[FRONTEND] MedAdvCFG v0.3.2r37

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[FRONTEND] MedAdvCFG v0.3.2r37

Jeszcze jeden bardzo prosty i chyba najbardziej intuicyjny frontend MedAdvCFG dla multiemulatora Mednafen. Mały pliczek a pozwala nam ustawić wszystko paroma kliknięciami.

v0.3.3-r37 02-12-2017 12:26PM

  • Changed main font to Arial
  • Added TurboGrafx-16 Controller support
  • Added PC-FX Bios support (untested)
  • Various code optimizations

v0.3.3-r36 02-11-2017 11:44AM

  • Goat Mask control is now functional
  • Verifying NES with GoodTools
  • FileNameCleanup for Cover Search cleans gba/gbc/gb/ccd roms
  • Better handling of first instance of cover/rom search
  • Updated roadmap.txt
  • Various Code Optimizations
» [FRONTEND] MedAdvCFG v0.3.2r34

v0.3.2-r34 02-09-2017 4:51AM

  • Added support for Mednafen v0.9.42.0-win64/win32
  • Should be verifying MD in both Basic and Advanced Mode now
  • Removed hardcoded MD5 for BIOS and Mednafen.
  • Now using bios.dat and Mednafen.dat under /dat/
  • Fixed ‘Path Not Found’ error when no bios set and settings are saved/loaded
  • Removed CoversDB data from GitHub. Added URLS+Mirrors in CoversDB.txt in respective cover folders
  • Various Code Optimizations

v0.3.2-r33 02-06-2017 8:40PM

  • More reliable switching of SysCores (Reloads Form3)
  • Better handling of first instance of SysCores (Creates empty game/cover file)
  • Verifying GG,MD with NoIntro (www.No-Intro.org)
  • Resizing NES,GG,MD Covers on Large Cover view
  • ROM MD5 Copies to Clipboard on click in Large Cover view
  • Various Code Optimizations

v0.3.2-r32 02-06-2017 7:23AM

  • New versioning. Allows multiple revisions per minor version.
  • Changed Advanced Mode Font.
  • Hiding PSX Game ID on unused cores
  • Hiding unused BIOS Controls in Large Cover view
  • Added CoreControls() function to hide/show controls in Adv Mode
  • Basic Mode Quick Launch setting is now saved
  • Now verifies SNES Roms with NoIntro
  • SS and PCE will be verified with REDUMP, Rest with NoIntro
  • Removed md5.exe credits. No longer used.
  • Settings now loaded on Game Cover screen. Fixes incorrect Quick Launch cmdline
  • Various Code Optimizations
» [FRONTEND] MedAdvCFG v0.3.0

v0.3.0 02-02-2017 4:20AM

  • Redump verification for PSX
  • NetPlay controls are now functional*
  • NetPlay control is now a ComboBox
  • Several NetPlay servers predefined.
  • Resolution now selectable from dropdown
  • Ads, Because who doesn’t like ads.
  • Added link to CoversDB.org
  • PlayStats are planned for future
  • Hosted by CoversDB.org
  • Various Code Optimizations

Notes on NetPlay Support

Not all SysCores support NetPlay.
Namely, SS does not.
SNES and PSX do 
To NetPlay, Use Same BIOS and Same ROM
MD5 must match across board. Select same server. Play!


» [FRONTEND] MedAdvCFG v0.2.9

v0.2.9 01-30-2017 9:06PM

  • Resizing SNES cover in ‘Large Cover’ view
  • Now detects PSX Game ID for NTSC-U Region
  • Displays PSX Game ID in Advanced Mode and Basic Mode
  • Resized Advanced Mode screen and reorganized controls slightly
  • Better Handling of ‘Input Past End of File’ Error w Large Cover launch
  • Various Code Optimizations
» [FRONTEND] MedAdvCFG v0.2.8

v0.2.8 29012017 08:47:56 AM

  • Resized and updated some of the Console logos.
  • Hid unused labels on 1st step of basic mode
  • Resized console selection window
  • Increased vertical spacing between covers
  • Now using www.CoversDB.org Covers!
  • Now using standardized filenames for cover search
  • All [space] are _
  • All – are _
  • All ,'".*:? symbols are removed
  • Entire name is lowercased
  • Various code optimizations




» [FRONTEND] MedAdvCFG v0.2.7

v0.2.7 01-27-2017 3:54PM

  • Added back buttons to navigate thru Basic Mode
  • Page Flipping improved further. Can now flip back to Page 1, Flipping beyond last page will rollover to Page 1
  • Improved Basic Mode ROM Folder loading
  • Improved Cover Searching, fixes trailing '_The'
  • Resizing SNES Covers (again)
  • Resizing NES, Saturn & Genesis Covers
  • Fixed bug in rom detection if extention was used in folder name.

