[ATARI] Altirra 2.60 test 24

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[ATARI] Altirra 2.60 test 24

Nowa, testowa wersja Altirry autorstwa Avery (Phaeron) Lee, obecnie najlepszego emulatora małych, ośmiobitowych mikrokomputerów firmy ATARI. I dodatkowo kolejna odsłona modyfikowanego obrazu Altirra Basic 1.3 (czyli Atari Basic z poprawkami).

Altirra v2.60 test 24 [3.12.2014]


  • Devices: DragonCart, XEP-80, SlightSID, Covox and R-Time 8 have been moved to the Devices tree.

features added

  • Display: Vertical overscan can be overridden separately from horizontal.
  • UI: Improved full-screen UI.

bugs fixed

  • Input: Keyboard and mouse inputs are now auto-released when display window loses focus.
  • Input: Moved joystick poll before VBI to reduce input delay.

author's comment

  • Several existing device types have been converted to the new device framework and moved into the Devices tree. This serves a couple of purposes: it paves the way for common UI and a way to save/load device settings, and it gets some of the crap out of the System menu.
  • There is now a vertical overscan override option.
  • Keyboard and controller inputs no longer get stuck if the window loses focus while they're active.
  • Moved game controller polling earlier in the frame so it occurs before VBI, to remove a frame of delay with most games.

Also in this version are some pretty major changes to the full-screen UI, to start making the emulator more game controller friendly. If you have an Xbox 360 controller, enable the Xbox 360 Controller -> User interface control input map in Input > Input Mappings, or set up an equivalent one that maps the UI* targets to a Console controller. This makes X bring up the on-screen keyboard and Y bring up a new settings panel. The settings panel is also accessible via mouse by double-clicking on the left side of the window. Also, fixed some bugs in the on screen keyboard and made it shrink the display, fixed game controller UI input not working when the simulator is paused, and fixed the message box not responding to controllers. The new UI's still a bit ugly, but it should now be more feasible to set up a game from the controller, including attaching the disk, doing a cold reset, and typing keys through the OSK. The UI elements may be a bit small depending on your screen res, so you may want to tweak the UI scale option in Options to make the UI elements bigger.

→ NOWSZY [ATARI] Altirra x86 i x64 2.60 test 41

Altirra v2.60 test 41  [24.02.2015]

features added:

  • MMU: Axlon banking register aliasing is now optional.

authors comment:

  • IssueThe "NTSC Artifacting (Standard)" option appears to have broken between versions 2.60-test32 and 2.0.60-test33. 
  • Fixed -- it was 15 times too bright after the luma ramp change.


→ NOWSZY [ATARI] Altirra x86 i x64 2.60 test 40
Atari XE/XL:Altirra:Chuckie Egg:A&F Software Ltd.:A&F Software Ltd.:1985:
Chuckie Egg (A&F Software Ltd., 1985)

Altirra v2.60 test 40  [10.02.2015]

authors comment:

  • Issue: Pressing the "menu" key on a 104(+) key keyboard. Using Altirra 2.60t39 on Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit.  Altirra 2.50 final also crashes with this as do both the 32 and 64 bit versions of both.  Obviously an easy work around is just not press that key, but I have a feeling Avery would want to know that and mop that up. 
  • Menu key crash was just using the wrong window. Error 5 problem was due to a subtle issue when doing a direct putchar -- SDX expects ICAX1Z to be set, and because it wasn't, it was advancing the directory read pointer when writing to the file (!).


→ NOWSZY [ATARI] Altirra x86 i x64 2.60 test 39
Atari XE/XL:Altirra:Moscow 1993:Sikor Soft:1994:
"Moscow 1993" (Sikor Soft, 1994)

Altirra v2.60 test 39  [04.02.2015]

authors comment:

  • Issue: The new XEP80 driver works better. There's an issue with it not handling keypresses though. It doesn't process BRK or Ctl+1 (pause) until an operation is complete. For example, copy a file to E: and if you press the Break key, after the listing is complete you get the Break Abort line.
  • Yay, someone's using it! Fixes
  • adds placeholders for BlackBox and MIO firmware.


→ NOWSZY [ATARI] Altirra x86 i x64 2.60 test 38
Atari XE/XL:Altirra:Crossbow:Sculptured Software:1988
Crossbow (Sculptured Software, 1988)

Altirra v2.60 test 38  [31.01.2014]

features added:

  • Devices: Added MidiMate emulation.

authors comment:

  • Friend of mine handed me a bag of obscure hardware he pulled out of his ass garage. Adds MidiMate emulation. No actual MIDI in/out and just pipes basic MIDI events to the system MIDI player, but it's enough to get MidiTrack III to play.


→ NOWSZY [ATARI] Altirra x86 i x64 2.60 test 37

Altirra v2.60 test 37  [30.01.2014]

features added:

  • Devices: Added SX212 modem emulation.

authors comment:

  • Fixed Autoselect not sticking for firmware mode.
  • Firmware is now sorted internally so auto is more consistent.
  • ATOS: Fixed keyboard repeat timer and character escaping compatibility issues.
  • Added SX212 emulation support. Additions disk now contains an SX212 handler.
→ NOWSZY [ATARI] Altirra x86 i x64 2.60 test 36

Altirra v2.60 test 36  [23.01.2014]

authors comment:

Argh... introduced a zero page location overlap. Fixed in ATBasic 1.36

→ NOWSZY [ATARI] Altirra x86 i x64 2.60 test 34/35
Atari XE/XL:Altirra:Burger Boy:Siders, Ken:homebrew
Burger Boy (Siders, Ken) - homebrew

Altirra v2.60 test 35  [19.01.2014]

bugs fixed

  • XEP80: Set horizontal/vertical position commands now update the cursor address.

authors comment:

The horizontal/vertical position commands were updating the cursor position but not the cursor address. This version should fix it.

