[c64] Denise

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[c64] Denise

Denise jest emulatorem "cycle exact" mikrokomputera Commodore C64, a w przyszłości także Amigi. Dokładne odwzorowanie pracy C64, przejrzysta konfiguracja powinna ucieszyć każdego, komu z nieznanych mi przyczyn nie odpowiada czy to Hox64, czy też WinVice.


  • fix TAPE emulation (broken in 1.0.9)
  • nice performance improvement
  • load follow-up disks via hotkey
    • map hotkeys for disk 1, 2, 3, ...
    • map disk 0 for reinserting boot disk
    • emulator guesses file name for requested disk and insert it
    • override guessing of file names by assigning disks in "Disk Swapper"

Denise 1.0.9

  • runAhead
  • add faster scanline renderer (optional)
    • adequate for games with higher runAhead
    • inadequate for some demos, which depend on cycle renderer
  • emulate missing VIC-II models
  • improve SID emulation
    • multiple filter models
    • pseudo stereo
    • 8x SID support
    • DSP: Bass Boost and Reverb
  • write audio output to WAV file
  • PRG can be loaded as D64
  • performance improvements
  • thanks to user AW182 for the countless tests and reports

Denise 1.0.8

  • added Retro/Nordic Replay support
  • added macOS DMG installer [thanks to Retrofan for background image]
  • added xInput emulation for Windows rawInput driver [XBOX Controller, xMode devices]
  • fixed a few input handling bugs
  • added slider for analog trigger point when using for digital inputs
  • added help output in console: Denise -h
  • refactored GTK2 to GTK3 for Linux port
  • added hotkey to switch controller ports
  • added hotkeys to trigger power and soft reset
  • reworked menu structure and moved some settings in order to find them faster
  • moved some global hotkeys to emulator specific hotkeys, i.e. load/save states, SID control
  • reworked firmware view
  • added posibillity to swap in CHAR roms during active emulation
  • reworked software view
  • show placeholder picture when emulator is opened but still not running an emulation [thanks to Retrofan]
  • autoload for all media types with D64/T64 viewer in file dialog
  • added possibility to associate files with Denise for macOS
  • emulated left vertical line anomaly in overscan area
  • added confirmation dialog to write on disk/tape/flash permanently
  • open files as read only from OS point of view, if not able to open it in read/write mode
  • added possibility to customize D64 preview box in file dialog
  • improved D64 preview generation in UI to better match original

Denise 1.0.7

  • fixed a critical bug that caused OSX builds to use illegal instructions for some architectures
  • added EasyFlash support
  • fixed widget layouting, when app/text scaling is activated by Windows OS
  • added screenshot generation for testbench
  • added double step function of drive head motor (Primitive 7 Sins)
  • added drive motor deceleration
  • added slider to adjust drive motor speed and wobble
  • removed read latch from drive mechanic, only VIA is latching readed byte
  • distinguish between physical and logical tracks for disk content preview in UI
  • fixed a rare bug in gpu driven RF Modulation, when disabling luma 'fall' but not 'rise'
  • added a new aggressive fast-forward mode, which disables VIC-II Sequencer for a few frames
  • combined key presses (ALT + W) don't trigger single keys when partially released
  • i.e. if ALT is released a few milliseconds sooner than 'W', it doesn't print a 'W'
  • bugfixed RawInput: some joystick types were not registered
  • unplugged joypads will not be forgot anymore
  • transfer file names of loaded software to the savestate description field
  • added diagonal joypad directions as optional virtual keys to activate it by single keyboard stroke
  • added new application icon [thanks to Retrofan]
  • added new application logo in project pages [thanks to Retrofan]
  • added japanese translation [thanks to Ulgon]
  • launch associated files in fullscreen (from command line, or file association)
  • fixed a few minor macOS display bugs

Denise 1.0.6

  • polished OS X UI ... looks ok now for Mojave dark theme
  • Windows command line support is now independant from working directory of caller
  • added option to manually save settings
  • reworked expansion port emulation
  • added REU support with additional 8k rom
  • added Action Replay MK2, MK3, MK4, V4.1 and higher
  • support Cartridge bin format
  • GIT repo is public now: [Bitbucket](https://bitbucket.org/piciji/denise/src/master/)
  • simplified build process