v0.2.6 01-27-2017 12:01AM

  • Basic Mode Update.
  • Page flipping is much faster.
  • Getting covers for only next page, Not entire list now :)
  • Basic Mode will now rom/cover search for following SysCores GB, GBC, LYNX, SS, MD, VB, GG, PCE, NES, SNES, PSX
  • .dat files storing lists of roms/covers now located in /dat/
  • Various code optimizations

v0.2.5 01-26-2017 10:32PM

  • Changed .pixshader to .shader
  • Added 'nocover.jpg' placeholder to GitHub
» [FRONTEND] MedAdvCFG v0.2.4


MedADVCfg w parę chwil potrafi opanować Mednafen'a.

v0.2.4 01-26-2017 3:38PM

  • Basic Mode Update.
  • Added much needed 'No Cover' place holder.
  • Adds ability to launch all games from Basic Mode. (Even without covers)
  • Added 'Quick Launch' (is default)
  • Not 'Quick Launching' will display an extra large cover with:
  • Rom Filename, Cover Searched, BIOS, MD5's and a Play/Back button.
  • Resized SNES Box Art and PSX Box Art slightly
  • Console Logo is now centered upon selection
  • Mouse Over Cover will show its 'Cover Searched' name
  • Basic Mode ROM Folder can now be saved.
  • BIOS is now auto-verified if it is set.

v0.2.3 01-25-2017 4:50PM

  • Basic Mode Update. Semi-Functional
  • Now parsing covers from /covers/psx/, /covers/snes/, etc
  • Will search for roms/cues for NES, SNES and PSX for now.
  • Displays detected covers. Click on cover to launch.
  • Many code optimizations

» [FRONTEND] MedAdvCFG v0.2.2
MedADVCfg Frontend 20

v0.2.2 01-22-2017 12:13PM

  • Updated for Mednafen v0.9.41-win32/64
  • Added 'Basic Mode' – Not finished yet
  • Normal view up until now is 'Advanced Mode' – Default
  • Various code optimizations
» [FRONTEND] MedAdvCFG v0.2.1
MedADVCfg Frontend 20

v0.2.1 09-20-2016 4:34PM

  • Updated for Mednafen v0.9.39.2-win32/64
  • Reorganized main form controls
  • Resized main form slightly
  • Added non-functional fields for Netplay support
  • Various code optimizations
» [FRONTEND] MedAdvCFG v0.2.0
MedADVCfg Frontend 20

v0.2.0 08-26-2016 2:49AM

  • More accurate population of Controller list
  • Now verifies BIOS on Load if BIOS is set.
  • Now actually passes sanity checks to cmdline w Saturn Core.
  • Now saves many more settings. Specifically saves:
  • Force Mono, Disable Sound, Scanlines, video.blit_timesync
  • video.glvsync, untrusted_fip_check, cd.image_memcache
  • Axis Scale, Number of Players & Custom Params
  • Various code optimizations

v0.1.9 08-25-2016 11:56PM

  • Updated for Mednafen v0.9.39.1-win32/64
  • Added cd.image_memcache option
  • Reorganized main form controls
  • Changed Window Title/About text to reflect 0.9.x.x support.
  • Various code optimizations
» [FRONTEND] MedAdvCFG v0.1.8

v0.1.8 08-19-2016 2:54PM

  • Updated for Mednafen v0.9.39-unstable
  • Added support for Sega Saturn!
  • Added Controllers for Saturn
  • Validates various BIOS for Saturn
  • Auto Selects US/JP region based on BIOS
  • Resized main form slightly
  • Various code optimizations

v0.1.7 08-05-2016 10:01AM

  • Added menu option to Reset All Settings.
  • Added Video Driver option.
  • Added Disable Sound option
  • Added Force Mono Sound option
  • Added video.blit_timesync option
  • Added video.glvsync option
  • Resized main form slightly
  • Improved path handling involved spaces
  • Various code optimizations

v0.1.6 07-06-2016 11:19 AM

  • Now supports SNES/NES Controllers
  • Auto-Clears/Auto-Populates based on SysCore
  • Now ignores BIOS/ROM Sanity checks on all SysCore except PSX
  • Various code optimizations
» [FRONTEND] MedAdvCFG v0.1.5
MedADVCfg Frontend mednafen 014
MedADVCfg Frontend mednafen 0.1.4

