[FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.075d Stable

[23] @ Poniedziałek, 20 Marca 2017 23:19CET

[FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.075d Stable

SpeedVicio udostępnił poprawkę do nakładki MedGUI dla multiemulatora Mednafen, który sam w sobie jest raczej mało przyjazny w konfiguracji. MedGui do najlżejszych w konfiguracji nie należy jednak nie wcina się z reklamami i nie próbuje być czymś więcej, niż frontendem... ma więc także i plusy.

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.075d

  • Fixed another bug at startup GUI when a joypad  is not connected
  • Added a control to verify Rom Path on NetPlay Tab
  • On MedClient now Gamekey value is visible an the user can autoconnect to a opened netplay session without input it
  • Removed from MedClient the Gamekey textbox
  • Added a popup to remove Gamekey if it is set when you close a Netplay session
» [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.075c Stable

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.075c

  • Added new options from Mednafen 0.9.43
  • Small improve on MedClient

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.075b

  • Added a control to manage error connection on FTP
  • Autorecognize path of rom in MedClient if specified on MedGui Reborn Rompath1/2 section
  • Added Mednafen version on MedClient grid
  • Added a control to verify Mednafen version before start a netplay session to prevent version mismatch
» [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.075a Stable

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.075a

  • Added a timer to auto refresh list of connected user
  • Fixed any bug
  • Added a popup at startup gui that invite user to close any opened Mednafen session before open the gui
» [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.075 Stable

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.075

  • Added NetPlay finder (MedClient)
  • Added snes_faust.input.sport1.multitap parameter




» [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.074c

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.074c

  • Fixed problems with any parameters on snes_faust module
  • Added missing cpu overclock parameter on pce_fast module
  • Added Gamekey option on Netplay session (tnx Scall for suggestion)
  • Added NoDesync profile for pce_fast module (tnx Scall for provide file)




» [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.074b

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.074b

  • Corrected Nick change on UCI (modified the original dll to correct a bug)
  • Now you can pass all RAW command on UCI (not LIST command)
  • Added scroll text for Game Name
  • Another fix to recursive scan
  • Fixed a problem to Mednafen version detection on pc with lower cpu
» [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.074a

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.074a

  • Fixed bios control on selection
  • Autodetect of bios file and check if they are compatible with Mednafen
  • Fixed "Transparency of otherwise-opaque mask areas" control value from -2/2 to 0/1
  • Removed "psx.input.analog_mode_ct" value from NoDesync psx file
» [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.074

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.074

  • Now MedGui provide to auto-download all essentials file to operate (internet connection is required)
  • If Mednafen is not detected you can directly download last version of it from Mednafen official page
  • Corrected various bug encountered during debug
  • Other fix to UCI irc
  • Solved a crash when a user input "localhost" on netplay list server
  • Added a internal web browser (it's not enabled by default) called Med Browser based on ie, not support by default javascript
  • Now Mednafen version will be verified at every MedguiR start or when you change the Mednafen path
  • Autodetect all new options from next release of Mednafen
  • Added a function to detect last Mednafen version available and added a option to download it
  • Added right mouse click on a picture (boxart, title or snap) to delete it
  • Fixed a bug when a game database is not recognized
  • Fixed a bug when iso selector closed (double popup window)
  • Correct how to recursive scan perform the work (now the scan is more reactive and should generate fewer errors)
  • Improve the rom scan time
» [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.073

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.073

  • Added a Playlist Audio Cue Generator (Now you can generate a audio playlist to load  Mednafen)
  • Fixed a problem when a joypad is not attached at startup GUI
  • Fixed a crash with Recent rom section
  • Added NoDesync presets (it will be auto-enabled when you start a netplay session)
  • Added custom GUI button assign for Joypad
  • Added Autodisabled Multitap option on a netplay session start
  • Rewrite "ignore other port function" for joypad setting
  • Fixed various bug
  • Fixed PRIVMSG (/msg) command in Ultra Crappy Irc
  • Updated MedInstR, now you can skip the overwrite of server list and irc channels list, and you can open the MedGuiR Changelog after install


» [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.072

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.072

  • Another correction on Saturn game name detection
  • Added Mednafen CD-Play module support
  • Added any missing pce_fast options
  • Now you can navigate into GUI with a compatible directinput pad (the function is in a very preliminary state)
    It use the Microsoft JOYINFOEX structure https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/dd757112(v=vs.85).aspx
» [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.071

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.071

  • Fixed a crash on isoselector close
  • Fixed a bug on delete after conversion on single audio conversion
  • Fixed the blank value on abort of bios selection
  • Added a control to verify if mednafen.exe exist on start emulation
  • Fixed a problems with blank title string for game not detected on database
  • Changed the MedguiR updater server
» [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.070

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.070

  • Added a selectable number of cd for M3U maker
  • Fixed a bug with CD detection occurred on last MedGui release
  • Fixed a bug with single audio conversion
  • Changed MedInstaller to prevent erroneus installation message
» [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.069 fix

