[Arcade] Romcenter 4 beta 11 RC1.2

[4] @ Poniedziałek, 25 Grudnia 2017 01:24CET

[Arcade] Romcenter 4 beta 11 RC1.2

RomCenter sprawdza, czy posiadana przez nas wersja jest w porządku, czy też znowu natrafiliśmy na uszkodzony plik, co wcale do rzadkości nienależy. Pozwala zarządzać kolekcją dla emulatorów platform takich jak: AAE Alpha Build 87, Capcom Play System 3 Emulator v1.0a, Commodore - 64 (20061106), Commodore - Amiga (20081218)_CM, Commodore - Amiga (Numbered) (20081218)_CM, CPS-1 20081018, CPS-2 20081018, DSP v0.9, FBA v0.2.96.99, M1 v0.7.8a6, Nebula v2.25b, Neo-Geo 20081018, Nintendo - Game Boy (20081015), Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (20080614), Nintendo - Nintendo 64 (20080521), Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System (20080712) (CM), Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System (20081015), RAINE v0.50.15, Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis (20080228), Sega Master System - Sega Mark III (20081003_CM), SEGA Model 2 Emulator v0.7, WinKawaks v1.59, ZiNc v1.1


RomCenter 4.0.0.beta 11 RELEASE CANDIDATE #1.2

  • Here is a quick fix for the “operating system directive CreateFile failed” and “The underlying provider failed on Open” errors. Big thank to bslenul for debugging that.
→ [Arcade] Romcenter 4 beta 11 RC1.1

RomCenter 4.0.0.beta 11 RELEASE CANDIDATE #1.1


  • #45 attempt to fix 'the underlying provider failed on open'
  • #62 demul dat import
  • #60 Some roms not imported when filtering dat
  • 'string truncation' exception when importing files with long extension
  • index in collection change event is not valid
  • sequence contains no matching element
  • 'An entry with the same key already exists' crash when refreshing path
  • '1g1r' or 'keeppcl' checkboxes not disabled when needed
  • current filter not always loaded when updating db
  • double dat loading when using filter
  • incorrect dat xml line in error msg
  • filter not reset when re-opening it
  • wrong newline char in dialog msg
  • crash when no treenodes after pb in loading
  • Prevent double click on create db buttons
  • default filter applied even when no filter checked
  • Set default filename to save dialog, replace wrong dialog on emul exe selection.
  • Missing yellow status
  • Error loading datafiles with trailing spaces
→ [Arcade] Romcenter 4 beta 11 RC1

