Martí Terrón)
  • -Sega GameGear
    • Fixed zip ROM load (Thanks to Francisco José Martí Terrón)
  • -Outrun HW
    • Added road
    • Added Sega PCM
    • Added controls
    • Added DIP switches

DSP Emulator 0.18b3 WIP 05/03/2021


  • CPU
    • M68000: Added reset line procedure
  • Added Sega 315-5195 as a device
    • Outrun HW
      • Enhanced driver only missing: partial road, digital sound and controls
Outrun (SEGAEnterprisesLtd., Sep 25, 1986)


NOWSZY [multi] DSP Emulator DSP 0.18b3 26/02/2021

DSP Emulator 0.18b3 WIP 26/02/21

  • General
  • CPU
    • MCS51:
      • clean the code
      • Fixed carry in opcodes $B8 to $BF
      • Fixed IRQs
  • ROMS export: Fixed many ROMs sets and added samples, again
    • Ajax: Fixed ROM names
    • Slap Fight: Fixed ROM names
    • Sega System 16B HW
      • Small fix to memory mapper
      • When using i8751, the M68000 don't have access to 315-5195
      • Removed i8751/M68000 hack
  • Added dipswitches
    • Golden Axe: Fixed remaining issues with i8751
    • Passing Shot: Added driver with sound, due the lack of FD1094 emulation using predecoded version
    • Aurail: Added driver with sound
Arcade DSP Aurail. Photo@Projecy
Arcade DSP Passing Shot. Photo@Projecy

DSP Emulator 0.18b3 WIP 23/02/21

  • Renewed preview images (Thanks to Francisco José Martí Terrón)
  • General
    • CPU
    • MCS51: Added halt line
    • ROMS export: Fixed many ROMs sets (Thanks to Francisco José Martí Terrón)
  • Commodore 64
    • Added PRG and T64 file support (added by chuso gar)
  • Sega System 16B HW
    • Fixed dipswitches
    • Fixed video cache
    • Fixed sprite colors
    • Added memory overlap
    • Added 315-5248 and 315-5250
    • Added more operations to 315-5195
      • Dynamite Dux: Added driver with sound
      • Golden Axe: Driver working, due problems with i8751/M68000 using predecoded version
      • ESwat - Cyber Police: Added driver with sound, due the lack of FD1094 emulation using predecoded version
Eswat CyberPolice Arcade DSP. Photo@Project
Golden Axe DSP ArcadePhoto@Project
Dynamite Dux DSP Arcade. Photo@Project

DSP Emulator 0.18b3 WIP 19/02/21

  • General
    • CPU
      •  MCS51: Added opcodes $45,$e2,$e3,$f2 and $f3
    •  uPD7759: Added slave chip type
  • Sega System 16B HW
    •  Added MCU, sound, sprites and controls
    •  Fixed chars and tiles
      • Altered Beast: Driver with sound
      • Golden Axe: Initial driver


Arcade DSP Altered Beast

DSP Emulator 0.18b3 WIP 14/02/21

  • General
    • CPU
      • M68000: Fixed TAS opcode
  • Sega System 16B HW
    • Altered Beast: Initial driver

DSP Emulator 0.18b3 WIP 26/01/21

  • General
    • CPU
      • M6800: Added opcodes $56 and $fa
    • Gameboy/Gameboy Color
      • Better Y scroll
      • Better sprites/backgorund priorities
    • Baraduke HW
      • Baraduke: Added driver with sound
      • Moto-Cross: Added driver with sound
    • Namco System 86 HW
      • Rewrite sprite system
      • Removed video hacks
    • Added dipswitches
    • The Return of Ishtar: Added driver with sound
    • Genpei ToumaDen: Added driver with sound
    • Wonder Momo: Added driver with sound

DSP Emulator 0.18b3 WIP 10/01/21

  • Gameboy/Gameboy Color review
    • Fixed mapper MBC1
    • Added MBC1 collection version (fixes 'Bomberman Collection', 'Mortal Combat I&II', '4 in 1 Vol II', etc)
    • Fixed mapper MBC2
    • Added mapper MBC3
    • Added partial MBC7
    • Fixed cartridge load (fixes cartridges bigger than 4Mb)
    • Fixed cartridge default start values (fixes 'Dragon's Lair - The Legend' and many others)
    • Fixed OAM DMA, dont add aditional CPU cycles and dont draw sprites if its running
    • Fixed CGB DMA, change the counter values when running (fixes 'Turok - Rage Wars', 'Aliens - Thanatos Encounter' and many others)
    • Fixed CBG DMA start/stop info and cancel option (fixes 'Championship Motocross 2001' and others)
    • Fixed CGB sprite/BG priority (fixes graphis in '007 - The World is Not Enough' intro)
    • Fixed CBG sprite tranparency
    • Added sprite draw order (fixes 'Boy and His Blob, A - Rescue of Princess Blobette')
    • Added a basic serial IRQ (makes 'Mortal Kombat' run)
    • Added STAT IRQ blocking (makes 'Altered Space', 'Pinball Fantasies', 'Pinball Dreams' and many others run)
    • Fixed controls (fixes 'Konami GB Collection Volume 1')
    • Fixed BIOS disable... Ouch! Never gets enabled again after boot!