v0.1.5 06-20-2016 12:48 AM

  • Reorganized main controls
  • Added Scanlines
  • Added Video Deinterlacer
  • Added Axis Scale
  • Added Option to Suppress All Confirmations!
  • Now hides Detailed Bios Verification information when PSX not emulated
  • Various code optimizations
» [FRONTEND] MedAdvCFG v0.1.4
MedADVCfg Frontend mednafen 014
MedADVCfg Frontend mednafen 0.1.4

v0.1.4 06-19-2016 1:27 AM

  • Reorganized main controls
  • Added Social Media Links/Icons
  • Now supports custom parameters

v0.1.3 06-18-2016 9:34 PM

  • M3U Generation now supported!
  • Select File – Generate Multi-Disc M3U. Enter # of Discs, Select them. Done
  • Outputs multi.m3u into current folder for MedAdvCFG.exe
  • Support Controller Selection (PSX Only for now)
  • Added Players Count, Will add this many input(x) to command line for controller

v0.1.2 06-17-2016 5:44 PM

  • Supports toggle of untrusted_fip_check parameter.
  • Used for Multi-Disc games specifying CUE/BIN in diff folders
  • Supports Multi-Disc games via M3U file.
  • M3U Generation coming in next build.
  • Now saves RomPath.
  • If RomPath or BiosPath exists, Resetting defaults to that path
» [FRONTEND] MedAdvCFG v0.1.1
MedADVCfg Frontend mednafen
MedADVCfg Frontend

v0.1.1 06-12-2016 12:48 AM

  • Now supports custom Save/Memory Card/State path
  • Remembers Bios/Firmware Path
  • Now validates every PSX Bios that has been dumped to date!
  • Selection of PSX Region now supported.
  • Auto selects PSX Region based on BIOS Region if known.
  • Now actually passes PCE/PSX Bios to cmdline
  • Resized main form slightly
» [FRONTEND] MedAdvCFG v0.1.0
MedADVCfg Frontend mednafen
MedADVCfg Frontend

v0.1.0 06-07-2016 6:08 PM

  • Suppresses 'Reset ROM/BIOS' Confirmation if a ROM/BIOS is not set.
  • Now passes video.fs 0 if Fullscreen is unchecked.
  • Now passes videoip 0 if Bilinear interpolation is unchecked.
  • Turns off MD5 Checks on System Core change.
  • Release compression changed to zip format
  • Changelog now has timestamps

v0.0.9 06-07-2016

  • ROM/BIOS MD5 Check is now optional
  • (Note: Works just fine on small bios/rom/cue. But takes time to md5 an entire iso)
  • Realigned ROM/BIOS 'Set' buttons
  • Added Mednafen icon.
  • Global Scaling Factor now saved with 'File -> Save Settings'
  • Fullscreen Resolution Override now saved with 'File -> Save Settings'
  • LastPath is now saved with 'File -> Save Settings'
  • More links in 'About' dialog

v0.0.8 06-06-2016

  • Reorganized main form controls
  • Clicking Mednafen EXE/ROM/BIOS MD5 Copies it to clipboard
  • Added Mednafen logo. Click it to go to Mednafen Homepage.
  • Added Global Scaling Factor. Applies to all axis, fullscreen and windowed.
  • Added Fullscreen Resolution Override.
  • Video Scaler settings are now actually passed to cmdline

v0.0.7 06-06-2016

  • Tested with PCE/PCE_FAST System Cores
  • Now supports more Cartridge Based Consoles (GB/GBA/GG/MD/VB)
  • Adds notice that PCE and PSX Cores expect a BIOS Image w filenames
  • Automatically unsets and disables Sanity Checks on all Cores but PSX
  • Added button to Clear BIOS/ROM

v0.0.6 06-06-2016

  • Now supports Cartridge Based Consoles (Tested NES/SNES)
  • Omits -loadcd parameter on all Cores except PSX, PCE, PCE_FAST
  • Uses -force_module on all cores except PSX, PCE, PCE_FAST
  • Added detection for some 0.9.37 Builds

v0.0.5 06-05-2016

  • No more typing paths by hand!
  • Added Drive/Folder/File Selection panel
  • Auto collapses on File Selection
  • Now performs validation of MedEXE,ROM and BIOS on each change.

v0.0.4 06-05-2016

  • Added detection for v0.9.38.5 x86/x64
  • Reviewing Command Line is now optional

v0.0.3 06-05-2016


  • Added Frameskip
  • Enabled BIOS Sanity Check
  • Enabled ROM Sanity Check
  • Enabled Temporal Blur
  • Enabled Temporal Blur Accumulate color
  • Enabled Temporal Blur Amount
  • Enabled Bilinear interpolation

v0.0.2 06-05-2016

v0.0.1 06-05-2016

  • First release!
  • Only PSX System Core is tested.
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