[Atari] Virtual Jaguar 2.1.1 PreRelease 20/07/14

[1] @ Poniedziałek, 21 Lipca 2014 10:17CET

[Atari] Virtual Jaguar 2.1.1 PreRelease 20/07/14

Pojawił się nowy autobuild emulatora Virtual Jaguar, dostępny tutaj. Mówienie o gwałtowym rozwoju tego emulatora byłby mocnym nadużyciem;) 

Póki, co changelog od kitajca - dokładniej jeśli coś będzie (a powinno, bo w końcu trochę wody upłynęło od stycznia br.), dodam wieczorem. Plik jest z automatycznego buildu.

Atari Jaguar:VirtualJaguar:Checkered Flag:Atari Corporation:Rebellion Developments Ltd.:1994:
Wow... czy mnie oczy nie mylą, czyż to nie Checkered Flag (Atari Corporation, 1994), który do tej pory niechciał pod VirtualJaguarem pracować?

Virtual Jaguar Git Changelog commit 39ab246ce68e50df4757bbe395d6722ada582927

Author: Shamus Hammons <jlhamm@acm.org>

  • Date: Sun Jul 20 16:30:39 2014 -0500
  • Fixed RISC division algorithm; thanks to SPCPD for the info.


→ NOWSZY [Atari] Virtual Jaguar 2.1.3 100315

Virtual Jaguar v2.1.3 Test

Author: Shamus Hammons <jlhamm@acm.org>
Date: Tue Mar 10 16:26:03 2015 -0500

  • Added interlace display to TOM/video handler. Added interlaced mode handling. [Shamus]


→ NOWSZY [Atari] Virtual Jaguar 2.1.2 090315
Atari Jaguar:VirtualJaguar:Atari Karts:Atari Corporation:Miracle Designs:1995:
Atari Karts (Atari Corporation, 1995)

Virtual Jaguar v2.1.2 Test 280515

Date:   Mon Mar 9 07:07:33 2015 -0500

  • This time, for sure!  Was a slight bug in the OP fix from last commit. :-P

Date:   Sun Mar 8 10:59:44 2015 -0500

  • Real fixes for the OP, to make it behave more like real H/W.   
  • Turns out the fix added in the last commit was wrong. After doing some tests on real H/W, I'm pretty sure that I have it correct now. :-)
→ NOWSZY [Atari] Virtual Jaguar 2.1.2 280215
Atari Jaguar:VirtualJaguar:Bubsy In: Fractured Furry Tales:Atari Corporation:Imagitec Design Inc.:1994:
Bubsy In: Fractured Furry Tales (Atari Corporation, 1994)

Virtual Jaguar v2.1.2 Test 280515

commit 32f569e1bd09f5d7f07005d119f6408805106381

Author: Shamus Hammons | Date: Sat Nov 8 10:13:23 2014 +0000 Date: Sat Nov 8 10:15:16 2014 +0000 | Date: Wed Oct 29 12:31:19 2014 +0000 | Date: Mon Oct 20 20:02:42 2014 -0500 Date: Fri Oct 10 16:45:19 2014 +0100
| Date: Fri Oct 10 09:17:20 2014 -0500


→ [Atari] Virtual Jaguar 2.1.1 PreRelease 17/01/14
Atari Jaguar:Virtual:Jaguar:Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story:Atari Corporation:Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd.:Nov 01, 1994:
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (Atari Corporation, Nov 01, 1994)

commit 00f18c4ebbfda2eb5a398cc3166c6ef1692c4f30

Author: Shamus Hammons <jlhamm@acm.org> Date: Fri Jan 17 08:55:03 2014 -0600

  • Added option to enable logging automagically in Alpine mode.

commit 0953b21d8806054348a35c6fbc01ede2ee4df158

Author: Shamus Hammons <jlhamm@acm.org> Date: Sat Dec 7 14:30:03 2013 -0600

  • Fixed insert cart dialog, mouse hiding. The insert cart dialog will now populate itself if you launch VJ with just a filename (it didn't before), and the mouse will now only hide itself while it's over the OpenGL window.

commit 55f198414bda52449f1aa3c375419d4638a96f50

Author: Shamus Hammons <jlhamm@acm.org> Date: Sat Dec 7 11:21:41 2013 -0600

  • Fixed sticky keys on keyboard input handler. No longer sticky! :-D

commit f005034d4a3990efc8e445ce46222ce32600411b

Author: Shamus Hammons <jlhamm@acm.org> Date: Sat Dec 7 11:00:37 2013 -0600

  • Fixed 68K STOP instruction never resuming.


