[ATARI] Atari800 3.1.x Test Build 10/18/16

[0] @ Sobota, 8 Października 2016 19:40CET

[ATARI] Atari800 3.1.x Test Build 10/18/16

Deweloperska wersja emulatora 8bitowych mikrokomputerów firmy Atari - Atari800. Tym razem to oficjalny test buildy (KrOtki), więc miejmy nadzieję, że regularnie będą się pojawiać kolejne wraz z postępem prac nad tym emulatorem atarki, którego można używać od androida, po windowsy.

commit 2d79c62ef725b21cc2433c4d967b166cb4ca04e1

Author: Tomasz Krasuski <[email protected]>
Date:   Sat Oct 8 02:18:48 2016 +0200

  •     Updates from the official Debian package.

commit dbf343b174bc2d28dec1f3d5cfbe4032a3bcbcfe

Author: Tomasz Krasuski <[email protected]>
Date:   Sat Oct 8 01:17:09 2016 +0200

  • Fix improper use of SDL_PollEvent - caused keyboard input lag when moving a mouse or joystick.

commit dbbce5a5fb485cefc79cbab6d39f8ed149955d1a

Author: Tomasz Krasuski <[email protected]>
Date:   Fri Oct 7 23:45:26 2016 +0200

  •     Fix segfault when using -nojoystick.

commit 619dd0b2e694080cf0e844f897da080062cd49e1

Author: Tomasz Krasuski <[email protected]>
Date:   Thu Nov 12 01:11:13 2015 +0100

  •     Fix convoluted "if" condition.
→ [ATARI] Atari800 3.1.x GIT2511F 14/10/15

2015-10-13 Tomasz Krasuski

  • sio.c: Suggested by Avery Lee: Fix SIO error codes with SIO patch enabled. This bug tripped up the original Sikor Soft's Ketchup disk, that relied on attempting to read disk sector 720, which should return error 144 instead of 146.

2015-09-23 Tomasz Krasuski

  • cassette.[ch], pia.c, screen.c, sio.[ch]: Some tapes try to read from disk while the tape motor is on (case in point: Cubbyholes (APX)). This was not emulated correctly - when a disk read was attempted while tape motor was on, the value of the sio.c->TransferStatus variable would never revert to SIO_CasReadWrite, and the tape loading would not continue. This is now fixed. As a consequence, tape emulation ceased to use the variables SIO_last_op, SIO_last_op_time and SIO_last_drive, so the related code in screen.c and pia.c has been updated with that in mind.

2015-08-26 Tomasz Krasuski

  • atari.c: Avoid segfault on switching TV system while sound is disabled.

2015-07-23 Christian Groessler

  • dc/Makefile.dc, dc/atari_dc.c, dc/config.h, dc/displayscreen.S: Rewrite of the screen update routines. DIRTYRECT isn't used anymore. Now always the whole screen is updated. The new routines use the Dreamcast processor's "store queue" which results in a decent speed-up. The time spent updating the screen is now constant, regardless of the screen changes. With little changes to the screen more time is spent in the screen update routines, compared to DIRTYRECT. But for the worst case (whole screen dirty) it's faster than with DIRTYRECT. Boulder Dash in NTSC mode now doesn't jitter when scrolling. Add another option in Makefile.dc to use OCRAM (fast on-processor RAM, cutting the data cache size in half) for the palette data. This option is disabled for now since I didn't notice any difference in emulation speed with it. Maybe if more "hot" variables are moved into OCRAM it could make a difference.
  • dc/shlelf-ocram.xc: New File. Linker script to be used when using the OCRAM option.

2015-06-06 Tomasz Krasuski

  • binload.c: Achim Haertel's patch fixes emulation crash when slow loading of DOS binary files is turned off during such loading.
  • ui.c, DOC/USAGE: Rename "Slow loading of XEX" to "Slow booting of DOS binary files" - XEX is just one of the possible extensions of such files.