RomCenter 4.0.0.beta 11 RELEASE CANDIDATE #1

  • Add ‘file not found’ error handler with some corrupted files
  • Add ‘send log’ dialog
  • Add Hyperspin dat support
  • Add about dialog
  • Add db creation by dropping exe
  • Add multi db files drag & drop capabilities to open multiple db at once
  • Add exception handler to allow corrupted roms deletion
  • Add links buttons group in ribbon
  • Add more filtering regions
  • Add multithreaded rom files import (not supported for db using plugins)
  • Add new context menus
  • Add plugin detection from dat content
  • Add support for dat with text lines before xml tag
  • Improve exceptions handler when creating db
  • Improve memory managment with filters
  • Improve new files creation during removing fileroms
  • Improve startup dataview
  • Improve zip exception detection
  • Upgrade libraries to their latest versions
  • Stay on path after reloading it.
  • Attempt to fix dat with bad structure when importing.
Issues fixed:
  • #24: When creating a new file, automatically fill the database filename from dat file
  • #28: System.OutOfMemoryException
  • #31: Saving window location, size and state on close should work differently
  • #32 Please put « Open existing », « New DB » and « Update » as buttons in the main toolbar
  • #34 Add keyboard shortcuts
  • #35 Closing a database tab should not always activate the Welcome tab
  • #37: Process cannot access the firle because it is being used by another process.
  • #40 Nes-Header-Problems
  • #44 Can’t open Recalbox dat files
  • #46 Confirmation message when closing database looks odd
  • #47 Open Existing Database dialog shows *.rdt twice
  • #48 « Cleanup Database » menu entry not fully selected
  • #49 « Add to quick-access toolbar » context menu option does not work as expected
  • #51 Create new mame database: default db save location wrong
  • #52 mame.xml not deleted after extraction
  • #57 Filtering regions: NONE == ALL?
  • #58 Error during MAMEUI64 0.190 db creation
  • Attempt to Fix locked db.
  • Check newdb/updatedb fields validation when displaying backstage
  • Clean up dat and db default folders
  • Clean up options dialog
  • Enable parent/clone relation option for mame
  • Fix 7z infinite retry
  • Fix bad status after renaming unknown files
  • Fix constraint violation when updating db
  • Fix crc identification when no file size in dat
  • Fix deletion of corrupted roms
  • Fix empty 7z archive not found
  • Fix empty archive identified as corrupted
  • Fix emul name init when creating db from an exe
  • Fix file status not refreshed wihen corrupted roms deleted
  • Fix fileroms cases not working
  • Fix memory leaks
  • Fix multiple identical files when roms have multiple errors
  • Fix object not found when moving files in error
  • Fix out of memory error on 7z
  • Fix refresh always reload files with some plugin
  • Fix regions filter for mame roms
  • Fix release not working if keep all selected
  • Fix right click not selecting items
  • Fix roms in folder always refreshed when using a plugin
  • Fix save window position/size
  • Fix single files not removed when renaming
  • Fix slow operations when selecting lot of files
  • Fix unique rom warning when deleting corrupted roms
  • Fix unneeded games loading before reloading paths.
  • Fix useless db reloading after changing some settings
  • Fix useless filtering when no filter set
  • Fix zip exception not catched
  • Fix zip not deleted on a renamefile
  • General code cleanup
  • Prevent two unhandled error dialog at the same time
  • Remove unused icons
  • Reset dat filter when change src dat
  • Set compression level default to 3 (normal)
  • Switch to main window when ‘create dat’ process starts
→ [Arcade] Romcenter 4 beta 11

RomCenter 4.0.0.beta 11


  • New filters features when creating or updating games database
    • Filter is now available for all dat and exe
    • When you select an exe (mame.exe, raine.exe) as datafile and open the filter dialog, roms list are now extracted and parsed.
    • Roms countries can now be extracted from game description.
    • Add new zealand and yougoslav countries
    • Add 'keepall' checkbox
    • Add 'Tosec convention' naming for filtering
  • New captions in status bar
    • Add merge status
    • Add plugin name
    • Hide emul name in startup view 'send a beer' button
  • Reload files when plugin changed. This is needed if the new dat use a different plugin.
  • Merge updatedb and newdb dialog
    • This allow to change db filename when doing a simple update.
    • Old db filter settings are used when updating
  • Speed up games filtering
  • Speed up rom import and add progress bar
  • Add rompath availability check
  • Add different devices icons in treeview
    • network/usb/hdd/cdrom devices
    • device found / not found
    • upgrade ribbon to v5
  • Finished options dialog
    • Add pause dos
    • Add dialog confirmation options
    • Clean up
  • Use a new busy indicator on views and filter
  • Code clean up
    • Upgrade packages
    • Major refactoring
    • Fix build warning
    • Remove unused components
    • Upgrade db engine. This fix some memory errors.


  • Sometimes duplicated files in view
  • Disable '1g1r' and 'keep parent clones' options when no clones
  • Filter not always saved
  • '*.dat' files not showing in update file dialog
  • '*.xml' files not showing in file selection dialog
  • Treeview not refreshed after adding samplepath
  • 'Null reference' error with invalid dat
  • Error dialog with 'access denied' files
  • Change shutdown order. This fix a closing view problem.
  • Change views creation order. This fix random exception.


→ [Arcade] Romcenter 4 beta 10.1

RomCenter 4.0.0.beta 10.1

  • Version 10.1 is a hotfix for version 10. It fixes the update dialog still showing after the update.

