[FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.041 (fix#3)

[1] @ !!! Piątek, 6 Grudnia 2013 00:01 CET [06-12-2013 00:01 CET]

[FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.041 (fix#3)

SpeedVicio udostępnił kolejną testową wersję nakładki MedGUI - bardzo wygodnego interfejsu dla multiemulatora Mednafen, który sam w sobie jest raczej mało przyjazny w konfiguracji. Wersja reBorn jest całkowicie zmodyfikowaną aplikacją w porównaniu do zwykłego MedGUI.

Fix#3, powinien poprawiać większość problemów jakich mcLane (wiernie kibicujący również rozwojowi Altirry), m.in problem z rozpoznawaniem romów dla Snes  i  cachowaniem zawartości folderów.

More changes than MedGui:

  • Compare rom with No-Intro dat and retrieve any information (Real Name, Rom version, Status and Md5)
  • No need to put the gui in the same folder of Mednafen
  • You can backup and retrieve a Mednafen config to use with other pc
  • Have been included almost all of the options provided by Mednafen
  • Added any iso utility (Nothing to special, but I hope are useful)
  • The settings are read directly from the mednafen configuration file
  • Download Box Art from the web
  • Make you favourite rom list
  • Make your custom Dat with "headers"

MedGui Reborn Beta v0.041 fix#3

  • In your snes rom folder you should have some bios with .bin extension. The bin extension are recognize (wrongly) by MedGuiR like a Sega Megadrive rom, moreover many as the romset Tosec using the general bin extension to all existing systems.
    The management of Tosec dat would have been too complex for me, I would have to merge all dats in a single file, the result would be a single dat huge,scanning the md5 would have been much longer and would have been more complex to update dat for each console.
    I had forgotten to put a further check of the Rom in the selection of the same, therefore the extension was read only for the first rom in the list.
    Anyway thanks again for reporting,without your advice would be very difficult for me to check out the many flaws that plague my small program, I dare not imagine the work behind Mednafen.

MedGui Reborn Beta v0.041

  • Fixed a bug with not set the pce_fast option
  • Add scan rom folder (only for uncompressed and zip file)
  • Zip file are not decompressed in romtemp folder but will load directly from Mednafen
  • Fixed the double rom name visualization on rom grid (Unfortunately, the problem still occurs with the rom not recognized in the database and marked with the sign "?")
  • Any bug fix
  • Update any Dats at the last version avaiable


→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.056

MedGui Reborn Beta v0.056

  • (UCI) Added clickable hyperlink
  • (UCI) Added notification when a user type your nick
  • (UCI) Added MyIP to main window (double click on label to send MyIP on IRC channell)
  • Added "auto-connection at start" button to auto connect a instance of Mednafen game to a remote Net Play Host
  • Fixed any random crash on prescanned roms
  • Improved a bit the GUI behavior
  • Re-enable .bin support for Sega Megadrive/Genesis rom (BUG: the bios console file are detected as Genesis/Megadrive Rom)
  • Fixed a small bug on DATs scan roms
  • Added "update for only DATs file" (press refresh/reload button in "general tab")
  • Added favourite Net Play Host combo list
  • Added a check to Net Play Host to verify if the selected server is available or not (green label are open, red label are closed)
  • Rewrite auto setting of controller on port 1/2
  • Added "ignore option" to disable auto setting controller on port 1/2
  • Changed "Favourite button" (Press Again to Return to previous System)
  • Added in link tabs, How-To hyperlink
  • Updated NoIntro Dats

MedGui Reborn Beta v0.055

  • Fixed any bug in command line parameters passed by MedGui
  • Improved management settings of the controller in multitap mode
  • Added a target button in "General Tab" to point to directory file
  • Added "Ultra Crappy IRC" client, a small, buggied, limited, shitty IRC client (It uses the dll created by KoBE)
  • Updated NoIntro Dats
→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.054

MedGui Reborn Beta v0.054

  • Added a Mednafen Key Assignments form, the button is located on "Various" tab of MedGuiR advanced setting
  • Improved boxart loading
  • On main "Link" tab in rom finder added any flag to find rom by name an region (it's a bullshit but can be useful in which case you have any bad rom dump in your collections to be retrieved)
  • Added PD (Public Domain) filter on region rom filter
  • Update NoIntro Dats
  • Any bug fix
→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.053

MedGui Reborn Beta v0.053

  • Fixed a problem with the erroneous detection of .bin file for psx and pcfx system
  • Fixed a bug with resized form and coloumns that in particular situations made the main form too small
  • Fixed a bug in detection of real NoIntro rom name for zipped file
  • Finally found and fixed the bug that displayed twice selection window for iso selector


→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.052 rev 1

MedGui Reborn Beta v0.052 r1

  • Added per-config manager
  • Added filter option in per-config file


→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.052
Multi Mednafen:MedGui:GUI

MedGui Reborn Beta v0.052

  • Removed physical cd selector
  • Added support for per-game configuration override files from Mednafen 0.9.38-UNSTABLE
  • Optimized reading parameters for specific consoles and games
  • Updated No-Intro database


→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.051

MedGui Reborn Beta v0.051

  • Changed "Resize Columns" option in "Resize Columns and Grid" (now you can resize the main form to the width of the columns).
  • Added a check to prevent errors when a resource or folder not be determined.
  • Updated No-Intro database
  • Update Mednafen - Server to v0.52 (thanks to doru2 for compiled it).
→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.050

MedGui Reborn Beta v0.050

  • Added new options from Mednafen
  • Re-enabled .bin extension for Megadrive/Genesis rom file
  • Various bugfix from v0.049
→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.049e

MedGui Reborn Beta v0.049e

  • Added new options from Mednafen (except psx.input.port*)
  • Modified Custom Palette Maker, now support BGP, OBP0, and OBP1 colors
  • Fixed a bug with compressed archive with more then one file inside


→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.049d

MedGui Reborn Beta v0.049d

  • Reset button to maximize the main window form(it helps to improve the display of the games list with several entrances)
  • Added a feature that automatically sets the load of the gui in maximized or normal mode
  • Added the ability to filter the games automatically for name, version, status or system
  • Fixed the automatic deletion of the converted audio files in the audio section utilities
  • Modified aesthetically window for selecting the types of image files cd
  • Fixed the verification of the presence of Daemon tools on windows xp
  • Fixed a small problem in case sensitive verification of file extension
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the emulation start on physical cd o virtual cd drive
  • Any other small bug fix
  • Update all NoIntro dat to the last version


→ NOWSZY [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.049c

MedGui Reborn Beta v0.049c

  • Fixed a problem in Mednafen configurations saving when opening a new instance of the emulation
  • Added/changed per console icon for all console (GB / GBC / NGP / NGPC / WSWAN / WSWANC / PCE / PCECD / SNES / FDS)
  • Fixed a problem that occurred in some versions of win xp when forced updating GUI
  •  Restored an old version of SOX converter which offered support to the files in flac format


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