Altirra v2.60 test 34  [18.01.2014]

featured added:

  • Debugger: Added .diskreadsec and .diskwritesec commands.
  • Debugger: Added dbi (dump bytes with INTERNAL text) command.
  • Simulation: Added support for more realistic power-on memory patterns.

bugs fixed

  • ATBasic: PTABW is now supported.
  • AltirraOS: Cassette boot now reads EOF record.
  • AltirraOS: Fixed diagnostic cartridge handling.
  • Cassette: Fixed inconsistent motor control state when using C: patch with short IRG mode.
  • Debugger: Debug display now reflects CHACTL bits.
  • GTIA: Fixed DMA reads from hardware registers.
  • XEP80: Move Cursor to Start of Logical Line ($DB) no longer moves cursor to left margin.

authors comment:

  • Added support for 512K 5200 cartridge. (Bryan, do you have a name for this?)
  • Debug display now uses CHACTL
  • Fixed XEP80 "Move to logical line start command" -- DOS CP now works
  • Fixed diagnostic cartridge support in ATOS
  • Fixed ANTIC reads from GTIA registers
  • Fixes for cassette boot bugs exposed by XEX2CAS (ATOS wasn't reading EOF record, and C: acceleration was shutting motor off without updating PIA).
  • ATBasic updated to 1.35 -- added PTABW support and fixed crash when DOS command fails. Did you know that JMP (DOSVEC) can return on a MEM.SAV error?
  • Added support for more realistic DRAM power-on patterns. This affects software that fails to properly initialize high RAM under the OS or extended RAM. This supercedes the old randomize memory debugging option and is now under System > Memory Config > Power-on Pattern. The three patterns implemented are from my 800XL, 130XE, and 800XL + U1MB.
  • Lots of changes to the DOS on the Additions disk, but I don't recommend using this just yet.
→ NOWSZY [ATARI] Altirra x86 i x64 2.60 test 33
Atari Xe/XL:Altirra:Treasure Island Dizzy:2014
Treasure Island Dizzy (2014)

Altirra v2.60 test 33  [08.01.2014]

authors comment:

  • Problem with new burst I/O code. Also adds PAL-60/NTSC-50 support, a tweaked luma ramp based on hardware measurements, and reverts the gamma correction setting default back to 1.0. I tried to find a way to auto-compensate brightness for scan line mode, but couldn't find a satisfactory algorithm. Oh well, it's tweakable. I changed the registry path for the gamma correction value so it'll universally reset to 1.0 once even if it's been set manually, since previous builds would have auto-set it; you can change it back again if desired.

featured added:

  • Simulation: Added support for mixed NTSC/PAL ANTIC+GTIA combinations (PAL-60 and NTSC-50)


→ NOWSZY [ATARI] Altirra x86 i x64 2.60 test 32
Atari XE/XL:Altirra:Broadsides:Strategic Simulations, Inc.:Strategic Simulations, Inc.:1983:
Broadsides (Strategic Simulations, Inc., 1983)

Altirra v2.60 test 32  [05.01.2014]

authors comment:

  • Fixes and updates to filesystem routines. DOS 2.5 ED and MyDOS formats are now supported for read/write access and directory creation is now supported on MyDOS and SDFS disks. The file viewer now attempts to use Unicode to display some control symbols (works better on Vista+ due to better font support).

featured added:

  • Disk Explorer: Added read/write support for MyDOS and DOS 2.5 disks.
  • Disk Explorer: Added create directory (new folder) option for MyDOS and SDFS disks.
→ NOWSZY [ATARI] Altirra x86 i x64 2.60 test 30/31

Altirra v2.60 test 31  [31.12.2014]

authors comment:

  • Problem: The 64 bit version of Altirra wont run on Win XP 64 Bit Pro, it gives a message "not a valid 32 bit application". Most other 64Bit Programs will run on the same Xp 64 Bit, But som other programs have had the same error. On Win 8.1 the 64 bit version of Altirra Runs, The Pc with XP 64 bit i use for older games, Emulators etc...
  • Answer: XP64 for old games? The mutt halfway between XP and Windows Server 2003 that has terrible driver support and still can't run 16-bit applications? Seriously? Why aren't you running XP32? The "not a valid 32 bit application" happens when the application is built for Vista or above.

Altirra v2.60 test 30  [31.12.2014]

bugs fixed

  • AltirraOS: Fix timeout for SIO operations.
  • AltirraOS: Fix ESC-Clear handling in E:.
  • ANTIC: Improved emulation of phantom P/M DMA effects

 authors comment:

  • 1030 ModemLink bootstrap is now supported. Required firmware image is $2880 (10368) bytes, consisting of the 128 byte boot sector with the $2800 ModemLink and T: handler software afterward.
  • Added workarounds so SDX PRN: can run in intercepted mode (no line limit).
  • Emulated CIO devices hook properly with OS-B again.
  • Phantom player only DMA effects are now emulated (DMACTL=$26, GRACTL=$07).
  • Fixed 850 firmware hotloading.
  • Fixed incorrect initial translation mode for R:.
  • Fixed some bugs in built-in OS (short SIO timeout, Esc+Clear not printing).
  • Command-line images now set the default for the boot/open dialog.
  • Fixed a bug in Altirra BASIC's BGET and BPUT commands (1.34 attached).

The 1030 boot sector initializes the T: handler before returning to the OS, so yeah, the type 3 poll is too late. Need a redump from just the SIO read, without the boot. No rush, though -- thanks for the dump work so far. As far as I know, the 1030 doesn't use the motor line but still uses the command line for control, so I'm not sure why using a cassette drive with it is inadvisable.



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