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We love the old and the new: retro songs remade and remixed! Join our friendly community, and enter a world where the brilliant music from your c64 or Amiga computer games is not forgotten.

ATARI SAP MUSIC ARCHIVE 2153 | 2022-09-11 11:02:54

Welcome to the pages of the biggest and only official Atari XL/XE music archive. Many of you have surely missed those great square-wave sounds and noises, that often belonged to your childhood :-) The archive you will find here contains over 2800 songs (this number rises - see the diagram below) including both old-time and new-wave tunes from the early 80's till the latest 2009 contributions. As the tunes are in original binary form (no MP3 recordings), you will need a special player. Check the PLAYERS section and choose the one that fits your needs. We should not forget to mention where did we find our inspiration when we created the archive - it was nothing less than the famous High Voltage SID Collection - the ultimate C64 music archive. Now you can download the archive and dive into the unforgettable sounds of the 8-bit Atari.

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BATTLE OF THE BITS 1528 | 2022-01-04 23:35:04

Creativity Battles.

C64AUDIO.COM - THE COMMODORE 64 MUSIC RECORD LABEL 1500 | 2022-01-04 23:35:04

Back in Time Live, Stuck in D'80s, c64, SID

JSIDPLAY2 HOMEPAGE 1493 | 2022-01-04 23:35:04

Java SID music player library v2

HVSC - THE HIGH VOLTAGE SID COLLECTION 1479 | 2022-01-04 23:35:04

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I'm a software developer and music composer working in hardcore retro styles, such as games and music for actual computers and game consoles from 1980s, releasing tons of free stuff since late 1990s.


12 track album

AY-3-8910, AY-3-8912, YM2149 HOMEPAGE 2085 | 2021-11-28 15:17:11

SNDH ATARI ST YM2149 COLLECTION 2039 | 2021-11-28 15:17:11

Ever since the birth of the Atari ST, different chip music formats have had different ways to use them. If you are coding a chip music player for the Atari ST you would have to use dozens and dozens of special ways to replay music. But in the mid 90's, BDC of Aura crew became tired of this inelegant system and decided to fix the issue once and for all. He then created the 'SNDH' file format. SNDH is actually the original songfile and replaycode with a header bolted on top of the music and replayer. The header has a unified calling interface no matter what type of chip music is hidden beneath it, and it has extended datas about the music. Creating the SNDH files Once the SNDH header structure was done, he was left with coding a player and converting songs into the SNDH format. BDC created a simple text player and started to work on the SNDH-files themself. Back in these days, things were still very much coded the "hardcore way" with no respect to multitasking or even a clean exit from the player - a reboot for each song was within the acceptable levels.

Новости: Музыка для ZX SPECTRUM: AY, BEEPER, DIGITAL: ZXTUNES.COM 1996 | 2021-11-28 15:17:11

ZXTUNES это крупнейшая в мире коллекция музыки для компьютера ZX Spectrum.

VORC - VIDEO GAME MUSIC OR CHIPTUNE - NEWS 1304 | 2021-11-28 15:12:01

VORC is a news site dedicated to oldschool video game music and chiptunes, launched in 2001.

KOHINA - OLD SCHOOL GAME AND DEMO MUSIC 1279 | 2021-11-28 15:12:01

Kohina - old school game and demo music mp3 stream

WWW.MICROMUSIC.NET 1236 | 2021-11-28 15:12:01

low-tech music for high-tech people - the ultimate digital sound & art community copyright: 1999 - 2003

AY RIDERS HOME 1235 | 2021-11-28 15:12:01


1-BIT MUSIC NEWS 1184 | 2021-11-28 15:11:32

CHIPMUSIC.ORG 1183 | 2021-11-28 15:11:32 - is an online community in respect and relation to chip music, art and its parallels.

PRESS PLAY ON TAPE - THE COMMODORE 64 REVIVAL BAND 1128 | 2021-11-28 15:11:32

PRESS PLAY ON TAPE is a band playing Commodore 64 game tunes live


ACID 64 Player is a cycle based Commodore 64 music player designed for playing SID tunes on sound cards/devices that have a real SID chip (6581/6582/8580) on board like the HardSID PCI cards and the HardSID 4U, Uno and Uplay USB devices. It also supports network devices that emulate the SID chip like JSidDevice that is part of JSidplay2. ACID 64 emulates the MOS 6510 micro processor, the 6526 CIA chip and partially the 6569 VIC chip to run the code of a SID tune and it controls the SID chip on the device for playing Commodore 64 music.

ARCADE AMBIENCE PROJECT 957 | 2021-11-28 15:09:55

As a child of the 80s, I will never forget the feeling of walking into a crowded arcade -- the sounds, smells, excitement, etc. This page is dedicated to recreating the audio portion of that experience in the form of a long, non-looping ambient audio track. "If I close my eyes while listening to Arcade Ambiance, I can clearly envision myself hanging out at the local Golfland Arcade circa 1983 sporting the latest in early 80's fashion (camouflage Vans and a Members Only jacket), while feeding quarter after quarter into Dig Dug, Galaga and Phoenix. Thanks for taking me back to a happier time." --David

HOME OF SNES MUSIC 955 | 2021-11-28 15:09:55

The world's most complete and grand archive of Super Nintendo music, SPC700 dumps in .spc format. Also a huge database of game information, reviews and more spanning many hundreds of titles.

OFFICIAL COLD STORAGE WEBSITE 913 | 2021-11-28 15:09:55

CoLD SToRAGE aka. Tim Wright is a musician famous for his Computer Game Music spanning the last 30 years (music for Shadow of the Beast, Agony)

RKO: THE DEF GUIDE TO C64 MP3 REMAKES. I BET YOU CAN'T DO THIS ON A SID. 910 | 2021-11-28 15:09:55

RKO: The definitive guide to C64 MP3 remakes showcases SID remixes. Experience new versions of classic tunes by Hubbard, Galway, Daglish, and others.

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 What is RetroTracks? Well RetroTracks is a site dedicated to retro, classic and general video game music. So mainly what you will find are S/NES, Amiga, Megadrive tracks as well as tracks from obscure systems and some of the older PC game music although newer music may turn up. If you would like any collections, tracks or games added then please use the request page to let us know what we're missing! New tracks are added regularly so check back often. All music on this site is taken directly from the original media and encoded in MP3 format (VBR 2). We recommend using Chrome or Chromium to browse the site.