[Atari] Steem Steven Seagal Edition (SSE) 4.1.2 R14 31/12/2023

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[Atari] Steem Steven Seagal Edition (SSE) 4.1.2 R14 31/12/2023

Pojawiła się kolejna pełna wersja STEEM'a w mutacji o dźwięcznej nazwie Steaven Seagal Edition z całkiem pokaźną ilością zmian i poprawek.  Autor forku powrócił również do rozwoju wersji dla Linuxa - xSteem.
Do pobrania pod "okienka" trzy wersje - "DD" (Dx7) i "D3D" (DirectDraw3D9), ta ostatnia powinna fajniej chodzić pod Windows 10. Wersja debug jest wersją z dodatkowymi narzędziami, pozwalającymi na śledzenie procesu emulacji.

Steem SSE 4.1.2 R14 31 December 2023 / Windows + Linux

"New year 2024 bugfix release"

  • Fix options tool bar and status bar failing to update the window at once

Steem SSE 4.1.2 R13 24 December 2023 / Windows + Linux

"Christmas 2023 bugfix release"

  • Fix OSD reset info
  • Fix trash with ST Video/Single pixels

Steem SSE 4.1.2 R12 15 December 2023 / Windows + Linux

Rolling Rony (1991, Virgin)
  • Fix LEGACY My socks are weapons, broken R6
  • Fix STE sound, broken R11 (oops!)
→ [Atari] Steem Steven Seagal Edition (SSE) 4.1.2 R11 2/12/2023

Steem SSE 4.1.2 R11 (Windows) 2 December 2023 / Windows + Linux

  • Fix "turbo drive" extremely slow for STW, HFE disk images!

Steem SSE 4.1.2 R10 (Windows) 7 October 2023

  • Fix bit order of Mega STE CPU control

Steem SSE 4.1.2 R9 (Windows) 17 September 2023

  • Various bugfixes

Steem SSE 4.1.2 R8 (Windows) 2 July 2023

  • Fix serious bug in selecting window size for each resolution when the option Show all settings is checked

Steem SSE 4.1.2 R7 (Windows + Linux) 28 May 2023

  • OSD: no more unwanted debug info
  • Fix ACSI command wrongly interpreted as SCSI
  • Adjust MFP timer reading timing (Lethal Xcess, broken again!)


→ [Atari] Beta Steem Steven Seagal Edition (SSE) 4.1.2 R12 13/09/2023

Steem SSE 4.1.2 BETA R12 (Windows) 13/09/2023

Standalone beta features:

  • ST Ports can connect to TCP/IP (Windows)
  • Native support for Pasti disk images (Windows + Linux)
  • STXtoSTW converter
  • MIDI: support for DirectMusic (Windows)
  • ST Control Panel: funny imitation of the GEM accessory (Windows)
  • Parameters: can control some emulation parameters in settings (Windows)
  • Emulation of high resolution bottom border removal (Windows + Linux)
  • STF can run TOS 2.06 (Windows + Linux)
  • AdSpeed emulation for Mega ST (Windows + Linux)
  • Turbo button works for Mega ST too (Windows + Linux)
  • Mouse auto-release (Windows)
  • DM option Protect image files (Windows + Linux)

Steem SSE 4.1.2 BETA R11 (Windows) 13/08/2023

Some features were recently uploaded but they were developed some time ago, it's been a few months since I stopped messing for real with Steem. For the moment there's nothing more I want to do with it. Currently, the v4.2 beta doesn't offer any real emulation improvements, only features. That would be the first time for a major release...

Emulation improvements are different from features, they're far more interesting. For example, adding native support for STX disk images was interesting because there were some emulation issues to solve, but those improvements are already in v4.1.2. The Control Panel was still fun because it's a hybrid feature. DirectMusic and TCP/IP were frankly boring (probably buggy as hell too).

So until I find something fun to do or get new ideas or new emulation insights, there will be a little pause in development. Release date of v4.2 is undetermined (features must be tested).

→ [Atari] Steem SSE 4.1.2 R6 18/12/2022

Steem Beta 4.1.2 R6 18 December 2022

  • Disable snapshot saving when emulation thread running
  • Some GUI adjustments

Steem Beta 4.1.2 R5 23 October 2022

  • GUI: Fix bad interaction between ALT-triggered and optional menu bar (Windows)
  • Various fixes

Steem Beta 4.1.2 R4 11 September 2022

007: Licence to Kill (a.k.a. License to Kill) (Domark Limited, Dec, 1989)
  • Fix Timer B tick timing (Cool STE)

Steem Beta 4.1.2 R3  27 August 2022

  • ACSI: Can handle disk images bigger than 2GB
  • ACSI: Fix DMA transfer speed with option 'Count DMA transfer cycles' on Reload
  • TOS on reboot
  • Some doc updates