DSP Emulator 0.18b3 WIP 02/01/21

  • Blood Bros HW
    • Blood Bros.: Added driver with sound
    • Sky Smasher: Added driver with sound
Sky Smasher (Nihon System Inc., 1990)
Blood Bros (TAD Corporation, 1990)

 DSP Emulator 0.18b3 WIP 30/12/20

  • General
    • CPU
    • M68000: Fixed sign in opcode pea.w
    • Video: Added a function to change video resolution on execution time
      • 3x3 Puzzle HW
    • 3x3 Puzzle: Added driver with sound
    • Casanova: Added driver with sound
    • 1945k III HW
    • 1945k III: Added driver with sound
    • 96 Flag Rally: Added driver with sound
DSP Arcade 96 Flag Rally (Promat Co., Ltd., 1996). Photo@Project
1945k (Oriental Soft., 2000). Photo@Project
Casanova (Promat Co., Ltd., 1994). Photo@Project
3x3 Puzzle (Ace Enterpise, 1998). Photo@Project


DSP 0.18b3 VIP 27/12/2020

  • Lazarus
    • More cosmetical changes
    • Fixed 'no sound' option
  • General
    • CPU
      • Z80: Fixed a stupid bug on IRQ
    • SNK
      • Fixed rotation buttons
    • ASO - Armored Scrum Object: Added driver with sound
    • Fire Trap
      • Added driver with sound
FireTrap (DSP)
FireTrap (DSP)

DSP 0.18b3 VIP 14/12/2020

  • Lazarus
    • Cosmetical changes (icons, objects size...)
  • Fixed change screen size from options menu -Game & Watch
    • Finaly find a solution to compile under Lazarus
  • Amstrad CPC
    • You can load disks again... Opps!

DSP 0.18b3 VIP 08/12/2020

  • Added macOS 64bits WIP compilation, tested on v10.15 and v11.0
  • NES
    • Changes on mapper 5, fixes PRG mapping
  • Tecmo HW
    • Fixed small bug on ADPCM
    • Fixed FPS
  • Silkworm:
    • Fixed sound chip, it's a YM3812
    • Fixed Z80 clock

DSP 0.18b3 VIP 01/12/2020

  • Sega VDP
    • Fixed IRQ generation
  • Sega GameGear
    • Added driver with sound
    • Added Codemasters mapper
  • Sega Master System
    • Added cart enable/disable
    • Driver stop and warning if no BIOS present
  • Armed F HW
    • Added driver for Crazy Climber 2
    • Added driver for Legion
Super Star Wars: Return of Jedi


NOWSZY [multi] DSP Emulator DSP 0.18b3 14/12/2020

DSP 0.18b3 VIP 14/12/2020

  • Lazarus
    • Cosmetical changes (icons, objects size...)
  • Fixed change screen size from options menu -Game & Watch
    • Finaly find a solution to compile under Lazarus
  • Amstrad CPC
    • You can load disks again... Opps!

DSP 0.18b3 VIP 08/12/2020

  • Added macOS 64bits WIP compilation, tested on v10.15 and v11.0
  • NES
    • Changes on mapper 5, fixes PRG mapping
  • Tecmo HW
    • Fixed small bug on ADPCM
    • Fixed FPS
  • Silkworm:
    • Fixed sound chip, it's a YM3812
    • Fixed Z80 clock

DSP 0.18b3 VIP 01/12/2020

  • Sega VDP
    • Fixed IRQ generation
  • Sega GameGear
    • Added driver with sound
    • Added Codemasters mapper
  • Sega Master System
    • Added cart enable/disable
    • Driver stop and warning if no BIOS present
  • Armed F HW
    • Added driver for Crazy Climber 2
    • Added driver for Legion
Super Star Wars: Return of Jedi
NOWSZY [multi] DSP Emulator DSP 0.18b3 23/11/2020

DSP 0.18b3 VIP 23/11/2020

  • Armed F HW
    • Added Armed F driver with sound
Photo 1. Armed F


  • General
    • TMS99XX: Fixed video mode 2
  • Coleco
    • Added Mega Cart support: ROM pagination
    • Added Super Game Module support: More RAM and AY8912
    • Added support for Boxxle and Black Onix (missing EEPROM)
NOWSZY [multi] DSP Emulator DSP 0.18b2 6/11/2020

DSP 0.18b2 06/11/2020

DSP Emulator 0.18b2 Final. Almost three years have passed since the last update! Updated Win32 binary and source code. The executables for Linux and Mac this time are not compiled, if someone needs them let me know..
Many, many changes. The most important are:

  • General
    • YM2203/YM2151/YM3812: Fixed (finally!) the FM sound, improves a lot Shinobi, Rastan, Ghost'n Goblins, Snow Bros...
  • CPU's: Added some CPU's, many fixes and new opcodes
  • 8bit computer
    • Spectrum: 100% emulated 'floating bus', added 'Turbo sound'..
    • Commodore 64: Added a initial driver
  • Consoles
    • NES: Fixed many video issues, added many mappers...
    • Sega Master System: Improved driver, almost 100% working games
  • Arcade
    • Added some MCUs to emulate protections, added 24 new games, added dipswitches...




