[N64]1964mod V1.4.7 Final

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[N64]1964mod V1.4.7 Final

Kolejna finalna wersja jeden z najbardziej udanych modyfikacji kodu emulatora NINTENDO64. Autor na bieżąco uzupełnia changelog ale dopiero po osiągnięciu pełnego etapu zmian, korekt i ulepszeń publikuje nową wersję programu.


1964mod v1.4.7(Final) Release 1.12.2011


Core Changes & Fixes 


Refactor DMA codes design and tweaking

  • re-write timing control codes design to meet new requirement and flexibility

    • implement new "Delay SI" option to fix GT64 Championship Edition cracking/popping sound

  • set correct SI DMA status improves game input response  e.g. Shadows of the Empire

  • fix DMA transfer timing during game pause that cause random game hang e.g. Re-volt, NFL QBC 99

  • Enhance DMA in progress status check for game pause fix

  • use the correct LEN_REG for SP DMA Write transfer count

  • tweak SP DMA for minor speedup e.g. Banjo-Kazooie with "Read every frame" set as default

Fix inaccuracy in fastload savestate datetime format compare in certain cases

  • change datetime format to '%Y%m%d%H%M%S' for compare instead of using its display format

Minor fix on some header files

Fix VI_SYNC bug where condition never evaluate to true

Remove Azimer infinite looping hack for DK64 - no longer required


Enhance core audio algorithm for delay timing control

  • improve sound quality e.g. Top Gear Rally

  • improve game video-audio synchronization e.g. Shadowman

Retain bottom 3 bits for audio length mask then check for multiple of 8

  • seems to have slight improvement to audio quality

Fix for Top Gear Rally loud popping/cracking sound at the start of every race (ON HOLD) due to performance hit on speed (no solution yet)

Plugin Changes & Fixes 


Fix NBA Hangtime black court bg regression from v1.4.6

Fix Dual Heroes horizontal line cut across portrait (missed out in earlier v1.4.6 changelog)

Fix All-Star Baseball 2000 missing game TV monitor(ini) and missing textbox frames

Rewrite _ChangeSize function again

  • replace earlier 1st screen corruption fix with improve version

    • e.g. All-star Baseball 99, Bottom of the 9th, Bubble Puzzle, NFL QBC 99, Nuclear Strike, Shadow of the Empire, Virtual Chess

  • remove earlier calculation hacks and apply new algorithm for calculating vi_height, vi_width etc

    • fix Kirby64 "jumping screen" regression when switching between windowed and fullscreen mode

    • fix Mario Party regression where characters body is partially invisible at video intro

    • fix "jumping screen" regression for some games at the intro

      • e.g. Pilot Wings, Hexen, Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, WinBack, Super Robot Spirits

  • remove MIA hack and still working good

Remove PPL hack from CopyFrameBuffer - no longer required

1964mod Audio:

Retain bottom 3 bits for audio length mask then check for multiple of 8

  • seems to have slight improvement to audio quality

Refactor the real rdram mask codes which is in a mess from earlier change

  • cleanup codes for easy reading and understanding

  • apply new real rdram mask(after bits shift) on spOffset

Other Changes & Fixes 

Replace tempfix for incorrect romlist scroll that cause selected item to go out of romlist window focus

  • apply new fix to correct the incorrect romlist scroll for Romlist and Boxart display

Fix MyROM_Properties ini for Japanese rom which is causing the random corruption to ini gamename

  • fix critical bug (still monitoring)

Change savestate and loadstate datetime display format to 'dd mmm yyyy hh:mm:ss' to avoid mis-read

Refactor emu window gui codes

  • fix some minor bugs in emu window resizing and screen co-ordinates mis-match

  • cleanup duplicate and redundant codes from my earlier codes implementation

  • inject new Windows resize button codes e.g. SC_MAXIMIZE, SC_RESTORE, SC_MINIMIZE & SC_CLOSE


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