Steem Beta 4.1.2 R2 25 June 2022

Alien Syndrome (SEGA Enterprises Ltd., Jan, 1989)
  • Stability fixes
  • Fix Stats max track wrong with the frequent $90-$D0 technique
  • Timing of outwards single MIDI status messages, clock

Steem Beta 4.1.2 R1 (Linux-only) 10 April 2022

  • Fix XSteem can only load 128K cartridge
  • Fix XSteem GEMDOS hard disk emulation can't see folders

Steem Beta 4.1.1 R0 03 April 2022

  • Initial release, full of bugs



→ [Atari] Steem SSE 4.1.1 R12 13/03/2022

Steem Beta 4.1.1 R12 13 March 2022

  • Fix joystick port dongles (bug v4.1.0 R0); for Cricket Captain, the emulation never worked so it has been replaced with patches
→ [Atari] Steem SSE 4.1.1 R11 05/03/2022

Steem Beta 4.1.1 R11 5 March 2022

  • Fix R10 bugs

Steem Beta 4.1.1 R10 5 March 2022

  • Bugfix ArchiveAccess extracts wrong file if too many in archive
  • Bugfix zip files unrecognized in Linux 64 builds
  • Bugfix STW disks don't appear in disk manager in Linux builds
  • Misc. fixes

Steem Beta 4.1.1 R9 5 February 2022

Old Towers (Andy Noble, 2021). Must have! Ze strony autora
  • Bugfixes in floppy disk MFM emulation
  • Misc. stability fixes

Steem Beta 4.1.1 R8 19 December 2021

  • Wrong data on DMA writes handled by pasti.dll
  • Vertical sync interrupt timing on STF wakeup 1 (64bit)

Steem Beta 4.1.1 R7 11 November 2021

  • Change handling of PC serial I/O (untested)
  • Step sounds when drive empty, led if 'Hacks' not checked
  • 64bit builds-only bugs: 1bit delay for 6301 serial interface (demo Froggies), high resolution rasters (demo Time Slices)
  • Fix bug in loading snapshots that could lead to undefined behaviour
  • Little GUI glitches


→ [Atari] Steem SSE 4.1.1 R6 06/11/2021

Steem Beta 4.1.1 R6 06 November 2021

  • Fix VSync running amok on mixed low/medium resolution programs at double frequencies

Steem Beta 4.1.1 R5 24 October 2021

  • Debug builds are now named SteemDebug... for clarity.
  • Fix screenshot in stretch display (thx Cogweasel)
  • Fix links to Microsoft runtimes in manual (not my fault)

Steem Beta 4.1.1 R4 09 October 2021

  • Safer video rendering
  • Fix need option Hacks to run a CTR image
  • CPU-friendlier loops inside polling threads (Windows)
  • Linux builds compatible with Ubuntu 20.04 (previous v4.1.1 releases needed 21.04)
  • Fix no icons in taskbar (Linux)
  • Shortcut to XSteem and icon (Linux)

Steem Beta 4.1.1 R3 04 September 2021

  • Fix stack overflow on TOS option page (superb R2 bug) 04 September 2021
  • Fix emulation freeze after some program-initiated resets (Auto053/Erebus TOS 1.0)
  • More checks for the presence of plugins (disk images, archives)
  • Lot of Disk Image database typo fixes (disk manager/F9)
  • Fix MIDI output option (again)

Steem Beta 4.1.1 R2 (Windows-only) (unstable builds) 22 Augustus 2021

  • Debug builds are now named SteemD... because the debugger is only part of them.
  • Fix quicker joystick reading in 6301 emu for USB controllers
  • GUI glitches on loading a config/snapshot
  • Emulation thread: fix freezes when changing ST Video options live (not the first time I claim that!)
  • Misc. fixes

Steem Beta 4.1.1  R1 02 Augustus 2021

  • Ugly GUI bug in I/O ports options, output to file (Windows)
  • ACSI add dummies for commands $07 and $1A
  • Misc. fixes

Steem Beta 4.1.1  R0 16 July 2021

  • Initial release, full of bugs
→ [Atari] Steem SSE 4.1.0 R7 12/06/2021
Time Soliders (Electrocoin Software, 1989)

Steem 4.1.0 R7 12 June 2021

  • Some little GUI glitches (essentially Windows builds)

Steem 4.1.0 R6 3 April 2021

  • Option CPU clock in 64bit builds
  • Extended monitor monochrome crash (thx Policarpo both)
  • Wrong drive track on resuming a snapshot

Steem 4.1.0 R5 28 March 2021

  • R5 Fullscreen on 4K screens (thx Cogweasel)
  • No full path in TRACE.txt (privacy)