  • With the latest version it can already be compiled for OSX, small corrections to make it work
    • Corrected sound at 11Khz and 22Khz
    • Sound distortion corrected

Sound engine

  • K005289: Added sound chip
  • YM2203 / YM2151 / YM3812: Fixed (finally!) The FM sound, greatly improves Shinobi, Rastan, Ghost'n Goblins, Snow Bros ...

Timer Engine

  • Rewritten the engine (converted to classes)
  • Supports timers with parameters
  • Autofire: Improved and simplified

Control Engine

  • Improved the analog control system:
    • Changed and simplified the way to initialize the system
    • Added two analog buttons
    • Added inverted controls
    • Added an option so that the values ​​always increase / decrease and do not stop at the maximum / minimum they continue in a circular way

CPU engines

  • M68000: In preincrement and postdecrement addressing if the destination is A7, it is increased / decreased by 2
  • M6502
    • Added snapshot functions
    • Added opcode $ B3
  • M6809
    • Added opcode $ 2f
    • Simplified and unified the $ 10XX and $ 11XX opcodes
  • HD6309
    • Separate driver from M6809
    • Added opcode $ 10A6
  • M680X
    • Added M6808 CPU
    • Starting to implement various internal timers
    • Added opcode $ 01, $ 22, $ 60, $ 76, $ 92, $ 99, $ d0 and $ d8
  • MCS48: Added opcodes $ 13, $ 57 and $ d3
  • MSC51
    • Added opcodes $ 00, $ 35, $ ​​44, $ 48 .. $ 4f, $ 61, $ 71, $ 91, $ 98 .. $ 9f, $ a3, $ a4, $ a8 .. $ af, $ b8 .. $ bf, $ c5, $ c8 .. $ cf, $ e0 and $ f0
    • Fixed opcode 'da A'
  • N2A03
    • Better initialized internal registers
    • DPCM IRQs implemented
    • Implemented the weight of each of the sound channels
    • Improved resampled sound
  • UPD7810: Added CPU
  • Z80
    • Fixed W record
    • Fixed flags in opcodes 'adc' and 'sbc'
    • Fixed opcodes $ dddd and $ ddfd
    • Fixed bit3 and bit5 flags in 'BIT X' opcodes
    • Fixed flag Z in opcode 'OTIR' (ouch!)
  • PIA6821: Device added
  • K052109: Added the dynamic change of GFX, instead of all at once, only updates the ones that change (driver 'Graduis III')
  • UPD765
    • Added motor on / off
    • Added the exception if the sector has more than 6304 bytes (Corrects the Amstrad protection 'Defender of the Crown')
  • DSK
    • Improved image conversion
    • Expanded to 64 tracks
  • Namco 06XX and 5XXX: Added more chips simultaneously
  • TAP / TZX
    • Increased maximum tape size
  • Added two functions, when start or stop is pressed to perform actions
  • TZX:
    • If a group of objects is defined, but it is not closed at the end of the ribbon, it closes automatically
    • Fixed a false click on Lazarus that prevented stopping the tape when it reached the end
    • Fixed jump blocks, block call and return
    • Added control of the initial pulse value
  • TAP: Fixed the default data type and block name
  • Taito C-Chip: Device added, not working 100%

GFX / Video Engine

  • Improved partial scroll Y
  • Added a function to update only a specific GFX
  • Kaneko Pandora: Converted to classes
  • Sega VDP
    • Added the possibility of multiple VDPs
    • Added functions to perform internal memory reads / writes externally
    • Transparency control
    • Fixed IRQs generation of internal counter
    • Fixed IRQ generation at the end of the frame
    • Fixed sprites at the top of the screen
    • Improved NTSC / PAL video modes

ROMs: Simplified ROM loading functions


  • Corrected and simplified the 'floating bus' in 48k and 128k, it works at 100%
  • Fixed the T-states that an IRQ takes
  • Fixed the priorities of the IN function
  • Fixed Kempston Joystick
  • Fixed stereo sound with AY8912
  • Added 'Turbo Sound' device, a second AY8912

Amstrad CPC

  • When an OUT is made, several devices can be called at the same time, except GA and CRTC
  • Implemented that the tape motor starts / stops automatically, hacks eliminated
  • Improved ROM mapping system
  • Fixed GA line counter, IRQs execution and VBLANK lines
  • Fixed the origin of the video memory in CPC128, it is always the first 64Kb, without RAM mapping
  • Improved memory paging


wstecz03/01/2017 00:13
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