2015-06-02 Petr Stehlik

  • sdl/input.c: preliminary support for four real joysticks

2015-05-29 Tomasz Krasuski

  • binload.[ch], cfg.c, ui.c, DOC/CREDITS: Achim Haertel's patch adds an option to slow down the loading of DOS binary files ran using "Run Atari Program".
  • atari_curses.c, atari_falcon.c, atari_x11.c, amiga/amiga.c, javanvm/input.c, sdl/input.c, win32/atari_win32.c, DOC/USAGE: Map F7 to temporarily stop slow loading of DOS binary files, in addition to its standard "Break" key mapping.

2015-05-27 Christian Groessler

  • antic.c, cartridge.c, ide.c, input.c: Remove warnings when compiling on FreeBSD/i386 10.1 with llvm.

2015-05-10 Christian Groessler

  • atari_x11.c (PLATFORM_Initialise): Preinitialize image_data buffer to shut off valgrind warnings.
  • devices.c: Fix for bug #43: Prevent double close of entry in h_fp[] array.

2015-04-28 Tomasz Krasuski

  • antic.c: Fix an infinite recursion with enabled NEW_CYCLE_EXACT, disabled PAGED_ATTRIB, when the ANTIC display list is pointed to GTIA registers. The recursion was: ANTIC_UpdateScanline -> draw_partial_scanline -> antic_load -> MEMORY_CopyFromMem -> MEMORY_GetByte -> MEMORY_HwGetByte -> GTIA_GetByte -> ANTIC_UpdateScanline. Test case: Sky Writer XEX (length 16827, CRC32 9e0fd2e7) running in 400/800 mode.

2015-04-27 Christian Groessler

  • dc/atari_dc.c: Remove obsolete comments.
  • dc/version.h: Set A800DCBETA to 2 (2nd beta version).
  • DOC/TESTS.dc: New file. Lists tests which should be run before a new Atari800DC release.
  • DOC/README.dc: Update.
  • DOC/CHANGES.dc: Update for Atari800DC 0.79beta2 release.

2015-04-24 Christian Groessler

  • dc/atari_dc.c: Parse "DOUBLE_BUFFERING" from atari800.cfg, setting the 'db_mode' variable. Some other small cleanups.
  • dc/atari800.cfg: Add "DOUBLE_BUFFERING" entry.

2015-04-16 Christian Groessler

  • dc/atari_dc.c: Adapt controller and keyboard detection to new KOS version.

2015-04-11 Tomasz Krasuski

  • ui.c: Fix a bad cast that resulted in crash when changing display resolution.
  • artifact.c: Remove an invalid cast.

2015-04-08 Christian Groessler

  • sdl/input.c: Fix auto-repeat in emulator menu when using on-screen keyboard emulation.

2015-04-08 Christian Groessler

  • dc/atari_dc.c: Fix paddle emulation (adapt to new KOS return values). Add PLATFORM_Configure() to parse DISPLAY_X_ADJUST and DISPLAY_Y_ADJUST. Remove warnings and some unused code.
  • dc/atari800.cfg: Recreated with new emulator version.

2015-04-01 Christian Groessler

  • sound_oss.c: Fix sound device name for NetBSD and OpenBSD.

2015-03-31 Christian Groessler

  • dc/atari_dc.c: Fix crash when disconnecting the controller while being in the emulator menu. Fix inaccessibility of controller when disconnecting and reconnecting to a different port while being in the keyboard emulation menu.

2015-03-28 Tomasz Krasuski

  • configure.ac: Fix displaying --enable-nonlinear_mixing twice on ./configure --help. NONLINEAR_MIXING now defaults to enabled on all targets.

2015-03-28 Christian Groessler

  • ui.c, ui_basic.c: Adapt emulator menu to Dreamcast and add DC specific menu items.
  • dc/atari_dc.c: Ditto. And fix swapped up/down direction when using the controller joystick.

2015-03-27 Christian Groessler

  • dc/atari_dc.c (controller_kb): Fix auto-repeat in emulator menu.

2015-03-23 Christian Groessler

  • dc/atari_dc.c: The overridden console keys were never released, except for START.