→ [Atari] Virtual Jaguar 2.1.1 PreRelease 06/12/13

commit f0a806e6b168b1c9cab5c9d7a27435dc4a76476a

Author: Shamus Hammons <jlhamm@acm.org> Date: Fri Dec 6 11:31:01 2013 -0600

  • Added breakpoint on memory access to Alpine mode.

commit 25646c0a48be1832e20fd4fcdd2d40ba2174bfa3

Author: Shamus Hammons <jlhamm@acm.org> Date: Thu Dec 5 10:07:51 2013 -0600

  • Added patch by Seb to fix endianness of EEPROM save files. Note that this update will break your EEPROM files! VJ, however, will not overwrite your old EEPROM files; it now uses the .eeprom file extension instead of .eep. You can convert your old files by byte swapping them and renaming the extension to .eeprom.

commit b4975cbd28c54b5a8f5d7a119375fe05b46f19a1

Author: Shamus Hammons <jlhamm@acm.org> Date: Mon Sep 16 10:12:44 2013 -0500

  • Fix for bad icon path on OSX, also updated OSX compilation docs.

commit 156b1a733f545e7dfcaa48a01a1be9d5c009a935

Author: Shamus Hammons <jlhamm@acm.org> Date: Tue Jul 2 22:18:19 2013 -0500

  • Added build instructions for Mac OSX, application icon for same.

commit c0402fe96edb72755d79a7ea40d78141f76ce8cf

Author: Shamus Hammons <jlhamm@acm.org> Date: Tue Jul 2 20:29:49 2013 -0500

  • Changed DSP default to on. It's time. :-)

commit 724cfe57529662c45d4ac2b8ab96ca514340f1a4

Author: Teemu Hukkanen <tjhukkan@iki.fi> Date: Fri Jun 28 19:13:19 2013 +0100

  • Fix typo in signal name


→ [Atari] Virtual Jaguar 2.1.1 PreRelease 31/05/13
Tempest 2000 (Atari Corporation, 1994)

commit 1f1e00446272b00ab05b19cf9be8ed89e796913f

Author: Shamus Hammons <jlhamm@acm.org> Date: Fri May 31 15:06:10 2013 -0500

  • Added ability to use old, incompatible, but faster blitter.
  • Note that most games fail when using this blitter, but some games, such as Tempest 2000 and Spacewar 2000 do. Use at your own peril!

commit 725caa0f8bb826a73edef366906ccb41a3197819

Author: Shamus Hammons <jlhamm@acm.org> Date: Fri May 31 14:01:45 2013 -0500

  • Special patch by ggn. :-)

commit 589081c92356312de02a98292b433bce2547901d

Author: Shamus Hammons <jlhamm@acm.org> Date: Thu May 30 15:54:57 2013 -0500

  • Added user controlled blitter logging.
  • Press F10 to have the blitter do a "short" dump of the blitter command; 
    this also dumps various blitter registers as well. Press F12 to have VJ log the internal states of the blitter as well. This is pretty much only useful if you're trying to fix problems with the blitter code. ;-) Also, you *must* have logging turned on with the --log option to get any input. Those keys only turn on logging. There's no way to turn it off once it's started, other than exiting the emulator.

Author: Shamus Hammons <jlhamm@acm.org>

Date: Tue May 28 15:49:40 2013 -0500

  • Fix for RISC SUBC opcode, more tweaks to controller config.