** fix

  • - Fixed a bug with CD detection occurred on last MedGui release

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.069

  • Better recognize of Saturn Game Region
  • Fix a bug on mp3 to ogg/wav cue converter
  • Mednafen – stdout.log windows now is full maximized
  • More Clear categorization of Mednafen Errors on Mednafen – stdout.log windows
  • Removed PSX CUE Renamer (now is not usefull)
  • Rework on generic cue/toc creator, now work with all cd system supported by Mednafen (not PC-FX)
  • Removed "Redump" button on Game utility
» [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.068

Already exist on v.0.067

  • Added Snes Faust module options (rsn and spc will use this module by default)
  • Added support for Sega Saturn game

New on v.0.068

  • Autoswitch from Faust to BSnes for unsupported Special Snes Chip games
  • Added a filter on "Rom filter" for Music file
  • Added md5/sha1 check for any Mednafen bios
  • Added ssfplay support
  • Added auto-creation cue file for Saturn game
  • Clean a bit the reported information on ChipTag
  • Real name of Psx and Saturn games are now recognized on the fly
» [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.067

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.067

  • Fixed console music format support
  • Added .rsn and .spc support
  • Added two new custom dat for .rsn .nsf and .hes file
  • Rsn file will be decompress on the fly
  • Fixed random clear on recents rom/favourite rom
  • Fixed don't working rom filter in any chase
  • Another fix on MDM DATs Maker
  • Small fix on Scanning rom function for rom with "[]" char
  • Added mp3 option in CUE converter
  • MedGui Reborn main form are now full sizable
  • Added detection Chipmusic tag for nes, snes, psx and gba
  • Added Scan folder on drag & drop
  • Added RSN Song List form
  • Added "recursive scan" option
  • Added vgz, vgm Genesis/Megadrive sound support (the conversion will be performed on the fly by vgmPlay by Michael Stamper)
  • Added ModLand Scrape (Chip Tune Downloader)
  • Added icon for pccd_fast option

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.066

  • Added Redump.org Cue Search
  • Changed a bit psx Serial detection
  • Changed sbi psx patch download Method
  • Added any link on link section
  • If you have carried out a scrape of a game, the next display of information will be offline
  • Added "Force Scrape Update" option in TheGamesDB Scraper
  • Fixed a conflict on NoIntro DATs and "Last Played Game/Favorites Rom" function

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.065

  • Added support for .ecm file (the file will decompress by unecm.exe tool developed by Neill Corlett)
  • Fixed another crash on Prescanned function
  • Various bug fix
  • Added rct option on GBA save utility
  • Fixed any bug on GB Custom Palette Maker
  • Fixed any bug on Recent Roms and Favorites Rom function

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.064

  • Added Custom Path (Press right mouse button on "Folder button" to perform a prescan and add path to "Rom Path 2 Listbox" Tab)
  • Fixed any random crash on Prescanned function

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.063

  • Re-enabled Global Mednafen Setting button
  • Added "Last Game Played" button (Press right mouse button to delete list)
  • In UCI code fixed a problem with the user left channell
  • Fixed another date visualization crash in thegamedb section
» [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.061

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.061

  • Fixed a problem with crc rom with start with 0 or 00 value
  • Added a preliminary cd image iso support
  • Added summary Error.log for MedGui Reborn
  • Added automatic popup stdout.log for Mednafen error
» [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.060

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.060

  • Added snaps and title support
  • Added "Snap Manager" section to rename .png snaps/file into a standard NoIntro name or CRC name format
  • Changed Custom DAT Maker to make standard clrMame/NoIntro Dat structure
  • Corrected any english translation issue on the GUI

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.059

  • Bin file greater than 10 mb are recognized as an image file
  • Added region detection for psx games
  • Saved last nick name, server, port and channel on UCI chat at MedGuiR exit
  • Added folder rom scan for 7zip and rar compressed file (the single selected file will be uncompressed on the fly on RomTemp folder, this operation will delete all previous extracted file on RomTemp folder)
  • Added a icon to recognize "compressed/uncompressed/disc image" game
  • Small fix
» [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.058

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.058

  • Fixed redundant error if a prescanned .cvs is missing
  • Added number of player on TheGamesDB scraper
  • Added more filter to better detect of games from TheGamesDB
  • Added a possibility to visualize cover in main form from pre cached scraped boxart
  • Fixed date format on scraped info
  • Fixed any warning in case of missing library
  • Auto-Disabled any game utility if resources are missing
  • Added auto-download of missing main library
  • Now TheGameDB form are sizabled
  • On PSX setting "Ignore other port" are checked by default
» [FRONTEND] MedGUI Reborn v0.057/Fix

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.057 fix

  • Finally bios files will not appear in the Game Grid List
  • Fixed a bug that prevented RomTemp folder clean by any unnecessary files

MedGui Reborn Stable v0.057

  • Fixed a jitter crash if network not avaiable
  • Fixed the missing "&" chars on Game title
  • Cause of small freeze Net-Play Host are not verified at Setting load
  • Added Game Info Scraper from TheGamesDB site
  • Added a message if BoxArt are not avaiable on the server
  • Fixed a crash on Sbi autopatcher
  • Fixed a redundant scan on multiple file compressed with folder inside
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