2015-03-21 Perry McFarlane

  • gtia.c: Improve player/playfield collisions for NEW_CYCLE_EXACT

2015-03-21 Tomasz Krasuski

  • pokeysnd.[ch], DOC/NEWS: Fixed a crash with SYNCHRONIZED_SOUND, when enabling stereo sound together with ENABLE_NEW_POKEY=0. Added comment to avoid future mistakes.

2015-03-20 Christian Groessler

  • dc/atari_dc.c: Fix problem when trying to leave the on-screen keyboard emulation menu when an override for the DC 'B' button is configured. Some other unrelated code cleanups.

2015-03-19 Christian Groessler

  • dc/atari_dc.c: Don't inject a "START" button press when leaving the on-screen keyboard.

2015-03-17 Perry McFarlane

  • antic.c, artifact.c, colours.c, img_tape.c, log.[ch], monitor.c, screen.c, sio.c, ui.[ch], sdl/video.c, sdl/video_gl.c, sdl/video_sw.c, win32/sound.c: Fix gcc warnings, allow compiling with g++.

2015-03-16 Perry McFarlane

  • pia.[ch], pokey.c, statesav.c: Fix PIA CA2/CB2 and irq. Bump SAVE_VERSION_NUMBER to 8.


→ [ATARI] Atari800 3.1.x rev rev1681 (2298)
Atari XE/XL:Atari800:E.T. Phone Home:Atari, Inc.:Atari, Inc.:1983:
E.T. Phone Home (Atari, Inc., 1983)

2015-03-14 Tomasz Krasuski <[email protected]>

  • sio.c: With SIO patch enabled, replicate behaviour of the real SIO OSroutine. E.T. Phone Home! now works with SIO patch enabled.

2015-03-11 Perry McFarlane <[email protected]>

  • cpu.c: Fix opcodes 93, 9b, 9c, 9e, 9f (sha ind_y, shs, shy, shx, sha) page crossing behaviour.

2015-03-05 Christian Groessler <[email protected]>

  • ui.c (AboutEmulator): Change copyright year to 2015.
  • dc/version.h: Add a knob to switch "beta versions" on and off.
  • dc/atari_dc.c: Update on-screen keyboard to current interface of ui_basic.c.

2015-02-25 Christian Groessler <[email protected]>

  • configure.ac: If a non-standard location for the X11 libraries was given (--x-libraries parameter), add this location to the run-time search path.

2015-02-24 Perry McFarlane <[email protected]>

  • bit3.c, DOC/NEWS: Invert bit3 cursor, add bit3 NEWS.

2015-02-24 Christian Groessler <[email protected]>

  • atari_x11.c, configure.ac: Add support for palette update in X11 targets.
  • gtia.c: Fix compilation of basic (no video) target.

2015-02-18 Tomasz Krasuski <[email protected]>

  • DOC/NEWS, DOC/USAGE: Updated for new release.

2015-02-12 Petr Stehlik <[email protected]>

  • Committing fixes provided by Jools Wills in SF.net Bugs #41 and #42:
    • configure.ac: native building on RPi fixed
    • sdl/video.c: handle properly situation when any resolution is available

2015-02-12 Perry McFarlane <[email protected]>

  • DOC/ChangeLog, DOC/TODO, DOC/USAGE, atari.c, cartridge.c, cfg.c, configure.ac, pbi.c, ui.c, videomode.[ch], sdl/input.c, sdl/palette.c, sdl/video.[ch], sdl/video_gl.c, sdl/video_sw.c, bit3.[ch]: Emulate the Bit3 Full View 80 column card for the Atari 800. Added more #ifdefs for AF80, XEP80_EMULATION, PBI_PROTO80, and NTSC_FILTER.
→ [ATARI] Atari800 3.1.x rev 1670 (2287)
Atari XE/XL:Atari800:Jet-Boot Jack:Datamost:1984
Jet-Boot Jack (Datamost, 1984)

2015-02-07  Tomasz Krasuski  <[email protected]>

  • cassette.c, img_tape.c: Minimal support for reading CAS "fsk " chunks, to support some tape images of copy-protected original software, only with unpatched SIO.

