Supermodel Work-in-Progress Update - Front/Rear Speaker Balance - 2/8/2012

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I added a setting for front/rear speaker balance. Model 3 has two Sega Custom Sound Processors (SCSPs). I should have realized this sooner but on cabinets with four speakers, one SCSP is used to drive the front pair and the other drives the rear pair. The relative volume of the two sets of speakers will depend on relative distance to the player's ears and possibly on some adjustable setting that the operator can tune. I've added a front/rear balance parameter to Supermodel to allow users to change the relative volume of each set of speakers. In "Daytona USA 2 Power Edition", many sounds (notably the announcer's voice) are played on the rear channels, right behind the player's ears. In v0.2a, the engine noise (which is supposed to go to the front speakers) tends to drown out these sounds. Now, this can be tuned. In this demo, I've set the front/rear balance to -50%, which makes the rear speakers 50% louder and the front speakers 50% quieter. Those building from SVN will want to use the new '-balance' command line option or the 'Balance' setting in the configuration file. Both the sound and music volume were increased to 160%. Because they are equal, this isn't actually necessary (you can just adjust the volume on your physical speakers).