What's new

  • You can now select the regions you want to keep before importing a dat (USA, EUR, JAP...). This is mostly used with 'no-intro' dat.
  • Dat filter features are now disabled if dat doesn't use them (nodump, bios...).
  • When selecting a dat for import, db file name and path is automatically set
  • Drag and drop a dat file in the main window to open the 'create db' view. Paths are automatically filled.
  • Old romcenter 2.5 dat format can be imported

Full changes

  • New:
    • Regions filter (no-intro dat): regions order, keep parent/clone relation, 1G1R, 1GxR
    • Disable filters if not used in dat
    • Rc2 dat support
    • Activate window when displaying a message dialog
    • Allow db on remote share (no unc)
    • #17 Create db: Auto set destination filename (default to dat folder)
    • Improve errors messages during operations
    • Improve newdb validation and default paths
    • Improve unhandled exceptions messages
    • Handle multiple erros in operations
    • Add usefull links to startup page
    • Add dat drag and drop to import dat
    • #25 Select rom path after adding it
    • #3 Error when rc installed on a network (unc not supported)
  • Fix:
    • #18 Can't select more than 1500 items
    • Crash when root folder is unknown when showing files dialogs
    • #27 Improve 'path too long' dialog
    • #36 update message still displayed after update
→ [Arcade] Romcenter 4 beta 8 released
RomCenter Beta:GUI

RomCenter 4.0.0.beta 8

  • Add Play game feature
  • Add hints on why a game won't start.
  • Add raine dat import
  • Add dat import from mame 0.70 to 0.161
  • Upgrade database engine
  • Dat import optimization
  • Add import of not-corrupted rom in corrupted file
  • Display template db version at startup
  • Fix AES bios roms wrongly merged with neogeo bios.
  • Fix troubles with games with 2 chd (2spicy)
  • Fix dat import when gameyear is too long (FB Alpha)
  • Fix crash when removing empty folders in 7z
  • Fix loosing view focus when clicking ribbon buttons
  • Fix memory leak when closing databases
  • Fix moving chd to folders
  • Fix rom unreferenced when detected as corrupted
  • Fix files in error not testable
  • Fix null reference when getting selection
  • Fix neogeo filter when importing from mame
→ [Arcade] Romcenter 4 beta 7.2 released
RomCenter Beta:GUI

RomCenter 4.0.0.beta7.2

  • Fix folder in status 'Wrong path' not moved
  • Use an 'n/a' status for files and roms if import is crashing
  • Change way to identify roms without crc/sha1 (samples/nodump) to prevent false identification with filtered mame dat.
  • Fix files date/size not updated when removing file.
  • Fix crash when deleting an unknown rom
  • Fix samples not identified in some cases
  • Fix folder content not always fully loaded
  • Fix crash during folder refresh
  • Fix 'import folder' cancel request not cleared
  • Fix crash if a problem appears during a folder import
  • Fix wrong identification with roms with no crc/sha1
  • Speed up the start of 'test zip' operation when roms are manually selected (not selecting a whole path). This will be extended to other operations later.
→ [Arcade] Romcenter 4 beta 7.1 released
RomCenter Beta:GUI

RomCenter 4.0.0.beta7.1 Jul 01, 2016 7:17 pm

  • Fix bug when dat contains crc shorter than 8 char
  • Fix checked filters checkbox by default when importing mame dat
  • Fix chd and bios status when in sample split mode

Note: the romcenter log file is located in C:ProgramDataromcenter.


→ [Arcade] RomCenter 4.2 beta 4
RomCenter Beta:GUI

RomCenter 4.0.0.beta4 Sat Oct 24, 2015 4:54 pm

This is still a beta version, be carefull with your files. You can report bugs in forum or directly in the new issue tracker.

  • Add samples operations (split, merged, unmerged)
  • upgrade db driver
  • Rename 'don't care' as 'ignore' for cases mode
  • Change validation feedback in wpf.
  • Rewrite 'Refresh path' command
  • Fix clrmame dat format loader
  • Fix 'newline' in resources messages
  • Fix bad case reported as good
  • Fix crash when db doesn't exist on disk
  • Fix crash when refusing db update
  • Fix db cleared when closing other tab
  • Fix edit box expanding out of view when typing long text
  • Fix settings layout
  • Fix filerom sometimes not removed when notused
  • Fix games status sometimes not update when files removed
  • Fix files size not updated in view after a fix
  • Fix mame datafile identification bug
  • Fix out of range Compression Level
  • Fix setting temp and backup folder
  • Fix some roms analysis bugs
  • Fix stack overflow on options usebackup radiobuttons
  • Fix several bugs

Note: the romcenter log file is located in C:ProgramDataromcenter. THIS IS A BETA VERSION. BACKUP YOUR ROMS.

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