2015-01-24  Tomasz Krasuski  <[email protected]>

  • platform.h, sound_oss.c, sound.[ch], ui.c, dos/sound_dos.c, javanm/sound.c, sdl/sound.c, atari800.man, DOC/USAGE: Improve usability: rename "Fragment size" to "Hardware buffer size" and change the unit to milliseconds instead of frames. Code for resizing the buffer to a power of 2 is now called in platform-specific modules - the reason is not all sound backends require such adjustment of the buffer length.

2015-01-10  Tomasz Krasuski  <[email protected]>

  • win32/msc/Makefile: Fixed incorrect file extensions.
→ [ATARI] Atari800 3.1.x rev 1667 (2284)
Atari Xe/XL:Atari800:Master of The Lamps:Activision, Inc.:Activision, Inc.:1985:
The Master of The Lamps (Activision, Inc., 1985)

Version ?.?.? (????/??/??)

 This release contains changes in color handling. Users updating from an earlier version should reset their color settings, or else the display might be unreadable. To reset the color settings, do one of these:

  • Select one of the presets available in the menu option "Display settings"-> "Color preset"; or
  •  Run atari800 with the -color-preset command-line option, e.g.: atari800 -colors-preset standard; or
  •  Delete the emulator's config file (.atari800.cfg). Caution: you'll lose all Atari800 settings!


  • Fixed computation of gamma adjustment - now it is applied to each of the  three RGB channels separately.

2014-11-28 Tomasz Krasuski <[email protected]>

  • colours_ntsc.c, atari_ntsc/atari_ntsc_impl.h: Fixed mathematics in the YIQ computations - although the resulting colors were correct, the names of i and q variables were swapped in the sources.
  • colours_ntsc.c, colours_pal.c, colours.[ch], pal_blending.c, filter_ntsc.c, atari_ntsc/atari_ntsc.c, DOC/NEWS: Fixed computation of gamma adjustment - it is now applied to each of the three RGB channels separately.

2014-09-22 Kostas Nakos <[email protected]>

  • android/*: Bugfix no sound when machine is NTSC, small bugfixes and workarounds for OSL sound. Prepare for release.

2014-09-19 Kostas Nakos <[email protected]>

  • configure.ac: Switch to android-9 environment for OpenSL ES support.
  • android/*: Add OpenSL ES native sound support for post-2.3 devices. Gained accurate sound playback. Added bindings for capstoggle & atari keys.

2014-09-16 Kostas Nakos <[email protected]>

  • atari.c: Skip ROM file search as some android builds go in infinite loop due to buggy platform implementation.
  • configure.ac: Updated to newer android toolchain.
  • android/*: Support for built-in Planetary Defense 2012 (courtesy and thanks to Tom Hudson), miscellaneous fixes, update to newer android toolchain.
→ [ATARI] Atari800 3.0.x rev 1659 (2274)
Atari XE/XL:Atari800:Stellar Shuttle:Brøderbund Software:1982:
Stellar Shuttle (Brøderbund Software, 1982)

2014-04-05 Tomasz Krasuski <[email protected]>

  1. cfg.c, mxpokeysnd.[ch], pokeysnd.[ch], sound.c, ui.c, configure.ac: Moved the SYNCHRONIZED_SOUND code made more generic and moved out of mzpokeysnd.c to pokeysnd.c. Now synchronized sound is supported by both pokey sound engines.
  2. colours_pal.c: Minor formatting & constness fixes.


→ [ATARI] WIP: Atari800 3.0.x rev 1.65x (227x)
Atari Atari800:Super Zaxxon:SEGA Enterprises, Inc.:SEGA Enterprises, Inc.:1984:
Super Zaxxon (SEGA Enterprises, Inc., 1984)

2014-03-03 Tomasz Krasuski <[email protected]>

  • atari.c, atari_basic.c, atari_curses.c, atari_falcon.c, atari_ps2.c, atari_x11.c, amiga/amiga.c, dos/atari_vga.c, sdl/main.c, win32/atari_win32.c, win32/main.cpp, atari_wince.c: Ensure that Sound_Exit() is called after config file is saved-on-exit, by moving the call to Sound_Exit() out of PLATFORM_Exit() and into Atari800_Exit(). Reason: When SOUND_THIN_API is enabled, autosaving after Sound_Exit would cause the config file's SOUND_ENABLED entry to always be written as 0.