Steem 4.1.0 R4 22 March 2021

  • Auto VSync on/off glitches
  • True Fullscreen leaves on reset (D3D)
  • Missing option Use video buffer (DirectDraw)
  • Extended monitors bad display/crash (thx Pedro)

Steem 4.1.0 R3 14 march 2021

  • VSync not taking effect until next window resize
  • Don't show drive B: activity if it is disabled (OSD, status bar)
  • GUI glitches
  • Loops in drive sound samples (Linux) Don't reset CPU and MFP clocks on load TOS
  • MFP for STE was a tad too fast

Steem 4.1.0 R2 11 march 2021

  • Low-level YM-2149 emulation causing 5s freezes (32bit)
  • Better hack for laser printing
  • Linux: missing disk manager option ACSI hard drives

Steem 4.1.0 R1 5 march 2021

  • Reading BLITTER X and Y count registers (old bug, thx ijor)
  • Search disk database broken (thx John) + add database to Linux download 5 March 2021

Steem 4.1.0 R0 28 February 2021

  • Initial release, full of bugs


→ [Atari] Steem SSE 4.1.1 Beta x86

Steem 4.1.1 Beta 1/05/2021

  • ???
→ [Atari] Steem SSE Beta 4.x.x 13/04/2020

Steem Beta SSE v.4.x.x, 25/03/2020

If you want to report a beta bug, please make sure you do have the latest beta https://sourceforge.net/projects/steemsse/
It is also possible that the current official release is more recent than the beta. The date is indicated in the column 'Modified'
You can check the date in Steem's information box, About (F1).


Revision 972

Author: steven-seagal | Date: poniedziałek, 13 kwietnia 2020 09:12:49

  • bugfixes Antiques, Desktop Central, load old snapshot

Revision 971

Author: steven-seagal | Date: niedziela, 12 kwietnia 2020 12:46:23

  • -improve stats
  • -fix ste sound regression

Revision 970

Author: steven-seagal | Date: niedziela, 12 kwietnia 2020 09:51:34

  • Steem can use plugins32 or plugins64 folder

Revision 969

Author: steven-seagal | Date: sobota, 11 kwietnia 2020 10:35:00

  • refactoring

Revision 968

Author: steven-seagal | Date: sobota, 11 kwietnia 2020 09:22:22

  • compiler warning level 3
  • before it was 4 but with some pragmas to disable warnings
  • now only C4996 is disabled (deprecated POSIX/unsafe function)

Revision 967

Author: steven-seagal | Date: środa, 8 kwietnia 2020 09:08:27

  • STE sound precise fetch timing using sreq of STVL
  • (client part)

Revision 966

Author: steven-seagal | Date: poniedziałek, 6 kwietnia 2020 11:08:00

  • STE sound split fetch/play

Revision 965

Author: steven-seagal | Date: niedziela, 5 kwietnia 2020 21:47:27

  • refactoring + fix STE sound

Revision 964

Author: steven-seagal | Date: sobota, 4 kwietnia 2020 21:05:19

  • refactoring, new tos.cpp file
  • + linux build compiles again

Revision 963

Author: steven-seagal | Date: piątek, 3 kwietnia 2020 19:44:07

  • refactoring + fix old memory snapshots

Revision 962

Author: steven-seagal | Date: środa, 1 kwietnia 2020 19:39:01

  • Option 'Prompt on breakpoint'

Revision 961

Author: steven-seagal | Date: niedziela, 29 marca 2020 20:50:45

  • refactoring

Revision 960

Author: steven-seagal | Date: środa, 25 marca 2020 21:43:32

  • v402 features

Revision 958

Author: steven-seagal | Date: niedziela, 22 marca 2020 13:17:52

  • 401R6 MCU fixes for sound and video
  • disk_stw.cpp little refactoring

Revision 957

Author: steven-seagal | Date: poniedziałek, 16 marca 2020 22:14:31

  • debugger fix history list dump

Revision 955

Author: steven-seagal | Date: niedziela, 15 marca 2020 11:11:11

  • beta 402 keyboard mapping files

Revision 954

Author: steven-seagal | Date: wtorek, 10 marca 2020 20:55:24

  • some keyboard fixes for 401R5

Revision 953

Author: steven-seagal | Date: sobota, 7 marca 2020 20:54:52

  • fix corrupt key_table
  • attempt... there's ANSI/UTF-8 confusion due to Linux/Windows transfers or Notepad new features.

Revision 952

Author: steven-seagal | Date: sobota, 7 marca 2020 11:29:57

  • linux 7z support
  • using the command line, like for unrar

Revision 951

Author: steven-seagal | Date: środa, 4 marca 2020 12:01:29

  • minor refactoring

Revision 949

Author: steven-seagal | Date: sobota, 29 lutego 2020 10:53:32

  • indicate bad TOS (beta)
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