→ [Atari] Virtual Jaguar 2.1.1 PreRelease 03/05/13
Rayman (Ubi Soft Entertainment Software, 1995)

What's new Virtual Jaguar v2.1.1 GCC/Qt xx/xx/13

  • Added controller profiles. What this means is that if you left your gamepad behind and/or have a different one, VJ will let you create a controller  config for the new controller without destroying the old one. This also means  that if you have *no* controllers, you can still play VJ with the keyboard. [Shamus]
  • Fixed a few problems with the DSP a timing; as a result, the sound in Rayman and the FACTS demo is correct now. [Shamus]
  • Removed toolbar from full screen mode. [Shamus]
  • Added analog inputs to gamepad support. [Shamus]
  • Fixed 6MB cartridge space access limitation. 6MB carts should work now. [Shamus]
  • Fixed problem with JERRY interrupts corrupting the M68K core. [Shamus]

Virtual Jaguar Git Changelog:

Author: Shamus Hammons <jlhamm@acm.org> Date: Fri May 3 22:53:35 2013 -0500

  • Fixed updated joystick handling, first major stab at gamepad profiles.
  • There was a problem in JERRY's read byte routine, it was getting bad data as a result of the conversion of the joystick read routines to word data size only. Apparently some programs (like Rayman) read JOYSTICK a byte at a time. :-P
  • Also, this marks the first stable commit of the the new gamepad profile system. There's still work to do, but this should make it much nicer for people who use VJ with multiple input devices.

Author: Shamus Hammons <jlhamm@acm.org> Date: Thu Apr 4 20:46:35 2013 -0500

  • First stab at adding translations. Translators needed! :-)


→ [Atari] Virtual Jaguar 2.1.1 PreRelease 01/04/13
Missile Command 3D (Atari Corporation, 1995)

Virtual Jaguar Git Changelog:

  • Various fixes for GPU/DSP DIV instruction, fixes for joypad handling.
  • Added FPS counter.
→ [Atari] Virtual Jaguar 2.1.1 PreRelease 09/03/13
Pinball Fantasies (21st Century Entertainment Ltd., 1995)

Date: Sat Mar 9 16:48:09 2013 -0600

  • Fixes for fullscreen mode, initial stab at multiple controller configs
  • Who knew that you could attach QActions to the main window? Of course, you'd have to be a complete idiot not to see something so completely and blatantly obvoius! :-P The preceeding was a cheap dig at the kind folks who hang out on #qt on Freenode, who grudgingly provided that little tidbit of information as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
  • The upshot is that the toolbar is gone from top of the screen in full screen mode now, and that should make lots of people happy. :-) Also, the initial GUI implementation for multiple controller profiles is in. More to follow.

Date: Thu Mar 7 16:03:07 2013 -0600

  • Various changes to improve code readability, added mouse hiding.
  • First steps towards using the variables exposed in memory.cpp; there's still a long way to go. Reverted the instruction timings back to the old and incorrect shorter durations; this fixes sound in Rayman and FACTS. Also added mouse hiding: if the mouse is sitting on top of the VJ window and it hasn't moved in around a second, it is hidden until you move it again. This behaviour only happens when the emulated Jaguar is running; at all other times it is quiescent.

Date: Sun Feb 24 16:33:45 2013 -0600

  • UI cleanups, added RAM randomization for main RAM & GPU local RAM.

Date: Sat Feb 23 21:31:41 2013 -0600

  • Added analog axis support to Gamepad module.
  • This is necessary because some gamepads that have directional pads don't report as a hat (which you would expect) but report themselves as analog axes that provide only the extreme ends of each axis. Such "digi-log" joysticks should now work and be configurable.

Date: Sat Feb 23 12:46:20 2013 -0600

  • Removed some cruft and nonstandard int/uint types, added M series BIOS.

Date: Tue Feb 19 15:41:19 2013 -0600

  • Changed fonts in developer dialogs to use system defaults.

Date: Mon Feb 18 18:00:50 2013 +0100

  • Add a .desktop file

Date: Mon Feb 18 17:02:00 2013 +0100

  • Document full screen mode option and shortcut in manpage

Date: Mon Feb 18 08:29:48 2013 -0600

  • Fixed fullscreen icon state when starting in full screen mode.

Date: Sun Feb 17 13:53:05 2013 -0600

  • Added HOSTCC to m68000 Makefile, improvements to M68K disassembler.

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