2014-02-27 Tomasz Krasuski <[email protected]>

  • sdl/init.c, sdl/main.c: Avoid "undefined reference to PLATFORM_Time" linker error when configured --with-sound=sdl but --with-video != sdl.
  • atari.c: Fixed a bug with keyboard input not working on --with-video=ncurses --with-audio=oss. On initialisation, Sound_enabled == TRUE but audio output is not yet initialised. In such situation calling sound_oss.c->PLATFORM_SoundSetup() would close standard input, thus disabling keyboard.

Initial check-in of on-screen keyboard emulation for SDL. Work in progress...  Mon Mar 10 23:14:34 2014 UTC by sannyx 

Ok. I've checked in a first version. It is far from being finished.

The on-screen keyboard for SDL can be enabled with '--enable-onscreenkeyboard'. If it isn't been enabled there shouldn't be any changes in behaviour.

I've more or less arbitrarily assigned joystick buttons to functions, to
give me the same feeling as the Dreamcast version. These assignments are obviously
connected to my joystick. I only have one USB joystick (controller) to test.

The assignments are

  • button 0: 'trigger' while the emulation is running, 'select' in menus
  • button 1: 'exit' or 'escape', to leave menus
  • button 4: enter menu (F1)
  • button 5: enter keyboard emulation screen

See the OSK_BUTTON_xxx defines in sdl/input.c if you want to change the

Please try it out and give feedback.

Future development:

  • Assign buttons to START, SELECT, and OPTION (currently you have to open the keyboard emulation screen and select those)
  • As extension, or if more than 6 buttons are available, enable the user to assign keyboard keys to buttons (some games use keyboard input)
  • add UI menu to configure the whole thing
  • Get (and save) button assignments in cfg file
  • test 5200
  • find bugs


→ [ATARI] Atari800 3.0.x rev 1.653 (2268)


  • Refresh binaries. 

2014-01-29 Tomasz Krasuski <[email protected]>

  • cartridge.[ch], ui.c, android/jni/jni.c, atari800.man, DOC/cart.txt, DOC/USAGE: Based on description by Hias, added minimal support for the 32 and 64 MB variants of The!Cart.
  • DOC/cart.txt: Added column that describes state of emulation support of the cartridge types. Also other fixes.

2014-01-26 Tomasz Krasuski <[email protected]>

  • dos/dos_sb.c: Bring indentation more into line with the apparent standard.
  • dos/sound_dos.c, dos/dos_sb.[ch], configure.ac: Apply SOUND_THIN_API to DOS sound. Also fix two old bugs: pitch being wrong, and sound not working in one-shot mode (DSP 1.xx).
  • sound.c, ui.c: Move code that stores current sound settings in Sound_desired - previously settings were stored only when changed from GUI, but not whenchanged from command line params.


→ [ATARI] Atari800 3.0.x rev 1.648 (2261)
Atari XE/XL:Atari800:Zone X:Gremlin Graphics:1985
Zone X (Gremlin Graphics, 1985)

2014-01-18  Tomasz Krasuski  <[email protected]>

  • ui.c: Fix obvious mistake in System Settings, that lead to buffer overflow.
  • cartridge.c, DOC/cart.txt, DOC/CREDITS: Fixes by Matthias Reichl for emulation of The!Cart.
→ [ATARI] Atari800 3.0.x rev 1.646 (2259)
Atari XE/XL:Atari800:Star Wars:Empire Strikes Back:1983
Star Wars:Empire Strikes Back (1983)

2013-12-28  Tomasz Krasuski  <[email protected]>

  • atari.c: Make turbo mode considerably faster, by avoiding pointless screen   redraws.
  • sdl/sound.c: Fix stereo sound on SDL, broken when introducing SOUND_THIN_API.
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