Denise 1.0.5

  • drag'n'drop support
  • firmware paths will be saved and applied for loaded save states
  • prepare multiple firmware configurations and switch between them
  • auto detect language and keyboard layout during first start
  • added alternate configuration for input elements (i.e. shift left/right and plus )
  • command line support + testbench support
  • color palette selection and creation
  • color spectrum generation by Pepto's new findings (Colodore)
  • added integer scaling
  • cpu driven CRT emulation
    • pal delay line
    • chroma subsampling
    • hanover bars
    • rf modulation
  • gpu driven CRT emulation (OpenGL only at the moment)
    • like cpu with more effects
    • Sinc FIR lowpass filter for bandwidth reduction
    • Vic-II luma glitches
    • luma/chroma noise, random line offset
    • shadow mask, aperture grille, cromaclear
    • bloom
    • radial distortion
  • fixed a lot of misspellings in german translation (thanks Arndt)

Denise 1.0.4

  • added Dynamic Rate Control
    • smooth audio + video at the same time
    • rewrote all audio drivers
    • added xaudio2, wasapi exclusive mode
    • show audio buffer usage statistics
    • added hotkey to enable/disable all sync options at once
  • disabled emulator input recognition when minimized
  • separated c64 and amiga sub menus from each other


  • reduced drive thread cpu usage greatly (a extra core has consumed permanently 100%)
    • some system settings, which consumes additional cpu power, are highlighted
  • improved user input capture process
    • it's now easier to assign multiple inputs at once (i.e. Alt + Shift + S)
    • it's now selectable to overwrite (default) or append an existing mapping
  • added kernal, basic, char and 1541 bios files
    • can be replaced by custom versions

Denise 1.0.3

  • added more control port devices
  • mouse 1351, mouse neos, paddles, magnum light phaser, stack light rifle, inkwell lightpen, stack lightpen
    • dual Gun Sticks support
  • multi mice support [for windows raw input driver only at the moment]
    • fast swap of connected control port devices
  • keyboard auto assignable [free assigning of single keys is still possible]
    • french, german, uk and us keyboard layouts supported
    • macOS keyboard layouts supported
  • virtual keys added [means: single key triggers key combination of emulated keyboard ]
  • savestate support
    • save/load your program at any position ( even possible while disk/tape is loading )
    • method 1: standard save/load file dialog
    • method 2: hotkeys for save / load / slot up / slot down
    • assign save slots per game
    • Note: hotkeys can be assigned not only to keyboards
  • added custom ic logic (C64C)
  • french translation added
    • thanks Ben
  • bugfixes
    • [sid] fixed osc3 register read
    • [sid] accidently delayed Triangle/Sawtooth output for 6581 instead of 8580
    • [via] reworked shift emulation: fixes vmax4 galaxian thunder mountain

Denise 1.0.2

  • added floppy 1541-II support
    • support for d64, g64 images
    • emulates up to 4 drives
    • correct drive <-> drive synchronisation (e.g. Maverick Dual Drive Copy)

Denise 1.0.1

  • added tape support
    • includes write emulation
    • counter calculation + complete derivation of formula
  • fixed some undocumented opcodes: arr, sha, shs, shx, shy
  • fixed sei/cli behaviour while cpu enters wait state
  • rewrote vic sequencer again
    • sequencer can react now on changed x-scroll during scanline
    • implemented all known pixel delays for register changes [ thanks to vice team ]
    • added sprite crunching
    • differs between 65xx and 85xx chip revisions
    • added grey dot bug emulation
  • improved cia code
    • fixed delays for control register changes
    • differs between new and old cia
    • improved tod emulation
    • improved keyboard matrix emulation [ thanks to vice team ]

Denise 1.0.0

  • added t64, prg, p00 support
  • included C64 TrueType v1.2/Style for prg listing
  • loaded prg or self written code can be saved as prg file
  • rewrote vic sequencer ... fixes hyper screen demo: Intro Collection (19xx)(Jewels)

Denise 0.9.9 beta

  • initial release
  • c64 cartdrige emulation only


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